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ឆ្នាំងភ្លើង -Fire Pot -Asian food - Cambodian - home made in Cambodia
You cannot believe the taste unless you eat...... it's the best time to gathering families.
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ទឹកប្រហុក - Teuk Phrohok. Asian food - Cambodian food
It's very yummy. U can try how to make it by following us, u will see the taste is amazing
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He talks a lot and sucks his thumb - Cambodia kid
6months boy try to talk, to suck,...
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Falling down
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poor kids in Cambodia
They are selling Lotus seed everyday. they go to school but the grade and age is not balance. so pity of my poor ppl
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Kep province - Asian food - Cambodian sea food
Yummy yummy sea food
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Travel around Cambodia
Yey Mao is the place where Cambodian believe that can blessing u a good journey.
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សម្លក្តាម - somlor crab- Asian food in Cambodia
home made SomLor Kdam (សម្លក្តាម)
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Roast cow for house warming - Asian food - Cambodian food
my brother's house warming: we invited monk to bless our house. we celebrated small party with friends.
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Chinese street food - Trip in China
I don't know it call but it's yummy. It's chop pork inside. It's local food
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ទឹកអំពិលទុំត្រីអាំងនិងស្តៅ Grill fish with tamerin source and spouv Asian food in Cambodia
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Travel to Kompong Som market to buy fresh crab, shrimp,..
Kompong Som market is place where you can buy seafood like fresh crab, shrimp, fish,...
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kids are playing hide and seek - Asian Kid - Cambodian kid
daddy's playing with kid at weekend.
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Kid conversation - Cambodian kid - Asian kid
sibling perform to act something. they learn hard so play hard too.
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Playing time​ - Daddy's status for kid - Asian kid - Cambodian kid
kids are drawing on their dad's body. They are happy.
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Kids life in Cambodia
They are playing spinners
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Sombo Prey Kuk Temple បេតិក្ខភណ្ឌពិភពលោក
visit Sombo Prey Kum Temple. Amazing temple in the forest.
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Travel around Cambodia
Travel to Kos Dach during Khmer New Year 2017. They were enjoy swimming in the river.
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