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1 Ingredient slime Compilation!! Popular No Glue, No Borax Slime Recipes!!! Slime 7 ways

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1 Ingredient slime Compilation!! Popular No Glue, No Borax Slime Recipes!!! Slime 7 ways.In his slime tutorial, I made cheese slime, candy(Starburst) slime, tapioca starch slime, psyllium husk slime, Metamucil slime, toothpaste slime, and Chewing gum slime. Thank you for watching Boogie Kids. Please Subscribe for more fun : https://goo.gl/A5rGFp FACEBOOK : Friend me -https://www.facebook.com/boogiekids1 INSTAGRAM : Friend me -https://www.instagram.com/boogiekids1 Watch more Playdoh videos : https://goo.gl/DCrXvi Watch more Jell-O videos : https://goo.gl/TweWWP Watch more Slime videos : https://goo.gl/YoYv1k Watch more Popin Cookin Japanese candy : https://goo.gl/iZrpPu Watch more Boogie Kids videos : https://goo.gl/aBd8sh Watch more Popsicles video :https://goo.gl/kb7aPU Watch more Rubber band bracelets videos :https://goo.gl/9p2K4x Thank you for watching Boogie Kids.
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Text Comments (6283)
Boogie Kids (7 months ago)
Hey Guys! Please watch our new Bubblegum slime recipe here https://goo.gl/qr9Gw3
Antonio channel (1 day ago)
Boogie Kids
Salma Hussain (13 days ago)
Boogie Kids i have tried the cheese one and after a little while it all goes hard and you cant strech it.
Boogie Kids I
Angela Hemingway (1 month ago)
Angela Hemingway (1 month ago)
Shelby Smith (21 minutes ago)
The first one I don’t call slime i call food
Jalal Afshar (6 hours ago)
when I saw he add cheese I was like "roses are red violets are blue I know its fake and you all know it too"
Sarah Khuramy (12 hours ago)
1960 : We'll have flying vehicles in the future 2018 : Cheese slime
Ya I'm sooooooo just gonna be playing with cheese that is disgusting and it would smell bad
Most of these slimes are made of food What is food...edible So are the slimes made of food edible?
Vikram Singh (1 day ago)
wasting food
Heaven_Heart 92 (1 day ago)
Don't u hate it when YouTubers make slime so easily and simple while for normal people it takes 10 years to try and figure it out and never gets it?!? Who can relate to that
Freshta Susan (1 day ago)
Ewww the cheese one is nasty Edit, i liked my own comment
Heli Artola (2 days ago)
The first one I can eat!
alan mctaggart (2 days ago)
Does the first one actually work?
desimarie06 (2 days ago)
i tried making the toothpaste slime i ended out almost exploding my microwave and i burnt my fingers
Itz Niarah (2 days ago)
I did toothpaste slime, chick the extra bits. Got stuck in the sink. Also we r selling the house. Oh god..😭😭😂😭😂😭😂😂😂
SMILE NOW (2 days ago)
#1 is the most Delicious looking slime I've ever seen
Juanita Machie (2 days ago)
You can eat them
# Sparkle (2 days ago)
Why wood u play wide food
Xmusical stylize (2 days ago)
The first slime : sick it’s gonna go off The 2nd slime:😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
beauty msp xox (2 days ago)
A slime recipe is use a cup if glue then put a flat level teaspoon then add shaving phone then food dye and glitter and all that stuff then add this contact solution call Re-nu and wallah all done
beauty msp xox (2 days ago)
OMG edible slime for the first one yay toats making
Karlee Salamero (3 days ago)
I don't why but i have activator but i have no glue😂😒 send help i need gluuueeee😭
Serena Harrison (3 days ago)
4:03...is that slime edible???
Suman Singh (4 days ago)
What is the use of slime
ash (4 days ago)
Does anyone else realize that the starburst slime is edible? Like if you knew
fnaf gamer 912381 (4 days ago)
would you rather choose to have pizza cheese and eat it or slime cheese and eat it ? why does this even exist
Parker Bryant (4 days ago)
Cheese slime???
Nevaeh Woods (4 days ago)
Don't try the first one bc mine got moldy and discussting and it stunk!🤢😨
Abeeha Yousuf (4 days ago)
FAKE FAKE FAKE !!!! Did any one noticed that they are not fluffy and strechy but after they change their scene slime gets fluffy and strechy .They are mixing other ingrediants too but not showing it !!!!
Robert Rice (4 days ago)
am I the o
Ka'Leah Stringer (4 days ago)
Marie lydon (4 days ago)
Daisy Belle Armstrong (4 days ago)
wont the cheese get moldy like if you agree
I love her/his recipies
Sebastien Meesin (4 days ago)
i hate you my mom said she works in the youtube place and she wants you die you take the hell out of me you fuck at this no glue slime dummy fucker my vids are better
Muhammad Motala (4 days ago)
the first one sucks because normal slime can last forever and that one will smell in a few days
Dalis Dalis (4 days ago)
U used things poor people don't have
Dalis Dalis (4 days ago)
Fyi I'm not trying this it Ruins the 🌎
puma slay (5 days ago)
*Pro Slime Maker Am I Right?*
Zoe Garner (5 days ago)
What if the first one goes moldy yuck
Veronica Goodall (5 days ago)
Cheese and food colouring = good luck me not eating it lmao 😂
Queenstar01 .Money (5 days ago)
I thought this was 1 ingredient slime unless water isnt an ingredent
Comedy with Sneha (5 days ago)
2nd one is very sticky 🙅 iwwwww
Comedy with Sneha (5 days ago)
3rd one also
salim shawon (5 days ago)
omg it worked
saad sayed (6 days ago)
Slime recipe Chew some chewingum take it in your hands and your slime is ready
Natalia Perez (6 days ago)
The first one is disgusting
learn and tech (6 days ago)
Imane Makhloufi (6 days ago)
Number 1😖😰😷
Allanah Wells (6 days ago)
🌹 Roses are red Violets are blue I can't make slime so what should I do
slime dash dash (7 days ago)
It said one ingredient
Haveen Nzar (7 days ago)
I have a super easy slime recipe video,you guys should defenitly chek it out!!!
Rayonna B (7 days ago)
Ruvani Adhihetty (7 days ago)
The first one is edible and the second one if you put food colouring.The third one will be really yummy.Toothpaste one will be really yucky.
Tyasha (7 days ago)
So the first one is edible slime?😂
Tahsin Gaming (7 days ago)
Slime is better then nothing
serita nagel (8 days ago)
roses are red violets are blue we all come here cuz we have no glue
Wesley West (8 days ago)
my slime never worked I fill blue
Chris Barnard (8 days ago)
It’s weird how most of these are edible
Minda Paredes (8 days ago)
Unm does anyone here thinks that they should quit making slime because they dont have much money to buy the ingredients ...... Im from phillipines
Nitu Nitu (8 days ago)
The best way of making slime with bubble gum is first chew it and then when you wanna split it just take it out and wash it under the tap yourslime is ready
Star plus India (9 days ago)
First one is edible slime
Oksana Luskavets (9 days ago)
The first one was THREE ingredients
gabi's vlog life! (9 days ago)
Evyonah Esmeralda (9 days ago)
It looks like the last slime is to wet
Mary Backhouse (9 days ago)
Omg so good!!!
Selma Troksi (9 days ago)
The cheese slime does not work it broke my glass
Ramesh Sahu (9 days ago)
Can we eat first slime??
KittenCupcakes (9 days ago)
0:56 Blue cheese slime.
infinity stuff (10 days ago)
Since you used cheese is it edible
gracie mayes (10 days ago)
the gum one is the only one that works
Waste of cheese :(
Infinity._.gamer 01 (10 days ago)
1st 1 😂😂😂😂 cheeeeeze 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀
Sushama Kaitherikandy (10 days ago)
sonia vazquez (11 days ago)
quit playing with your slime!!! get on with the video!😬
Uannie Walton (11 days ago)
At the end of the first one .....thats NOT how u play with slime
Making slime with sturbucks it turned into edible slime
Kendall Swan (11 days ago)
3:00 only one orange starburst!!
I call it edible slime
Jc ComingAtYou (12 days ago)
None of these ingredients are in my house
Tepora Segi (12 days ago)
The first one actually looked yum
Em The vlogger (12 days ago)
Did your parents ever teach you not to play with food???
How to make 1 ingredient slime: slime,
Jodie Noriega33 (12 days ago)
Eww 🤮🤮🤮🤮😷🤧🤧 cheese slime
Gabriel Alcober (12 days ago)
the first one is edible
Sarah Rassam (12 days ago)
Slime is cool
Abdulmajid Ehsani (13 days ago)
Ew you are not that much inteligent ha ha 😃😃😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
Chirel Raper (13 days ago)
is the first on edible?
Sales Aanya Realty (13 days ago)
Does it work with amul . Lol😋😋
Gymnastics Marlayna (13 days ago)
Eww 😷 cheese 🧀 slime! 😂
Annie Tiger (14 days ago)
fuzzy fox8239 (14 days ago)
Omg the cheese on is crazy
Amira Vlogs (14 days ago)
Wowowowow the first one was a smart idea your smart 😎
Shehza Hassan (14 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I’m watching this video cause I have no glue
slimelover123 #slime (14 days ago)
That first one worked!!!
Briella Muntwari (14 days ago)
the cheese recipe is so good
Rigo Castro (14 days ago)
bruhhhh this guy has to pokkkkeee it
Rigo Castro (14 days ago)
r are red v are blue, I just failed it, so did you
Luis Napoles (15 days ago)
Who agrees that the 1st slime was disqusting?
And third
Water and mozzarella cheese
First one is edible
Zeze Squad YT (15 days ago)
this actually look like it could work. ill update this after i try it
Jas Yajjala (16 days ago)
The starbrust one is edible.

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