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2018 OIA Individual Judo Championship. 103 lb girls
Held April 28, 2018 @ Leilehua High School. Nicoelle Nishimura, 1st place. Way to go Nikkie! #Nickie103poundbeast So proud of you!
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Hawaii State High School Judo Tournament, May 6, 2017 Match 3
Nicoelle's third match of the day.
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Mr. Crowley Last solo
My attempt at the last solo in Mr. Crowley, by Ozzy. I know there's mistakes and I'm off the beat in a couple spots, so please, have a heart! And please, comment my playing and not the fact that I look goofy! Thanks for watching. P.S. I know Randy didn't tap the first part, I'm rockin' the Dora chair in the background (my niece's), and lastly, if you want the backing track for this and many other songs check out www.guitarchaos.com
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Metallica Tone Samples
NOT a talent(?) showcase, just a demo of some of the tones of the Positive Grid Bias app for iPhone.
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Revelation (Mother Earth) ending solo
Yet another offering of my attempt at a Randy Rhoads solo. Again, I know I'm off the beat after the descending pedal tone lick and there's a couple mistakes in there, but hey, I'm copping RR here, lol!
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The Final Countdown, cheezy style!!
Don't take this too seriously, it was meant as a goof for my family and friends, I'm not making any claims to be this great guitar player or anything, but as you can tell at the end of my vid where I flick my pick, it's just a big goof! If I were really trying to be serious, I'd have gone for better sound and a flawless performance. There's a lot of clinkers in there. Maybe one day I'll redo it but for now, enjoy it for what it is and don't criticize too harshly please....
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Open Arms
Decided to learn this song. Not too good yet but here's my progress so far. Played through my Roland GR-20 guitar synth, piano patch (obviously). Oh, the guitar synth comes with a special pick-up you mount on your guitar, and it goes through the synth itself where you can choose any of a plethora of "patches" (different sounds), like piano, wind instruments, brass instruments, a whole bunch. Anyway, check it out.
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Testament - Into The Pit
Testament at the Republik in Honolulu, Hawaii 10-11-15. Sorry about the crappy audio, it was LOUD!
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My Shiba inu Kimiko
Testing my new Kodak Zi8. Subject: Kimi, my Shiba.
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After All These Years - Journey, 3-28-09 Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, HI
Journey performing "After All These Years" March 28, 2009 at the Blaisdell arena, Honolulu, HI
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Gloria Estefan - Rhthym Is Gonna Get You, Honolulu, Hawaii Jan 17, 2009
Gloria Estefan at the Blaisdell Arena Saturday January 17, 2009. Not great quality, but at 00:48 in you might crack up!
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Kook Action!
After taking water shots of my Baby surfing, I headed in. Jumped on a HUGE 2 footer and took a point of view shot. Here is the resulting video...
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Aftershock   SCHMUCK
Metal group from Hawaii in the 80's
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Slayer - Angel Of Death
Slayer at the Republik, Oct 13, 2015.
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Nalu playing with water
He used to be afraid of the water hose. Now he loves it!
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Bellagio Water Fountain Show
Checking out the water show at Bellagio.
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Hawaii State High School Judo Tournament, May 6, 2017 Match 2
Nicoelle's second match of the day
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My wife out at Bowls
Small day out at Ala Moana Bowls. My wife trying to get barreled but not quite getting ahead of the lip.
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Shainne playing "Pokemon" for us.
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Nalu keeping cool on a summer day
Nalu loves splashing around in his new pool!
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Little Shainney Singing "Starships" by Niki Minaj
Caught Shainne singing in the bathroom, January 15, 2013!
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Kimiko Dreaming
My 13 year old Shiba Inu Kimiko napping and dreaming noisily on the couch. I wonder what Kimi's dreaming about?
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Hawaii State High School Judo Tournament, May 6, 2017 Match 4
Nicoelle's fourth match of the day.
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Hawaii State High School Judo Tournament, May 6, 2017 Match 1
Nicoelle's first match of the day
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Wahiawa Deep Wells
Riding the cart down to the Wahiawa deep wells. It's a 12 minute ride down a 30 degree incline, 1,148 feet below ground!
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