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Abrasasaurus| Episode 1; Part 1: The Hunt
"YES ITS FINALLY DONE" GEEZ CALM DAH CRUD DOWN BREH! Yes it IS finally done, which took freaking forever to make! Ep 2 part 2 will take forever to, but ill get to it. When I want to xD Please do the following: Like Share Subscribe For more videos on random topics. Cya and enjoy the vid if u chose to read this first!
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ROBLOX| Era of Terror/Primal Life|\/| Dumb fight - Trickshot (It's not that good)
so i got in a fight in the game, my game crashed a few times but this was the end of it.... near the end, i finished the fight with a fantastic trickshot that i'm sort of proud of... not too much, but it was still awesome! enjoy! background music: TheFatRat - Monody all music rights go to TheFatRat for the amazing music
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Lick the toast {MeMe (i think lol)}
This is my very first meme, be proud lmao
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Abrasasaurus 》 Part 2; Episode 2; S1《
Have fun watching some cringe
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°•°Animated Mem°•° Chime (Ft. •GalaxyTheLynx•)
Special thanks to •GalaxyTheLynx• for making the thumbnail! Go subscribe to her! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCavOv0MFCSFIyz5UNz2XfLg yes yes hello, excited to see a properly animated mem come outta me? cool me too sorry again for the lack of actual animations, I'm starting to pick up my confidence again so there may be more coming out. again I still need to work on abra, so expect that to be coming soon. also, there's a special surprise in the video! who can catch it? first person to comment "I KNOW WHAT THE SECRET MESSAGE IS! " and explain the message gets a drawing of whatever they want! have fun and good luck!
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Announcement video - Toxikai is retarded
FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO HELP THE CAUSE AND TALK WITH US, YOU CAN JOIN OUR DISCORD CHANNEL HERE! https://discord.gg/exMepR yeah... hopefully this doesn't reach far, but, starriat and those other larger and well known youtubers are most likely going to be affected, so pray for them and help the cause! #StopToxikai
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The Great War for Realism
Don't raid DS Realism servers if you want to get banned. After this war, the raiders were immediately reported to the creator of the very game Dinosaur Simulator. Their accounts WILL be banned.
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《Speedpaint》 Mosasaurus - T-Rex of the Deep
hey there, for those of you new to my channel, I do speedpaints, animations, and I also have a series called Abrasasaurus that I'm still working on! Hope you like the speedpaint!
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《Speedpaint》Dark Galaxy
i have an obsession with dark galaxy don't ask why
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Pause 《MeMe》 ¤Collab with •GalaxyTheLynx•¤
k we collabed, i was lazy most of the time lol
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《Speedpaint》 Protagonist & Antagonists
Abrasasaurus, what he and his villains look like!
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step step step step step
yes I'm finally making progress on abra ep 3, just let me have at least a LLIIIITTTTLLLEEEE fun pls ;w;
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Polygon Dust 《MeMe》 100 subs special!
thank you guys so much for 100 subs! ever since i started youtube, my dream was to simply get 100 subs! now that i have 100 subs, this doesn't mean I'm stopping. I'm going to continue on and try to get 250 subs. thank you all for helping me reach this small, yet awesome milestone! =,D Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGR6uDG7-J4
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Kiosaurus Trailer
Yup, another series with better animation, and a few other dinos in it! Only you decide what happens with them.
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Speedpaint 《Dinosaurus Rex| fan dinosaur》
a random dinosaur i made up while drawing last summer
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Update, sad news
I hope all of you understand... thank you for all the support you gave me while i had Coal... it means a lot to me...
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art contest
because of logic
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stay tuned m8s
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Copy Cat  {Sneak peek}
still a work in progress, but I'll hopefully get it done today or tomarrow =3
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Paper Planes 《Mem》
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Copycat 《MeMe》
it's finally done after 2 days and 2 nights of work! enjoy! Featuring (by order): Foxia,Iikats, Jay Jay, and Burnt Toast.
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《Speedpaint》 Galactic Terror
oof i'd say i improved C:
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I had to upload something so I uploaded something
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welcome to channel
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the video that makes people join the discord
yes another video about promoting a discord server, but maybe you'll like this one more (btw fearless and keen idfc if u dont care about this im making this for the channel not just u two ):c)https://discord.gg/juJFbwk
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Floppy Ears «Mem»
I'm lazy but idrc, the animation is all you guys want right Also, today was my last day at my school. If you guys didn't know, I am moving and currently packing up, which is why animations have not been coming out as quickly. I promise to find more animation mems to animate once we have finished and the move is final. Thank you all for your patience.
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Trailer Abrasasaurus
Another new animation series for my channel that im actually excited about! =3
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Intro Part {MAP for Jay Jay - Universe Cat Drowning}
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjTRcXyAeHs link to Jay Jay's video of the map, contribute if you want!
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Mindless 《MeMe》 ♢♢Original♢♢
The music is not mine, i borrowed a portion of it from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwgTpsWS7qjil all credit goes to the creator of that video, i only did the visual animation.
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The Mangle {}MAP{} (no audio cuz androvid scroo'd me ovrr)
Rules: 1: You may use your oc, but you must have Mangle in the scene aswell. 2: Minimum of 3 parts obtainable. 3: Have fun! Parts: Intro: 1: Foxia Unknown 2: Derpdome (Discord username) 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: Mine 9: 10: Ellie 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: Outro:
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Abra confirmed
too much of a sneak peek? ._.
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Animation Test
just a quick test animation to see if you guys like the program... er... it was on my tablet rly so app i should say, to use to animate. let me know in the comment section below if u do like it and that i need to get better at it xD
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Ramen Noodlez
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《Speedpaint》Abrasasaurus in all his glory
Sorry for a sudden lack of uploads, I'm lazy c: Draw Info Program used: Ibis Paint X Tool used: Stylus no i dont steal fingers or arms.
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My cat is silly xD
Er MA Gerd my cat is so funny at night xD BACON EGGS is in the background
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dies why tf have i not uploaded u ask well I'm lazy lol, sorry..but honestly it takes a lot of time to animate a dino running ;-; pls giv sorro
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Happy 4th of July!
Sorry I'm a bit late, i got back from watching the fireworks where i live right now, and got a close up view of the trail a firework displays when launched in real life! Now, here's my minecraft version of it! Happy 4th of July everyone! =D
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no copy right pls
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something idk
one day my friend came over for a sleep over we went outside to find my lost cat Coal, and these ppl were playing rock music outside their window near the apartment i live in i yelled at them to close their window my friend came up with this short story
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decided to put this public because why not
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Watch me animate a portion of another meme
I'm gonna be doing the Laughing Animal meme by the talented Jay Jay (go sub to their channel they're really good at animating (foxia did a collab wit them)so ya), go check them out!
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Check my cartoon animation made with #flipaclip and not this again. Ignore that there's no sound I'll edit it in later
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Speedpaint 《Past Fight》
This one has been in the back of my mind for a while, and i feel confident enough to show the public it, after i woke up today i finished it, so here it is! Time: about 2hrs
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Life Hack: Food puzzle
so i was watching Cole and Marmalade, and I got to this one video about life hacks for cat owners and decided to make one. Shoutout to Cole and Marmalade for the awesome life hacks!
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I have found the secret to smoothness
just raise the FPS lol
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ew my old twitter accounts
GPU: GeForce GTX 770 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM (15.94 GB RAM usable) Current resolution: 1920 x 1200, 59Hz Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
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Speedpaint 《Spinorandodon (?)| Fan dinosaur》
i literally just made up the name, it makes no sense but whatever
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