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Playing with my friends Pranalikpanther and Sayara21
Playing with my friends r more fun the being lonely
Bully story-gacha Studio
Pls don't judge it. It was my first time to make this THE FIRST TIME. I was a little shy but then I got it right some of them are wrong pls don't judge it plssss I know that u guys didnt see what mom said in the video but pls don't judge it all I want is 100 subs I know so less but I will make roblox videos for u guys!
First time playing fun run
This is my first time record a video my own my mom and dad help me to get a new channel because this is a gaming one I was super excited I can't play scary or s#*y games I hate them but I can play funny game and more so plz sub cause this is my first time if u sub over 50,000subs I will let my baby brother play hope u enjoy
Playing fun run what game next?
Don't forget to Watch Ximer tracks and sub and like
Hide and seek! (Episode 1)
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I am a bunny !!!!playing fun run finally
Watch Simon gurung it is super funny
Magical Cheerleaders Ep. 1
This is a movie that were 3 sisters tha twere cheerleaders but do others notice they had powers? Well check it out a new video is gonna post out some day! First song: one day (by charice) Second song: Pizza (by Martin garrix) (Btw I'm not popular xD)
Fun run part 1 go watch part 2 and want a face reveal?😉
Song ncs :invincible Sub plz lf u want face reveal!
I am gold and a bunny
Go watch Simon gurung and plz sub