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KUL to HKT flight (air asia a320-200 sharklets)hard landing
a quick glimpse of take off and landing. runway at klia2 was very bumpy and needs to be mended but i got over it as soon as we started our approach into phuket. really beautiful. feel free to ask or comment anything. im open to everything
How to make flight/gaming yoke
hey , how ya doin , i was 10 or 11 at the time of filming this so i didnt know how to edit in the music or get any proper audio equipment. anyway this is my idea and it is probably the first of its kind on youtube. so enjoy
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Traditional Indian folk dance (Kathakali) Read description below
hey there , today ill show you a quick clip of a traditional folk dance which originated in Kerala , India. this short video would give you a quick glimpse of what the dance is about though it isnt enough to tell you what the story is because the actual dance lasted a solid hour an a half.So what is kathakali ,(katha) in sanskrit means story and kali is similar to tale so basically the dance is telling a tale , upon watching the video , you would notice that there is a lot of hand movement. it is really hard to understand the story without watching the whole video or reading the story. sadly , i cannot understand any indian languages/dialekts mainly because im a catholic malayali born and bred in malaysia but according to my dad who understands malayalam says that the story is roughly about revenge over a loved one or something like that. normally watching this dance is famous in kerala but recently , they celebrated onam (harvest festival) so there was like a festival held in (the temple of fine arts)brickfields , malaysia giving me the opportunity to film this and witness it for my first time , anyways try to enjoy the video, thats all for now , catch you next time
HKT to KUL flight (airasia a320-200 sharklets) funny announcment
this is a returning flight from Phuket international airport to Kuala Lumpur international airport 2. i knew the cabin crew and made the flight as enjoyable as possible despite having some minor turbulence. to top the cherry on the cake , the flight attendant made funny landing announcement. enjoy
How to make a pocket slingshot (powerful)
original inventor (grant thompson ,the king of randon)This is pretty dangerous and I don't suggest you to make one. If you do, I am not responsible for any mishaps. Be careful using it. link to original video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYjv89fqeT4
Syma X8 first flight (by the beach)
nothing fancy here , just a test flight of my drone. note that there was no gimbal and wind was strong therefore i turned off the audio and placed a no copyright song