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Candling Quail Eggs
So I recently purchased this expensive new incubator because I needed more room. My other one was much smaller though I had a high hatch rate. This new incubator...I feel is killing my eggs! Are they suppose to even sit like that? With the Air sac down?? Help! I normally incubate mine on their side but the slots don’t fit my eggs...out of the 32 eggs I’ve already had 3 die and 1 dud. I know somethings wrong.
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Emergency Egg Hatching Care!
These two were cracked but luckily the third one was unharmed by the hens! I really thought they'd die but I decided to pull out the incubator and hope for the best! The brown egg had to be covered in cellophane wrap because it was all bloody and it's sac was leaking out. They are 19 days old now! Update to come soon! Names?
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Update: Tonto the Crow
This is Tonto, I rescued him about 3 months ago and now he's growing up fast! I thought it would be nice to share what I'm learning about him and how he shows me just how smart crows can be😬
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Don Julio Pulling the Westside Story on me!
"I SAID FIGHT MEEE!!!!" This goes to show you he chooses the power of music to resolve his problems....
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Quail baby uses Chicken Egg as Bed
Just when I thought there was only 1 chick that hatched....I caught this guy using the chicken egg as a luxury suite! Update guys! This little guy I noticed hatched with curled feet...is that normal? I’m starting to think it’s what happens when quails breed with siblings, etc in small “farms”. I bought them from a farmer here in California.
What size is a newborn Quail?
This guy hatched really late... at 20 days! I had candled the egg near the air sac and saw movement and I could feel this shifting in the egg so I decided to leave him in longer. What shall we call him?
Mealworm City - Veggie Timelapse
This is just a time lapse of the population in MealWorm City....I can't seem to find the Mayor!
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Knotts Berry Farm - Supreme Scream
Angie's getting on supreme scream!
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My Mini Compost Bin
I’ve been composting in a 13 gallon bucket. I couldn’t get any worms naturally so I had to buy some from an EBay seller “Red Wiggler” the ones you use for “fishing” hahaaa They are awesome and multiply really fast. 100 turned into 200 then now....there’s sooo many the produce and leaves get broken down really fast. Just have to remember to keep the bin moist, full of worm food and ventilated. The hard part is keeping it free of other bugs that get attracted to it too. I used to own meal worms which was very easy to care for which I had for my chickens BUT I had a bad moth problem and they destroyed my colony. I think worms are a better investment