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ALPS Mountaineering Echo Lake Sleeping Bag

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For more information on this ALPS sleeping bag, check out: http://stp.me/ALPSEchoLakeSleepingBag Stay warm through chilly backcountry nights in the Echo Lake sleeping bag from ALPS Mountaineering, comfort rated to 20°F thanks to cozy polyester fiber batting insulation. For more great deals on great brands, check out: http://stp.me/home

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Mark Thamm (3 years ago)
I'll be using this on my backpacking excursion in the White Mountains next week. Looking forward to it.
STPdeals (3 years ago)
+Mark Thamm Nice! Sounds like a great trip. Have fun! :) - Chris
Call_Me_Map (4 years ago)
Did you see the size of that fucking sleeping bag in the stuff sack? That will go on no packs.
Xan Xus (11 months ago)
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Call_Me_Map (3 years ago)
Oh how cute, you're christian. No need to repent to a false god.
ministercreek (3 years ago)
Too bad you don't repent of your foul mouth!
hameed (6 years ago)
koo koo kacha

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