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Hey, Little Girl. By Quinn Quinn. Lyric Video! - Itx_Jasmine
Hey, Little Girl By Quinn Quinn. Lyric Video. Original Music Video - https://youtu.be/tZ0mLid2DQY Edit: I think Sophia Marie. B is the owner..? Please comment if I'm right or wrong:-) All rights go to the owners.
One Day by Tate McRae - Short Lyric Video
Hey guys and girls! We haven’t posted a new video since forever, so here you go! Another lyric video! My other one was poop, the audio was so annoying, but here is an advanced one! Hope you like it! What lyric video should we do next? Comment below! Original Video: https://youtu.be/pBk0VFLz9_s
How to Make Slime for Beginners! - Jasmine and Jenny Vlogs
Sorry this video is very bad! It was so out of place. I didn’t have anything to record so.... How to Make Slime for Beginners!