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RF Online Cora 1-65 Walkthrough 02
btw - back in the day about the hp to fp thing, cora have an animus that heals you, so FP can get healed with your hp as your animus is healing hp :) sorry didn't upload the rest of the videos - i quit XD but lvl 50-55 is herodians, 55-60 is 55+5 normal wep more damage faster or get a party 60-65 go to BM stealth potion + flame draco tp then kill the tiny lizards first, its like 20% a kill if u have the right wep very important u have a +5 60 wep 60-65 or else ull level slow and people will kill you
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WoT awesome m3 stuart run
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Nhi - Aura Kingdom Fishing Guide
Pro tip on fishing - pay attention to the description especially for players trying to make money "Something caught the hook" - usually a chest or a grey "small fish" - i tend to skip "big fish" - i grab these when I try to get penguin tokens the rod makes a noise and shakes - rarest fish you can get, you can either get 1 gold, 10 gold or 50 gold and that's all luck. so hit escape on the ones you don't want :P
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Tera update level 30+ review?
I forgot to mention that I really like the trade broker "negotiation" system. . players save money for buying from players that are online so they take no tax fee's :) so if you're trying to buy a weapon that's 300 gold, it would cost +15 gold to buy it, but if you negotiate the tax is removed :D
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Skyrim 17 Nikaleetkila Senna my waifu
Take the world by storm . . daw lol
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RF Online Cora 1-65 Walkthrough 01
Actually haven't played RF Moonlight in a long time. The only reason I miss RF Online was probably because it is one of the few last surviving open world PvP games. I'll always search up the soundtrack for this game and remember the fond memories I had while playing. I actually met two of my best friends off this game; both were from EU and we're still penpals to this day (They play FF15 now) It was also one of the games that got me so into mmos, because of how nice the people are; I remember a dude let me leech exp when he was killing ace lunkers so I could get to 40 and use a BMAU :P
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Aura Kingdom random event - boss spawn
Some guys were complaining about the crappy loot finding event, cause you got crappy stuff, so I think the GM's spawned bosses to kill us LOL
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RF Extreme Private Server [Rising Force Online]
Almost impossible to gear on this server unless you donate. What a surprise. . . no wonder there are 600 bell's because you can just farm up for a MAU and be good.
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Nhi Aura Kingdom - Deeps Cavern (Party 50) Last boss
Forgot to record lol XD
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Jayce [WIN] Lifesteal setup
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Maplestory Zero 106-110 and weapon growth
Video quality jumps to normal at 6:30, not sure why :( Just me and my friend playing the zero, I finally discovered a good way to play maple in windowed mode lol
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Aura Kingdom randomt event - boss spawn
Some guys were complaining about the crappy loot finding event, cause you got crappy stuff, so I think the GM's spawned bosses to kill us LOL
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Nhi Aura Kingdom - Ghostweep Cave (53)
this was like my 6th time through it, lol kept forgetting to do quest XD
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Maplestory Zero Lv 130 - All Mu Lung dungeons
This char is unfunded btw All the scrolls and stuff I got from playing through (bought a few attack scrolls for 30 time coins) so if you were wondering about my gear there's nothing special @_@;
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Friend giving me a lift lol [Nhi Luu FF14]
Exodus server :D
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Maplestory Zero - Simple guide for hotkeys
In the video I was trying to spam q, you can do it with maybe 2 auto attacks from alpha's basic attack and it'll reset the spin jump (10 second cooldown) so you can just spam those 2 skills if you're getting lazy XD
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Nhi - Aura Kingdom 1-10 zone and all titles?
Not sure if I missed any titles or not lol, the NPCs are so hard to find XD
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Maplestory - Lv 130 Zero - First time to Mu lung
awesome new dash move zero reminds me so much of hayato lol
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Karthus Tank 1v5
lol taaank, anyone else with tank karthus builds? :D
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Diablo 3 - Monk 2H sword Scourge
awesome how she looks so much like dante with the red cape lol
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My dog Peach
lol XD
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FF14 Archer's Guild
I'm on Mateus server :) edit* wtf this quality sucks, looks so much better pre uploaded lol
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Maplestory PQ Romeo and Juliet
R RJ R RJ lol 100+ only! XD the reason I say this is because if you don't have 4th job you wont really kill fast enough, the players under 99 have to be OP or have some sort of nice BUFF - even than it's better to have four players start RJ one leaves and the party will end up getting much more exp depending on how well you clear
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Lee sin pickaxe spam duo with Sivir
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PS2x2 emulator guide
emulator bios audio plugin window distributor youtube description .dll error http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784 get that need a bios? google one, download it, have an extractor installed you lagging? get a better pc noob got any other problems? post in comments and maybe another youtuber will help you out.
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Hearthstone Beta Nikaleetkila 01 Newbie deck Climbing to platinum rank
basic starter deck, no cards were purchased in my deck building :D
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Mecha Malphite Kha'zix + Full Metal Jayce
bashing nubs cause matchmaking won't please meh
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A league match a day! Evelyn mid
I started the game with this idea. Max w first, so I can get to mid lane faster with each recall xD
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Kassadin early laning phase
Brand needs a buff, his flame pillar is way too easy to dodge. My music playlist needs an update lol
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Overwatch playing Ana
Sometimes overwatch is really fun to play, other times its soo frustrating when you're matched with baddies lol
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1v1 Renekton Vs Nasus
This guy said something about beating gold / plat players - unlikely. I'm in Silver 3, he's silver 2 My way of 1v1ing with team members is racing to 3 kills or tower takedown
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A league match a day! Laughing so hard - teared up lol
LMAOOOOOO punch lines for the day. . . I grabbed mundo's belly fat It's so greasy LOL
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Tera quick start guide - answering questions
Questing Leveling Crafting Partying Classes and other stuff ? The sun essence sold like 15 minutes after I finished the video. I forgot to check out the level 60 gear but it seems to be only green armor (I'm still not sure how to enchant gear in tera LOL)
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ring ting ring tingling too? lol merry early christmas o.o
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LoL - Singed Sup - Heal ghost o.o
these guys sucked. I'm running armor per level seals + quints btw lol
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Kennen sup + tank runes
defense masteries + armor seals + hp quints + doran shield 700 hp of epic poking and stunning goodness lol
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Lowbie Dungeon [FF14]
Exodus Server!
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Blitzkrieg/trooplightfoot VS CodeLenny/Miško® [COH2]
First cast for this game, not too bad x) https://www.coh2.org/replay/70871/how-did-we-lose-this
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A league match a day!  Gragus mid
weird team comp, my friends only 500 wins so I guess it's normal that he sucks XD gragus is alot like viktor, if you're bored one day, try grabbing boots of mobility, very hard to out run viktor / gragas barrels with those boots lol
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Shen actually fun to play XD
First off, sorry for being so inactive lol, haven't been touching league too much since the latency out here is horrible. Comment if you prefer goofy videos like this, or if you want something a little more serious I could do it.
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Finally beat them [CNC3]
Think I'll mess with KW since more players like that game..
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FF14 Crafting
How else do you learn to craft? By observation of course! Btw I'm wearing the solar swimsuit set from the summer event lol
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Maplestory Zero Lv 149-50 - Edelstein full run + annoying boss
o.o I was trying to livestream, that's why this video is in 720p lol
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peach and bread
lol XD no chopsticks this time :c
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Tera (PvP) Battleground - Corsair
. . I really don't like how players DIE when they are in a vehicle lol This video also shows me selling the rewards from the daily quest :)
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best trundle ever
Forgot to switch OBS to the queueing mode in LoL Orlando Oink: anyways todayi leanred trundle support is op +1 honorable opponent for me lol
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LGB vs NIP Dreamhack CS:GO
got too lazy to watch the rest of the series o.o
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A match a day! Episode (Rengar Jungle)
First engagement was really bad. I was fumbling, trying to land q on nami to activate my root on my E for an easy first blood. Usually ashe sona + jungler can kill any level 1-2 player in a few seconds if you do it right lol. (Sona Q + passive burst) + (Ashe volley + auto attack crit) + (rengar double Q burst) Tips for Rengar. . My builds are always "confusing" for my friend to understand. . but let me explain. I grabbed the sword, before the madreds so that I could kill champions faster, not to jungle faster. Usually, the 5 potion start is enough to get you enough gold for the wriggles lantern, but the wriggles is a semi TANK item. . so you want armor pen or alot of AD to "scale properly" I grabbed BF sword, and then went for the brutalizer these items go in perfect sync with each other, because the BT is never good without some crit or armor pen, ghostblade is cheap and does everything. If you like to solo top rengar, be sure to have a good jungler that is a "lane bully", rengar provides much more ganking power than any other jungler out there. The lane swap is perfect, cause rengar does alot of damage, and most junglers really want some lane farm / exp for level 6 ults snare is best when initiating, cause you can slow and root two players. when your team is defending, and you want to turn a fight around, thats when you use double Q to burst them down
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vlad cut
I recorded and played Vlad for the facebook LoL community :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/264621546917935/
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