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Mutton Curry Recipe | Cooking Village Style | VILLAGE FOOD RECIPES

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VILLAGE FOOD - mutton recipe prepared by my mummy in my village, pot mutton curry cooking in my village
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Kalpana Kalaiyarasan (4 days ago)
Ennakum vendum Idly with karikulambu. Mainly kaldosai with this mutton kulambu .very yummy
Priya Rohan (4 days ago)
Wow Seema . Too yummy can't wait to eat . In between sounds of goat too good
ふじわらしおり (12 days ago)
Very nice 😊😊
Village food BDN (13 days ago)
nice video
susan george (13 days ago)
Love it
meddeck (13 days ago)
Can you at least the ingredients in English plz
Village Food Valley (13 days ago)
How many likes mutton Curry?
Jebaseeli Thamburaj (13 days ago)
Feel Your Meal (13 days ago)
Is it iron or ceramic cooking pot? Nice cooking!
Feel Your Meal (13 days ago)
Thank you!
Jebaseeli Thamburaj (13 days ago)
Feel Your Meal it's clay pot
Shanti Rajan (13 days ago)
Looks very tasty. I will be definitely making this dish next week. Thank you.
Manish Wari (13 days ago)
mouth watering
Jeanne Khun (13 days ago)
Good recipe ! 💖💖
bittu meena (14 days ago)
Plz make the video and speak in hindi
Thiageswary Suppiah (14 days ago)
Village recipe nice
Rosa Ruiz Meneses (14 days ago)
Mmm, que rico, saludos.
CreativeYT (14 days ago)
Farmer Cooking (14 days ago)
village style mutton curry recipe is very super
Stomach booster (14 days ago)
That's a pretty yummy recipe to make :) lets suport each other as always :) thumbs up :)
Keerthu K (14 days ago)
Deivamagal Today (14 days ago)
nice recipe

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