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Magix-coming from the bottom
Track created with free music app #MusicMakerJAM Hi!This is my second song.The posts won't be so soon,so that's it for now. Hope you like and don't forget to leave your opinion☺
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Magix-sunshine hapiness
This track was created on #MusicMakerJAM. Enjoy the full experience - get the app for Android and iOS now: http://bit.ly/JAM_web Hi again!! Here is my new song!sorry for being inactive in the last months. Hope you like it as always!☺
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Track created with free music app #MusicMakerJAM This is probably the worst song I've ever made.Sorry,my creativity was down this time. Anyway,I hope you enjoy this song☺
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Magix-i feel this
Track created with free music app #MusicMakerJAM Hi!Thanks for listening!Hope you like it,don't forget to comment! This is my first song☺
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