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Recipes For a 5-Course Meal : Simple Pan Fried Chicken Recipe
A simple pan fried chicken recipe is a quick and healthy meal option. Pan fry chicken for dinner with tips from a master chef in this free culinary video. Expert: Jordan Ceresnie Bio: Chef Jordan Ceresnie received his Culinary Arts Certification and Baking and Pastry Certification from the Napa Valley Cooking School, where he graduated at top of his class. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers
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Recipes For a 5-Course Meal : Simple Minestrone Soup Recipe
Minestrone soup is a simple recipe that can easily be made to be vegetarian. Cook minestrone soup with tips from a master chef in this free culinary video. Expert: Jordan Ceresnie Bio: Chef Jordan Ceresnie received his Culinary Arts Certification and Baking and Pastry Certification from the Napa Valley Cooking School, where he graduated at top of his class. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers
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Recipes For a 5-Course Meal : Simple Apple Tart Recipe
A simple recipe for apple tart only requires apples, sugar and puff pastry. Bake an apple tart with ease and elegance with tips from a master chef in this free culinary video. Expert: Jordan Ceresnie Bio: Chef Jordan Ceresnie received his Culinary Arts Certification and Baking and Pastry Certification from the Napa Valley Cooking School, where he graduated at top of his class. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers
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Recipes For a 5-Course Meal : Simple Cheese Puffs Recipe
Cheese puffs make a great simple appetizer sure to please the pickiest dinner guest. Prepare this cheese puff recipe with tips from a master chef in this free culinary video. Expert: Jordan Ceresnie Bio: Chef Jordan Ceresnie received his Culinary Arts Certification and Baking and Pastry Certification from the Napa Valley Cooking School, where he graduated at top of his class. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers
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Recipes For a 5-Course Meal : Simple Orange Fennel Salad Recipe
Orange fennel salad is a simple recipe with an elegant taste. Toss an orange fennel salad to accompany any entree with tips from a master chef in this free culinary video. Expert: Jordan Ceresnie Bio: Chef Jordan Ceresnie received his Culinary Arts Certification and Baking and Pastry Certification from the Napa Valley Cooking School, where he graduated at top of his class. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers
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Gordon Ramsay: Sticky Lemon Chicken
Sticky lemon chicken Serves 4 Prep time 10 mins Cooking time 25 mins
Lecture 1 | Machine Learning (Stanford)
Lecture by Professor Andrew Ng for Machine Learning (CS 229) in the Stanford Computer Science department. Professor Ng provides an overview of the course in this introductory meeting. This course provides a broad introduction to machine learning and statistical pattern recognition. Topics include supervised learning, unsupervised learning, learning theory, reinforcement learning and adaptive control. Recent applications of machine learning, such as to robotic control, data mining, autonomous navigation, bioinformatics, speech recognition, and text and web data processing are also discussed. Complete Playlist for the Course: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=A89DCFA6ADACE599 CS 229 Course Website: http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs229/ Stanford University: http://www.stanford.edu/ Stanford University Channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/stanford
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24-Item Tasting Menu: Part 1
This could have been a World's record. Visit http://foodwishes.com to get the ingredients, and watch over 200 free video recipes! Leave me a comment there.
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Five Minute California Roll
Here's one of my son's favorite recipes, after Ramen of course!
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Green Pepper Filet Like You Haven't Seen
today's episode of Cooking Coarse,Chef Todd Mohr will show you how to use your chef's knife to filet a green pepper without spilling the seeds all over your cutting board. Cooking Coarse is THE cooking course of online cooking videos designed to help make everyday cooking easier by concentrating on basic cooking methods to create your own healthy cooking recipes instead of following a food recipe from someone elses dinner recipe collection. Discover how to cook FREELY, with creativity and confidence, and break free of your cooking rut forever! My FREE guidebook, "The 5 Forks To Freestyle Cooking" will help you find the way. Download it immediately at: http://www.WebCookingClasses.com/freestyle-cooking
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Rules of Etiquette : What Is a 5 Course Meal?
A five course meal starts with the soup, followed by the appetizer, the salad, the main course and then the dessert. Avoid feeling pressure to eat everything on the plate during a five course meal with tips from an etiquette specialist in this free video on manners and proper etiquette. Expert: Hazely Lopez Contact: www.Hazely.com Bio: Hazely Lopez is president and director of the Hazely Academy of Refinement and Modeling. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Gordon Ramsay cooks watercress and spinach soup
More at http://timesonline.co.uk/ramsay/?OTC-youtube&ATTR=general
Obsessives - Offal
Chris Cosentino, chef at San Francisco's Incanto restaurant, is an offal evangelist. He's the one people turn to when they have questions about parts of the animal beyond tri-tip and sirloin. Here, he talks about the lost connection between pasture and plate, the ways that both PETA and the USDA have gone off course, and the joys of possum-eatin'. Plus: He escorts us through a full offal dinner. ======================CHOW.com========================= Didn't think food could draw such enthusiasm? Well, we've got plenty more passionate people on the Obsessives show page: http://www.youtube.com/show/obsessives For more recipes, stories and videos, check out http://www.chow.com/videos CHOW on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/CHOW CHOW on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Chow ========================================================
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Steven Raichlen's Great American Hamburger Recipe - Preparation
Looking for the perfect burger recipe for the grilling season? We can help. Award-winning grill master Steven Raichlen shares a few of his favorite recipes which, of course, are best enjoyed at a safe and savory 160°. Visit us at BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com for more healthy, delicious recipes.
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How to make Pork and Venison Red Hot Links
This is a video with a very simple recipe (included) on making my version of those hot sausage links (low fat of course) that you find in grocery stores. The recipe is a pork or pork/deer mix but can be made from pure deer if you modify it slightly by use of a binder like soy flour or pork/beef fat. If using all venison, add about 1TBS soy flour per 1-1/2 deer and about the same in water. You can also use a commercial fat replacement and do the same thing. The recipe is balanced to (my guess) to be hot but not too hot for the average person. Try it and adjust according to your taste. Regular non-iodized salt can be used in place of the Morton Tender Quick®. The end product requires refrigeration.
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Cabbage Subzi - Indian Recipes
I always keep some cabbage handy because it has a long shelf life. It's great for those days when I can't think of anything else to make. It is a great side with a daal and some hot chapatis.Simple and quick to make. For a detailed recipe: http://www.showmethecurry.com/2007/04/16/cabbage-subzi/
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Donut Recipe
http://donutedvd.com My name is Ed Chastain and I have over 20 years of experience making and creating handmade donuts by scratch within my donut shop, testing and perfecting my donut making art. I look forward to training you in the lost art of donut making and/or assisting you as you open your own highly profitable donut shop or wholesale business. Donuts are quickly becoming a lost art that YOU CAN PROFIT FROM due to poorly trained bakers, aging donut shops, inferior frozen donuts and premixed, and established professionals unwilling to share their knowledge. With two decades in the donut business, I've gained valuable knowledge, and I'm willing to share. My objective: to provide quality information and valuable training about the donut business so your own only option isn't just to open a donut franchise and use their baking methods. Instead, I demonstrate expert donut making techniques for both "yeast" and "cake" donuts. This can be found on a two disc, four-hour, step-by-step training course DVD and its companion e-book Donut Shop Formula. As an added bonus, you get personal consultations and advice from me...free. "Donuts are all I do!" From the baker's table, I demonstrate my most guarded donut making methods along with instruction on how to make traditional, unique, and even lost-to-history donuts, fillings, and toppings, many of them lost over time, (like my special chocolate and white raised cinnamon twist, which, in my shop, outsell every other donut I have.) Starting from raw ingredients to batching your donut brew, into mixing, floor time, fermentation, loafing, proofing, frying, finishing, icing, and decorating, everything is covered. Within my accompanying e-book, I demonstrate how to create, step-by-step, raised yeast donuts, along with personal tips, donut calculation formulas, and authentic donut recipe cards passed down to me by old time bakers of yesteryear. There's also a universal cake donut recipe and instructions on how to adapt it to make a virtually endless array of donuts. Also included are proven recipes for icings, fillings, toppings, and much, much more. The book also provides you the materials to start up the "business" part of your donut business, such as shop floor plans, places to find used donut equipment, kitchen equipment fabrication instructions, and advice on how to manage contractors, all with the idea of saving you time and money in mind. "I hold nothing back!" In all honesty, I know that there is true business opportunity in donuts! If you're interested in learning complete donut making methods and techniques, ADVANCED RAISED TRAINING is for you! It's a trade you can easily learn and apply at flairs, carnivals, special events, or at your own highly profitable donut shop or wholesale business. ADVANCED RAISED TRAINING includes all of the above information, provided to you by the most experienced independent consultant in the industry. And, as stated, consultations with me are included in the program. What's the cost? Less than a couple of tables and chairs for your new donut shop. The ADVANCED RAISED TRAINING course (DVD and e-book) is $129.00 with free priority shipping. That may sound like a lot for a book and a DVD, but it's more than just that: you're investing in your future and you're paying for knowledge derived form two decades of proven experience. There's so need to waste weeks or months in research or waste thousands of dollars on inferior programs. Get everything you need to start your donut business today in my program, right now, for just $129.00 www.donutedvd.com
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Steven Raichlen's Green Chili Burger with Salsa Verde Recipe
Looking for the perfect burger recipe for the grilling season? We can help. Award-winning grill master Steven Raichlen shares a few of his favorite recipes which, of course, are best enjoyed at a safe and savory 160°. Visit us at BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com for more healthy, delicious recipes.
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Steven Raichlen's Inside-Out Hamburger Recipe - Preparation
Looking for the perfect burger recipe for the grilling season? We can help. Award-winning grill master Steven Raichlen shares a few of his favorite recipes which, of course, are best enjoyed at a safe and savory 160°. Visit us at BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com for more healthy, delicious recipes.
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Kitchen Utensils In The Professional Kitchen And What Equipment You Need At Home
Chef Todd Mohr reviews some of the necessary kitchen utensils to have in your kitchen. Cooking meals and getting easy dinner ideas doesn't have to include a home cooking recipe or a gourmet recipe, it can be one that you've created yourself with basic cooking methods. Cooking Coarse focuses on basic cooking methods to empower the home cook to create simple cooking recipes to make everyday cooking more creative and enjoyable. Discover "The 5 Skills Taught In Culinary School That Are Essential In All Of Cooking", a FREE webinar workshop that will give you the same insights and techniques taught in culinary college so YOU can cook like a chef at home! The webinar is totally FREE to you. There is no scam, no catch, no trick. I will never sell or give your email to anyone. I'm just a chef who loves to teach and empower people over written recipes for great food at home. Hold your spot in the next webinar workshop at: https://app.webinarjam.net/register/171/8a8b40c96b
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How to make Egg Keema (Kheema) - Indian Cuisine Recipes
Keema (aka kheema or qeema) is traditionally a flavorful minced meat (beef or lamb) dish said to have originated in Persia but extremely popular in the Indian sub-continent. Try this great variation to the classic recipe using Hard Boiled Eggs -- a perfect protein packed delight for vegetarians who eat eggs. For the detailed recipe: http://showmethecurry.com/2008/07/21/egg-keema-kheema-indian-cooking-recipe/
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30-minute Biryani-Inspired Vegetable Rice: Canadian Living Test Kitchen
A fragrant and satisfying biryani-inspired recipe for an easy vegetarian main course or side dish. Biryani-inspired recipe shown in video available here: http://www.canadianliving.com/food/quick_and_easy/biryani_inspired_vegetable_rice.php from CanadianLiving.com
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Fort Lee Culinary Competition Training Video on Aspic
Go to http://www.militarychefs.com/1A/2_Media/TrainingCourses/TrainingCorsesFortLeeAspic.html to download higher quality versions of this clip. Follow us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/197315650392185/ or go to www.militarychefs.com An ACES Aspic Training Video for the 2008 competition. Culinary Arts Program - U.S. Army Culinary Arts Competition http://www.quartermaster.army.mil/ACES/programs/culinary.html The American Culinary Federation sanctions the competition. Medals received from federation entries can be used towards chef certification. The competition is open to active duty members of all Services, DOD civilians, and USAR and ARNG personnel. Active duty teams will be formed by installation. The USAR teams by DRC/RSC. ARNG teams will be formed by State. The number of competitors allowed per team will be reviewed each year and may be adjusted on facility and equipment availability. The number will be addressed in the annual competition rules. The United States Army Culinary Arts Program is really progressing and representing culinary trends from around the world. The overall program includes the Annual Culinary Arts Competition at Fort Lee, VA, home of the Quartermaster Corps; the United States Army Culinary Arts Team; and the Culinary Skills Training Division. Here students from AIT, BNCOC, ANCOC, and the Advanced Culinary Skills Training Courses receive their hands-on instruction. The Culinary Arts Competition at Fort Lee. In its 31 year history the only time the competition did not take place was in 1991 during the Desert Storm campaign and 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 31st annual competition is truly shaping up to be one of our best events held here at Fort Lee. For the first time ever the competition will showcase our young culinarians and really test their knowledge and skill. The three tier Installation of the Year event will begin with the Culinary Knowledge Bowl Examination, a fifty question test which includes Food Safety and Sanitation; Nutritional Cooking; Food Service Management; and Quality Food Preparation. The top four teams compete in a Jeopardy style event that includes music and daily-double format. This event takes place during the public viewing exhibition at the Fort Lee Field House. The juniors are further tested in the all new Student Skills Competition. This event tests four E-4s and below in their knife skills, meat fabrication and menu production. These two primer events are open to the public and held in the post field house during the second week of the show. We truly look forward to seeing these young soldier chefs at work. MilitaryChefs.com hosts news stories, photos, video clips and other forms of Multi Media pertaining to Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard food service, and hence we provide military cooks with the tools to display their recipes, training courses, culinary competitions, events, talents and accomplishments effectively promoting and motivating military food service operations.
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Chilli Paneer  - By Vahchef @ Vahrehvah.com
Paneer Chilli Recipe an innovative recipe with the traditional paneer is a combination of the best of Indian and Chinese Chilli Paneer is a simple dish made from paneer (soft cheese), bell peppers, green chilies and other spices to give it a nice yummy taste. .. http://www.vahrehvah.com/chilli-paneer-2 Ingredients pinch pinch ajinomoto 1 tsp chilli garlic sauce 1/2 tsp coriander powder 1 1/2 tbsp Corn flour 1/2 tsp cumin seeds 7 number curry leaves 1 number egg 1 tsp garlic chopped 1/2 tbsp ginger garlic paste 4 number green chillies 1 tsp lime juice 1 tbsp maida for fying oil 1/2 cup onion 1 lbs paneer 1 cup red bell pepper as per taste salt 1 tsp soya sauce as needed water 1 cup yellow bell pepper Directions ● Cut paneer into cubes. ● Take a dish add salt,ginger garlic, water,egg and mix well and pour on the cubes mix well and add maida. ● Take oil to fry add the mixed paneer into it and fry in very slow flame. ● Take a pan add oil cumin,garlic,ginger garlic paste,chopped green chilli,onion,coriander powder,little water,chill garlic sauce,ajinomoto,red bell pepper,yellow ,chilli powder,soya sauce,curry leaves,salt,lime juice, if you want to add colour u can, now add paneer and mix well, "Reach vahrehvah at - Website - http://www.vahrehvah.com/ Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=vahchef Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VahChef.SanjayThumma Twitter - https://twitter.com/vahrehvah Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/116066497483672434459 Flickr Photo - http://www.flickr.com/photos/23301754@N03/ Linkedin - http://lnkd.in/nq25sW Picasa Photos- http://picasaweb.google.com/118141140815684791742 Stumleupon http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/vahrehvah Tumblr http://vahrehvah.tumblr.com/ Blogger - http://vahrehvah.blogspot.in/"
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River Cottage | Gill's Chinese Ribs Recipe
Another toothsome recipe from River Cottage HQ Head Chef, Gillon Meller. For more seasonal recipes, visit http://www.rivercottage.net/seasonalrecipes/ Visit River Cottage HQ for a course or event: http://www.rivercottage.net/Shop/HQEvents.aspx River Cottage | Gill's Chinese Ribs Recipe
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CARNATION™ Famous Fudge Recipe - How to Make Fudge
Looking for a delicious Fudge recipe? This Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk Fudge recipe makes a great holiday gift. With easy variations, you can make milk chocolate, butterscotch, or peanut chocolate fudge too! Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar 2/3 cup (5 fl.-oz. can) NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Evaporated Milk 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 cups miniature marshmallows 1 1/2 cups (9 oz.) NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels 1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts (optional) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Instructions: LINE 8-inch-square baking pan with foil. COMBINE sugar, evaporated milk, butter and salt in medium, heavy-duty saucepan. Bring to a full rolling boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Boil, stirring constantly, for 4 to 5 minutes. Remove from heat. STIR in marshmallows, morsels, nuts and vanilla extract. Stir vigorously for 1 minute or until marshmallows are melted. Pour into prepared baking pan; refrigerate for 2 hours or until firm. Lift from pan; remove foil. Cut into 48 pieces. FOR MILK CHOCOLATE FUDGE: SUBSTITUTE 1 3/4 cups (11.5-oz. pkg.) NESTLE® TOLL HOUSE® Milk Chocolate Morsels for Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels. FOR BUTTERSCOTCH FUDGE: SUBSTITUTE 1 2/3 cups (11-oz. pkg.) NESTLE® TOLL HOUSE® Butterscotch Flavored Morsels for Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels. FOR PEANUTTY CHOCOLATE FUDGE: SUBSTITUTE 1 2/3 cups (11-oz. pkg.) NESTLE® TOLL HOUSE® Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate Morsels for Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels and 1/2 cup chopped peanuts for pecans or walnuts. For more great recipes: Subscribe to our channel - http://bit.ly/TollHouseYTSubscribe Visit us on VeryBestBaking.com - http://bit.ly/NestleTollHouseVBB Follow us on Twitter - http://bit.ly/NestleTwitter See us on Pinterest - http://bit.ly/NestlePinterest
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How to Make Sugar Gum Paste Flowers : How to Make Gum Paste
A simple recipe for gum paste. Learn about using sugar gum paste dough to make flowers in this free crafting video. Expert: Judy Brosco Bio: Judy Brosco is an avid baker and lover of the culinary arts. Filmmaker: Nick Brosco
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Easy Italian Lunch Recipe : Easy Italian Lunch Recipes
How to make a light Italian lunch; learn more about traditional Italian food in this free cooking video. Expert: Kristina Vanni Bio: Kristina Vanni is an award-winning competitive cook and third-generation Pilsbury Bake-Off Finalist. She backpacked all over Italy, France and Spain for a summer, discovering local delicacies, dining Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
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Breaded Steak - Milanesa
Breaded Steak Recipe from SimpleFoodie.com. The great thing about this recipe is you can make a lot of the steaks and eat them during the week. You can either eat them as a main course and sprinkle it with lemon juice or you can make an awesome sandwich.
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Bellisimo! An Italian Feast
President-elect Obama and his wife Michelle are some of the biggest fans of Chicago-based Chef Tony Mantuano, who creates a magical three course Italian meal with a "Chef On A Shoestring" budget.
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Learn to Cook and Burn Your Recipes!
Online cooking videos designed to help make everyday cooking easier by concentrating on basic cooking methods over the written recipe. Discover how to cook FREELY, with creativity and confidence, and break free of your cooking rut forever! My FREE guidebook, "The 5 Forks To Freestyle Cooking" will help you find the way. Download it immediately at: http://www.WebCookingClasses.com/freestyle-cooking
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Malai Kofta Recipe - Indian Cuisine
Malai Kofta is a well recognized Indian curry dish which is traditionally very rich. Try this recipe for a healthier version that you can enjoy at home without all the guilt. The koftas (dumplings) are baked, not fried. It is still very flavorful and very delicious! For a detailed recipe: http://www.showmethecurry.com/2008/01/31/malai-kofta/
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Kadhai (Kadai) Paneer by Manjula
View full recipe at http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/2008/11/30/kadhai-paneer/ Ingredients: 1/2 lb paneer 1 red bell pepper 1 green bell pepper 3 tablespoon oil 3 medium tomatoes About 1/4 inch piece of ginger 1 green chili Pinch of asafetida (hing) 1 teaspoon cumin seed (jeera) 11/2 tablespoons coriander powder (dhania) 1/2 teaspoon turmeric (haldi) 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 2 tablespoons chopped fenugreek leaves or dry fenugreek leaves also known-kastoori mathi 3/4 teaspoon salt, adjust to taste
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Feed Me Bubbe Episode #20 Stuffed Cabbage Closed Captioned by Project ReadOn
Closed Caption and Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard Hearing Community provided by Project ReadOn. Hire Project ReadOn to Closed Caption your project http://www.projectreadon.com/index.php?pg=contact Episode Summary : A succos treat that just cant be beat! Show Notes: Thomas of New Berlin, WI, this episode is for you! Thank you for your support of our program and we hope that you enjoy this wonderful stuffed cabbage episode! Avrom brings everyone up to date on the latest emails that are requesting for stuffed cabbage. Ellen wants sweet and sour stuffed cabbage since her own Bubbe passed away many years ago. And here comes the opening music! I love this part. Bubbe is now ready to make the stuffed cabbage which is a favorite for everyone. It is harvest time since it is succos. Bubbe explains how cabbage is a vegetable from the earth and the combination of why stuffed cabbage is perfect for succos. It has many names like stuffed cabbage. Lets not forget cabbage rolls, and the polish they call it gowumpki. In Yiddish, because you didnt think we would leave that out, it is holishkes. Like Ellen, Bubbe loves the sweet and sour sauce. Bubbe got herself a semi-large head of cabbage, not wanting anything smaller then 3 - 3 1/2 pounds. The worst part of the process is preparing the cabbage and this is what Bubbe is working on now. Step 1: Cut off the core and take those leaves off. Step 2: Put it in the pot, got to let it steam. Step 3: Read the real recipe in the recipe section where Bubbe makes it really easy to understand the process in full details. Bubbe, always being prepared, had a smaller head already prepared and ready to go. You go Bubbe! With the close of the pot cover, it is now time for THE YIDDISH WORD OF THE DAY!!!! And today Bubbe goes old school with the word HEYMISH which means traditional, homey, and friendly. It just gives you a heymish feeling. A good familiar family feeling. When you come to Bubbes home you get a heymish feeling. Oh and an exciting announcement! Project ReadOn! We have the entire catalog now being transferred into closed captions. If you need that little extra gift, get a Feed Me Bubbe t-shirt. Only at feedmebubbe.com The cabbage is out of the pot and on the plate ready for Bubbe to show you the next step. Bubbe throws down advice letting you know that you can do this all the day before or even two days before. Its amazing how well the leaves peel off with no effort whatsoever. And of course with any meal there are extras and Bubbe tells you exactly what to do with the extra cabbage. But with that it is now time for the main event, the filling of the cabbage. All of the ingredients from the eggs, to the hamburg, and even to the onions! So many great ingredients being combined to make a meaty stuffed cabbage filling. Bubbe does a little mixing with her hands and gets ready to take the filling she just made and to fill the cabbage leaves. The rolling technique is amazing, just like a blintz. If one is not enough Bubbe shows you again. It is poetry in motion. Since you get the idea, now it is time to do the rest. Oh and here comes the part where Bubbe shows what you can do with the extra cabbage that she was talking about before. The key is not to waste the food since you can always make use of it. Others may use cabbage in the oven but Bubbe prefers using the stove itself. But what if there is a torn leaf, as Bubbe expertly holds up to the camera? Not a problem just add the torn one to another leaf and add the filling like normal. Nobody will know the difference since it gets rolled up anyway! As we watch Bubbe stir the tomato paste with two cans of water among other ingredients the lovely sauce for the stuffed cabbage really shines. Give a good stir and it gets poured all over the cabbage rolls. And that is all, that is it! Just bring to a boil and put the cover on! Two cabbage rolls are taken out and they look delicious and amazing. And look at the side dishes. It is quite amazing what one can do with the leftovers. Bubbe then thanks everyone the wrote letters ummm we mean emails! Wait who writes letters any more in this day in age of technology? Nobody does, its all about the instant communications with the emails! (and we love every one of them!) And at this point the credit rolls, we cant forget Guertins graphics and awards that did a wonderful job providing beautiful t-shirts. If you have graphics and awards needs be sure to give them a ring. Special thanks to Project ReadOn for their closed captions and to Blubrry for their overwhelming support! And with that we end another ever exciting episode as the banjo plays us out!
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Malai Kofta Recipe by Manjula
View full recipe at http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/2008/08/12/malai-kofta/ Ingredients: Kofta: 1 cup boiled mash potatoes 1 cup mash paneer 2 tablespoon minced cilantro (hara dhania) 1/2 teaspoon cumin seed (jeera) 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 small finally chopped green chili 2 tablespoon all purpose flour (maida, plain flour) Oil to fry Gravy: 2 tablespoon oil Generous pinch asafetida (hing) 1 teaspoon cumin seed (jeera) 2 medium tomatoes 1 tablespoon shredded ginger (adrak) 1 green chili 1 tablespoon coriander powder (dhania) 1/2teaspoon turmeric (haldi) 1/4 teaspoon red chili powder 1 teaspoon all purpose flour (maida, plain flour) 1/4 cup cream 1/2 teaspoon salt (adjust to taste) 1/4 teaspoon garam masala 2 tablespoon minced cilantro (hara dhania) If you love Indian vegetarian cooking, check out my Ebook of delicious recipes on Amazon by Manjula. http://amzn.to/17fgiJL
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Video Recipe: Bolognese Sauce
Visit http://www.harvesteating.com to get the written recipe for this video. The classic Italian meat sauce Bolognese is a thick, hearty and very flavorful recipe.
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Kombucha Recipe -  {Dave Makes Kombucha Tea Recipes}
GET THE ORIGINAL KOMBUCHA RECIPE HERE: http://www.GetKombucha.com/Kombucha-Recipe Kombucha Tea has so many other benefits and use besides a delicious kombucha beverage. Here is my secrete kombucha recipe for your hair. Brewing Kombucha is a simple process that makes healthful fermented tea. Though it may seem intimidating at first, this 60 second video shows just how easy it is to make Kombucha. Share it with your friends! "Kombucha is an all natural health beverage chockfull of probiotics and other healthy amino acids. Probiotic literally means "for life". Unlike antibiotics, which kill ALL of the bacteria in your body, even the good stuff, probiotics re-establish the natural ecology of the intestinal flora. Probiotics are said to boost immunity, enhance mood, fight allergies, detoxify the body and rid the body of disease. The Kombucha benefits you experience may vary." Looking for the original Kombucha Recipe or a bunch of Kombucha Tea Recipes? We got your covered... here ya go! It is the 1 gallon kombucha recipe but on that page we also show you how to flavor kombucha, my favorite is the kombucha ginger recipe.... hmmm. http://www.GetKombucha.com/Kombucha-Recipe We also have a free kombucha recipie mini course on how to brew kombucha tea at home for just pennies per servings! Why is the kombucha course free? Because that's how I roll! Happy Brewin', Dave :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_5zsVGefYA
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Paul Nison Simple Recipes Part 1
Paul Nison demonstrates how to make delicious, raw and simple recipes. Paul shows how to make eating healthy a part of your every day life.
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Training Chickens Makes for Better Dog Trainers!
www.j9sk9s.com J9's K9s trainer, Stephanie, spends a week training a chickens and sharpens her dog training skills in the process! Janine trained chickens too, in 2004!
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Vegan Dinner Party Recipes : Preparing Asian Slaw Vegetables for Vegan Dinner Recipe
Learn about how to prepare Asian slaw vegetables for a vegan dinner party in this free vegan recipe video on throwing a vegan dinner party. Expert: Marieve Herington Contact: www.marieve.ca Bio: Marieve Herington has had a passion for the culinary arts and entertaining since she was very young, opening her first freelance event coordinating and catering company when she was only 16. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
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Full Course Meal
Willie's Song Full Course Meal
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Video Recipe: Vegetable Stirfry in white sauce.. Easy Fast
http://www.syWire.com Vegetable Stirfry in light white sauce. Easy and fast to make. Can you ANY veggie's you want for this extreamly healthy vegetarian meal.
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Sunday Salad: Lissa Coffey
http://www.coffeytalk.com Lissa Coffey makes a nutritious and delicious salad that's a meal in itself! It's vegan, of course... you'll love it!
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Rhubarb Sauce, a New Way to Use Rhubarb
http://GardenFork.TV Need a new rhubarb recipe? When you mention Rhubarb, everyone thinks of Rhubarb Jam. On Gardenfork, we show you a neat recipe for rhubarb sauce that is great for desserts and breakfast. YUM. and, of course, the Labradors help out. Watch the show, then get the recipe on our green/cooking/gardening/country/city living community site, www.GardenFork.TV © GardenFork Media LLC All Rights Reserved Watch DIY GardenFork Here: http://youtube.com/diygardenfork Twitter: http://twitter.com/gardenforktv Facebook: http://facebook.com/gardenfork Google+: https://plus.google.com/+gardenfork/ Pinterest: http://http://pinterest.com/gardenforktv/ More great DIY, Cooking, Gardening, Home Improvement, Urban Homesteading videos and info on our site: http://GardenFork.TV Produced by GardenFork Media LLC ©2014 all rights reserved All embeds must live link to GardenFork.TV. No Editorial Excerpts without permission, Violators agree to pay $5,000 per second + $10 per view + all collections & lawyers fees Music: Happy Hour, Composed by Dale Herr (ASCAP) , Toast Factory Publishing (ASCAP) Recording Licensed from the UniqueTracks Production Music Library Inc.
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Magical Christmas Dinner—The Food Channel.mp4
Join The Food Channel for an enchanting Christmas evening. This 3-course dinner was beautiful, delicious and yet an excellent value for these times. So enjoy the warmth and cheer with the ones you love. As always, you'll find all the recipes and tips on foodchannel.com. Merry Christmas.
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The Egg First! (208): Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way
Jacques loves all eggs, all ways! Cooking them correctly is an important technique, and who better to demonstrate the perfect hard-cooked egg than a master of technique! Jacques begins this menu with hard-cooked eggs used as a garnish for his Asparagus Fans with Mustard Sauce. Simply seared in moments, Scallops Grenobloise is the ultimate fast dish, and when served with Potato Gratin with Cream, it makes a rich main course. Jam Tartines with Fruit Sherbert concludes the menu.
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Nutrition Certification Course and Business for Personal Trainers and other health professionals - Venice Nutrition
www.VeniceNutrition.com/GetCertified Venice Nutrition is most advanced and dynamic certification available in the fitness and nutrition industry. What makes the Venice Nutrition certification unique among others? Through years of experience and creating a thriving nutrition consulting business and brand nationwide, our team knows what it takes for you to get started and be successful in today's competitive industry. Venice Nutrition is a complete nutrition and fitness system based on the science of blood sugar stabilization. By understanding the cutting-edge science of blood sugar stabilization and the physiology of the human body, you will have the power to coach anyone on how to become a success story, regardless of their age, gender, body type, background or athletic abilities. Whether you are a seasoned personal trainer, a life coach, or just a health enthusiast, Venice Nutrition will provide you with the expertise and skills to break into the business or take your current business to a whole new level. No other certification process in the industry allows for such a dynamic approach to learning how to coach your clientele and build a successful nutrition consulting business. for more information please visit both www.VeniceNutrition.com and www.VeniceNutrition.com/GetCertified
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GreekFoodTv☼ Tzatziki - Greek Yogurt, Cucumber, Garlic Dip HD
Diane shows you this Greek meze classic, using Greek yogurt, olive oil, fresh herbs and cucumbers. Tzatziki is by far one of the best-known Greek recipes, a classic spread on every Greek restaurant menu across America and the world. It's also very healthy, with nothing but thick Greek yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, fresh cucumbers, dill, and a pinch of salt. Serve it on its own or with grilled chicken, lamb, or beef. Try your own souvlaki at home, too, with some tzatziki on the side. Serve pita bread with it! Serves 6 1 long thin cucumber, peeled and seeded 2 cups/480 ml strained Greek yogurt, chilled 2 to 3 garlic cloves, minced 2 tbsp chopped fresh dill 3 tbsp extra-virgin Greek olive oil 1 tbsp red wine vinegar (optional) Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste 1. Grate the cucumber on the coarse side of a box grater. Drain really well in a fine-mesh sieve for 10 minutes, then, taking a handful at a time, squeeze out as much of the excess liquid as possible in the palms of your hands. Transfer to a medium mixing bowl. 2. Combine the yogurt with garlic. Add the drained, squeezed cucumber and the dill. Pour in the vinegar and olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Mix well. Serve immediately. It should be served cold. Tzatziki is traditionally served as an appetizer and can be left on the table as an accompaniment to foods throughout the meal. The key to great tzatziki is the thick creamy texture that allows it to be eaten alone, as a dip, as a spread, and as a condiment. Tzatziki is one of the classic sauces in Greek cuisine, and there are as many versions as there are cooks who make it. Tzatziki, tzadziki, or tsatsiki (Greek: τζατζίκι) is a Greek meze or appetizer, also used as a sauce for souvlaki and gyros. Tzatziki is made of strained yoghurt (usually sheep's-milk or goat's-milk in Greece and Turkey) with cucumbers, garlic, salt, usually olive oil, pepper, dill, sometimes lemon juice and parsley, or mint added. The cucumbers are either pureed and strained, or seeded and finely diced. Olive oil, olives, and herbs are often used as garnishes. In touristy restaurants, and outside Greece and Cyprus, Tzatziki is often served with bread (loaf or pita) as part of the first course of a meal. Greeks, Cypriots and those from all over the Middle East use this dish as a side dish to a meal with meat. The acidity cuts the fat, thus Tzatziki is also used as a sauce for souvlaki and gyros, in which case it may be called cucumber sauce (especially in the U.S.). This is the Greek Food Channel http://www.dianekochilas.com/ Come to visit Diane and Vassili at their GLORIOUS GREEK KITCHEN COOKING SCHOOL (Ikaria). They run cooking classes and organize culinary tours in Greece for recreational and professional cooks. They also own DV FOOD ARTS CONSULTING, a food marketing company that produces specialty books and other food-and-wine-related literature for a wide variety of clients and independently for the tourist and other markets. Diane consults on Greek cuisine for restaurants, retail outlets and producers of fine Greek foods. Vassilis Stenos (photographer) offers an extensive archive of food and travel photographs of Greece. Diane Kochilas is an internationally known food writer, cookbook author, culinary teacher, food consultant and food "guru". She has more than 20 years' experience in the Greek kitchen. Diane divides her time between Athens, Ikaria, and New York. She is the consulting chef at Pylos, one of New York's top-rated Greek restaurants as well as consulting chef at Avli Restaurant in Chicago. She writes frequently for the US food press and appears regularly on American television. Her articles have appeared in The New York Times, Gourmet, Saveur, Food & Wine, Eating Well and in other food and general-interest publications. In Athens, she is the weekly food columnist and restaurant critic for Ta Nea, the country's largest newspaper. She has written 19 books on Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, including the award-winning The Glorious Foods of Greece. Her books include: The Food and Wine of Greece, The Greek Vegetarian, The Glorious Foods of Greece, Meze, Against the Grain (good carbs), Mediterranean Grilling, Mastiha Cuisine, The Northern Greek Wine Roads Cookbook, and Aegean Cuisine (see below).
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GreekFoodTv☼ Octopus
Greeks love octopus, one of the classic meze dishes and main course stews. Learn to clean and handle this unusual seafood by watching Diane's video. Octopus is delicious with extra virgin olive oil. Grilled, it's the best-known meze. Stewed or braised it pairs beautifully with tomatoes, garlic, oranges, and herbs. Drink an ouzo or a glass of Greek red wine with it. Greek fishermen, to tenderize the chewy, leathery flesh of an octopus, they thrash it 40 times against the rocks. There are definitely more efficient ways to catch and tenderize an octopus. Today, in commercial fisheries, they use washing-machine like mechanisms, or they freeze them, which breaks down the cell structure in the octopus' mussels and makes the flesh quite tender indeed. Octopus dipped in ouzo is a Greek-island meze in its own right, and octopus stewed with anise-flavored fennel—the same basic duet of flavors--is a local much-loved specialty in Crete and the southern Peloponnese. Cooking: The octopus needs not water, just a good heavy pot with lid and a very low flame. Cook it slowly until its own purple juice fills the pot and its flesh is about halfway cooked, then proceed with the recipe on hand. Anyway, we Greeks "own" the octopus to the outside world, just as the Italians have taken possession of the tomato, at least in the minds of most Americans. Of all the fish and seafood specialties of Greece—and there are many—none is more characteristic than octopus. Octopus is one of the favorite ingredients in countless stews and pairs well with all sorts of seasonal vegetables, from winter leeks to summer eggplants. Octopus, at around 11 euro a kilo as I write, maybe less at the Central Market, is a favorite ingredient in countless Greek country stews. Its ability to pair deliciously with a full array of seasonal vegetables, from winter leeks to summer eggplants, never ceases to beguile me. Greeks have adored this gangly, delicious cephalopod from time immemorial; images of it appear on Greek vases from the Mycenaean, Minoan, and classical eras, evincing a popular fascination with it. Many varieties find their way to the Greek country dinner plate, but one is especially esteemed: the O. vulgaris, with its double row of suckers running up along each tentacle. O. macropus is another popular species, with thinner but longer tentacles. One octopus species with a single row of suckers, Eledone cirrosa, isn't much savored in Greece, as cooks think of it as inferior. The musk octopus suffers from a similar disdain, its aroma way too strong for the taste of most country cooks. Regardless of the species, its flesh needs to be tenderized to taste good and the two countries that eat the most of it each has its own way of ensuring the right texture. The Greeks beat it a biblical 40 times against the rocks that buttress so many Greek beaches; the Spanish, first in the world among octopus consumers, throw a cork into the pot while it simmers. Arguably, the best way to tenderize it also the easiest: just freeze it, which helps break down cell structure, thus making the octopus softer. One caveat from this cook: grilled octopus is like a good steak. It has to be charred and chewy; you have to work at it to get the flavor. So, DON'T over boil it before grilling! HOW TO CLEAN Clean the octopus. Remove its saclike head and discard. Using a sharp paring knife, cut away the beaklike mouth. Put the octopus in a medium pot, and add the wine, bay leaf, and strip of orange zest. Cover and cook over low heat for about 45 to 50 minutes, until the octopus is basically cooked but still a little al dente. (The cooking time will vary slightly, depending on the size and innate tenderness of the octopus.) Drain the octopus, reserving the pan juices, and set aside to cool slightly. When cool enough to handle, chop the octopus into very small pieces.
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Good Foods, Good Life: How to cut a whole chicken
So what should you do when sidelined by injury and bored? Start a new project of course. Money is tight and I still want to eat well. In addition all the veggies and good meats needed to eat low carb are expensive. So how to save money and still eat well? Cook like our grandmothers cooked. Whole foods, from scratch using easy techniques. In this episode I show you how to cut up a whole chicken. In the next several episodes I will show various chicken recipes from several cultures. This is my first attempt, the camera is... okay but the editing software is horrid. Once I get the content and basics down I will work to improve the quality but I welcome any tips or ideas you may have for me. My goal for each set of videos is to explore a technique or recipe and then show you many variations so you don't just learn recipes but you learn to cook from the bottom on up.
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