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Miss Gulch-extended underscoring
Miss Gulch scene from The Wizard of Oz remixed using the original multi-channel music recording. Includes the EXTENDED complete cue that was ultimately dropped in the final mix of the film. Gives the parlor scene a very different feel, certainly dilutes the drama and a more typical melodramatic sense. Of note is that music was composed for almost every scene in the film and and only a few moments in the movie ended up scoreless.
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One Less Bell to Answer/A House is Not a Home-Barbra Streisand
From the Burt Bacharach CBS special from 1971, color corrected and audio sweetened/boosted.
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If I Were King of the Forest-Restored from The Wizard of Oz
Restored and remastered for stereo from the original music recordings. Bert Lahr's showcase number from The Wizard of Oz as you've never heard it before.
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Every Sunday (excerpt)
Waltz with a Swing/Americana(Opera Vs. Jazz) Judy Garland and Deanna Durbin Remixed and restored for stereo from the original music scoring sessions.
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Jeanette Mac Donald sings the title tune from MGM's San Francisco (1936)
The lovely amd fondly remembered Jeanette MacDonald sings a great MGM standard from the 1936 film. Restored and sweetened soundtrack. They sure don't write 'em like this anymore. Written by Bronislau Kaper, Walter Jurmann and Gus Kahn. Posted today as a fond send-off for all those participating in the 2014 Aids Lifecycle ride who depart SF this weekend! With gratitude.
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I'm Always Chasing Rainbows-Judy Garland
From the MGM film Ziegfeld Girl, with Lana Turner and Hedy Lamarr. Restored from the original music recordings. In memory of my friend , Steve Sanders, author of Rainbow's End.
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I Got Out of Bed on the Right Side-Dangerous When Wet-1953
"I Got Out Of Bed on the Right Side" from DANGEROUS WHEN WET(MGM-1953)
Music by Arthur Schwartz,
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer.
Performed by William Demarest, Esther Williams, Barbara Whiting, Charlotte Greenwood and Donna Corcoran. Remixed for stereo from the original music recording.
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Skip To My Lou- From Meet Me in St. Louis(1944)
Recorded December 3, 1943. Musical and Vocal Arrangement and Orchestration by Hugh Martin, Ralph Blane and Conrad Salinger. Musical Direction by George Stoll. with Judy Garland, Lucille Bremer, Henry Daniels Jr. ,Tom Drake and the MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus. Dance Direction by Charles Walters, Directed By Vincente Minnelli.
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If I Only Had a Brain with original pre-recording.
Unheard for almost 75 years, here is a behind the scenes look at the the full length version of this number from The Wizard of Oz, with the original soundtrack used during production. Re-scored and re-shot at least twice, either the orchestration was not finished or there was a scheduling problem with the full orchestra, but Judy and Ray pre-recorded with just a piano and drum temp. track. Resurrected from the archive, here's the way the song sounded when it was filmed. The full orchestra track was added to the vocals in post production, during the underscoring sessions. Also heard on the track is associate musical conductor George Stoll giving Ray some direction.
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If I Only Had a Heart- Remixed and Restored from the original recordings.
Jack Haley's song hit from The Wizard of Oz, remixed and restored from the original multi-channel music recordings for a stereo effect...with a vocal assist from Adriana Caselotti as the voice of Juliet(taken from make-up poisoned/illness stricken Buddy Ebsen's orignal recording session takes)...Also, heard for the first time since the film was scored and edited, "Introduction to Tin Man" music cue before the song begins...
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Poppies and Optimistic Voices-The WIzard of Oz, Musical Score Only
More celelbration of the music of Oz, score only, remixed and remastered from the original multi-channel music recordings for stereo.
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The Cyclone-The Wizard of Oz
Mostly score only, restored from the surviving music recording and the music and effects track. The primary music channel, with the balance of the orchestra has not survived so it was necessary to mix the track from the film, removing as many of the sound effects as possible, while maintaining the full balance of the orchestra of 86 players. Scored and orchestrated by George Bassman and Herbert Stothart, conducted by Stothart.
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abbe lane
I don't know which is more fab, Abbe or the orchestration/arrangement?
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Lion's confession
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The Wizard of Oz-Crystal Gazing
Remixed and restored from the original multi-channel music recordings, this very dramatic and powerful music cue resonates with the majesty of the Great Plains and foreshadows events to come. This word-less clip also illustrates the power of film directing and screen acting, as these scenes with Frank Morgan and Judy Garland were directed, uncredited, by one of the great directors of the silent era, King Vidor.
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Behind the Scenes with the Munchkins- The Wizard of Oz MGM Production #1060
Now we take a look back at Munchkin vocal recording sessions played back at the speed they were recorded at. I recreated the entire process, slowing down the orchestra track, synchronizing it with the adjusted vocal tracks, then laying it back to the film, played back at the same frame rate, so that things stay in sync. Of course, the orchestra was recorded first, then the vocals with the singers listening to a slowed down playback, later the two were married to create a playback disc at "normal" speed, that in turn was used as the track the actors lip-synched to during filming. Confused? Nah! BTW, no one has heard this like this since 1939 probably, so I'm proud to re-create some movie history....Correction, with the track mixed, you really can't hear the playback in the headsets(you can on the vocal only track), but the "too loud" remark at the start is in reference to headphone volume. But the singers did hear the score at this lumbering speed...More in the "you are there" Wizard of Oz experience!
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December 11, 2015
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NYU Tisch School of the Arts Sight And Sound Fall 1987
NYU Student Film Sight and Sound Professor Boris Frumin Fall 1987 Directed and Edited by Allan Fisch, Photographed by David Bowman with a 16mm Arriflex FILM camera and starring Dorothy Anne Fisch. Shot in Union and South Orange NJ and on Houston St. in New York City, NY.
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Till the Clouds Roll By-1946 MGM  Sunny and Who?
Restored audio from the original music recordings/ Starring Judy Garland. Judy Garland prortrays famed Ziegfeld star Marilyn Miller in this excerpt of the show "Sunny", which was not a Ziegfeld show, but rather produced by Charles Dillingham.
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Your daughter is sleeping with my husband!
Alexis reveals the nasty truth!
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