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Driving West of Amarillo TX
Highway scenes as I make my way to my new home in Albuquerque. Dire Straits's Sultans of Swing on the radio.
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Cincinnati Tall Stacks -- lighted paddleboat -- calliope Louis Armstrong
"What a Wonderful World." Boat becomes visible about :30. Taken riverside among the trees and crickets. 2006 Tall Stacks.
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A room in the Very Large Array building
We were lucky enough to get a tour on Eclipse Day 2012.
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Jack Dempsey Fish Peekaboo
Clip of baby Jack Dempsey, who joins my unseen tiger oscar.
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Jimmy's garden near downtown Indianapolis
360 view of the urban garden of friend and artist, Jimmy C. His stereo was playing the music.
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Peanut & Butter - Minor Frolic - Havanese Puppies
Havanese puppy brothers Peanut & Butter at play in the back yard.
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Peanut & Butter - Havanese Pups at Play
My folks got two 12-week Havanese pups in June 2010. They are small, lovable fur balls who already know how to sit and stay. These brothers are already part of the family.
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Cottonwood "Snow" in Albuquerque
Spring in New Mexico means the cottonwood spore are everywhere.
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Peanut & Butter in Training
Mom training Peanut & Butter, Havanese brothers.
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Paraglider over Sandia
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Overview of Albuquerque
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360 of the Eclipse Chasers at the Very Large Array, NM
This crowd was small, mellow, and well attended by experts. It was perfect. Nice consumer telescopes, Sunspotters, and other devices were available and shared by all. Eclipse glasses were available for 2 bucks.
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On Sandia Tram
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Operator Jose at the Very Large Array, NM
During a rare tour on the day of Eclipse 2012. If you see the movie Contact, you'll see that their set of the control room is a bigger version of this room-- the window is the same, the L table is the same, and there are monitors in the same locations.
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Along the Rio Grande and Looking at Sandia
Along the Rio Grande near Alameda Ave in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
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360 from the center of the Very Large Array
Taken on Eclipse Day 2012.
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Are Those Mesquites?
Driving in New Mexico
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Soda Dam Overview
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Driving in Eastern NM
Farther along in my drive to Albuquerque.
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Cliff Dwelling Overview
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