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Spread the love, spread communism
Communism United us Character: Rikka Takanashi Anime: Chuunibyou Song: Russian National Anthem(i know... It's beautiful
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Something to dance to
School kinda got in the way of doing these, had a lot of work in class so here's something that took me awhile to make Song: Viva La Gloria by Green Day Anime: "Another" and "Chuunibyou" Characters: Left: Mei Misaki | Right: Kouichi Sakikibara| And me! :D
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Not much to say about this one
Anime character: Honoka Character origin: Love Live: School Idol Project Song: C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. By One Ok Rock
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Finally got the app to work
Here's the one I was making earlier but it wouldn't work before Song: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure op 2 (Bloody Stream by Coda) Anime: Chivalry of a Failed Knight(a great anime I would recommend)
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Spicing things up a little
What kind of animation should I do next? Right down your favorite anime character and I'll do an animation of the character you pick Character: Rikka Takanashi Anime: "Love Chuunibyou and Other Delusions" Song: "3xxxv5 " by One Ok Rock
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Had to do doki doki at one point
Sorry for the late upload Character: Yuri Song: Sayonara
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Insert Title Here
I honestly don't know what to call this
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A quick lil amv
Might not be much but it's something Song: Eminem - Kings never die Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
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20 Subscriber special!
Thank you so much everyone!!! :D Characters: Stella Vermillion(left) Ikki Kurogane (right) Anime: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Song: Fox Stevenson: Light House
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Loss is painful indeed (finally put this animation to good use)
Ayye 2 in one day! Character: Mei Misaki(pretty much a dark and emo version of rikka if ya ask me) Anime: Another(yup, that's the title) Song: Sekai - Somebody
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*sighs* so much for making videos for awhile
I was gonna make a video but my wifi is acting up so I'll use this old video to ensure that I am still here, there's so much I want to share Song: Well Enough Alone by Chevelle Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Kaneki and Toka
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This took me quite awhile to make
This anime makes me so emotional T~T(no joke[you fellow chuunibyou fans will understand]) Anime: Chuunibyou Character: Rikka Takanashi Song: Yu Sakai - Orea No Yume
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Something perfect
I don't know what to call this but I find it beautiful, I love making these Anime: Chuunibyou Character: Rikka Takanashi Song: Wherever you are by One Ok Rock
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My first video
It's my first video :^0
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A different approach?
More than just waifus... Husbandos too Character: Ikki Kurogane Anime: Chivalry of a Failed Knight(it's so good trust me) Song: Replay by SHINee
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A random amv
Song: Yu Sakai - Ahead
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I am back! ^~^ pretty long weekend for me
The journey continues (and it will for a VERY long time ^~^) Anime: Food Wars Character: Soma Yukihira Song: Green Day: Gloria
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Two for one!(maybe even three ^•^)
Anime: Naruto/Naruto Shippuden Character: Kakashi Hatake Song: One ok Rock: (I will tell you the name in the comments section)
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My First Video 2.0!
Now it's back and it's better then before! :D Song: Crankdat - Dollars Anime: Chuunibyou Character: Rikka Takanashi
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Something Relaxing
Thought I could put something relaxing tonight ^•^ Artist: Vague003 Anime: Rurouni Kenshin Character: Kenshin
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To Yuuta, From Rikka ^•^
I LOVE Muse Song: The Handler by Muse Anime: Chuunibyou Character: Yuuta Togashi
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Party Hard!!!(30 subscriber special, I think[good enough lol])
Enjoy this masterpiece! Anime: (You know it) Highschool DxD Characters: Rias(middle) Akeno(right) and I forgot the other one ^^'
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Kinda busy again, projects, (more) exams, and gaming
Sorry for not uploading in awhile Song: I forgot :( Anime: "Is this a zombie?"
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Something... Nostalgic?🤔
I don't really know what to title this but it's pretty nostalgic to me Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Character: Ken Kaneki Song: Ein Klein by Kenshi Yonezu (I'm pretty sure that's how you spell the song name)
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One of my older projects
I had a pretty cool amv that I was making but the app kept crashing. Improvise, adapt, overcome! Anime: Date A Live Character: Kurumi Song: Stand By Me
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Project: Kurumi phase one
This project will be amazing trust me Song: Deal with the devil by tio Anime: Date a live Character: Kurumi
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I'm sorry it's so short(it restricted me from doing 30 seconds ) plus play it on repeat
I tried to make it seamless so it would be perfect for Instagram Song:Yu Sekai "Big Bang" Anime: Chivalry of a Failed Knight(I think) Character: Stella Vermillion (I think)
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Should I keep doing these kind of animations or should I do mini amv's?
Let me know your opinion in the comments Song: Loser by Kenshi Yotezu(I'm pretty sure that's his last name) Anime: Date A Live Character: Kurumi
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Kurumi is bae, no doubt about it
Anime: Date a Live Song: Bad Girl by Omar Varela
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Arrrrr Ahoy! Pirate Starter Pack
Thought i should add some good ol Green Day Character: Obviously Kurumi Anime: Date a Live Song: Minority by Green Day
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