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Messing around with a butterfly "comb"

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My grandma bought me something for my birthday, and it had something that said "Yes! Send me free gift" after she bought it, and this is one of the things that came.
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Olivia Dubois (5 months ago)
That was amazing. Sick tricks my dude
WalnutTime (5 months ago)
WalnutTime (5 months ago)
Who are you
Zylie Limmins (11 months ago)
you’re NOT THITTING HERE - kayla
I made a second channel, from now on the first one is just skits
Greg Ahlman (1 year ago)
I've said it before and I'll say it again, YOU ARE TRULY A NUT WALNUT :-) Be careful not to 'cut' yourself with that COMB now!!!

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