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Chicken Roll Wrapping Recipe With Spinach
Chicken Roll Wrapping Recipe With Mushroom Stuffed https://youtu.be/S9LRajdJgKc Hello gentlemen welcome ladies Chicken roll wrapping recipe with spinach Whole chicken spinning and cooking video in a boneless way Two whole chickens, spinach, two onions, carrots and cheddar, some of these ingredients Track it accelerated first and then watch it in detail I prepare the chicken without any holes by taking care of it like this Take the wing tips and collect the bones into a container Start cutting from the chest Separate the bone at the hip Rib bones are removed this way Remove the bones from the butt Remove bones from arm The whole chicken is ready to be completely boneless We will boil the chicken bones and prepare a sauce Add boiling water Boil the bay leaf Shred two onion peels for interior material Peel and shred two carrots About two hundred grams of frozen spinach Grate about 200 grams of cheddar Bone water continues to boil Add liquid sunflower oil in a pan Add onion and carrot and sauteinin Mix a little and add salt pepper and black pepper to the salt  Add spinach does not need to cook too much Beat chicken meat Use nylon bags Add some salt Add black pepper and thyme You need to fill in the gap in the middle  Add shredded cheddar cheese Add the mixture into the chicken Wrap it all in a big roll Place the open part in the furnace where the plate will come I'm preparing the other chicken It was delicious to not think that spinach and chicken would be nice Definitely try this recipe You can prepare it in a mushy salami with mushrooms In the middle of the oven, about 40 minutes Add some water and bake Prepare a sauce with sunflower oil flour salt and tomato paste Add chicken bone water Mix some starch with cold water and add to solidify  Add as much as a spoonful of honey The chicken is pushed and I throw the water and let it cool After the chickens cool down, divide into equal pieces Twelve pieces came out and look beautiful Add salted water and bake for five minutes Our food is ready to make a presentation I decorate the serving plate with rice tomatoes Add bonito appetite Be sure to visit my YouTube channel Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes Thank you very much for watching the video
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Rice Pilaf Recipe Measured And Detailed Grain Rice
For rice cooked for 100 people 10 kilograms long grain rice 1.5 kilograms of barley noodle 1.5 liter liquid sunflower oil 1 kilogram of butter 400 grams salt Half lemon juice  18 liters of plain bone water Large pot How to make rice grain? Measured rice pilaf Detailed description of rice pilaf of 100 people Ten kilograms long grain rice One and a half kilograms of barley noodle One and a half liter of liquid sunflower oil One kilogram of butter Four grams salt Half lemon juice  Plain boiled bone water Add it into a container with a pound size The pearl measure will be the same with the stone and water stone Add some salt In cold water with normal water Rice should wait at least forty minutes in water Wash the rice slowly several times Wash without damaging the rice only slowly stir Wash at least 3 times and drain the water Add the rice into the strainer, prepare for the filtration and cooking without any water Add a kilo of barley noodles to a large pot Add one and a half liters of liquid sunflower oil and fire the oven Ready to boil water to be added pilates Pick rice from the widest range of cooked rice The bigger the saucepan the nicer the rice will be Add the rice when the colors of the locals are pink Stir again without harming the rice Blending and stirring slowly Add one kilogram of butter oil If you add the butter oil early, it can burn and form a black color To make good quality rice with water Add a bowl of boiling water to a bowl of rice and have a nice steaming  Add fourty grams of salt Optionally add powdered meat broth . Add the rice salt water just before adding the water Add the boiling water by opening the middle of the material Add five cups of rice and six cups of water for a noodle Add half a lemon juice Stir a few laps and close the lid Bring the gold to the lowest level in the boiling position and cook for about fifteen minutes After fifteen minutes of cooking, let it bake for another fifteen minutes Mix the edges and wait ten minutes and be ready to serve Rice is ready to be served  You can add it with a round scoop to make the rice stand nicely on the plate Do not forget to eat the best chickpeas and dry beans beside the rice Hope you like videos and do not forget to visit my channel Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes, I thank you very much for choosing and watching my video,
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Spinach Filo Pastry Roll Wrappers Recipe
Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I am here with a new recipe Spinach roll pie recipe I prepared the spinach I had pre-boiled Chop the bulbs in a long length I add the onions I cook to the pot I add one liter of liquid sunflower oil Chop little scalded spinach It will be better to be thirsty You can use frozen spinach You can see the difference between fresh vegetables and frozen vegetables We cook some onions Add the spices of pepper flakes pepper salt and add some sugar I mixed the spinach after I mixed it I prepare the sauce I will add into the pie I break thirty eggs I will prepare forty pans A total of one hundred and fifty I add two kilos of yogurt I add four liters of milk One liter liquid sunflower oil I am dividing the domestic spar Everything is ready ready for the brioche tray I use ready-made yufka breads I add the fruity I prepare and wet the yufak I wet the second graders I add equal amounts of spinach I add sauce again, the inside of the pies will not be dry I roll the pastry rolls I'm adding bread rolls I'll add a big tray and twelve pies I add sauce again on the pastries You can add sesame to your wish I prepared a total of five tray pies I will bake pastries Cook forty minutes or one hour at medium I add water on the pastries and I wait 15 minutes Börekler ready for servicing Thank you so much for watching the video
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Bony Lamb Boiled Recipe
Bone lamb for 100 people will be boiled on this video vegetable and watery meal the neck part of the lamb is divided into the middle part of the leg part Prepare to be 2 or 3 pieces for 1 person these meats will be cooked bony chop and prepare meats  chopped meat for 10 minutes with boiling water add meats in a large pot  add salt and add boiling water Boil the meat for 10 minutes If foam forms on the meat, you need to take foam Add the meat that is waiting in boiling water for 10 minutes into the strainer Remove the meat and remove the water you can open the middle portion of the meat and keep it in the air 2 liters of oil added to a large large pot the oil is expected to warm up and the meat is added into the heated oil stir the meat in hot oil fry help your videos reach more people by showing appreciation you can make more people see you by appreciating, thanks to everyone for support Wait for 1 minute and after stirring, wait 1 minute again and stir   add the bay leaf into the meat after frying add a few garlic Add 1 kilogram of whole onion add salt add boiling water at the same level as the meat get the foam from the top mix a little and close the cover, the fire will cook for 3 hours keep celery in water and wash cut green stalks of washed celery peel the shells of the celery root divide the roots of celery into several pieces this way you can add celery to your meat dishes the meat is slowly boiling and the foam that forms on it is quite foamy add the chopped celery stir 1 round and close the lid prepare other vegetables while the meat is baking potatoes will be added and plenty of potatoes must be peeled add some carrots, add enough carrots to add color to the meal peeled carrots cross and cut into large pieces Prepared 3 kilograms of chopped carrots add chopped carrots into your 2-hour boiled dish after about 1 hour the food will be cooked chop potatoes in large slices add flour into a deep container add cold water and stir mix cold water and sifted wheat flour as soup consistency add black pepper add the mixture prepared by mixing into your meal add the patties when the meat is cooked for 15 minutes After 15 minutes, the potatoes will be cooked and serve some food and serve lentil soup bulgur pilaf  meat boil green salad we came to the end of a detailed video recipe for you thanks to everyone who watched the videos from start to finish and supported me goodbye to see you in another recipe
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Red Mulldet Fish Spicy Fried Recipe And Salad
spicy red mullet fish pans roast recipe on this video there will be 2 red mullet fish and salad  all materials to be used 500 grams red mullet fish 100 grams of corn flour Frying oil, mixing vessel black pepper , cumin , Red powdered pepper salt , thyme , garlic , olive oil ,  soy sauce supplies for salads  tomato, fresh green mint , parsley lettuce and green onions , lemon pomegranate , sumac whole fat sheep cheese boiled corn first wash the fish with cold water 5 - 6 times add the washed fish into the strainer wait for the water to drain completely start to prepare marine sauce for fish add 1 spoon of soy sauce into the mixing bowl Add 1 spoon of olive oil Add 1 teaspoon salt Add 1 small spoon of thyme add red powdered pepper add caraway add ground black pepper grains you can easily crush peeled garlic by adding some salt  add crushed garlic paste to the consistency and stir the water of the fish must be completely drained draw two sides of the fish three times with a knife add the fish sauce you prepared into the spicy mixture  and stir thoroughly Prepare salad while the fish wait a while fresh onion chop , lettuce chopping green mint chopping isolate the parsley stalks and chop the leaves Peel 1 large tomato and chop it in cubes add corn, add sumac and salt lemon pomegranate syrup and cheese can be added cover fish with corn flour barbun is a small but delicious fish type I think you should definitely try this way help your videos reach more people by showing appreciation you can make more people see you by appreciating, thanks to everyone for support fish are ready to be fried after they are covered with flour  add the frying oil to the oven and wait for it to warm up add fish carefully into warmed oil wait 1 minute after leaving the fish in the oil turn the fish in 1 minute and wait 1 minute the fish will be fried in 2 minutes in total add the red fish to the paper towel add the other ingredients of the salad while the fish are ready for service 1 lemon juice , 1 spoonful of pomegranate sour Add grated cheese and mix
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Strogonoff Beef Kebab Detailed Recipe
How to make beef stragonof 8 kilograms of mushrooms 5 kilograms of red capers pepper 2 kilograms pointed fresh green pepper 2 kilograms butter oil 2 liters of liquid sunflower oil 3 kilograms of onion 5 kg of cucumber pickles in a bowl of garlic 15 kilograms of beef This meal will be enough for a hundred people I'm checking the beef in self preparation Jowl I use low fat beef We burn our oven and wait ten minutes in boiling water to get the blood of the meats Add boiling water after adding bay leaf The meat will be free of blood and will last no more than ten minutes I'll use the big pot Add two liters of oil Wait for the oil to warm up After the oil has warmed up, stir with the meat and mix immediately We are passing the meat through the sealing process In the flavor of the meat Now with boiling water at the meat level Cook the meat for three hours at low heat while preparing other ingredients Eight kilograms of mushrooms sliced ​​into thin long shapes Wash the mushrooms with cold water afterwards Add mushrooms into plenty of water Stir a little and add the strainer Pour a little more water on top and wash Now strip the garlic I wanted to share with you this technique which is an easy garlic peeling technique  Remove the caps of pepper in this way Chill peppers in a thin long way Divide in two and cross-cut Peel three pounds of onion and prepare Chop the onions in a thin long way Salad pickles are cut in the same way Prepare chop finely Sharpen green peppers long We prepared the chopsticks Add two pounds of butter oil Add onions The meat boiled for three hours and in the cooked state Add some sugar to the onions to accelerate caramelization Add garlic With mushrooms and stir Add the meats and add the peppers to the dish. Add krokan bread to the bottom of the plate Add the food to the bread Add lemonade tomatoes to your side Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes, Thank you very much for watching the video,
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Easy Pizza Recipe To Make Pizza at Home on a Tray
Hello gentlemen ladies I will make pizza with easy yeast doughI open the middle of the flour and add yeastI'm adding sugarI add saltI add warm water and keep it waiting I prepare the sauce to add on the pizza dough We will add an egg to a tray of pizzaI'll make six tray pizza I add six eggs Six spoons of tomato paste liquid oil Black pepper flake pepper Add thyme mix I will prepare the dough I add some olive oil I add two liters of water for two and a half kilos of flour I'm making some soft dough I prepare the ingredients until the dough is ready Shake a lot of cheddar Sauce and other ingredients we prepared Sliced ​​black olives, shredded cheddar cheese Corn, sausage, sausage, tomato Slice sausages thinly Chop Peel and thinly slice the tomato's shells Our materials and dough are ready Add oil to the tray Rub your hands with flower oil I open the dough easily with the elimination I add the sauce I prepared and continue to open the dough Add chopped sausage Add chopped sausage Add slice olive Add grain corn Add chopped tomatoes You can add mushrooms as you wish Add grated kashar I wait in the hot oven before cooking the pizzas I will roll pizza with the remaining dough and ingredients  I am hurting I am adding materials I wrap it in a dough roll I put eggs on it and add sesame seeds Pizzas ready to cook, dough bubbled  I will cook for ten minutes in the oven Twelve minute pizzas ready I am dividing equal parts Try to roll pizza is delicious Thank you for watching See my recommended video presentation Bon Appetit
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Lentil Patties Recipe Red Lentil children's meals
MERCİMEK KÖFTESİ TARİFİ NEFİS ÇOCUK MENÜSÜ red lentil patties different flavors cooking delicious food children's meals meatball varieties vegetable patties healthy eating dish with olive oil spicy foods Red lentil thin wheat bulgur for making meatballs lettuce parsley vegetables spices Red pepper chili pepper olive oil sunflower oil onion tomato paste pepper paste kırmızı mercimek köfte değişik lezzet aşçılık nefis yemekler cocuk yemekleri köfte çeşitleri sebze köftesi sağlıklı yemek zeytinyağlı yemek acılı yemekler kırmızı mercimek ince bulgur köftelik bulgur marul maydanoz sebzeler baharatlar kırmızı biber acı biber zeytin yağı ayçiçek yağı soğan domates salçası biber salçası
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Bechamel Sauce Oven Baked Pasta Recipe
Hello gentlemen ladies Bechamel sauce oven pasta recipe Ingredients spagatti pasta, wheat flour, feta cheese, whole milk, cheddar cheese and liquid sunflower oil, This meal will be a hundred pax I first prepare bechamel sauce I add sunflower oil and flour at the same rates I add the liquid sunflower oil into the cooker I put in the oven I add the same amount of flour as sunflower oil I am stirring at intervals of about five minutes I mix it up to pink color I add salt and add sugar I add boiling water Carefully mix will not be solid consistency I add cold milk with stirring  I adjust the consistency I am separating some of it too much I add white cheese and stir well I add spaghetti into salty boiling water I'll boil the spaghetti for seven minutes I'm preparing the cheese with red pepper Spaghetti is scalding and cooking at this time I prevent sticking by mixing spagetti There are special long pastas for oven pasta  I am using spaghetti pasta I add cold water and wait for two more minutes I add spagetti strainer and I need to filter the water completely I add water into the spaghetti of spaghetti I prepare It needs to be mixed thoroughly I put it in the oven trays in equal amounts A tray becomes fifty I add colored cheese You can add plenty of cheddar cheese Bake to the top I cook in the middle of the oven for about 20 minutes I add water on it to moisten it You can add melted margarine on top of equal pieces  Thank you very much for watching the video Subscribe to channeling and follow other recipes
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Turkish Eggplant Kebab Baking Recipe
Eggplant Kebab Recipe in the oven a short eggplant is enough for 1 person,  a long eggplant can be calculated for 2 people 2 kg of cheddar cheese, 10 eggs will suffice 500 grams of chili pepper, 12 kg fat lamb, 6 onions Garlic can be added on request, 100 grams salt necessary spices thyme and cumin, you can use in the oven  a square or rectangular tray is required hello gentlemen welcome ladies eggplant kebab recipe in the oven this video will detail the eggplant kebab show the materials to be used immediately, the amount of food that will be made here will be enough for 100 people a short eggplant is enough for 1 person, a long eggplant can be calculated for 2 people 2 kg of cheddar cheese 10 eggs will suffice 500 grams of chili pepper 12 kg fat lamb 6 onions garlic can be added on request 100 grams of salt and essential spices thyme and cumin you need a square or rectangular tray that you can use in the oven firstly the meat will be transferred from the mincing machine add onions Add 100 grams of salt Shred 2 kilograms of cheese through the machine  egg and pepper paste will be added later we spend the meats once in the machine take care that the machine cuts off the meat it must be cut from meat without being crushed to be delicious help your videos reach more people by showing appreciation you can make more people see you by appreciating. it is necessary to add a little egg in order not to scatter the meat an average of 1 kilogram of meat will be sufficient for 1 egg add spicy red pepper paste Up to 1 kilogram of tomato paste can be added for 500 grams or more add the minced eggs and tomato paste you need to do and mix it all together thoroughly mix all materials very little water can be added to make mixing easier your job will be easier when less is done the mixed materials are added to a square pillar the procedure here is to equally place the meat After placing the tray, it will be divided into equal pieces with the knife 24 x 10 = divided into 240 pieces in total The eggplant will be ready to be placed in the oven tray afterwards Wash the eggplants before preparing them Use eggplants with a crusty shape if the eggplant is short, divide into 2 or 3 pieces if you have enough eggplant staple in large quantities add the chopped eggplant into a bowl aubergines and prepared minced bean paste add a piece of cut aubergine and a piece of ground meat After completing the first order in this way, the second order will be changed Start with the ground beef in the second row.  be careful that the eggplant pieces are surrounded by 4 sides of ground beef place it in a checkerboard oven tray in this way 3 trays will be prepared and baked aubergine kebabs placed in the tray are ready to be cooked in the oven place the oven in this way without adding oil or water cook for 1 hour at low temperature first 60 minutes at 110 degrees cook for another 7 minutes at 180 degrees in the second cooking process use the lid if the lid is not normally used but the upper part is burning in the oven add cumin and thyme after cooking If thyme is added beforehand, it will give bad taste to hot food Please be careful with it add rice to the side while serving yogurt and salad please like videosome watch other recipes goodbye to see you in another recipe
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How To Make Cheese Buns Recipe
peynirli poğaça tarifi yumuşak pastane poğaçası Use margarine instead of oil may be completely soft buns sıvı yağ hiç kullanmayıp yerine margarin kullanırsanız daha güzel yumuşak olacaktır flour sugar yeast, vegetable oil margarine, vanilla salt sesame seed bun rolls buns baking tray dry yeast dough pastry recipe un şeker maya sıvıyağ margarin çörek otu susam vanilya tuz kuru maya hamur fırın tepsi merdane çörek poğaça tarifi
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Cocoa Yoghurt Mixed Cakes Simple Easy Recipe
In turn, eggs, sugar, salt, yoghurt, oil, flour, vanilla, carbonate Add the cocoa portion and cook it Easy to prepare, baking time 24 minutes
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Meatball Roll And  mashed potatoes Healthy and Tasty
Hasanpaşa Köftesi Tarifi practical quick easy recipes please subscribe time-lapse 2-minute videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnuDsKzJ9xMAz47lD7maLgA dana kıyma , kuzu kıyma ,bulgur ,domates ,salça ,biber ,biber salçası , et suyu , kemik suyu, ,soğan , defne yaprağı , baharatlar ,doğal gıda,doğal lezzet , sarımsak , karabiber , pul biber , maydanoz , sıvı yağ , tuz , şeker , püreli rülo köfte , mashed potatoes , patates püresi potato, milk,
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Meaty Chickpea Easy Meal Recipe
Hello gentlemen welcome ladies Meaty chickpea recipe I will make a chickpea You need to soak the chickpeas one day Add salt and plenty of cold water After a day wash the chickpeas with plenty of water It would be nice to cook chickpeas with bone water Add a suitable pot of chickpeas Add bone water You need to throw away the boiling foam Soak the chickpeas one day and do not throw the chickpeas Be very careful to cook Prepare the meat to be the same size as the chickpeas Add the meat of the same size as the chickpeas You can cook chicken with chickpea or plain chicken Bulbs are peeled and ready The dishes made here are used for so many people because there are two hundred people It would be enough to put an onion at the meal you made at home Chop small cubes After doing this for ten years you can be professionally like this One liter of liquid sunflower oil is added to onions It must be cooked for fifteen minutes Remove the seeds of the peppers You can use hot pepper Chill peppers on the same size as onions I get the chopped peppers waiting Peel the shells of the tomatoes Small chop Be careful to choose hard and red tomatoes Cook peppers with onions Be careful to be fully cooked Cook for about five minutes Add salt Add flake of pepper Add black pepper Add tomato paste mix Add flour Add cold water and mix and turn off the fire Add tomatoes to chickpeas Mix the tomato sauce mix it up for a short hour to cook cooked food will be ready Chickpea meal ready and brewed Serve with rice Love it with a pickle Be sure to visit my YouTube channel Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes Thank you very much for watching the video
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Chicken Shish Wood Skewer Recipe Healthy Baking
Hello gentlemen ladies chicken wood skewer recipe I will prepare a hundred people meals, I will make a hundred people chicken skewers I'm making preliminary preparations I cut fresh green peppers three centimeters long You can use red pepper pepper You can use red pepperI will use red cherry tomatoes I will cut and prepare chicken breast meat in cubes I am counting and I have thirty-five tracks I'll show you how to put meat on the swollen joints There are tricky points that you need to look out for There are some tips Wet the wood brooms with water Will break and prevent you from sinking It prevents the spit from burning when it gets wet Do not stick the meat in the syrups like this To make the meat you need to tighten firmly in your pouch I put chili chicken tomatoes in the shape of chicken and pepper You can add other vegetables if you want But this is a meal preparation for a hundred people Let's see how I can do it faster now I will prepare four at the same time I will cook and cook in a grill pan or barbecue I finished the semester After finishing on the remainder I will go to the stage of soshing Now let's go to the sauce I add half a kilo of yogurt  Hundred grams of garlic Tomato and pepper crust I add freshly squeezed onion juice I add tomato juice I add salt I add spices thyme flake pepper black pepper caraway I add the mixture I prepared I put the meat in the pan 2 for one person will suffice Cook in a temperature of 140 degrees in the oven for twenty minutes I add the presentation tomato sauce boiled potato I add aubergines and I add grain corn It was a healthy and delicious meal I am adding wooden trash bottles You can access other videos from my channel I add parsley See my recommended video presentation Bon Appetit
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Peppers Stuffed Baking Recipe Healthy Food A wide variety of materials
Pepper filling baking recipe How to prepare the inner filling material of the peppers on this video and how to share it with you Essential oils liquid sunflower oil and olive oil garlic Pulbiber, mint, black pepper, cumin Tomato paste and pepper crust Salt and sugar Red meat tomato onion findings rice These materials will be sufficient to fill more than a hundred peppers One kilo of tomato paste a liter of liquid total eight pounds of tomatoes and onion a kilo of minced meat and a total of three pounds of rice and bulgur First you need to soak rice and bulgur You have to wait for half an hour in the water Thin tomatoes with a mixer Thin the onions in the same way with a mixer Add the ingredients into a large container in order Add liquid sunflower oil and mix it a little olive oil will be more beautiful Add garlic Add salt and sugar Add peppercorn and tomato paste Add spices Add the item Stir thoroughly Add rice to the strainer and drain the water Add the bulgur in the same way Gently mix the materials Add the ingredients into the peppers Be careful not to overfill while filling peppers Add the inner padding so that it is not too dense Add it perpendicularly to the oven tray It needs to be a deep tray in this way baked by adding sauce into it Add tomato sauce to a saucepan for sauce Add garlic Add salt Add black pepper Add caraway Add sugar Add boiling water In addition you can add olive oil here We go to the baking section of the peppers Add the sauce to the pan You can make it work with a funnel Cover oven trays with aluminum foil Need to close before full air Baking at least two hours baking a hundred degrees You can use a little ketchup sauce and yoghurt while spaghetti jade is served
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Lamb Roll Wrap Stuffed Ribs Baking Kebab Recipe With Vegetables inside
Hello gentlemen welcome ladies Vegetable garnished lamb roll wrap recipe I will prepare lamb meat as a large sheet for roll wrapping I strip the meat of the rib of the lamb with a knife I remove the meat from the right side and the left side to wrap two pieces I'll have to wait a day for this meat I'll prepare a sauce Add milk Add a small amount of carbonate Sunflower oil, salt, thyme, black pepper I add this sauce to work well with meats One day in the locker I prepare the ribs in this way to roast the meat Ingredients, rib meat Cotton yarn foil pea sweet corn potato carrot onion liquid oil Fame cheddar cheese I will first get a sauce with oil and flour I mix it a little and add boiling water I prepare interior materials Peel and shred carrots and potatoes Shredded cheddar cheese Slice one onion thinly Grain corn and peas Add salt and pepper flakes, black pepper I prepare a few rounds of bulbs to put under the meat  Put a nylon bag over the meat and beat Add the vegetable mixture into the meat I add a little bit of the binding sauce vegetable we prepared Wrap the meat in a large roll Big round bulbs will be under the meat Connect the rope with one end of the meat and then the other end Need to connect with ip to prevent opening Now I prepare other meat Other meat is prepared and baked soon Add a few bay leaves and a little rosemary I add some water and cover it with foil I'll cook for three to four hours I prepare tomato onion and pepper to decorate while cooking meat Now we need to prepare a sauce for meat Mix peppercorn and garlic and add boiling water Boil a little and add starch Tomato pepper and onion ready Lamb wrapped in three hours I add red sauce under the meat Lambs wrapped in equal parts I will bake for ten minutes like this Our food is ready for service A little sauce underneath rice and vegetables, Be sure to visit my YouTube channel Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes Thank you very much for watching the video
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Milky Bread Dessert Recipe
Bread fresh recipe Easy to make milky sweet We will use sliced ​​bread A bread is needed for a tray We cut hard parts of thin-sliced ​​bread Shave around Place bread slices in the tray Do not leave space between I prepare six tray dessert For a total of one hundred people A tray for twenty five Oven bakes a hundred seventy degrees Ten minute baking Make a little sugary drink for bread One liter boiling water for one tray We add a total of six liters of water Some salt Add lemon juice or lemon juice Two pounds of sugar The breads were red Share in equal amounts We are slicing bread Add eight liters of milk A little over a liter of milk for a tray dessert Add seventy-five grams of margarine We are waiting for the booze Add four kilos of sugar Prepare two kilos of semolina Add vanilla into your wax Add two kilos of semolina We are mixing Wait until solid consistency Add on the milky sweet breads Fix them We add coconut Add plenty of coconut After the cold, we split evenly pieces and you can add sauce on ready for dessert service Get soft tissue and a light sweet dessert
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Rice Pilaf With Meat With Chickpeas Onion Healthy Rice Recipe
KABUNE PİLAVI TARİFİ Hello gentlemen ladies I will make a traditional meal at Turkish weddings Rice with rice with onion with meat Boiled beef for twelve hours One night we wash the cooked chickpeas We are throwing chickpeas foam My flesh pissed off the wire wire I make a wide pile of meats This rice will be going to five hundred people This rice will be a meal alone Really healthy and protein meal Bone water contains calcium and minerals After the meats are slightly cold I have a total of four pounds of boiled veal here The onions are chopped very thinly I am about three pounds of onion We take the bulbs in the bowl and mix them with the pepper It is best to have rice top quality rice I add eight cups of rice to a total of twenty kilos I add salt and wet rice with normal water We will use meat juice I add three pounds of butter and add one liter of liquid oil I am adding the onions I am We will use boiled chickpeas from water I prepare the rice so that it will be washed and dehydrated I add boiled chickpeas I add boiled veal We added thirsty rice We will get help from I add seven spoons of salt into meat Add boiled chickpeas water to a healthy water I'm melting oil I will add water when the rice is slightly warmed and water boils Only on the air and in the production Video shootings and edits are mine Thank you very much for watching my music I am very glad to subscribe to the channel  We will add eight cups of water for eight cups of rice I added eight cups of water and added molten fat I will cook the water as much as I can pull The rice poured the water and mixed it by taking it from the edges I will now make a presentation plate I decorated it with tomato pepper and parsley See my recommended video presentation Bon Appetit
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Dry Eggplant Stuffed Chicken And Chickpeas Baking Recipe
Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome everyone happy days Healthy and 20-food winter meal from Ottoman cuisine  Dried eggplant stuffing A meal of fifty people Dried eggplants with chicken and chickpeas This healthy food item Dried eggplants Peeled onions and tomatoes Aluminum foil One kilogram of rice and one kilogram of bulgur Boiled chickpeas half a kilo Hot peppercorn and tomato crust Garlic and spices Salt, dry mint, black pepper, sugar, pepper flakes, cumin Two pieces of lemon juice Liquid sunflower oil and olive oil mixed Pre-boiled chicken I am going to prepare the inside of your meal Remove boiled chickens and separate their meat You can use raw chicken Thin chicken meat with a knife 1 kg of rice and 1 kg of bulgur with warm water Shred peeled onions with a mixer Add the strainer and separate the resulting water Chop tomatoes with a mixer Do not use the water from the chill Add tomato with water Add tomato paste and chili pepper garlic garlic Add boiled chickpeas Add sunflower oil and olive oil Add spices, salt, dry mint, black pepper, sugar, chili pepper, lemon juice and add lemon juice Add fine chicken meat Add onions Stir thoroughly   Add and add rice and bruise to the strainer It may be a bit watery now I mix it up and show you its consistency Adjust the consistency of the mixture in this way Place the dried eggplants' heads in a definite container Add salt Add boiling water and keep in the water for four minutes You have to wait four minutes with stirring intervals Transfer the eggplants to the strainer Add the mixture into the eggplants Do not overfill Rice and bulgur shove for jerky time Add a light fill and add it to the furnace tray horizontally Use a tray with edges and use aluminum foil  You can have two or three of one person Prepare a salted sauce Add a tomato sauce and salt in a bowl Add boiling water Add some liquid sunflower oil mix Proportionally Cover with aluminum foil close to air I will bake for two hours in the middle temperature 160 degrees If the aubergines are pitted but there is no water, add a little bit of tomato sauce You can serve it with yoghurt and pasta Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes Thank you very much for watching the video
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Eggplant Roll Wrap Meatballs Recipe Ottoman Cuisine Saray Kebab
Hello, Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to everyone happy days With a recipe from ottoman cuisine  Eggplant roll wrapping palace meatballs recipe This meal will be ten people Necessary materials  A kilogram of low-fat veal Three or four eggs A big onion A spoonful of garlic Some parsley Two or three slices of stale bread or breadcrumbs Cumin, salt, flake, and black pepper baking tray Five or six large long eggplants Some frying oil Fresh pepper, you can use hot pepper Ten tomatoes for sauce  I will prepare the meatballs first Add caraway, salt, pepper flakes, black pepper into the meat Add parsley Peel and add one onion I add two slices of stale bread Add garlic Pass through the mincing machine Add three eggs and mix thoroughly It needs to be that way when it gets mixed up It will be nicer if they wait about an hour We are starting to prepare the eggplants Cut off the tips of the eggplants Take a piece from both sides of the top and bottom Be careful that this is the way it is We cut it so that it is not too thin by paying attention with the knife Divide an aggressor into five or six parts If eggplant is bitter, stand in salt water and wash Prepare the frying oil and wait for it to warm up Add the eggplants after the oil has warmed up Remove excess time when softly puffing out Add filter sieve and let oil drain You can filter paper by putting paper under it I'm starting to prepare roasts First split the meats into equal pieces Shape your hand long and place it in the oven tray It will be enough to cook fifteen minutes in the oven Chop tomatoes in mixer for sauce Add tomatoes to pot Add a little black pepper Add some salt Add water Add some sugar Chop the peppers and stir into the moss Add some pepper crust Mix the starch with water and add it and wait for some consistency Ready to roll the dumplings Wrap the eggplants around the roll Prepare the meatballs wrapped in eggplant Thirty pieces of meatballs came out and three of them would be satisfying Add on the sauce you prepared Bake for ten more minutes after adding sauce and the service will be ready I will prepare a plate for you I add aubergines I recommend it to you that boiled plain chickpea fits this meal very well Get a little parsley and appetizer in the middle If you do this as I do it will be delicious Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes, Thank you very much for watching the video,
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Traditional Meat Forged Wheat Turkish Keskek Recipe
Traditional Meat Forged Wheat Turkish Keskek Recipe Materials required for 150 people 4 kg wheat, wheat 8 kg beef with bone 5 onions 200 gr salt meat bulion meat juice meat juice and normal water 18 liters total 2 liters of milk 1.5 kg butter 1.5 liter liquid sunflower oil two spoonful peppercorn , a bowl of dry mint traditional meat beaten wheat turk keskek recipe how to make keskek which is a delicious Turkish dish from the past four kilograms of wheat to be consumed will be a meal of a hundred people in total eight kilograms of boneless meat, four kilograms of pure boneless beef the bony meats are first soaked in the water, so it is kept in the cabinet overnight the wheat is added to a large pot and allowed to stand in cold water overnight  Bone meats in cold water are added into boiling water add two bay leaves and wait for it to boil you need to get the foam coming out wash wheat in water once or twice add the wheat into the strainer and the waist should be completely thirsty the meats are cooked for about five hours on low heat and they are ready when they leave their bones place the cooked bony meats in a large tray and cool slightly cool the five onions finely and add it into the strainer to be waterless add a liter of oil to a large pot add the onions into an oil-free, warm water and stir cook the onions for five minutes add the wheat thirsty stir a few rounds to roast the wheat add salt in two grams of salt add boiling broth with strainer you need to add twenty liters of water for four kilograms of wheat twelve liters of meat juice are added and eight more liters of water are added now the wheat will cook while you eat the meat prepared boiled beef with boneless and lean hands the meat has to be thin I want to show you how much is on the scale four kilograms of plain meat ready you can use the meat in this way if you wish you will be a little thinner with a big knife this process will shrink if the remaining parts are large help your videos reach more people by showing appreciation you can get more people to see it.  I also thank you very much in my followers who constantly follow my recipes Boil the wheat in low heat, carefully stir and mix with intervals After wheat water is pulled out, it is crushed by a big wooden spoon in the past in weddings, in ceremonies, on holidays, this meal was made and distributed Four people stand around a large boiler to make it, it's supposed to be crushed up to the confectionery meal, it is very tiring to do this amount I'm running a little easier and thinning the machine with my desire cold milk is added and the mixture is mixed until thin consistency meaty wheat must have this consistency It is easier to blend with the bladed part and it should be creamy wheat is a material that hardens as it boils When ready, the meat is added and stirred eight liters of water will be boiled and added optionally add meat bullion mixed with water and stirred one round butter and liquid sunflower oil and boil add hot peppercorn and add dry mint thoroughly stir we will serve it by adding this mixture to your food this recipe should definitely try a small glass of wheat  if we can give useful information to you we are happy the meal is added to the large tray the consistency should be more fluid, the consistency that appears here is a bit stiff  shape over your meal and you will see an objective now add the fried butter over the butter is evenly distributed to the gaps in between and the service is ready you can serve it with chickpea salad with yogurt please have a look at my other recipes goodbye to see you in another recipe
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Easy Garlic Peel Stocking Process Recipe
Garlic stocking How to store garlic Necessary materials 2 kilograms of garlic 1 kilogram of onion Steel cap with deep cap Plastic storage container with cover Onion chopping machine (mixer) I've prepared this recipe for many users of garlic lovers How to prepare garlic and how to keep it I recommend you to use garlic in coarse and large quantities Use gloves to protect from the intense smell of garlic I am spending an hour on this job I will use it for three months and keep the garlic in the ready We press on them and separate them Add in a deep container Close the door and shake it You may need to rob some of the parts that will be stripped We prepared a bowl of garlic peeled Add onions into the weight of the garlic  In this way both material will proliferate and water Chop garlic and onions in a mixer Mix until water comes out, it needs to be crushed very thinly Peel off edges and mix again A total of two kilograms of garlic ready to use We will freeze this garlic to preserve Use plastic containers of appropriate size and cover Add garlic into containers A month will be enough for one cup of regular houses 1 week will be enough for a week for those who work in big kitchens Then cut it with a knife and add it directly into your food.
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Purple Cabbage Appetizer Pink Sultan And Mayonnaise Recipe
Purple cabbage appetizer recipe Materials for 100 people 4 purple cabbage 100 grams salt 10 lemons 1 liter grape vinegar 80 grams of garlic  a bunch of parsley 8 pounds of yogurt 3 kilos of mayonnaise Materials for mayonnaise 5 egg yolks 2 lemons 3 liters of liquid sunflower oil Some salt Mayonnaise   Hello, Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to everyone happy days Pink sultan meze recipe We will prepare an appetizer consisting of yoghurt mayonnaise and purple cabbage We will do enough for a hundred people  materials Four purple cabbages Ten lemons One liter grape juice Hundred grams of salt Three kilos of mayonnaise Eight kilos of yogurt a bunch of parsley Eighty grams of garlic We need a sharp blade It is necessary to use gloves to protect from the purple lahanan's color There is a waiting period of two days after preparing the purple cabbage Take the outer leaves of purple cabbage  Cut the root and cut it out with a knife Sieve very finely Chop The chopping process is over now we are going to the mixing process Add one hundred grams of salt and stir one turn In a deep container and add lemon juice We will use ten lemons and be organic Add lemon juice and stir one round Add grape juice Crush You have to wait 2 days in the closet like this Add one liter of grape circe After waiting 2 days in the closet We go to the construction of mayonnaise  Chilled steel cookware for mayonnaise, liquid sunflower oil, egg whiskey lemon juice a little salt Separate the whites of the eggs Add five egg rolls Add lemon juice Add some salt  Add the liquid sunflower oil to the pet bottle Prepare the mixer Make a small hole in the pet bottle cap Add liquid oil while egg whipping Add liquid oil slowly Mayonnaise starts to form Multiply by adding oil Add up to three kilos of mayonnaise Add eight or ten kilos of yogurt Mix yogurt and mayonnaise Add some crushed garlic Add purple cabbage into a strainer You can thoroughly siphon the water and use this pink water again Add the cabbages to the mixture in anhydrous form Stir thoroughly It is important to get the purple cabbage quite thin 2 days in salt vinegar and lemon juice Purple cabbages will soften a bit Chop some parsley and add on top Purple cabbage meadow pink sultan ready Bon Appetit Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes, Thank you very much for watching the video,
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Turkish Pide Lahmacun Kebap Recipe Turkish Pizza Traditional Food
How to make Turkish pita and lahmacun Necessary materials Peeled onions tomato Pepper and tomato crust Required spices salt Scaly pepper Black pepper and cumin You can use parsley or parsley stalks Half-fat cattle or mutton First thin the onions with a mixer Add fine onion to the strainer and let the bitter water leach Add the tomatoes to the mix and add to a container Do not use onion water Pass meats through the meat grinder Slice the parsley thoroughly or thin it in the machine Combine materials in a large container Tomato and onion oil and tomato paste Add the item Add salt and spices Thoroughly mix all materials I need to prepare a dough in a container Add some sugar and yeast in a glass of warm water and mix thoroughly Add a glass of milk Add enough flour and add salt and knead the dough thoroughly The dough needs to wait a bit The doughs are made into round balls and kept ready The doughs are stored and kept in the freezer and removed for use when necessary The dough is shaped by hand, the dough is opened in round or oval shape Small chopped meat and vegetable pieces can be used Meatless fried pizzas are made for meatless ones Minced and thinner vegetables can be used The mixture is added to the dough and manually expanded Cooked in wood oven with the help of wooden shovel The dough under the material must be as thin as possible Demands are needed for pate and lahmacuns to be crunchy Masters who opened and cooked hams are doing this job for years No rollers or rollers are used to open dough Gloves need to use handbag for sticking If you like videos please click on the thumb finger up below Make sure that more people see it.  Thank you very much for following me and watching my videos The lahmacuns cook in about four minutes If you can give useful information to you, we are happy. Bon Appetit Hope you like videom and do not forget to visit my channel Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes, I thank you very much for choosing and watching my video, The cooked pellets are served in equal portions This is how the plain cheese-puffed pizza made without meat for those who do not eat meat Salad is served with plain or side salad with cola fruit After the pitten dessert is künefe here the most preferred We would like to thank you very much for the hope pide hall for sharing these details with us Goodbye to see you in another recipe
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lavash bread recipe easy homemade
add olive oil into deep bowl add salt sugar and dry yeast Add diluted water and mix thoroughly Add 2 cup wheat flour Mix ingredients thoroughly and get a dough Once the dough is ready, prepare it in round shapes and place it in a container cover the top of the dough with a stretch and wait for 1 hour Prepare the doughs in a rounded shape using a roller or a rolling pin open the dough on the plate and bring the ready-to-cook casserole you can cook easily at normal height using a fireplace and a normal teflon pan wait 10 seconds after turning the pan and turn If you increase the yeast ratio you can get a softer bread
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Spinach And Cheese Baked Potato Recipes
Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome everyone happy days Oven spinach baking recipe  I make a delicious and healthy meal with spinach in the middle portion of the potato and cheddar cheese in the top portion at the bottom Root the spinach and wash it Your filter name is the water of the spinach Take the watery drained spinach into a large bowl Add boiling brine and stir Wait for five or ten minutes then transfer to the strainer Ingredients for making spinach with potatoes and cheddar cheese Lightly boiled and filtered spinach Potato onion and tomato Two liters of milk One and a half liter of liquid sunflower oil wheat flour cheddar cheese A meal for a hundred people is prepared according to the material of one hundred fifty Potatoes round in thick round shapes Chop the onions thinly I use a method to rob tomatoes Add boiling water and keep tomatoes Add a liter of oil to the pot and wait for it to warm up On the left side I will use it to boil the potatoes I have boiling water and I add salt Add the potatoes carefully to boiling water, stir and boil low heat Add finely chopped onions stir a round Tomatoes waiting for five minutes in boiling water will be easily peeled Peeled tomatoes ready Chop the watered-down spinach vertically and horizontally Add spinach into onions stir a round You have to get the boiling water before the potatoes break up Place the potatoes in the oven tray as they will cover the bottom Chop the tomatoes and transfer the strainer into the water Add salt black pepper and crushed pepper into the spinach stir Add the chopped tomatoes and stir Prepare a milky sauce to add to the potatoes Add liquid sunflower oil Flour and stir for about five minutes at intervals Add salt and add two liters of cold milk Add sugar and add some more water Add the milk sauce to the potatoes Add the spinach Flatten Prepare shredded cheddar cheese Add shredded cheddar cheese and  Bake in the middle heat  You can serve it with yoghurt and pasta as well as split into equal pieces Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes Thank you very much for watching the video
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Lamb Meat Saute Recipe Cooking Methods
Lamb Meat Sautéed Recipe 15 kilograms of lamb 2 liters of sunflower oil 150 grams salt Black pepper, cumin, Thyme, and chili pepper Bay leaf 2 pcs 5 kg onion 7 kilos of tomato 3 kilos green pepper A spoonful of sugar boiling water Lamb sauteed recipe , How to cook the lamb fried in the right way , Materials for meat sautéing  spices thyme Red pepper , Cummin , black pepper , Salt and sugar Liquid sunflower oil , About two liters Crushed garlic a hundred grams , Peeled and chopped tomatoes The amount of tomatoes is seven kilograms  Ready-to-eat sharp green pepper , Three kilograms of pepper Chopped onions , Five kilograms of onion Fifteen kilograms of chopped lamb , Oily and fat-free portions of lamb are chopped , The freshness of the meat you cook is important , There is a certain flavor difference between pre-frozen meat and fresh meat , Water is boiled in a tencered Chopped meat is added to a deep and wide pot , , Salt is added It is boiled and waited for a maximum of 10 minutes It is very wrong to wash the chopped meat in the water Wash meat in boiling water instead of cold water Add boiling water and mix with gaps Unhealthy blood in the ette will go this way You should not use the water there Help your videos reach more people by showing appreciation You can get more people to see it.  I also thank you very much in my followers who continuously follow my recipes , After seven minutes Water is added after the meat is added to the strainer It is necessary to use a saucepan in a size and breadth Add two liters of liquid sunflower oil Wait for the oil to warm up Add a piece of meat and check the oil heating rate Add the dehydrated meat carefully after the oil has warmed Stir a few rounds of meat Add chopped onions to top Add chopped peppers Add salt and sugar , Close the cover of the pot Fall down the fire level of the house and wait ten minutes for the rainy fire , , , Add bay leaf When the peppers are a little pungent and when the color changes it needs to be completely mixed , , Keep it closed for five minutes Add chopped tomatoes , , , Add crushed garlic Add spices, black pepper, cumin, thyme, and chili pepper Wait five minutes in the closed position Mix ingredients and rest your meal A steeped meal is delicious and healthier  If you can give useful information to you we are happy Hope you like videom and do not forget to visit my channel Goodbye to see you in another recipe
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Turkish Doner Kebap Lamb Meat Homemade Baking Recipe
Lamb Doner Kebab Home Made Baking  750 grams of lamb,  green pepper, tomato ,cress or lettuce, parsley   slice bread , butter, baking tray, Aluminium foil, to soften the meats mineral water, milk,  olive oil sunflower oil, salt, black pepper this video will also be detailed in the oven lamb doner kebab I need to use the back part of the lamb first cut the hard parts of the lamb with a knife and do not use it remove it with a bamboo knife in the middle I think you understand what part of the lamb should be used I will use 750 grams of lamb meat For 3 servings this amount of meat will suffice we will keep the meats in the mold freezer wrap the meats with stretch freeze stretch wrapped meats you need to use a very good cutting blade to cut frozen meats you have to carefully cut the meat with a knife very thinly make sure it is fixed when cutting the material accidental knife sliding is not good Sort meat cut in thin sheets properly a mixture will be prepared to soften the meats mineral water , milk , olive oil , sunflower oil , salt add all ingredients into a container and mix add a little black pepper and stir use a container that you can store in the cupboard meats will wait 10 days in the fridge  cut meats in a nice glass container the meats waited for 10 days and were ready to cook it is necessary to filter the marinated sauce, add the meats into a strainer and keep it for a while the meats are fresh and as soft as required aluminum foil into a tray cool , meat cooked in aluminum foil you can lubricate the foil a little , place fine cut meats properly lay the meat one by one in the oven tray it will be very nice if you can close the foil so that it does not get air Prepare other ingredients before cooking the meats bake and cook tomatoes and peppers with the same meats  prepare very thin cut bread to put under the meat heat oven at 190 degrees the oven will be ready when it reaches the highest temperature melt the butter in a skillet and keep it ready the temperature of the oven reached a high temperature and ready to cook the meat Cooking for 10 minutes at 200 degrees will be sufficient help your videos reach more people by showing appreciation you can get more people to see it. I'm going to the stage of preparing the dishes you can offer plain doner kebab and rolled rolls wrapped in lavash bread , add breads to the plates Add a little greens around the lettuce or parsley as the rock carvings , add cooked tomatoes and peppers in the oven add red pepper on the meat and blend add pepper flakes and thyme as desired and mix,  Add meats to the table bring the ready-to-go service we add the very hot butter on the meat The lamb donor kebab is made in this way. be ready to try this recipe please like videosome watch other recipes goodbye to see you in another recipe
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Chicken Roll Wrapping Recipe With Mushroom Stuffed
In this video you will be wrapping the chicken rolls filled with mushrooms in detail firstly a whole chickpea opening process and the preparation phase will be shown place a whole chicken on the cutting board first cut the wing parts with the knife prepare chickens carefully with a knife from the chest cut with a knife down the right and left of the cartilaginous bone in the middle grasp the butts with your hands and apply reverse pressure, you will see the joints of the bones do not use any knives at some points just do this with your hands as you can see now the chicken is in the middle of the skeleton, that is, the rib is completely removed now take the bone in the arm part of the chicken release the nerves holding the tip of the bone with a knife the bone will already come out when you pull it towards yourself There are 2 bones in the butt portion of the chicken cut 2 pieces of bone with a knife, do not cut the chicken skin and prepare it so that there is no hole the chicken opened all the way and became a big piece. fill in the gap in the middle  prepared a great backdrop  rolled from right to left in a roll it is possible to extend a little more meat by using a steel meat beef with the help of a bag add the prepared chicken into a container Watch the accelerated video once more and let's have a digest As you can see, we put a 30-centimeter knife next to you to understand the size of this chicken this is a very extensive list of ingredients you eat firstly this video uses 9 whole chickens, this meal will be about 100 people 1.5 kilograms of green pepper 3 kilograms of onion 5 kilograms of mushrooms 1 kilogram of cheddar cheese 1.5 kilogram salami spices thyme, crushed pepper, black pepper, cumin, sugar, salt some pepper to use a special sauce for your juice  Necessary materials bone water  garlic clean onion shells parsley carrot liquid sunflower oil and sifted flour preparing filling materials for your meal first mush the fungus a little thin and flat add chopped mushrooms in a container chop the onions in a long and slightly medium thickness, not too thin add the chopped onions into the container after they are prepared remove the seeds of red pepper capsules and chop them long Remove the roots of green peppers and chop them long and thin Vegetable varieties of ingredients are authentic and prepared wash the chopped mushrooms with plenty of water, you can use it in different mushroom species add the salami to the chop in the long thin slab I recall once again that the chopped materials,  mushrooms, onion and capers pepper salami and green pepper, now it's time to cook the stuffing stuff first add pot of sunflower oil After the oil is warmed, add onions and pepper to the pan, stir add some sugar add the washed mushrooms in anhydrous form and mix thoroughly add green peppers, mix and top off cook a little add the necessary spices and salt  Prepare and prepare 1 kg of cheddar cheese cut a few pieces of parsley for your savory sauce Cut carrots thinly with peeler choose from the cleaner parts of onion skins leave the mixture that you prepared for filling to air space for cooling add the chopped salami and stir continue cooling place the now prepared chickens properly on the kitchen counter add mushroom padding add filler material in a moderate way place it as a round layer in the middle add grated cheese cheddar cheese will help keep some of the ingredients together carefully tuck up in whole wrap the chicken will be big and a whole roll of wrap if there are spilled material in the edges, put it back in place in oven trays  You do not need to put any material in the tray, do not add water or oil add the above to the direct oven and cook, cook for 150 degrees for 1 hour  the chickens are baked and a little watered out  add the chicken water carefully into a bowl and use it in a food sauce wait for the chicken coil springs to cool down before you slice add some oil to the pot to prepare your food gravy add carrot onion skin and parsley stalks stir thoroughly a little chicken is added in the oil Add 1 bowl of flour add crushed garlic add boiling water add the chicken juice  add bony water if you have it in your cupboard add salt and sugar and wait for boiling the baked chickens will be slightly sliced, then sliced ​​easily, use a thin and sharp blade, 12 pieces of 1 chicken place the sliced ​​pieces horizontally on the oven tray the water is ready after 10 minutes of boiling  add the food water using a strainer this food sauce contains the original flavor of eating completely  add a particularly watery pan when serving you can do a little baking this way you can serve it with salad rice
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Potato Gratin Vegetarian Recipe Bechamel Sauce Cheddar Cheese Baking
vegetarian Potato Gratin Recipe Bechamel Sauce and cheddar cheese Baked Potatoes Materials needed for 100 people 30 kilograms of potatoes Béchamel sauce essentials 750 grams of margarine small amount of sunflower oil 500 grams of sifted wheat flour3 liters of milk salt and sugar, boiling water 5 kg cheese for cheese grater, potato shoemaker, knife and chopping board pots and oven tray in sufficient sizeDetailed description of vegetarian potato gratin potato with bechamel sauce on the fire Necessary materials I will make a meal for a hundred people, the amount that will be enough for a hundred people thirty kilograms of potatoes liquid sunflower oil half a kilograms of flour seventy-five grams vegetable margarine strength sugar and salt three liters of milk five kilograms of kashar cheese grater, knife, and potato shoemaker firstly strip the potatoes help your videos reach more people by showing appreciation you can get more people to see it. cut black stains on potatoes with a knife wash peeled potatoes with cold water use a sharp knife and chop potatoes chop potatoes in large round or oval shape potatoes should not be too thin, you should bloom thick boiling water should be available in the neighborhood  add potatoes to a large pot add salt add pots of boiling water to the pots After fifteen minutes of boiling, bring the fire to a low level wait forty minutes on a low heat and turn off the fire wait five more minutes to be well cooked cook more if potatoes do not dissolve add cooked potatoes to the oven tray in anhydrous form Béchamel sauce needs to be prepared Add margarine to a pot to prepare bechamel sauce add small amount of liquid sunflower oil into margarine and mix the smell of margarine will double the flavor of this meal add half a kilogram of sifted wheat flour and stir I need to mix it up you need to use boiling water and cold milk add salt and sugar before adding water carefully add boiling water add cold milk with stirring I add three liters of cold milk and I wait for it to boil be sure to check the taste of the mushroom you prepared and the salt may be missing turn off the fire after boiling and solidifying After the bechamel sauce is ready, add equal portions over the potatoes you can use perforated skimmer in this way to evenly spread the moss it only needs to be small enough to cover potatoes wipe the sides of the tray with napkin five kilograms of shredded cheddar cheese is required add the grated cheese to the top and cover it with whole cheese cook in the middle of the oven after removing from the oven, margarine on top we will divide this food in equal amounts rest for an hour before you eat out of small trays up to fifty pieces can be served your fruit juice soup and tomato salad will be nice next to this meal please like videosome watch other recipes goodbye to see you in another recipe
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Lamb Baking Recipe Whole Lamb Tandoori
place the tray in their way, bony lamb season with olive oil, milk, add the yogurt cover with foil and bake for 3/4 hour in the oven
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Lamb Kebabs With Vegetables in the oven Turkish Kebab
fırında sebzeli lamb kebap , , , lamb kebab with vegetables in the oven ↓↓↓↓↓ english description down part ↓↓↓↓↓ 3.5 saatte pişen muhteşem lezzet tepsinin alt kısmına sırasıyla , soğan, havuç , patlıcan , patates , domates , yerleştirin , salçalı bir su hazırlayın sebzelere normal miktarda ilave edin üst kısmına etleri yerleştirin , bu etler kemikli büyük parça kuzu etleri olmalı . sıvı yağ, salça, tuz, kara biber, sarımsak, süt, yoğurt, zeytinyağı, kuru kekik, kimyon karıştırın ve bir marine sos elde edin ,hazırlanan karışımı etlerin üstüne elinizle sürün tamamen kaplayın ve fırında 3.5 saat 150 derece ısında pişirin. . . . . . yemeği yarım saat demlendirin ve kebap hazır . sağlıklı pişirme tekniği ile hazırlanmış lezzetli bir sebze ve et yemeği. . . afiyet olsun lamb kebab with vegetables in the oven Great flavor cooked for 3.5 hours put onions, carrots, aubergines, potatoes, tomatoes, on the bottom of the pan, respectively, prepare a salted water add the vegetables to the normal amount Place the meat on top, these must be large pieces of lamb meat with bones.   oil, tomato paste, salt, black pepper, garlic, milk, yoghurt, olive oil, dried thyme, caraway and a marinade sauce.   cover completely and cook at 150 degrees for 3.5 hours in the oven. . . . . . eat for half an hour and the kebab is ready. a delicious vegetable and meat dish prepared with healthy cooking techniques. . . Bon Appetit
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Quince Dessert Recipe By Whipped Cream Recipe
wash and divide the Quince in half then add sugar overnight then add the whipped cream to boil the pot is easy and a delicious fruit dessert Quince Fruit How To Eat Very Watery quince https://youtu.be/i59qy8_9mfs
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Chicken With Vegetable in the Oven Baking Kebab Recipe
Fırında Sebzeli Tavuk Kebap Tarifi prepared a very easy meal place chicken on top of vegetables on top of add the spices and bake
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Lamb Mince Food Cooking Fried Potatoes
Delicious and easy lamb meat
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Turkish Chicken Topkapi Recipe Chicken Stuffed With Rice
Turkish chicken topcap recipe this video will be filled with chicken for 4 people all materials used for this meal  4 pieces of chicken broth  1 cup of rice 1 glass of water 2 onions raisins currant pine nuts olive oil liquid sunflower oil black pepper dry mint cinnamon powder pepper crust and tomato crust some water and some flour  steel meat forging and transparent bag 4 potatoes necessary cookware and ovenware medium bowl to shape add the raisins in hot water and keep  peel onion and chop finely add the onions in a container add the black pepper to the chopped onions and mix add to a paddy container and soak in warm water Stay 15 minutes remove the bones from the buttock of the chicken  place the boneless chicken in the bag Prepare chicken meat slowly by stroking without crushing expand start preparation of filler to be used for filling stir the peanuts first and mix until a little red add the fried nuts to the plate and stand ready add olive oil add the chopped onions Prepare 1 cup of boiling water for 1 cup of rice add pre-soaked rice into the strainer add the soaked grapes into the strainer add rice stir a few turns and add the raisins add the stuffed peanuts add spices dry mint cinnamon add salt and pepper and stir for 1, 2 minutes add boiling water close the lid set the fire at the lowest level and wait 10 minutes filler rice is ready and will have to wait a bit for cooling add potatoes to boil the potatoes from one side add the thinly opened chicken salt and black pepper the chicken skin will stay outside place in the pit divide the rice into 4 equal parts fill the chicken with rice I do not need to tie up or get a toothpick make it in half sphere by doing so add the chickens you prepare to the oven crate  add tomato paste and pepper paste into a container  add some liquid sunflower oil and water and stir add the mixture you prepared on top of the chicken I add extra bones to spaces  I will make the sauce with water from these bones  Cook for 40 minutes at 170 degrees After the chickens are shaved add the water from the bottom of the tray to a pot add some water mix some wheat flour with a little water after mixing add after stirring you will have a nice consistency and a delicious sauce peel boiled potatoes and crush potatoes Add the sauce you prepared and add the amount to soak the potatoes you can serve it with salad and ayran beside it
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Grape Leaf Wrap Recipe Stuffed Vine Leaves Traditional Turkish Leaf Wrapping
Olive Oiled stuffed Leaf Wrap Recipe Ingredients for 5 servings 60 pieces roll wrap inner mortar 1 onion A little crushed garlic 1 spoonful of tomato pepper Dry mint 2 tomatoes Cummin Liquid sunflower oil and olive oil 1.5 cup rice Salt and black pepper 1 lemon Olive oil stuffed leaf wrap A great taste that can be served as a snack or break hot that will appeal to vegetarians You can evaluate these grape vine leaves which are used in Ottoman cuisine very well In front of our house and in our garden, plenty of these leaves We are collecting the grape leaves first of all in our own garden Fresh and natural grape leaves as you can see Gather from the correct leaves that are firm for olive oil thin leaf wrapping stuff Wash the leaves by adding them into a cold water-filled container You can hold it in circulating water for about ten minutes Bring the ready-made vetch by cutting off the handle parts and washing If you like your videos, click on the thumb-up worker below to make sure that more people will see it. Thank you very much for following me and watching my videos Add the leaves to boiling water and let stand for a while You can add some salt into the water so that the leaves do not break upGet the leaves as they get the color in this way Materials for wrapping in leaves One onion A little crushed garlic A spoonful of tomato peppercorn Dry mint Two tomatoes Cummin Liquid sunflower oil and olive oil One and a half cups of rice Salt and black pepper Chill the onion finely Add finely chopped onions into a deep bowl Stir tomatoes Add dry mint Add salt Add caraway Add garlic Add liquid sunflower oil and olive oil Add tomato and pepper crust Add rice and stir Add the tomatoes to the sliced ​​thinly Add a few sheets under the pan Add the ingredients you prepare in a scaled fashion Close the edges and tighten and roll in and add to pot Twelve units are calculated as part size Place a few slices of lemon on the cooking process Turn a porcelain plate upside down and prevent the wrappers from spreading Add a glass of water Cook forty minutes low on the fire After the pulse, let it brew, it will not be water, it will be ready to serve You can see that it is very beautiful exactly the desired texture Place yoghurt pancakes in the middle of the serving plate Place leaf wrappers of olive oil around the witch Decorate the serving plate with tomatoes and lemons Place regularly Add vegetarians and yogurt add some spice to color Hope you like videom and do not forget to visit my channel Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes, I thank you very much for choosing and watching my video,
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Turkish Doner Chicken Kebap Recipe Traditional Food
10 Kilogram Chicken Doner Recipe , ,, , , 10 kilograms of chicken breast meat , 800 grams of animal fat ,,, 150 grams salt 300 gram tomato slice , , , 2 spoons of spice mixture . Spices mix Cumin. garlic powder. Thyme. 2 cups of buttermilk or yogurt , , , , Bitter flake Red pepper, , , , Chicken doner kebab recipe on intense request How to prepare chicken meat on this video, how to prepare sauce How to place chicken meats on top of each other in detail We share our place in the world with you and then we go to the kebab recipe immediately We prepared this video in Isparta, Turkey Ten kilograms of skinned chicken breast meat Heart-shaped boneless parts are used A donor will be prepared in a slender form Meats are prepared to make a wide doner kebab The chicken is prepared with a sharp knife finely and then the sauce is prepared Ingredients for chicken doner kebab sauce Mixed seasoning Mainly thyme and a few kinds of spices High quality solid tomato paste Bitter red pepper Red pepper salt Yoghurt or ayran Materials are added one by one into a container We will use this mixture for ten kilos of material Add two handfuls of salt Add a handful of red powdered peppers Add three spoons bitter flake pepper With two spoon tomatoes Two spoons mixed spices Two large glasses of ayran or yogurt Thoroughly mix all materials , The chicken meat is placed in a deep and large container with the sauce properly If you like videos please click on the thumb finger up below Make sure that more people see it. The chickens must wait in the cupboard for twelve hours or so overnight I will wait for one night in the ice hockey and be ready to put it on top Three-legged support is placed on the iron skewer For ten kilograms of chicken it is necessary to use eight hundred grams of animal fat or up to a kilo Thinly opened and cooked chicken meats stacked on top of each other Doner master has been doing this for twenty years Shaving is done when it reaches fifteen inches high The parts are added to the intermediate floors and the doner kebab height is increasing The second shaving process is in progress The same amount of fat is added to the mixture The third shaving process is in progress The chicken doner is ready to go to the oven If you can give useful information to you, we are happy. Bon Appetit Hope you like videom and do not forget to visit my channel Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes, I thank you very much for choosing and watching my video, The chicken doner is prepared in this way and gradually makes the cooker more tasty Doner knives are used in Turkey, with razor sharpness and long blades Served in pink color, served on pilaf or between bread I prefer bread loaf prepared on thin bread Thank you for sharing this details with us If you like videos please click on the thumb finger up below Make sure that more people see it.  Thank you very much for following me and watching my videos There is a motor home service in the city where I live It's enough to warm up in the microwave for three minutes like this As a beverage in Turkey, chicken doner is preferred beside ayran or coke If you can give useful information to you, we are happy. Bon Appetit Hope you like videom and do not forget to visit my channel Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes, I thank you very much for choosing and watching my video,Traditional recipe
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Tray Kebap Easy Recipe Traditional Food Turkish
if you want to make this food in small quantity, please watch this video , for 4 people , easy cooking on steel plate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqn8czcum1U&t=25s Tray Kebab Recipe, , Lamb and tail fat Fat lamb can be used , , Bitter green pepper , , Red cabbage Painful or painless pepper paste ,, egg , , salt , , Cheddar cheese Oven tray or steel plate required easy Turkish tray kebab recipe Necessary materials it is possible to use fatty lamb or lamb tail fat and lean meat where fifteen kilograms of meat will be used  you need to use shredded cheddar cheese grater and two kilograms of cheese six medium eggs red cabbage pepper bitter green pepper bitter red peppercorn salt is only to be used and no spices are used firstly we have to prepare the meats cut the pieces a little with a knife and then chop with the mincemeat very easy to prepare and make fabulous delicious recipe that is easy to cook I have previously shared this recipe as a plate kebab with a quadruple Prepare meat chop finely with meat grinder the meat is ready one time after the machine is ready  cut the ends of the hot green peppers with a knife mix peppers with green peppers chop the peppers a little thinly with machine add finely chopped peppers into the strainer and let the water drain very painful lovers may use very hot peppers add six eggs Six spoonfuls of peppercorn are used about eight hundred grams of pepper paste a hundred grams of salt is added thoroughly mix all materials it needs to be kneaded strongly help your videos reach more people by showing appreciation you can get more people to see it.  I also thank you very much in my followers who constantly follow my recipes after mixing a few rounds of ingredients first, the cheese will be added grate two kilograms of kashar cheese add grated cheese into the kebab After thoroughly mixing, the material will be poured into trays and ready for cooking you have to lay it in such a way as to completely cover the mince kebab into the hull it will be easier to do this by wetting some of our hands smoothly add the pudding a pod of this size may suffice six kilograms of ground beef the small bowl was added to three kilograms of ground beef place the tray in the oven and cook at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius it's enough to cook for fifteen minutes or up to twenty minutes in this oven keep the beer in the tray and then cut into equal pieces a large tray will be enough and enough forty people place this ingredient in a small steel plate and try it out  if you can give useful information to you we are happy hope you like videom and do not forget to visit my channel you can serve it with salad and rice beside it
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Turkish Dalyan Meatball stuffing Traditional Recipe
this video will be detailed in Turkish dalyan meatballs this is not an easy recipe and it will be a meal of 100 people  I will show all the materials we will use in detail ingredients for meatballs medium-fat veal and lamb meat mixed for example 12 kilograms of veal 3 kilograms of lamb meat mixed parsley and dill a little bitterned bread or breadcrumbs salt, cumin and black pepper onion egg carrot fresh boiled or canned peas Meat Water tomato paste semolina crushed garlic add dry bread slices into the meat add parsley and dill other materials to be added after machine operation pass the meat slices through the mincemeat with bread and parsley  help your videos reach more people by showing appreciation you can make more people see you by appreciating, thanks to everyone for support add breadcrumbs add eggs add crushed garlic  add salt black pepper and cumin add finely sliced ​​onions add semolina blend completely some water can be added according to the consistency  can be passed through the machine for the second time to completely mix If you have a dough kneading machine, you can prepare this item by stirring for 10 minutes mincing will be held in the deep hillside for 20 minutes and the consistency will be better peel the carrots to boil and bring ready-made vases add the ends of the peeled carrots into the precise container add the eggs into the boil pot add water into the carrots and eggs and boil keep the boiled material cool all the way to the top is divided into 10 or 12 equal parts a piece of mince about 1750 grams shape the staff on the counter  prepare to lay eggs and carrots add boiled carrots eggs and peas close with caution it will be a big meatball and it will be easier if you do it in the hill be careful that the material you put into it is too small plump the meatballs with the battered egg ready to cook in dumplings place the meatball in the cold oven cook 90 minutes at 100 degrees in low temperature Prepare a sauce while cooking in a meatball oven Add pot of liquid sunflower oil Add the same amount of flour and stir continue mixing with intervals  After the flour is a little roast, add tomato paste and stir add boiling water and stir  add salt and sugar stir meat juice sauce will be ready after it boils After removing the dumplings, transfer them to a cold tray stay somewhere in the air for cooling meatballs ready to slice after chilling use a sharp, thin blade slice the meatballs equally place the sliced ​​meatball in the oven tray horizontally The meatballs are good at first and can be opened when they are baking 1 slice of meatball will suffice for 1 person large tray for 40 people and small for 20 people add hot sauce prepared meatballs ready to serve after adding sauce you can serve yogurt with rice and salad
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Lemon Cake Recipe Cake in 4 minutes Very Easy Homemade
Very Easy Lemon Sade Cake Recipe Materials for 20 slices of cake for 10 people 2 eggs 1 lemon juice Grated lemon peel 1 glass of sugar 1 glass of water Milk 1 glass of water liquid sunflower oil 1 packet dough baking powder 1 packet of vanilla White wheat flour Mixing container mixer mixer and cake mold Very easy lemon cake recipe can be prepared in 5 minutes and cooked in 30 minutes 20 slices of cake with a total of ten people will suffice  Add 2 eggs in a 3 liter container Add a glass of water sugar Mix a little without running the mixer Beat the mixer for two minutes at high speed You need to mix up the sugars melt You can add very little salt and it will increase the flavor of the cake Add a glass of milk Add a glass of water liquid sunflower oil Stir a few more turns and mix for about ten seconds Add a packet of dough baking soda  Add a packet of sugar vanilla powder Add one lemon juice Add four small cups or two large glasses of white wheat flour Add finely grated lemon peel  Stir for a minute Lightly dug cake cake Add the cake dough to the cake cake Cook in the unheated frying pan at about a hundred degrees Fahrenheit and thirty minutes Check that you have cooked it by inserting a knife before using a fan Cool down a bit and take care of it with caution Serve twenty slices of cake ready tea or coffee You can add powdered sugar while serving as you wish Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes, Thank you very much for watching the video,
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Simple Easy Crepe Recipe Kilogram And Cup Sized
30 Simple crepes pan cake Materials Needed 2 liters of milk 25 eggs 1 liter cold water 2 kilograms of sieved wheat flour Like a large deep pot of pots Blended steel blended Handled shovel will have plastic scoop and plastic scoop Liquid sunflower oil for frying 50 grams of salt , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 Pieces for Crepe ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 eggs, 2 and a half cups of water, 1 cup milk, 2 cups of flour, 1 teaspoon salt. Simple and easy crepe recipe Make easy crepes at home You can serve it by adding honey or chocolate into it We will make twenty-five egg pancakes on this video Necessary materials Two liters of milk One liter of cold water Twenty-five eggs Two kilograms of sieved wheat flour Like a large deep pot of pots Blended steel blended Handled shovel will have plastic scoop and plastic scoop Liquid sunflower oil for frying Fifty grams of salt Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes, I thank you very much for choosing and watching my video, First add the eggs into the deep bowl You will do at home a small amount of pancakes Two eggs, two and a half cups of water, a glass of water, two glasses of water, a glass of salt, a teaspoon of salt Add two liters of milk Add one liter of cold water Add fifty grams of salt Mix these ingredients completely mixed Add two kilograms of sifted wheat flour and stir Mix thoroughly wait five minutes mix slightly more We are burning the ingredients ready to cook our ingredients we will cook in the middle Need to use large teflon-free pan It is necessary to add plastic dough to the pancake dough for the practical cooking method You can add taval in practice with this method Add a scoop of pancake dough to the slightly overheated oil with measure Wait for the baking and spreading of the hull around the ceiling Let the ceiling release the kreb by tapping it a little Turn the cream with one stroke and cook the back side If you like your videos, click on the thumb finger up below Make more people see it by liking Thank you very much for following me and watching my videos You can make this crepe pie Cream cheese, honey, or chocolate You can try different recipes by adding ham and cocoa and sugar You can make chinese berry by adding boiled corn purple cabbage and pepper cooked in shrimp Make easy breakfast crepes that your kids will love for your children at home An important detail to keep the heat low and to cook better crepes I prefer crepes with honey and walnuts, you can eat immediately without hot cooling If you can give useful information to you, we are happy. Bon Appetit Hope you like videos and do not forget to visit my channel Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes, I thank you very much for choosing and watching my video,
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Potato Pancake Recipe Easy-to-fry potatoes recipe
Hello gentlemen welcome ladies We are making potato turkish pancakes in this videotape, i can say turkey pancake but hair pancake Peeled boiled potatoes in salted water Boiled potatoes for an hour, a little cold, then stripped An easier way to grind potatoes This way you can chop potatoes Mix peeled onions Add a large pot of liquid sunflower oil Add the chopped onions with the mixser Cook for 10 minutes with stirring Add pepper flakes, add black pepper and add salt Add plenty of dry mint Add hot pepper paste and stir I add some powdered red pepper Add the chopped potatoes and stir I just mix it off the bottom of the window now, the cooking process has ended Transfer a flat pile for cooling Here I am dividing the equal parts because the pieces will be made I break thirty eggs I add yogurt and milk as much as the amount of eggs, and add eggs yogurt and milk mixture in the same way Mix well with whisk We use to add liquid soap Fold the opened dough dough into two ends Yufka bread is sold in the market in turkey Add prepared potatoes to the middle portions I prepare gloves by spreading the potatoes in the middle Add yogurt milk and egg mixture I add a potato cap and an end cap to make it stick I close it at two ends and make it ready to cook I will keep it in a large box for the morning preparation I put paper in between them so that they do not stick together This is how the preparation of the pancake is made This may be potato or cheese, precious, sausage pastrami fried with preference you are making potatoes in this video I cook one for trial Add liquid sunflower oil and teaspoon into teflon pan Turn the two sides upside down Cooking is so easy and very tasty I work with three cookers to cook the pancake pancake It's all over it never happened visit my YouTube channel absolutely Thank you very much for watching the video Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes
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Lamb Roasting Easy is done how Ready in 1 hour
soft lamb roast, roast lamb, flour, sauce, gravy, different tastes, different cooking methods yumuşak et kuzu kızartma , kızartma , kuzu eti , un , sos , et suyu , değişik lezzet , değişik pişirme yöntemi cooker dishes ocak yemekleri tencere yemekleri , toplu yemek , kazan yemekleri casserole dishes, catering, food gains
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Oven Baked Ribs Recipe Crown of a King
Rib Baking How to cook a boneless chop  Lamb chop baking without missing the flavor Bones will be in cage form We will add flavor enhancers It's so easy to cook I prepare the pork so that I can distinguish the lamb portion I separate the cervical spine from the neck I cut the chop chop with the cutter blade I'm connected There are materials to add into We prepare the other part Let's prepare the interior materials we connected We will cook in a thin steel cabinet of round thick onion rings Place the onions in the bottom add some carrots Add chili paste Add yogurt Add garlic Add oil Add thyme add black pepper add salt Creamy mix ready Add the mixture to the middle of the meats Add bay leaf Add fresh chillies chop fresh chillies to the middle of the meat Chop tomatoes and add tomatoes at the top Add some water, cover with foil, close off air Cook for three or four hours in the oven Three and a half hours at a hundred We are preparing meat for our meat ready meal Served with rice and salad
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Lamb Chop Barbecue Gril Recipe
barbecued lamb chops 24 pieces of lamb chops were used half a liter of liquid sunflower oil will wait 10 days materials required for the complete marinization of the meats half a glass of olive oil 1 cup milk, half a glass of cola 1 glass of mineral water a spoonful of red peppercorn salt and pepper, pepper flakes thyme, crushed garlic barbecue and charcoal fire rice pilaf, green pepper tomatoes, potatoes this video will detail the lamb chops in the barbecue  how to prepare chops and how to prepare a sauce for the marine firstly ribs and backs will be used to remove lamb chops cut the right and left parts of the spinal column with the line the meat on the right and left side of the spine is the meat parts which are soft   cut off the separation with a knife the parts we will use divide into two by line cut pieces of meat from the meat between the chops bones 12 pieces from the right side and 12 pieces from the other side. At least 24 pieces of cutlet help your videos reach more people by showing appreciation you can get more people to see it. Prepare the bones of the chops with a sharp knife you can use other rib pieces in meals, you can boil ribs prepare a capped bowl for chop pieces and add liquid sunflower oil lamb chop oil to be kept for 10 days with oil add the liquid sunflower oil completely and the meat will be completely covered with oil if you want a soft texture you have to wait at least 10 days for this kind of meat we added dolabas and after 10 days we will prepare a sauce  materials required for the complete marinating of lamb chops 1 mixing bowl half a glass of olive oil 1 cup milk, half a glass of cola 1 glass of mineral water a spoonful of red peppercorn salt and pepper, pepper flakes, thyme you can use crushed garlic if you wish add salt add olive oil and mineral water to the cola add the milk and stir add pepper flakes and pepper paste stir the spices completely stir add chopped meat to a large bowl add the sauce you prepared make the meat sauce and prepare it to be completely covered with marine sauce, the meat will wait one more day like this and be ready to cook hide in ice-cold and fire the mangas after 1 day 3  Egg wrapping paper is used for easy burning of barbecue add fine pieces of wood use a canister to perform a chimney task easier to burn by making a wind with a bucket lid add green peppers after the fire is ready add tomato slices you need to cook chops slowly there may be oil dripping from the meat due to the flaming of the barbecue you can use ash to solve this problem if mangaldan fever occurs if there is no ash, pour some water on it and defeat the fire Cooking time of chops is at least 15 minutes you can serve rice pilaf with French fries and garnishes please like videosome watch other recipes goodbye to see you in another recipe
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Healthy Chicken Boiled Recipe Boned Chicken
Healthy chicken boiled recipe chicken leg potato carrot onion garlic Powder curry Powdered ginger rosemary wheat flour leave of Daphne salt Liquid sunflower oil A little sugar Hello, ladies and gentlemen, everybody happy days Peeled potato Small onions Peeled carrots Boned chicken buttocks First chop carrots crosswise Prepare the carrots to be the same size as the small bulbs Materials are always big when you are boiling in turkey Chop potatoes large Chop potatoes in large pieces and keep in the water Divide chicken into two or three pieces and prepare   This meal will total a hundred people I am preparing a piece to be two pieces You can prepare this dish from chicken baguette or arm parts Chicken pieces must be boned Add some salt to the boiling water Add chickens carefully and mix Cook chicken in boiling salted water for about ten minutes Add liquid sunflower oil into the pot Add chopped carrots to warmed oil Add a few bay leaves We will not use this water that we boiled the chickens, we will add a special sauce separately Add small onions You can cook the onions faster by keeping the cover closed, Add some water Cook potatoes in salt water Remove the chickens from the water and place them in the deep tray We are preparing the blinded seaweed of your meal Add a pot of oil Add wheat flour and mix Medium fire stir in flour  Add some rosemary a little curry Add some powder ginger Add salt and add boiling water Optionally add one liter of cold milk into the creamy consistency We combine the ingredients we cook Add the sauce you prepared It will be better to bake it for fifteen minutes like this You can add something to the table while you are serving it A healthy meal that is perfect on the plate as a form that does not need to be added Subscribe to channel and follow other recipes, I thank you very much for watching the video,
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Beef Roast All Carrot Stuffing And Mashed potatoes Recipe
Potato mash and beef roast recipe carrot beef roast to be detailed in this video materials used the amount of food that will be done here will be enough for 50 people 5 whole roast beef to be used smooth and hard carrot liquid sunflower oil paste tomato paste and hot pepper 1 cup garlic a few small onions salt and sugar  wheat starch a long blade is needed potato for mash 500 grams of margarine 1 liter milk to use a thick saucepan and a large saucepan to roast There are only 2 pieces on the back of the beef roast beef it can not be said that it is very soft, the cooking time takes a lot of time First, peel and prepare the carrots cut end parts knife in the middle of the roast place the whole carrot in the middle of the roast, it must be firm, it must be tight so that when roasting the carrots the roast will not come out of it place the garlic on the outside of the roast If you do not want to put garlic, you can make it without garlic help your videos reach more people by showing appreciation you can make more people see you by appreciating. roasting preparation is now being passed to the cooking stage We will cook roast for 5 hours but we will fry it before cooking shoot the gold of the large tencer and add the liquid sunflower oil into it a piece of meat is added to understand that the oil has warmed Add roast beans to warmed oil and fry for 2 minutes turn the fried side and fry every amount of veal roasts in equal amounts remove the fried calf roast and clean the tanned flax add liquid sunflower oil Add tomato and pepper paste tomatoes stir the shake add a little black pepper and boiling water add beef roast and cook slowly for 5 hours Close the door and bring the fire to the lowest level be prepared for roast potatoes until roasted potatoes must be peeled and washed add potatoes to pot and add boiling water roast continues to cook in the meantime the potatoes were pounded in 1.5 hours and ready to be mash The excess water is taken with this method add salt and sugar add margarine mashed with whipped corn add cold milk and adjust its consistency add a small amount of milk if you want it to be solid the onions are peeled and added to the water near rostolar cooked Add salt and sugar after 4 hours add peeled onions Check with the fork that the veal roast is cooked leave roasted in place, then air-cooled for cooling pass your food through the strainer dissolve the starch in cold water and add to the boiling food sauce Boil it a little and get it in consistency you can chop after the roasted roast is slightly cold Apparently enough appetizer large beef rostodan 20 pieces can come out cut in thinner slices Placed in a 5-centimeter cradle you can store the excess food frozen Prepared sauce is added into beef roast it will be better if it is boiled a little with the sauce now I'm going to the presentation stage  add potato roast roasted slices added 2 for 1 person cooked onions and tomatoes can be added we came to the end of a detailed video recipe for you thanks to everyone who watched the videos from start to finish and supported me goodbye to see you in another recipe
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Mushroom Sauteed Minced Recipe Healthy and Tasty
Kıymalı Mantar Sote Tarifi
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