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My choker collection
Hey guys it is manha and this is my choker collection and I know that this video seemed very squared and the reason I am not doing much videos is because I always want my next video to have good editing or at least editing but I do not know how do to do that
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My favorite accessory and beauty product stores ( MY FIRST VIDEO)!!!
Guys this is my video I am so excited plus it would make my day if you subscribe and honestly I think I did bad anyway please comment on a scale from1-10 hp Ow good was my video
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Reviewing & using the rosy cheeks from lush part 1
Hello people I could not manage to find the link to my brother's channel so it is called Sonickid 112021 and if you search that up than you should get to his channel
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fav pics slideshow
hello guys it is manha and i made this video because i really wanted to make a video but decided that the video i am making is gonna take very long because i want to find out how to edit a video properly so until i find out how to i am gonna try to edit easy but good videos oh and thankyou to the people that subbed to my channel
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color image slideshow
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (https://www.youtube.com/upload)
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Reviewing & using rosy cheeks lush part 2
Hello this is part to of a video where I applied the masked that I am washing off in this video if you wanna se. Me do it watch the upload
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Unboxing amazon items
Hello today and I am unboxing some items that I have bought from Amazon I am gonna let you figure out what those items are by watching the video and bye
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Lush haul AGAIN
Hello did a lush haul wanna see how I only did a lush haul watch the video
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My 5 fav celebs
Hello Thai video s about my five fav celebs is u wanna find 🤔out who they are then watch the video😜😝🤗😛 bye bye people
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Lush haul😍😍👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤😘 Manha Survery
Guys I went to lush and did not buy much I hope you liked this video and it would make my day if you pressed that subscribed and pressed that thumbs up button and comment down below which one of the things I had you would like the most I hope you have a wonderful day😘🤗👍🏻❤️🤔😅😍💟💗😆😲😉😃
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