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Midnight sparkle tribute 2
Thanks for watching
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GamingWithJen Speedpaint!
Jen's channel https://youtu.be/wHh7nC3OdCU
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Kitten tribute
Hey there thanks for subscribing and here's another daily video for you guys
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Fnaf drawings part 2
PART TWO OF MY FNAF DRAWINGS!!!!😆 enjoy. Also my own manga style
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RainbowDash tribute
Song: Kyoto by Skrillex Hope you enjoyed my tribute
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Frisk and Chara tribute
Frisk and Chara tribute
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Fnaf 1 drawing collection
Hey there this is human form of the five nights at Freddy's game one crew there my drawings I drew them. Song, five nights at Freddy's by the living tombstone
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Midnight sparkle tribute
I don't own any pictures and I give the credit to the people who drew the drawings or made them.
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My Undertale & Underfell drawings
Song: Stronger than you (sans parody)
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Stop the bullies
Please try and stop bullying from happening if your a bully please stop you are causing sadness to other people and harming there hearts. If you are the one getting bullied remember that you have the rights to stand up for yourself and others. If your not a bully try and stand up for someone that is getting bullied. Be a hero...
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Hey there some more music hope you like it. I don't own any of the pictures. And I will be making tutorial videos on how to draw
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Undertale tribute
Thank you for subscribing and if you haven't subscribed yet well what are you waiting for. I will now make daily videos and if I miss a day the very next day I have to post TWO videos to make up for the other or if I miss a week well I have to make two videos each day of the next week.
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Hey there I know it has been a while but here's a video and stay tuned because there might be a another video soon TODAY😀 Also I'm sick🤒 bye
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Hey my first time playing this game! So if you want you can watch me fail at this game but still having fun! Maybe in the future I will use a mic to talk... Maybe.
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Speedpaint | HELP
Song: Play with me (Yuri) The longer I stay here the less human I become.. Who am I? What was I before this? Did I have people in my life..? How did I get here? I can’t remember anything... Please help me...
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Sailor moon tribute
Heya I'm back sorry for keeping you waiting for a long time I have been very busy but here's a sailor moon tribute.
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FNAF drawings redrawn(Part 1)
Hey my fellow subscribers, I'm sorry for not posting a video in a long while but something happened and I had to cancel making videos for a long while. I hope you can understand
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