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How-to - Mixed Shell / Two Tone Gamecube Controllers! (Gamecube Controller Disassembly / Reassembly)
A guide on how to combine two colors of Gamecube controller to make a sleek two-tone mixed shell controller. Tri-wing Screwdriver on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Tri-wing-Screwdriver-Nintendo-Gamecube-Gameboy/dp/B000S6AG9G/ Shoutouts to /r/smashbros: http://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/
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Mario Tennis Review (Game Boy Color / Nintendo 3DS eShop Virtual Console) by C0dyGaming
This is more than your average tennis game. This is Mario Tennis. A truly phenomenal game that merges a simple sports title with a wonderful 8-bit RPG. Game Boy Color owners and 3DS owners alike should not miss out on this gem.
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A Look Back at the Nintendo e-Reader (GBA add-on) - C0dyGaming Review
In this video I go over a mostly-forgotten Game Boy Advance add-on called the e-Reader. I show off some of the cards I own and some I don't. Additionally, we look at the functionality of these cards, and the e-Reader's connectivity with existing GBA/GCN games. If you like the video, please rate, subscribe, and/or comment. Thanks for watching! -C0dyGaming
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A Look Back at Shadowgate (NES) - C0dyGaming Review
Hey guys, I recently got my hands on a capture device and decided to try making a game review. I decided to take a look back at one of my favorite NES games of all time, a point-and-click adventure game called Shadowgate. It's my first attempt to ever review a game and also my first ever time using Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing, so I could really use any feedback at all. Thanks for tuning in and if you have questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave them below.
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What happens when you try to play Forgotten Worlds (Genesis) on the Sega Nomad? (Weird Glitch)
In this video, I show off the strange series of events that occurs when you try to play one of Capcom's classic Sega Genesis games, Forgotten Worlds, on the Sega Nomad handheld console. I also tell you how to bypass these events so you can play the game!
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Recent Game Finds, including a very strange Sega Genesis cart. (Sega, NES, GBA, and more)
Welcome to my first pickups vid. In this video I show off some finds I've gotten over the past month or so, ranging from common NES carts to the weirdest looking Sega Genesis game I have ever seen. If anyone has ever seen this Mallet Legend game before let me know, because it's definitely nothing I had heard of prior to finding it. Please excuse my shaky camera work, I film this stuff with my iPod. Any feedback? Let me know in the comments.
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Wii U - Mario Kart 8 - Electrodrome Highlight Reel featuring Ludwig and Pink Gold Peach
Electrodrome is one of my favorite Mario Kart stages ever!
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Smash 4 Wii U For Glory 1v1 - Exor (Captain Falcon) vs. Diddy Kong
Online / With Anyone (For Glory) / 1-on-1 Yoshi's Island (Ω Form) Captain Falcon, Diddy Kong
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Online / With Friends / Smash Dream Land (64) Captain Falcon, Captain Falcon, Captain Falcon
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