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INdigo SUn / Wavelengths
music by Lucidvibes (Click the HD button to listen in high quality). also follow Lucidvibe's soundcloud page for fresh ambience and expansive nature frequency music + new mixes coming soon! https://soundcloud.com/lucid-vibes Thanks for listening!
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Elemental expansion 3rd eye poetree
55 66% 88 So this is elemental, ecstatically insightful... pineal gland Lightful ~ feeling this poetical wisdom *expanding Bright* In your minds eye, Colourful 3rd eye visions swirl Glimpses of the Blue pearl See inner self world Divine Revelations unfold... These Synchronised flows be amazing Channeling higher self we be star Gazin
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hypersp33d flows
A spontaneous recording of some dance flows. I Love this style of flow dancing and intend to record more as it is one of my highest excitements. In a small space Inside however 'Outside' my natural environment (raves, festivals, or nature) but we must learn to adapt :D Music: Instra:mental - Love Arp dancer: hypersp33d (edi)
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wavelengths (reprise)
an extended version of one of my tracks "wavelengths" :) hear the original version on this mix I made: https://soundcloud.com/lucid-vibes/wavelengthsmix
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Blissful Universe
Blissful Universe unfolds thru Awakened minds... from a sweet Dream magic flows...
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Sleepy Butterfly (Sol vibe ambient)
An ambient/chillout piece made by Lucidvibes, Select 480p in the settings in the bottom right to listen in HD...and you can listen on Soundcloud, along with my other music: https://soundcloud.com/lucid-vibes/sleepy-butterfly-sol-vibe-ambient
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Nu age: true age wisdom expands.~*
Consciously inspired Lyrical insights / #energetic #insight/ #download #insightful #expanded #channeling #higher #self #lucid #highvibe Pulsing hearts BE vibrant Instagram: edilucidvibes
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Sleepy Butterfly (Sol vibe Ambient 3)
Music by IlLucidvibes Listen to more Lucid vibes on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lucid-vibes
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Lucidvibes - Celestial Reprise (Blessed sun vibe)
One of my first tracks that I added to YouTube, There will be many more to come... hopes you Enjoy listening! Peace
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