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4 Easy 3-Ingredient Dinners

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Here is what you'll need! Mac & Cheese Servings: 3-4 INGREDIENTS 5 cups milk 1 lb dry elbow macaroni 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese PREPARATION In a large pot, bring the milk to a boil. Add the pasta and stir constantly until the pasta is cooked, about 10 minutes. Turn off the heat, then add the cheddar. Stir until the cheese is melted and the pasta is evenly coated. Enjoy! Chili-Glazed Salmon Servings: 3 INGREDIENTS 3 4-ounce salmon fillets ½ cup sweet chili sauce ¼ cup chopped scallions PREPARATION Preheat oven to 400°F/200˚C. In a bowl, mix together the salmon, chili sauce, and the scallions. Place the fillets on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Spoon any leftover sauce on top of the salmon. Bake for 12-15 minutes, until the salmon is cooked but still tender. Enjoy! Cajun BBQ Ribs Servings: 2-3 INGREDIENTS 1/2 rack baby back ribs 3 tablespoons Cajun seasoning 1 cup BBQ sauce PREPARATION Preheat oven to 250°F/120°C. Rub the Cajun seasoning evenly over the top and bottom of the ribs. Bake for 2 hours, until ribs are tender. Increase oven temperature to 500°F/260°C. Brush the BBQ sauce evenly over the top and the sides. Bake for an additional 15 minutes, until the sauce is bubbly and caramelized. Serve with the extra BBQ sauce! Enjoy! Teriyaki Chicken Servings: 2-3 INGREDIENTS 2 pounds chicken thighs, sliced into chunks 1 cup soy sauce ½ cup brown sugar PREPARATION Sear the chicken thighs evenly in a pan, then flip. Add the soy sauce and brown sugar, stirring and bringing to a boil. Stir until the sauce has reduced and evenly glazes the chicken. Serve with rice, if desired! Enjoy! Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty MUSIC NSPS2305_04 licensed by Warner Chappell Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam.

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Text Comments (1093)
Ramiana (8 days ago)
Tasty stop fucking putting repeat dishes in multiple vids assholes
EmmyPlayz (1 month ago)
Wait for the teriyaki chicken how do they cut the thighs to make small pieces? Is it supposed to be chicken breasts?
Olive Stern (2 months ago)
I can almost SMELL the food! Oh wait its my mom cooking
Thank u Tasty. From a single sister,and now I'm all married,i can cook like a pro chef.
Thank u Tasty. From a single sister,and now I'm all married,i can cook like a pro chef.
The Paper Pineapple (2 months ago)
Wouldn't "5 or fewer ingredients" make more sense than "5 ingredients or less?"
Ms. Lizzy Blitz (2 months ago)
I see a lot of comments saying their mac n cheese tasted awful and that the noodles were half cooked. Well mine was fine, but I’d suggest to not entirely follow the recipe and to make some alterations here and there. What I did was add more milk when it evaporated too quickly and also water to help the milk retain itself while I waited for the noodles to cook to el dente. But I have to say it was longer than the usual time to make mac n cheese but eh, still good
Physiology Shark (3 months ago)
Oh oh yes! 😆
Brandi Levy (3 months ago)
I guess I did something wrong...no glaze!
Deniel Labine (4 months ago)
Teriyaki Chicken thigh Soy sauce Sugar
Xiara Cordero (4 months ago)
I tried the teriyaki chicken one but I added sliced onion pieces and just eyeballed the soy sauce and sugar, i didn't use that much sugar for sure but it was pretty good to me, some comments are saying its bad but maybe its just me being hungry at 2 am with nothing better to do but it tasted good in my opinion, also tried the mac and cheese another night and the minute its off of heat the cheese dries...
A ALI (4 months ago)
Teriyaki is Disgusting. And it Takes Longer Than 30 Mins To Make. Don’t Bother Trying It.
Monita Samom (4 months ago)
Can tasty even make anything that is vegeterian??!?!
Rick Nash (4 months ago)
May try the fish
Rhabarberhabarbenkuchen (4 months ago)
The mac n cheeze one gives a fuck to be tasty
Ssj Dom (5 months ago)
Didnt know mac and cheese was dinner but alright
Skadi (5 months ago)
i have spagetti, i have milk, no cheese
Benson Ye (5 months ago)
what milk does the mac and cheese need?
Sariah Smith (5 months ago)
I made the macaroni and cheese, but I had to modify it a lot. I had to let the milk and noodles boil for a LOT longer than 10 minutes. Then I added a tablespoon of butter, some salt and pepper, and a little bit of garlic powder. I kept the pot simmering as I added the cheese, and after it melted, I added more seasoning and some half-and-half to make it creamier. Then I cooked up a couple strips of bacon (cooked green beans with a tablespoon of butter, salt, pepper, and the bacon grease for an easy side!), crumbled it on top of the mac and cheese, and stirred it in. (I also made it with shell noodles because I didn't have elbow noodles, not that that really matters.) But it actually turned out pretty good!!
Katelyn T. (6 months ago)
Is the chilie for the salmon spicy? I have a 4/10 spicy tolerance lol
Palkoark (6 months ago)
This stole from shallow
Carsity (6 months ago)
I tried the Mac and Cheese today and I 10/10 do not reccomend. Boiling the macaroni in milk makes it sweet and gives it a ransid aftertaste. I reccomend boiling the noodles in water, straining them, adding 1 or 2 cups of milk, then adding 1 or 2 cups of cheese, based on preference.
CrystalArcher8855 (6 months ago)
You guys can try my recipe French fry or potato chips dish Ingredients Potato Salt Cheese Pepper Procedure 1.cut the potatoes to French fry shape or potato chip shape 2.get your sliced potatoes and put it in a wok with oil 3.fry it until the fries start to be golden brown 4.when potato chips put it in the microwave for 5 minutes or color golden brown 5.while frying or baking set another pan for the cheese 6.melt the cheese 7.after melted put in salt and pepper then mix for 2 minutes at low heat 8.prepare the bowl to put cheese and another bowl for the French fries or potato chips 9.put them in the bowls 10. Enjoy like this comment if you enjoyed it
CatfishXtreme (6 months ago)
Tried making the teriyaki chicken and it was terrible. The sause was pretty well burnt by the time it got thick. Was using medium/high heat and it never once looked like the video. Tasted super salty. Maybe I done it wrong but I won't be making it this way again
Emily El (6 months ago)
Has anyone tried the Mac n cheese?
Belen Orellana (6 months ago)
hello american people this shit is a fuckin buffet
Ansh Sheth (6 months ago)
Wow! Four easy to make meals. Not that great a cook myself, but these look so simple!??!
matthew weih (7 months ago)
In all honesty box Mac and cheese taste better than the first one, made it and I’m not feeling it
Lindsey (7 months ago)
So I was just cooking for myself so I made a fourth of the recipe. There was a little too much milk. Also, beware because I heated the milk on 6 (my electric stove goes to 9) in a nonstick pot and all of the milk that was on the bottom turned into a brown film and was difficult to get out. I suggest heating the milk on medium low in a ceramic pot like the on in the video. Additionally, I used half Kraft cheese and half Sargento, both sold shredded, and even after microwaving it, both melted terribly. Additionally, once I got past all of this, it just didn't taste good. I think the cheddar didn't go well with it and messed with the flavor because I used extra sharp. Hope this helps!
Sania H (7 months ago)
Warning don't make this mac n cheese, worst recipe ever
Avery Smith (7 months ago)
Apparently, sweet chili sauce is made out of 1 ingredient guys!
These are just the bases and you can add your own seasoning.
Fares Haj Murad (7 months ago)
How many cups is 1lb of dry pasta?????
Futuristic Aimal (7 months ago)
i am starting to hate ur channel after watching these silly recipes
arisa raup (7 months ago)
Emazing13 (7 months ago)
Mac and cheese is good but add 3-4 cups of cheese and salt and pepper so its not shit
Venkatesh Bangera (7 months ago)
perlasewda1 (7 months ago)
I cooked the Mac n cheese before it was so cheesey. The salmon ribs and chicken was awesome
Pk_Lo (8 months ago)
I was horrible at cooking and I thought it was too hard. That’s when you guys came along and made these simple but good recipes!
HarrodsFan (8 months ago)
The meat looked rare done, in the video. Is that how it is supposed to be ?
Carla Mattos (8 months ago)
earthLove * (8 months ago)
I love the music to the video! Great job tasty I come to just listen to the tune!
Tom Chamberlain (9 months ago)
Yooo come on, cajun seasoning is cheating
HeyIts Dani (9 months ago)
The mac and cheese had me dead! Such a great recipe! Going o mark it tonight for my family! Btw I am only eleven.
Jessica Perez (9 months ago)
In the first one, was the elbow pasta supposed to be already cooked?
katestanton1 (9 months ago)
If you are making the mac and cheese watch out when boiling the milk, because when I boiled it it burned onto the bottom of my pot and it's very hard to get off.
3Toq (9 months ago)
yum! I'm going to try all these :P
vaidehi pandya (9 months ago)
I'm triggering my self by watching these food videos lol
Olivia Hoffman (9 months ago)
This mac and cheese is AMAZING!
joy garcia (9 months ago)
I like this video! Yes, more, more, more.....
Muhammad Abdurahman (9 months ago)
When I'm hungry I watch these videos and then start munching😀🍝🍔🍟🍕
GrimDeath 8 (9 months ago)
NOW try one ingredient recipes
A Perfect Mistake (9 months ago)
0:49 that's four ingredients if you include broccoli
4ever EndlessX (9 months ago)
For The Mac N Cheese, the elbow pasta has to be previously cooked? or just raw for the packet?
Hold Your Colours (10 months ago)
What is the Milk-pasta ratio for the Mac and cheese?
G Rye Del (10 months ago)
I made the mac and cheese, stirred the milk, but had some excess milk. After adding the cheese, it ended up mixing with the excess milk giving it a soupy cheese texture instead of the one in the video. The comments who were saying it needed seasoning, they are all right. Tried it directly after, its plain, but after seasoning it with salt and pepper and garlic, it tasted great. My only issue is in terms of time, the box is better. Season the box ones and it will taste just as good. I was not too fond of using up 5 cups of milk knowing it could of gone into a week's worth of cereal
Dope Hope (10 months ago)
how much ml of soy sauce and brown sugar for the last one?
serv rect (10 months ago)
Cereal milk and big smoke done
Harry CHEUNG (10 months ago)
guys u dont just have to use 3 ingredients, add other things
Derriefa Adila (10 months ago)
I ve tried the tariyaki. And it so TASTY !!!!!
Twila Simpson (10 months ago)
i know this isnt on or 3 ingredient but i made an amazing beef and broccoli dish tonight
HowDoYouLikeThemMeatballs (10 months ago)
Ginga Gaming (10 months ago)
What can I add to the teriyaki chicken to make it taste better, I head a lot of people saying it was bad
aenvos (10 months ago)
Teriyaki chicken looks so good. ;u;
Yami Hirugashi (11 months ago)
Made the teriyaki chicken it took me an hour in total. It was good but I had to tweak it. The brown sugar ended up making it kinda bitter with how long it cooked. Next time I'll wait a little longer to put in the brown sugar (I did it exactly like the video). Added some onion powder (tablespoon), garlic powder (tablespoon), a tablespoon of water (to help things mix) and at least 1/3 a cup of real honey. It fixed the bitterness, unfortunately it has an aftertaste of a bitterness. Hope this helps anyone wanting to make this.
M A (11 months ago)
I just made the teriyaki chicken make sure not to touch the sauce while it's boiling or it will remain liquidy...once I left it alone for about 7 minutes it turned saucy and also I think it would come out more moist if i would have first made the sauce and then added the chicken lightly cooked...
anne lacsina (11 months ago)
was there flour at the bowl for the mac cheese
Lissy Pritchard (11 months ago)
I'm making the mac and cheese now for my family, wish me luck!
Dave Johnson (11 months ago)
It should kind of go without saying, but you can add YOUR OWN seasonings! That's right, boys and girls! You don't have to follow the recipe to the exact letter. I know you're used to having the teacher tell you every single thing you should do, but if you put on your big boy pants, put down your juice box, and think for a second or two, you would discover ALL KINDS of things you can do in the grown-up world *without being told to do it.* Oh, just think of the things you'll discover! The places you'll go! The garlic salt you can add to a bland meal! That's right. Open your spice cabinet and give it a try. Don't worry. The kitchen police won't come after you.
Red Milk (11 months ago)
i have a question, can the mac and cheese be made with farfalle?
Rodjana Khaypet (11 months ago)
Thank you for awesome idea
kate christine Imasa (11 months ago)
What kind of milk should be used for the mac n cheese recipe? Pls help.
Immortal Twixxx (11 months ago)
Simple Mac n cheese recipe: Go to your local grocery store and pick out the most beautiful 4 pack of mac n cheese Don't bother to pay if you're broke Avoid the cops,go home,and lock your door Now,heat up water using that cool electric kettle cause you're too lazy to do it any other way,don't let it heat that extra minute #rebel Carefully take off the seal,making sure there are no rips Pour in your hot water Add a cheese packet,without half of it going out of the cup Stir Add more cheese cause cheese is bomb Stir Pour onto a plate if you want BOOM! You made mac n cheese the easier way😋
jose ortiz (1 year ago)
I'm shook
missvalkyrie (1 year ago)
i wanna make these foods but i barely have any ingredients to do so. help
XxxKristine_ WolfexxX (1 year ago)
Easy 5 ingredient or less dinner What you'll need: Milk Sweetened wheat shaped in cute ways A bowl Put the sweetened shaped wheat in a bowl along with some milk. cereal bone apple tea
Aundrea Dava (1 year ago)
This video is awesome. Very helpful!
J Bang (1 year ago)
People need to understand that these recipes are like blank coloring pages. The minimal line art is there for you to color in yourself. The line art is there so you have something easy to color in. So you can add your own spices and etc... Tasty is just giving you the basics of a recipe.
Mohamed Ahmed (1 year ago)
Well worded
shermanda carey (1 year ago)
Instead of macaroni, why did it say elbow pasta
ahmed349 (1 year ago)
فراخ طرياقي الطرياق طعمه وحش يعني الفراخ هيكون طعمها وحش
Pigzzly (1 year ago)
The terriaki chicken is actually a simple way to make chicken adobo
Christina Wentzell (1 year ago)
for the Mac & Cheese: how much noodles, cheese and milk?
Miguel Newman (1 year ago)
Another one of theses videos please
ahmed349 (1 year ago)
Rip none of ingredients are available here😭😭😭😖😖😞😖
Twiggy the Torterra (1 year ago)
That salmon looked good. Though I'd add lots more spices for a spicy salmon dinner
drisha sinha (1 year ago)
Where is the seasoning? 😱
KawaiiContinuum (1 year ago)
I tried bringing whole milk to a boil all by itself and it curdled and became chunky :( all that milk wasted
ForeverAPerson x (1 year ago)
People are complaining of the lack of seasoning just add I yourself jeez
XxglowslyxX (1 year ago)
I see a lot of people saying the food would be bland..did you bother to actually make it and taste or...it's just a bunch of assumptions ? Everyone has there own taste. Some people can't eat hotsause cause it's to spicy but some can cause it doesn't bother them to that degree ..
THE BIG FELLAS (1 year ago)
I made the Mac and cheese but it came out too thick and the milk was burning what did I do wrong
hoehoe hoeseok (1 year ago)
this video has less cheese than I expected :O
김 윤서 (1 year ago)
That chicken looked really good for being so simple, this coming from a vegetarian lmao
tale yum (1 year ago)
can I give more auger instead of brown suger in chicken teriyaki
Sam S (1 year ago)
that mac and cheese is a bad idea....
JOSIE (1 year ago)
Ume Ammaarah Rehman (1 year ago)
For Mack and cheese can you add white mozzarella cheese instead of cheddar cheese??
firstname iskowitz (1 year ago)
I came here for the music.
Arikin (1 year ago)
The mac and cheese looks so good i would listen to the ooohhh yeeessss 50 times just to eat that whole pot of ir
Anne Kamau (1 year ago)
omfg I love Mac n cheese

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