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Amber Banks - "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan
For my Emily and her family, in loving memory of Adam Nigh. May he rest peacefully and always be remembered in our hearts.
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"House of Gold" Cover
My cover of "House of Gold" by Twenty-One Pilots! I hope you like it! ☄
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Amber Banks - Cover of "Dying Now" By Noah Gundersen
Since i couldn't do a 3 part harmony with my siblings yet, i tried one by myself! Here's how it turned out
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"You Are My Sunshine" Cover!
My cover of "You Are My Sunshine", originally written and recorded by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell in 1939, but performed by countless other famous musicians such as Johnny Cash!! Love you, and enjoy! 💞
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"Angels Among Us" Cover
Here's "Angels Among Us" by Alabama for my Geegi because its one of her favourite Christmas songs! Have a happy and safe holiday everyone!!
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"If A Tree Falls in The Forest" by Amber Banks
A video I made for a transmedia assignment. Open to any interpretations you may have! :)
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