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MBWG 2010 "the moment I open my eyes"
DISCLAIMER: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING THAT BELONGS TO UMG, WMG, OR ANY SOURCE. This is MBWG color guard on DMC (color guard national competition) 2010, 20th february 2010. this is our 2nd time to go to national competition, so we are still freshmen, :so please be kind =) we got the 4th place and scored 75 with the show titled "the moment I open my eyes" using the song "the moment I said it" by Imogen Heap. pardon for the quality, and enjoy =)
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waditra ganesha color guard "blower's daughter" n "apologize"
sorry for the low quality because the original HD camera version was way too large so I convert it and compressed it to 10 times smaller, hehe this is our first time to be in such color guard competition. this is MBWG (waditra ganesha marching band) @ DMC 6th color guard competition 2009. we didn't use the carpet because we didn't have that much of money. the boys are newbies, previously they were trumpet's or pit percussionists and only had a week of basic color guard training. we only have 3 weeks to prepare the concepts and rehearse for this performance (even we only practice the saber for 2 days started from totally zero in about 4 hour a day), but we are quite pleased with the result. the judges (from Indonesia, Thailand, and US) gave us good and encouraging comments. we scored at 5th place out of 15 contestants with total score at 81.9. and the riffle at the end was meant to be broken after it was tossed out, but apparently it was already broken before hand.
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colorguard duet in sabre and flag (Sherina - dua balerina)
we had a rehearsal break so we played around a little and decided to do a duet. This is a duet routine for "Dua Balerina" (Two Ballerinas) sung by Sherina, a girl who sing "I Have a Dream" with Westlife. We only had those limited break time to came up with the routine and rehearsed it so pardon for the messy works here. ^^; we tend to forgot what moves came after in some parts here so,,,yea LOL please don't drop a harsh comment and enjoy :D
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[GJ20] Karaoke Solo Qeis - Hikoukigumo (OST Kaze Tachinu) Cover
My song entry for Gelar Jepang UI 20 Karaoke competition. The song is Hikoukigumo by Yumi Arai (OST Kaze Tachinu - The Wind Rises) Pls support me and enjoy! :)
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思いがかさなるその前に (omoi ga kasanaru sono mae ni) Cover by me
Playing around again with my Handphone (and I gain weights, hahaha, oh, and again, if you didn't like, don't watch it ^^). Turn the volume half down since I record it using a phone and it was quite loud. This is a song by Hirai Ken, Omoi ga kasanaru sono mae ni ("before all of these feelings overflow" if I'm not mistaken, hey, my Japanese was so-so). Whenever I hear this song, I remember my times in Japan, so I really really wanna try to sing this. please don't drop a harsh comment, hahaha I just wanna play around :p
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君のすきなとこ (Kimi no suki na toko) Cover by me
my first attempt, but too lazy to redo this song. SO FALSE AND OUT OF TUNE! so I put it here for laughs, hahahahaha =)) and my friends knock my room want to chat with me so I stop the recording before it was finished, hahahaha a song by ken Hirai, Kimi no suki na toko, means "Everything that I like about you" again if I'm not mistaken since my japanese was a so-so. Drop your comments but please don't be too harsh since I already know that this is false!!! hahahahahahaha
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Bravely Second Adventurer boss fight (Normal)
Still using my mobile phone to record. I kinda did a mistake of forgetting to use vigor tonic on Tiz's My Hero so it leaves me a bit nervous lol. This is the supposedly hardest secret boss in Bravely Second. I use my finale party at lv.99 to beat him in normal difficulty. Pardon for the camera and enjoy the fight ^^
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так близко (So Close) Cover - Disney Enchanted Russian Ver
[Recorded via mobile phone] So I remember someone in St.Petersburg asked me tokeep posting Russian song cover in my channel so I decided to sing this one. This is the Russian version of Disney Enchanted - So Close by Aleksandr Panayotov (Original English by Jon McLaughlin) Enjoy!
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[CLOSED] MBC STAR AUDITION 2010 -Taeyeon SNSD - If - (English cover with own lyrics)
okay, it's officially closed LOL This is for the MBC 2010 audition. this is a song from Taeyeon SNSD. "If". but I remake the lyrics and do a cover in english (sorry for not using the Juris of MYMP ones because I think it didn't capture the beautiful lyrics of the original Korean) it's always been my dream to sing for the world and here is my chance (n_n)
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[GJ19] Karaoke Solo Qeis - Hikari (OST Kingdom Hearts) Utada Hikaru
Song: Hikari ( 光 ) by Utada Hikaru I want to recreate Hikari video clip using the same concept as the original. Whenever the song hits a reffrain, Utada turns on the faucet. Here, I use a phone as a substitute. The idea is "I'm bored with my GF" kind situation and she calls me, like, every time, disturbing my work.This is a situation I pictured about Utada and her lover. While the girl really wanted to talk and hoping the boy to love her more, the boy gets annoyed and left her behind slowly. Enjoy and leave your comments! ^_^
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Елка - Прованс (Elka - Provence) Cover Mirfest 2013
I'm Qeis from Indonesia. This is my attempt to sing a song from my favourite singer, Elka. For those who don't speak Russian, this song is about realizing your dream, pictured in this song by going to Provence, France. I sing this in hope of being able to realize my dream to visit Russia.
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Bravely Second "My Hero" Full BP Battery Every Turn
This is my first time recording a 3DS video so pardon for the angle and that hand across the vid lol. Haven't optimize my party yet so you will see some noob moment here and there. Hopefully this will help someone to optimize the role of BP Battery in Bravely Second. This is a fight against Baal iii apparati lv.75. I need something to showcase the BP Battery way so I chose whatever exist in my moon base lol. Enjoy!
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making a flag routine
no harsh comments pls, this is my trial (and error) video on making a flag routine for MBWG color guard. The song is supposed to be the rearranged version of Cinta Indonesia. Enjoy this messy video LOL LOL
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MBWG at IOMBC Guard Competition 2011 "I miss You"
The preliminary round of IOMBC Guard Contest 2011. MBWG is back, continuing the 2009 storyline with this program "I miss You". I know this isn't clean and everything but with only 3 weeks of training and lots of freshmen, this is the best that we could do. Enjoy and please drop a comment ^^ Song : When you're Gone Artist: Avril Lavigne
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brave heart (ost Digimon) cover by me
my phone is acting up so the sound is not so well balanced. I met my childhood friends the night before and thought that I'd do a digimon cover to reminisce my younger days (ugh,,,I'm old already,,,,sigh) this is a cover for Brave heart, an evolution theme of Digimon Enjoy :)
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byul (byeol) Kim ah joong cover (ost 200 pounds beauty)
this is the final product of my cover (yaaay!! hehe) I'll use this as my entry video for the Kpop singing contest and wish me luck everyone!!!!! hwaiting!!! :D this is a song from 200 pounds beauty, a korean movie you definitely must watch this movie :D
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Stand up for love (Destiny's child) cover by me
yay for my sister's mic!!! LOL (and it was there just so she could converse with her lover over the internet is such a waste, oops LOL) here is me back again with a new cover while trying the quality of my(?) new recording device (LOL) this is Stand up for love by Destiny's child the talkings about Libya and its condition over with my friends moved me and make me want to express my feelings with this song drop your comments and hope you enjoy this one!
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Karaoke Solo GJ UI 22 - Qeis (Boku wa kimi ni koi o suru - Ken Hirai Cover)
a cover of Ken Hirai's song, Boku wa Kimi ni Koi o Suru. My take is that I want to pack every memories of my past lover and forget everything even though my feeling is still overflowing. This is a cover to enter GJUI Karaoke solo competition. Enjoy and wish me luck!
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so close (enchanted) cover by me
just playing around with my phone and decided to record this cover. For those who hates this, go ahead and don't watch it. A song from Disney Enchanted, sung by Jon McLaughlin. Pardon for a likely to stop music or another disturbance since this was recorded via mobile phone so this was not that good.
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when you say nothing at all cover by me
just woke up and I think I want to sing around in such a beautiful morning :D my friends said that I should face the camera when I sing so I tried that in this video pardon for unfocused eyes since I didn't wear my glasses so I couldn't see very clearly :p I record this with my phone and sorry again for the quality, and for my "just-woke-up-in-the-morning" voice :)) haha please don't be so harsh if you drop a comment :) this is a song from Noting Hill sung by ronan Keating, enjoy!
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So Beautiful Cover by Me
I made 3 cover this day and I dedicated it to rvoralek even though this is not his request. yea, it's been so long since my last singing cover. due to me moving out from my previous city, you will find my room a bit different than that in my previous vids. this is So Beautiful from Darren Hayes, sorry for the last part because I was too lazy singing in high pitch, :p enjoy
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flag line audition
flagline audition for national competition. recorded @ 15th Jan 2010 via mobile phone so it was a bit laggy. This is MBWG (Marching Band Waditra Ganesha) color guard team from Bandung, Indonesia. This audition intended to chose 25 out of 36 persons applying to be on the team. wish us luck for national in 20th february 2010!!! XD
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Jar of Hearts (Cover) Audio - Unfinished
After a year without singing because of the damage in my vocal chord during the throat surgery, this is my first time trying to sing again. My cam is out of service so I can only do the audio, pardon for no video at all :( My voice changed a lot because of this damaged vocal chord so I hope you enjoy this one. the song was unfinished because suddenly I got disturbed by my father coming into my room and I pressed [stop] button so yea...too lazy to redo the song but meh, here it is. drop your comment ^^
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can you feel the love tonight cover by me
its saturday nite and I just got back from dinner,,,feels like I want to sing something about a wonderful night so here it is. A song from Disney Lion King sung by Elton John. Since I was Very Sleepy my voice was kinda messed up, hehehehe recorded via mobile phone again so it may resulted in lowering the sound quality so yea,,,(wondering when I'll have the real recording tools, hahaha) please don't be harsh when you drop a comments. Enjoy!
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mbwg first run 2010
DISCLAIMER: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING THAT BELONGS TO UMG, WMG, OR ANY SOURCE. this is mbwg color guard first run using the song titled "the moment I said it" by Imogen heap for DMC 2010 (color guard national competition). this our first time to put (almost) everything together (still lack some choreography and slight alteration) so please be nice and kind =) wish us luck in national competition @20 Feb 2010 =D
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if tomorrow never comes cover by me
a cover request for my lovely friend =). actually my voice was kinda rough because I catch a cold but hey, I couldn't say no to my friend so here it is. Drop you comment and please don't be so harsh on me =) a song by ronan keating, enjoy!
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Beyonce - Listen  cover by me
sorry for the quality,,,my phone recordings messed up again I've been sick and coughing a lot but it won't stop me to sing a song LOL hope you enjoy this one :)
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Atika sings "Karena dia begitu indah"
penampilan awal D'brownies yang saat itu beranggotakan Atika (lead vocal), Qeis (2nd lead vocal, keyboard), Imam (1st guitar, backing vocal) penampilan pertama di Syukwis MBWG tanpa keyboard dan tanpa adanya Fabian (2nd Guitar) enjoy Atika's voice
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Keep breathing 1st time Guard practice
For 2014 National Guard Competition
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Memento  メメント (original song)
I wrote this in the bus going for Narita Airport in November 2008 the feelings of wanting to spend more time in Japan (in winter) with someone that I had a crush on send some melodies inside my head so,,,yea hopefully you like this one, this has a combination of English-Japanese Memento wish you were with me now wish you will always be by my side I know I love you so 愛して,,,君が ぼくは君と離れ 発生しないな 君と別れても 愛を忘れない "stay!" I would do 感じて, この 愛, 時, 冬季... そう, hope we'll be together, waiting for that one moment いつでも 待っていた inside my heart I know it's you I know it's true you'll here, you'll be with me holding your memento singing this melody in my heart waiting for you to call 愛して,,,ぼくも
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Guards MBWG First time flag choreo learning
This is a documentation from the guards of MBWG practicing flag routine for the first time. The song is Mahadaya Cinta by KD. Since it was their first time, the details, gesture, and accents are not that well implemented ^^ (and they tend to forget much of the routine LOL)
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MBWG 2nd run 2010 back view
DISCLAIMER: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING THAT BELONGS TO UMG, WMG, OR ANY SOURCE this was recorded via mobile phone so pardon for the quality and audio lag. This is MBWG color guard 2nd run for DMC 7th 2010 (color guard national championship) recorded from back view. We got 4th place at nationals and the video will be uploaded soon after we convert it from dv format. in the meantime, enjoy! and thanks for your supports!!!
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If you're not the one cover by me
okay, seriously this is a somewhat tiring song so don't be so harsh to me. I didn't try to sung the highest part of this song which is the last line in the Reffrain. so I made some adjustment and I know this murdered the song but hell,,,whatever,,, this is If You're Not the one from Daniel Beddingfield Enjoy! :D
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MK 8 Highlight - Luigi vs Waluigi
Just a video of me (Luigi) vs my sis (Waluigi). The slo-mo is super hillarious! Sad I can't upload that slo-mo version :(
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Disney Frozen For the First Time in Forever (Indonesia Cover w/ Own Lyrics) - Untuk Pertama Kalinya
Trying to make an Indonesian lyrics to this uplifting song. Granted there are some Indonesian covers out there but it never clicked to me so I just make one for myself to sing. ENJOY! Lyrics: UNTUK PERTAMA KALINYA (FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER) Pintu dan jendela dibuka (The doors and windows are opened) Ku tak akan pernah menyangka (I never imagined that) Begitu banyak piring yang ada (there were so many plates) Aula besar tanpa suara (A silent big hall) Lantai dansa tanpa pesta (A ballroom with no balls) Akhirnya semua berubah (At last everything will change) Orang-orang pun kan datang (There'll be people coming) Kerumunan nan riang (cheerful crowd of people) Wow! Sungguh aku tak percaya (Wow! I can't believe this) Untuk pertama kalinya (For the first time in forever) Ada musik dan cah'ya (There'll be music and light) Untuk pertama kalinya (For the first time in forever) Aku bebas berdansa (I'll be dancing freely) Ku tak tahu grogi atau gembira (I don't know if I'm gassy or elated) Tetapi ku merasa (But I'm feeling that) Untuk pertama kalinya (For the first time in forever) Sepi ku sirna (My loneliness is fading away) Aku akan tampil memukau (I'll appear gorgeously) Dengan gaun indah kemilau (wearing a beautiful sparkling gown) Keanggunan paras yang menawan (a sophisticated and graceful appearance) Uh! Aku pun bertatap mata (Ooh! my eyes suddenly met) Dengan pria penuh wibawa (with a charming gentleman) Pipiku bulat penuh coklat (My Cheek is full of Chocolate) Lalu kita bercengkerama (Then we'll have a friendly chat) Saling canda dan tawa (have a laugh and joking with each other) Tak pernah kurasakan semua (Never have I felt this way) Untuk pertama kalinya (For the first time in forever) Ku tersenyum bahagia (I smiled happily) Untuk pertama kalinya (For the first time in forever) Hatiku jatuh cinta (My heart feels love) Walaupun semuanya hanya (Though everything mght even be) Sekedar mimpi saja (just a dream) Untuk pertama kalinya (for the first time in forever) Mungkin semua nyata (it might be real) Sembunyikan... Rahasiakan... (Conceal... Let it be a secret...) Jadilah yang kami harapkan (Be like you always had to be) Tahan... Tenang... Beranikan! (stand up... relax... be brave!) Jangan sampai rahasia terungkap (Don't let the secret out) Hanya hari ini (just for today) Tak sabar menanti (it's agony to wait) Perintahkan gerbang dibuka! (Tell them to open up the gate!) Buka! (Open!) Untuk pertama kalinya (for the first time in forever) Dapat kugapai cita (I can pursue what I want) Impian yang kudambakan (The dreams that I've been dreaming of) Cinta yang membara (A love burning passionately) Walau hari ini saja (Even though it's only for today) Harus ku dapat semua (but I have to have it all) Untuk pertama kalinya (for the first time in forever) Untuk pertama kalinya (for the first time in forever) Jalanku terbuka! (Nothing's in my way!)
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sabre routine just playing around
no copyright infringement intended no harsh comments please I haven't add any body work within this movement so yea, I know it's kinda dull. I'm trying to learn the sabre movement here. I'm just a total noob at this equipment (since I usually handle flags and didn't even do rifles) please drop your opinion and please be constructive and no bashing pelase,,,, =) in case everyone wondering, the video is converted because I record it with my cellphone in a vertical position and it resulted to this flattened image so I look like a round of ball there, hahaha sorry for the quality oh, and this is a song from jordin sparks "now you tell me"
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그대라면 ( Geudae Ramyeon - if it is you ) cover by me
my phone cam is kinda broken and the video turns out to be a mere rainbow LOL so I took the voice only and add my pic (instead of a black blank screen,,,or do you prefer the black blank screen? LOL) this is me singing to the song by Alex Clazziquai - Geudae Ramyeon (If it is You) I just recovered from a severe pharingitis (where your vocal chord inflamed and you cannot speak) so my voice was kinda,,,off chord since I cannot find a karaoke or instrumental version, I used the original song instead and sing along with it =) hope you enjoy my singing =)
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Playing around with flags
I'm playing around with flags, behind me is this year flag's captain This will later be perfected for the choreo for this year's show
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You Wouldn't Answer My Call (2AM) cover by me
the audio quality dropped here from the original recording :( but nevertheless, I really2 want to do this cover even though I am in the middle of recovery I love this song and I'm a fans of 2AM!! my voice still cracked up but yea,,,hope fully you enjoy this this is the comeback song from 2AM, You wouldn;t answer my call. you should watch their video and support them because they are GREAT!! 2AM HWAITING!
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Gun lae gun กันและกัน Cover by me
my first attempt to sing a song from Thai which language was very foreign for me. I cannot find the instrumental version so I used the original song instead. Very hard and I thought that this one IS FALSE TOO!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA a song by witwisit hirunwongkul (or whatever his name, I never know his true name though) from the Love of Siam ost. "gun lae gun" (you and I). please drop a comment and yea I know,,,FALSE AND OUT OF TUNE! hahahahahahahahahahahaha
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"Diamonds in my Heart" (Chocobo Racing theme) Homemade music box birthday present
This is "Diamonds in my heart" or "Kokoro no takarabako" from Chocobo Racing, a PS1 video game being played on a homemade music box. My bestfriend's birthday is fast approaching and I haven't met him for, like, a year or so. So I made him this music box to reminisce how we used to play video games together. The room on the left will be filled with games related gift for him. Thanks for watching and enjoy!
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Silver Will Golden Wings Cover - OST Trails in the sky (sora no kiseki) SC
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own voice. The instrumental used is Silver Will Golden Wings Instrumental ver composed, arranged and performed by the "Falcom Sound Team jdk". Background video are from Sora no Kiseki SC Trailer and Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution Trailer. Copyright© Nihon Falcom Corporation This song is the opening theme of Trails in the Sky (Sora no Kiseki) Second Chapter, a great series made by Falcom. I played the game and fell in love with this song immediately so I thought to myself, why not do a cover of it. And here it is, my rendition of Silver Will Golden Wings originally sung by Hiroko Yamawaki. Enjoy!
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Falling slowly cover by me
I usually sing it in my band (D'Brownies) performance with a girl named Atika (she has her singing vids in my account as well). But today I think I want to do a cover using a karaoke version so yea,,,here it is This is a song from ONCE OST "Falling slowly" enjoy!
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Atika (D'Brownies) sings "true colors"
Atika (D'Brownies) tampil saat syukuran event MBWG untuk IBBC 2009 dan DMC 2010 menyanyikan True Colors versi MYMP
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IU - Good day (English male cover w/ own lyrics)
my mic Shucks!! whatever... This is my cover of IU - Good Day using my own lyrics based from english translation of the original Korean lyrics. The Idea is to picture the true feelings of a man IU met in the video :p Enjoy the video, drop a comment and here are the lyrics if you wanted to know: IU - Good Day (Qeis English Cover Ver.) Why is everything blue in sky but I couldn't see why the breeze is so perfect today but I can't breathe it's like I didn't know and I cannot control words in my heart, I'm about to let it go out of my mouth again and I should know... (*) I took my head up high just so it can hide these tears I cry for you and instead I smile I don't know what to do, I can't hear what you say I feel like this conversation go far beyond of all the words on my mouth how could I say to you those words when I cried "I like you noona" girl don't you know....you're okay was it about my new haircut you don't want to see it took me hours to wear these clothes so you could see but still I didn't know, think I can't recall should I act as if nothing happened at all? should I ask you again when we go out... (to *) you don't have to say those while staring at me hurting my heart so am I being childish, or that I couldn't see things that you think I didn't know Took my head up high I pretend to smile don't want to let you go and instead I smile I'm going crazy I'm already over me I folded my pride and toss it up far beyond of all the words on my mouth I want to say to you these words I can't hide "I like you noona" girl don't you know.... (oh no...1, 2) I'm in my dream
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Never Enough Male Cover (OST The Greatest Showman)
[Recorded via mobile phone soundcloud apps] I cried for hours after watching this movie and I haven't slept all night so I decided to pour my emotion by singing this breathtaking song. My husky voice was affected by all the crying so... yea lol. I got the instrumental from Joiko Channel, you could check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58_5KjLeapA Then I modified the pitch to fit with my range. Hopefully you like my rendition to this song. Enjoy!
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