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James Carville's Thoughts On Social Media
Comet Branding sits down with the one-and-only James Carville while in his hometown of New Orleans. James has an interesting take on the new Twitter, social media in general, and the history of communications through the different eras of technology. Of course with James it is delivered in that "unique" way.
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Dishwasher Chicken
Can you cook a delicious chicken dish in your dishwasher? @cometbranding dares to find out!
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Comet Branding TV - The Business of Great Design + Lance Armstrong
Comet Branding TV visited Trek Bicycles on Tuesday, Feb. 17 to chat with Eric Lynn. He is Trek's Creative Group Director and he has been instrumental in helping to evolve Trek's design approach and many other things.
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Hanson Dodge Creative (HDC) and Comet Branding + PR merge strengths
Hanson Dodge Creative (HDC), America's leading active lifestyle agency and Comet Branding + PR, a leading and fast-growing social media and public relations agency today jointly announce the two firms will merge effective January 1, 2011. Listen in as the partners share their take on the merger. Featuring: Sara Meaney, partner & left brain of Comet Branding + PR; Tim Dodge, HDC president; Al Krueger, partner & right brain of Comet Branding + PR; Ken Hanson, HDC CEO; Jim Hoefflin, HDC COO.
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Andrew Wiech
He's GQ... He's a video-editing machine... He's got style... He's @AndrewWiech
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Laura Gainor
Laura's personal branding tip - Make yourself laugh in the process.
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Meet Comet Branding
Comet Branding is a progressive branding, marketing and pr shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The agency first and foremost helps clients use strategic branding and pr to grow their business. It specializes in using storytelling and personality and leveraging social media in the marketing mix. cometbranding.com Marketing Agency, public relations agency
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Comet Branding interviews Amber Cadabra at the Ragan Unconference (May 8, 2009)
On May 8th, 2009, Comet Branding's Al Krueger attended the Ragan.com Unconference in Chicago at The Drake Hotel. While there, he interviewed Amber Naslund from Radian 6. They talked about many things including Amber's coming appearances, what her vision of the future of social media is and three top things that businesses can do today to get started in social media. Please check it out.
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Comet Branding vs. SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop
The Comet team often gets their creative juices flowing with the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop hanging in the office. This week, we captured footage of the entire team showing off their, well, skills as part of the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Video Challenge.
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Comet TV 040809
This is a intro video for today's Comet Branding Radio Show, presented by SOHO|biztube.com. It is hosted by Al Krueger and our guest today is Sarah Evans, otherwise know as @PRSarahEvans. This show is hosted at cometbranding.com/blog and airs Wednesdays at 11am Central. The show is dedicated to being a platform for sharing and discussing the progressive and evolving elements of branding, marketing, PR and social media with the people leading the charge.
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Sara Meaney celebrates two years at Comet Branding + PR
April 6, 2011 marks two years since Sara Meaney joined forces with Al Krueger as a full partner at Comet Branding + PR. This partnership led her to her current position of VP/Partner of Hanson Dodge Creative. To represent her power and personality, we've put together a video incorporating, well, laser cats! Enjoy! Background music courtesy of Sara Meaney.
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Presenting: Sara Meaney on Social Media and Digital Business Trends
On January 21, 2011, Sara Meaney, partner of Comet Branding + PR at Hanson Dodge Creative, presented social media and digital media trends to Milwaukee business leaders at the Northern Trust Economic Trends Breakfast.
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Comet Branding TV visits Social Media University Milwaukee
The Comet Branding Crew visits Social Media University Milwaukee with an interview with Tom Snyder from Trivera Interactive. It was a fun event that took place on Wednesday, July 29, 2009.
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#Comet30MinuteTour: Stone Creek Coffee
This #Comet30MinuteTour takes us behind the beans at Stone Creek Coffee. Steve Hawthorne, Vice President/Green Coffee Buyer, and Kristin Paltzer, Account Development Manager, gave us a great education on why they buy Socially Responsible coffee and what roast has the most caffeine...something very important to all of us coffee lovers!
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Comet Branding visits BizTech Expo
Al Krueger interviews Alysha Schertz from BizTimes about the 2009 BizTech event.
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Comet Branding TV interviews Mark Ragan at the Ragan Unconference
On May 8th, 2009, Comet Branding's Al Krueger attended the Ragan.com Unconference in Chicago at The Drake Hotel. While there, he interviewed Mark Ragan, the CEO of Ragan.com/Ragan Communications. They talked about how Mark got involved at Ragan, what he did before he started and how they have helped transition Ragan into a new media organization and what they are doing in the future. Please check it out.
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Mike Wisniewski - mjwizzy
Mike was not injured during the Comet Branding photo shoot.
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#Comet30MinuteTour: Great Lakes Distillery
On Friday, November 12th, the team toured Great Lakes Distillery in the Fifth Ward of Milwaukee, WI. Ryan Rappis, Sales and Marketing Manager, gave us a fun and informative tour of the property where we learned the history of the company and the distillation process. The tour concluded with a sampling session and wonderful drinks from our own personal mixologists.
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Sara Meaney
Don't be surprised when you hear Sara bust out in song. She has a voice.
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Comet TV 102108 2.m4v
Comet Branding TV - Introduction
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Emily Lenard
When you're taking Comet team photos, you're bound to capture some great content of Emily to make an amazing video.
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SouperMan saves the Day!
@SoupermanRules stopped by Comet Branding this afternoon with a rescue mission of Chicken Tortilla and Shrimp Minestrone soup from Water Buffalo.
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Comet Open House!
Thank you to everyone that came to our Open House on Friday, March 26th! You all made the Comet Creative Chair more cozy in the new space. You're welcome to come sit in it anytime! Comet 220 e. Buffalo Street #402 Milwaukee, WI 53202
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UnMarketing with Scott Stratten: Comet TV
Sara Meaney caught up with UnMarketing author Scott Stratten for a chat about his book.
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Sara Meaney goes to 2010 BlogWorld Expo
Sara Meaney is headed to the 2010 BlogWorld and New Media Expo in Las Vegas. Hear what she has to say about her upcoming trip and what the Comet Branding team hopes she brings back with her.
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Comet Branding has moved!
We've settled into our new home on the corner of Water and Buffalo in the Third Ward. Please stop by and say hi and check out the new space.
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What's the story behind the basketball hoop?
The team reveals how it gets the creative juices flowing at the Comet Branding office.
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Comet Branding Celebrates the Holidays
On December 10, 2010 Comet Branding team members and guests enjoyed a fun-filled evening at The Rouge in The Pfister Hotel for the Comet Holiday Party. The night began with a private workshop with local artist Reginald Baylor. Each person was instructed on how to create a portrait of their guest. Next, guests were wined and dined by a custom seven course meal and wine pairing by Chef Robert Ash. The night concluded with a secret santa gift exchange and many, many laughs. Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate!
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WTSBT Gorilla
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A walk through BlogWorld 2010 with @SaraMeaney
Sara Meaney walks through BlogWorld 2010 in Las Vegas. Watch interviews with @ScottMonty from Ford Motor Company, @DavidSpinks from BlogDash, @EdouardLambelet from paper.li and @The_Macallan. Also, see exhibits by Pitch Engine and Gourmet Gift Baskets.com's World's Largest Cup of Coffee!
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Al Krueger
Black shirt, perfect hair...Al was ready for today's photo shoot.
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