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Hog rider prince Elite barbarian deck!!! Keep the pressure on!!!/Clash royale fast pace deck
This is a hog rider fast pace deck with prince and elite barbarians.The main win condition combos are:- Hog/prince/elite barbs+ ice golem +zap These combos are immune against skarmy and min horde. If the opponent's only counters to these combos r skarmy or min horde, then any of these combos will decimate your opponent's towers Like,Subscribe, and stay tuned for more!!
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Th8 GoValks hybrid attack strategy/Clash of clans th8 army
Hello guys, today i will show you all th8 Govalks hybrid 3 star atttack strategy. For the army you can watch in the video. This is a 3 star attack strategy. If u don't quite get 3 stars, you just have to practice. Once you have learned, it will be super easy for you Thanks!! Like and Subscribe for more! I will also be doing more of these farming and war tutorials so drop a sub and stay tuned!!!
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Closer Backwards!!
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5 Things you did not know in clash of clans
These are 5 bizarre coc things which you most likely did not know 1.Guard does not get removed!! 2.Barb king sleeping on the grass!! 3.Pekka misses a strike on the wall!! 4.The secret path!! 5.Some walls are different....!
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50 max wizard attack!!!!!!!!!!/th8 wizard gameplay
This is fun attack strategy for loot and entertainment. During the wizard event is going on, you can take advantage of it by using this strategy for loot!!! Have a great day!!!!
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Legendary chest opening clash royale!!!!!!!!!!
Legendary chest opening!!! Please like and subscribe :)
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Faded Backwards!!
This video consists of a famous song named faded sung Backwards!!
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Opening every chest in clash royale!!!!!!!!
This is a video in which I open up every chest in a clash royale like game and see what I get!! Enjoy!! You will have to increase the volume for the background music...
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