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amazing guitar player from Russia

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3 young musicians that I discovered in a small bar in Samara Russia. I am not in the music business but i am trying to promote them. Amazing guitar player Sergei just ROCKS. title of this song is: the Duck song. I asked Sergei where he got the title and he explained to me that ducks fly around and never spend a lot of time in the same place. He feels he is like a "duck". They recently won a rock contest and were selected as best act out of a line up of 50 bands!
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Text Comments (37)
Серегу даже за бугром обожают :D
Neurosmetana (4 years ago)
Bands name - nobody.one Site nobodyone. ru Серега наилучший:D
Nakamura Kaito (5 years ago)
Отец Сергий \m/
Максим Н (5 years ago)
... я это и имел ввиду ^^
Vitaliy Mechkivskiy (5 years ago)
Максим Н (5 years ago)
=)) иноземцы ахуевают )) это наш российский Steve Vai ебта
Максим Н (5 years ago)
nobody.one Сергей Табачников
LsashaP (6 years ago)
This is Nobody.one Серёга ты крут!!!!
ilovebellamy (6 years ago)
in the end loooks like guitar hero when te sing finish xD
heavyrules669 (6 years ago)
wow great music!
sushk89 (6 years ago)
Он офигенен)) На этом видео похож на Обивана из 3-го эпизода:)
Fuat Galiyev (6 years ago)
Песня уточки....the duck song
Denis Taranov (7 years ago)
Здорово! не этак нередко неплохой гитарист и неплохой мелодист встречается в одном лице
Aezie1337 :Р (7 years ago)
The band is nobody.one
cathedra (7 years ago)
whats the name of the band?
CRITTER RYTP (4 months ago)
WhatIsThePrice (7 years ago)
just try japan underground
Thomas Catlett (7 years ago)
it seems no matter how amazing a band is the only REALLy known ones are from the U.S. ( yes i know there are MANY exceptions ) but i think that american bands IN america are better known than others , mostly more modern ones. I hate it. LIke my friends band in italy, Lip Colour Revolution is awesome, but not known outside of europe, and i love their music
sasha2007kaz (7 years ago)
Стив Вай и всякие Петручи там не выше уровня данного чела.
Solod49 (7 years ago)
@Immortal1602 nobody.one 9 november Serge will come to my city. Oh yeah..)
his youtube chanel youtube.com/user/stereodamage
Oleg Nesterov (8 years ago)
Они там все крутые =),однако Серж в особенности.Кому любопытно официальный веб-сайт nobodyone.co.uk
IgorD (8 years ago)
I am wondering why the hell he is still not a super popular rock star? I also like his songs - Olaya and X.R.
Antony vanCASper (8 years ago)
Это попросту нечеловеческая музыка!!!!! It's inhuman music!!!
metalhusky (8 years ago)
cool the style sounds a lil bit like tom morellos
birdstinyworld (8 years ago)
God damn he's cool.
Nejnii_Podstrekatel (8 years ago)
хахах)) This guy are legend in russia :DDDDD
FuziVuzis (8 years ago)
Тема именуется The Duck Song загугли: nobody.one...найдеш её
GrimZayaz (8 years ago)
I want to visit Samara Russia only to see this guy(Serge Tabachnikov) on my own eyes Because he is real russian legent of Youtube =)
CRITTER RYTP (4 months ago)
GrimZayaz He live in St Petersburg now
Carlos Gimena Bello (8 years ago)
Its amazing... really good. 5stars
Kiev Reynolds (8 years ago)
Absoloutly brilliant, epic!!!
Rob Roelvink (9 years ago)
Personally I don't like this kind of music. But what I can see is a damm good guitarist who's influenced by a guitarist like Steve Vai. I'll listen to the song more often so I will change my mind about this music. I do support your effort of promoting such skillfull musicans and wish you lots of succes. Greetingzzz Rob
birdstinyworld (9 years ago)
zeus200x (9 years ago)
When they come to the Cheboksary? :)

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