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steamed fish with mustard paste
This is steamed fish in mustard paste without frying the fish. this is the easy and one of the healthy way to cook fish with less oil.
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chicken  curry/ chicken curry in  bihari style
This chicken curry is made in bihari style. It is almost similar to normal chicken curry. It made in mustard oil with indian spices.It serve with rice and roti.
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chana dal puri
chana dal pur is traditional food of up and bihar. it make wheat ,chana dal and some spices ..we eat dal puri with aalu dam kheer and any vegetables curry. if you want more recipe pleaes like and subscribe my channel
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Hari mirch ki sabzi
hari mirch ki sabji...it is cuisine of rajasthan and bihar it made some spices ,and green chilli..rajasthani and bihari thali are incomplete without mirch ki sabji.it can be easily kept for 15-20 days
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green chatni ( mint,coriander and green mango)
Green chatni to dip on dishes like samosa , to eat along rice , roti , biryani etc. we use coriender leaves, mint leaves and green mango. it is very tasty and spicy.
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parwal ka chokha
It is very simple and tasty food made by parwal , green chili , garlic , onion and mustard oil.
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Singhara Fish curry
it is singhara fish. this is very simle fish curry. singhara fish curry cooked with onion , tomato and some spices. it is served with rice and roti.
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Haldi ka Halwa
Haldi ka halwa is new mother food .Haldi ,ka halwa is Indian traditional and authentic recipe given to new mothers after delivery to babies .
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dhaknesar is a sweet dish of bihar and U.P . it is very famous. it is made from new rice ,milk , sugar and dry fruits.
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Small Fish Fry And Curry
Delicious small fish curry cooked with mustard seeds paste and with some spices. This is very famous and delicious dish cooked in bihar village.
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PUA-Bihari Pua Recipe- Fried Sweet Pancake
Pua is traditional bihari sweet dish. .It made with combination of flour , sugar, milk and dry fruits. It is very tasty and delicious.
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Besan ki  sabji
sarso wali besan ki sabji is famous dish in Bihar.it made of chick pea flour ,mustard and some spices .we served almost with rice .it is also called besan ki machhli
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Khichari for Sankrat
Khichari is very balance healthy recipe .Ingredients : vegetables ,rice ,lentils ,oil and some spices .
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Fish bharta, machhli ka chokha
this reciepe is very easy for non vegetarian. only few spices are used in it like whole chilli, garlic, salt, chilli and mustard oil. this is side dish. it is served with daal chawal and roti.
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GUD KI KHEER is traditional recipe of india. If you want more traditional recipes please like and subscribe the channel .
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Harimirch ka achar //green chili pickle , harimirch ka achar rai// mustard ke masale wala
This is very tasty ,quick and easy pickle ..we can served with our meals .it really increase the tast to the our meal.
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Kadhai chicken//kadhai chicken curry //kadhai chicken recipe in Hindi.
kadhai chicken is in popular of northern Indian recipe . this is so simple dish .we served with roti ,naan,paratha and rice .
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Meat  Mince potato,// Aloo keema
It is very delicious and easy .It made with meat mince , potato and some spices .it served with naan,roti,rice ,paratha or rumali roti.
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Potato onion  stuffed // Aloo,pyaaz ka paratha
potato onion stuffed paratha is an easy and quick recipe for breakfast and we eat any time..this is a north Indian dish..we survived with chutney ,yogurt pickle ,tea and any curry
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Green chatni (mint leaves and coriander leaves) with lemon and tomato
this mint chatni can be used with many dishes like samosa, dahi bhalla, vada pav etc. mint also have goodness of health. mint chatni is very easy and instant recipe. so, eat mint chatni and keep healthy.
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Raw meat minced kabab ll kachche meat ke keeme ka  kabab
its amazing in flavour . these are very delicious kachche keeme ka kabab. this kabab is only shelo fry on both side till they become nice golden in colour . serve it with chatni and salad.
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Begun bhaja ll baingan fry ll brinjal tawa fry
it is very easy and simple bengali side dish. some indian spices are used in it salt , red chilli powder and lemon juice.
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Aloo stuffed green chilli ll bharwa hari mirch ll aloo bhari hari mirch
stuffed hari mirch makes a perfect side dish to go along with chapati and dal chawal. its nice and spicy stuffing .
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Summer special dal ll dal with raw mango ll aam ki khatti dal
this dal is specially cooked in summer season. slight tangy flavour due to raw mango. it is served with boiled rice.
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kheera raita in 2 minutes, cucumber raita recipe
it is very easy to make and specially prepared in summer season. this is very healthy .its help to our stomach cool.only some ingredients are used in it.
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Gurma ll aam ki khatti meethi ll raw mango khatti meethi
Aam ka gurma is prepared in summer season .its test is sweet and sour.we allso called aam ka meetha achar.we served with daily food.
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small fish curry with onion ll chela machher jhol ll chalhwa fish curry
This is an indian recipe. it is prepared in bihari, bengali method.in the eastern region of india ,generally people cook this recipe.this recipe is good combination with any kind of steamed rice.
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Litti Chokha- Traditional Recipe
litti chokha is complete meal of bihar. it made of wheat flour and roasted black gram powdered and mixed some spices . litti served with chokha , chatni , yogurt and chicken curry .chokha is roasted and mashed vegetables and some spices..
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Soya keema masala
Soya keema recipe is for all vegetarian. Very easy to cook and this tastes great with rice or rotis/nan
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Summer drink ll mint drink ll pudine ka sharbat
Its refreshing in summer. it is simple and easy drink recipe with some spices. it is very helpful in summer season . it is prepared using mint leaves, lime, black salt , ginger powder and roasted jeera powder.
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Easy  pulao// vermicelli pulao ll sevai pulao
vermicelli pulao is so easy .this recipe make of vegetables, spices and vermicelli .I like this recipe .
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Eggplant potato with  black  grams //Aloo baingan or kala chana
this recipe is very common vegetarian main dish served with rice roti paratha or puri
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safed  matar
Safed matar is also known as ghughani. It is very famous food. It serve with roti , puri and kulcha.
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kaddu/ sitafal ke patto ki sabji ll pumpkin green leaves sabji
this is tasty and different type of recipe. it is mostly cook in viilage side. this sabji is cook with mustard seed paste and some indian spices.
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Aloo Chop
Aloo chop is a very famous snacks recipe.It is made by spicy potato mixture . This is perfect with a cup of tea as a evening snacks.Today I will show you how to make Aloo chop or potato chop easily at home.
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Energy drink l l sattu drink l l salty and sweet sattu drink
This is very very healthy and multiple benifit drink like weight loss, soaked excess oil from body and most important its energy boaster. this is best recipe of sattu. it is very easy and simple recipe.
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Pumpkin  ke patto ka bharta ll kaddu ke patto ka chokha ll sitafal ke patto ka bharta
This is very easy, simple and healthy recipe. for this recipe you need only five things. pumpkin , garlic,green chilli, oil and salt. this is authentic village food.
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Okra//,Bhindi masala//,Bhindi with Sarso// mustard pests
Masala bhindi is prepared in spices and mustard pest .it made as a side dish it is very tasty and easy to make .
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chicken kaleji
This is delicious non veg recipe. very simple and easy to make delicious indian recipe.
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yogurt pudina chutney  l l dahi wali pudine ki chatni
Dahi wali Chutney is very delicious .it is North India side dish .we served with any snacks , biryani,samosa ,pulao,puri kakhori etc.we store this chutney for one week in the refrigerator.
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paneer makhana without onion garlic
paneer makhana curry made with paneer, foxnuts, milk and some indian spices. this royal curry can be made on any special ocassion and served with naan, rumali roti or pulao.
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Daal Pitthi | Daal Dhokli
daal pitthi.. recipe of bihar and up .it made of tooar dal or arhar, daal some spices and whole wheat flour.it served with aalo chokha pickels and ghee.
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Duska / deep fried pancake
This is afamous recipe of jharkhand. it is very delicious and healthy food. it is also tiffin and breakfast recipe. it is made of rice and pulses. it is best served with black gram and potato curry and green chatni.
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Rohu Fish Curry / Machher Jhol
Rohu Fish Curry/Machhli ka Jhol is delicious fish curry cooked with mustard and some indian spices. Rohu Fish Curry is famous in bengal bihar and Up .
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Ande Aloo ki sabji
This is very simple egg and potato curry .it cooked very easily .we serve it with roti, pratha and rice .we enjoy testy Anda Aloo curry .
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mutton kofta
It is very simple and testy meat ball.we made mutton kofta by mutton keema,garlic ,ginger ,green chili ,some spices chickpea flour and curd.
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Aloo lahsun ka chokha//Garlic //potato bharta// Mashed  potato  with garlic
It is very simple and testy food .made by potato ,garlic red chillli ,salt and mustard oil.
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simple chicken curry
It is very simple and easy chicken recipe for bachelor who stay away from his/her family. no more prepration for this recipe. It is serve with rice ,roti and naan.
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Sweet tomato chatni
sweet tomato chatni can be eaten with any spicy snacks or enjoyed as a side dish or you can even have it as a jam or murabba. it is sweet and spicy chatni.
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