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Changing My Style
Thx for some subs down there! And anyways, I upgrade my style in Gacha Studio. Don't worry! My friends will also have a new style. Just wait! Also, in my other video, I am going to have a shoutout to those youtubers which I really like! Especially those Gacha Tubers. Thx a lot for watching and have a good day! Bye guyz!!
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For a love of a daughter PART 3=  " I love u my child"
Helloooooo! I made this yesterday... Full of hard work I guess... Thx for watching and I'm so proud that I already have 12 subscribers!!! 🤣 🤣 🤣 Party timmmmeeeeeeee!!!!! 🤣 🤣 🤣
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Family day
This happened on February kind of. Enjoy!!!
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For a love of a daughter PART 4 = Time to say goodbye
Sorry for the Messenger thing... Ignore ghat okay :)
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For a love of a daughter PART 2 ="Dad, you changed"
Hi!! Not a song, a story guys... A story... Hehe... XD
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For a love of a daughter PART 1
A story not a song 😂😂😊😊😊 but anyways the original as a song is For The Love Of A Daughter. K thx for watching byee! 🤣 🤣
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16 May 2018
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Bullied PART 1
I have no idea if I will do PART 2 or nah.. But hope you like it... I really love Slideshows, and this came out really cute and good actually. Byee! Add meh: Facebook= Ana Lucas Instagram= analucas4641 Twitter= None Roblox= SweetAna3 // SweetAnna3
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My new intro!
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Fire Sisters PART 2
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Fire Sisters PART 1
Hello!!! New video around here. So hope you like it ♥ I would appreciate if you like, comment and subscribe to his channel. Byee
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Tag-lish // Subscribe to Danicx! 😎
Helo mga beshie dyan! Opo, Pilipino po ako. At dito ako ay first time mag salita ng Tagalog. So don't hate me... At salamat sa mga subscribers. Byee
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For Random Games~
Hi guys!!! This is for Random Games he is my classmate and friend =) He was also Miranda in my other channel, The Vloggers. His real name is Leo. Have fun watching this guys! I made him at Gacha Studio Thx a lot for watching and have a good day! Bye guyz!
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I'm Bored.
Hey Analytics! Today Im here with another video. Actually I did this video cause I'm soo bored. So thx for watching. Like, comment, and subscribe! Thank you soo much for all the subs! I love you all. Bye guyz!
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Upgrading Styles With Friends!
Did you already see me Upgraded in the first video? Chack it out! Anyways, I used to upgrade my friends. They all look so amazing! And also, I wanna share this with you guys. Thx a lot for watching! And by using their favourite colour, I make them using that colour! Leo: Blue Andrei: IDK so Orange Jilianne: Pink Ana (Me): Violet Hyun Ju: Sky Blue Einelyn: Red Thx for watching guys! Bye! *Keep Dabbing*
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The last part... Anyways, good thing the two twins were good now... And they care for each other. So yeah, thx for watching and have a good day! Also, like and subscribe to my channel thx and click the bell so you won't miss any videos Bye guyz!!!
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This is another story (short story) where there were two twins and one of them was very mean and the other was kind. The mean sister bully her, and punched her many times. They were kids that time and their mom and dad were angry because the mean sister bully her younger sister. Please like, and subscribe to my channel thx! Bye guyz!
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