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Gachaverse!!!! (First playing)
And yes Gacha verse is ere, I'm freaking out a lot right now cause its already downloaded. Ayyyeeee so happy. Byee! :)
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My reaction when Gacha verse was released.....
Ummm my friend is freaking out.... Hehe time to play Gacha verse byee
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Making Funneh in Gacha verse
Haiii there! Please hit that like button! Thanks for all your support and please subscribe to me! OwO I'm now making Rainbow OwO. Also, thank you soo so much for 23 subscribers! This means to me a lot :3
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I need to go to school!!!! :P
Well, I will be out for a long time, please understand. Wish you would wait for mw to post more videos. Thanks for all your support. I appreciate it! XD
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First time in Gacha verse
Guys I've waited this app for so long.... I'm so so so happy!!!! Please download it its amazing !!!! ;3
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For a love of a daughter PART 3=  " I love u my child"
Helloooooo! I made this yesterday... Full of hard work I guess... Thx for watching and I'm so proud that I already have 12 subscribers!!! 🤣 🤣 🤣 Party timmmmeeeeeeee!!!!! 🤣 🤣 🤣
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Family day
This happened on February kind of. Enjoy!!!
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Say Dada Meme // Gacha Studio
And yes my first word is mama. Hehe okai byee then people
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Wonderland Meme~ BECOMING EVIL....  ›:)
Hello guys! I am back with another video... Wonderland Meme. Please like comment and subscribe to this channel! Baiii Anyways The two characters is me and my OC Ariella Fire. Sometimes Ariella Fire is nice, but mostly she's evil... I made this one up a long time ago... Please give a thumbs up! Baiii hoomans! And..... IM THE BEAST.....
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I did not play granny, but I saw people who play ganny like my friend Cara, she is not scared of. GRANNY cuz she always play it But she become scared as she was about to get hit.... Okay don't play granny I recommend!!!! But if you want it's fine. Byee
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Hot Milk Meme~ VioletYT
This this what I came up with... I am with my brother, and my OC Kylie. Anyways, please like and subscribe!! Bai bai :333333
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Banana Song!!!! 🍌
Winter iz da banana qwen Pleas like and Subscribe tank Q :3
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At My Sisters Castle!! // Collab with Pink Playz
Hello! I'm Anna in that map and Pink Plays is Elsa. We went in Elsa's castle, have fun and being happy! Plz like and subscribe. Let me know if you like the vid! Byee!
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IM BLUE~ meme
Kylie is my new Oc, if you didn't know it yet ‹3 Please like and subscribe! OwO
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For a love of a daughter PART 4 = Time to say goodbye
Sorry for the Messenger thing... Ignore ghat okay :)
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For a love of a daughter PART 2 ="Dad, you changed"
Hi!! Not a song, a story guys... A story... Hehe... XD
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I'm not cute meme~Gacha Studio
Okie I'm not cute don't say that I'm cute bye
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For a love of a daughter PART 1
A story not a song 😂😂😊😊😊 but anyways the original as a song is For The Love Of A Daughter. K thx for watching byee! 🤣 🤣
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Loser like me // Gacha Studio
Hi guys! My first ever music video! Hope you like it. Cause I like it! xD thanks and... Goodbyeeeeee
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Guys I'm soo so proud of this one! Really nice, the insane girls just met Amanda! Amanda tried to get away from them, but it was no use. Shes not insane actually, her parents just think Shes insane. The girls named Carley, Harvey, and Andrea are the insane girls their leader is Carley, which has black hair and then a burnt face. On the other hand, Harvey has orange hair with a eye patch. And Andrea, she has violet hair, red eyes, and no mouth. But she can still talk, which is really surprising. Plz like comment and subscribe to my channel!
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The Krew~ Flee The Facility
Hello there! This is the krew in flee the facility. Please like, comment and subscribe! I used Textingstory, if you like this app, please download it immedietly! Really a good app, its awesome :3
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Y-E-S spells Yes. What does E-Y-E-S spell?  Meme
If you don't know him, he is my brother. Actually I don't have a brother, he died when he was born. So I made him in Gacha Studio. Please like comment and subscribe! Byee
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Copycat~ Gacha Studio
Hello there hoomas! Here's another video, which I get really confused a lot. So I wanna get these wrong lyrics I put in. Not You are, its You'd been. Not Hate to be the one that told you so It should be " Sorry I'm the one that told you so " Please like this video! Thank you! ‹3
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Princess Fire// Roblox ~Royale High~
Hello everyone! This is Roblox, which I really wanna play today. My old name in Roblox is SweetAnna3 but I changed it to VioletYTGaming... So please friend request me if you want to... So thx for all these supports :3
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Thank you for 24+ subs!!!! ^w^
Everybody thank you soooo so much for these subs I got! I really want more subs but if you want to sub to my channel, be free to subscribe! Thx :)
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Part 2 // Tour on the Rainbow House
Hi!!! I'm here for a new video... Well outside the house now? Hope you enjoyed! Byee
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Come and fly away with me // Music video
Hello everyone! I would love to make this video so I hope you like it! Let me know if you like the vid! Baii Aaaand.... This is how Violet got her wings :3 thank you ‹3
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Sketch // My drawings
Hey guys!!! I have been showing these new drawings of mine... And I'm really excited to upload this!! Also plz subscribe to Kawaii Panda... My best friend! She is also my classmate... And she is the new youtuber here! Okie... Plz like Comment and sub! Bye
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DONT ASK~ when my friends caught me at my embarrassing moments
Hello everyone! I'm not actually depressed, this doesn't happened to me either. So please like this video, and I'll do more! Make sure to sub if you want to! Baiiii
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Well everyone, I'm soo proud of this meme. Its my first time to edit, please like.
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A PORTAL TO THE MOON?!?~ Minecraft Pocket Edition
A PORTAL TO THE MOON?!?~ Minecraft Pocket Edition Please like and Subscribe to this channel! Check my other channel :::: AnnaVlogs K byee :3
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ItsFunneh~ I'm not cute meme version
:3 Is Funneh cute? Leave in the comments xD
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Guys...i feel so much better now... That she changed for the better... I wish she could not do this again. She now felt guilty of what she did. She hated other Gachatubers. She also said that she felt how she was hated like the ones she were hating. Please help her make a fresh start again. Please....
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For HarpGacha Tube
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A working Shower!!!!!
This is from Magma Musen check out that wonderful video! See you guys in my next video. Byee!
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Introducing my OC
Please like Comment and Subscribe! Byee (Nothing to day here. :3)
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(Read DESC) To change my Channel
Changing my channel to Rainbow Sunshine though... But no much time to change it and not yet allowed to change.. So maybe just stick to AnnaPlayz. Plz, don't hate me or maybe ban me on YouTube. Just chill OK? So byeeee! And also have a good day :3
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Tag-lish // Subscribe to Danicx! 😎
Helo mga beshie dyan! Opo, Pilipino po ako. At dito ako ay first time mag salita ng Tagalog. So don't hate me... At salamat sa mga subscribers. Byee
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Favourite Gachatubers XD
Hello!!!! XD it's me AnnaPlays and another video is about to rise... Bye
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Is this the END? // Gacha Studio
Oh my gosh!!!! I am struggling.... But, its my opinion... Umm... I hope this does not happened!!!!!!! X(
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The last part... Anyways, good thing the two twins were good now... And they care for each other. So yeah, thx for watching and have a good day! Also, like and subscribe to my channel thx and click the bell so you won't miss any videos Bye guyz!!!
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Cand World! // With IceCream Girl skin
Hello people! Since I did not make another video ever since, I'm already so happy in this new intro. I used Legend, and put music in it. Plz plz subscribe to me! Don't forget to leave a like 👍 to this video! Byee ;3
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This is another story (short story) where there were two twins and one of them was very mean and the other was kind. The mean sister bully her, and punched her many times. They were kids that time and their mom and dad were angry because the mean sister bully her younger sister. Please like, and subscribe to my channel thx! Bye guyz!
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Danicx in Gacha Studio :3
If you see this Danicx.............. :3 Okie byee! 😊😊😊😊
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