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My first video! | Crossy Road | XxDaniella 129xX
Thanks for watching my video! In the beginning of the vid it was a little laggy so it took a while for the game to load,but afterwards it worked!!😁👍 This is my first vid so PLEASE dont be rude. Bye!💜
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Random Dancing w/ Rana! | Roblox
Hey Everyone! This was just a random video i made with my friend since i was bored, also because they forced me to, soooo yeah! Also, dont ask about my intro. I have no idea what happened to it. Friend:Rana {Reyna} Her Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGp1xmuuIo5b-mPibBdC-dg Thanks For Wathcing!
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Mining Simulator Codes! | 5/20/2018 | Roblox Mining Simulator
Hey Everyone, Welcome Back To Another Video! In This Video, I Will Be Giving You 10 Codes For A Game Called "Mining Simulator" On Roblox! From These Codes, You Will Recieve Prizes like Coins, Hat Crates, and Much,Much More! If You Wanna See Me Do More Videos Like These, Leave A Like Comment And Subscribe! Thank You For Watching :) Play Mining Simulator: https://www.roblox.com/games/1417427737/FOOD-Mining-Simulator Check Out My Other Videos On My Channel Aswell!
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Random Dancing BLOOPERS w/ Rana and Alicia! | Roblox
Hey everyone! This is just some stupid bloopers to my other video, "Random Dancing". hope u liked it! Friend:Rana {Reyna} Her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGp1xmuuIo5b-mPibBdC-dg Friend:Alicia {Olivia} Her Channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi-_B85Xx6f8RoLlK9kEcPA And https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHXNRj4Mi1ZMj70eWUQ70yA Thanks For Watching!
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Are You Smart?? | Are You Smart Game | Roblox
Thanks 4 watching!! If u enjoyed the video then leave a like,comment, and subscribe!! I also FINALLY have a intro!! I would appreciate it if u guys told me how to make a thumbnail cause i watched alot of videos but they either dident work or were very confusing. Intro song:Faded | Alan Walker 2nd song:Itro & Tobu | Cloud 9 Bye!💜
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Paper.io!! | XxDaniella 129xX
I 💜 This game so much!!Its so entertaining!! If you wanna play it,then just go to the app store or the play store and type in "Paper.io" to get this AMAZING game! Music | Intro: Faded | Alan walker 2nd Song: Roots | Tobu Remember to like,subscribe, and comment! Bye!💜
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RONALD MCDONALD IS A KILLER?!? | The Horror Mansion | Roblox
This is my second vid guys!!!! Thank you so much for all the support! Can we get this vid to 30 views??If we do,i may do another horror mansion video But heres the real question....IS RONALD MCDONALD A KILLER!?! Find out in the vid. Please Like,Subscribe, and comment Bye!💜
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