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1 Ingredient slime Compilation!! Popular No Glue, No Borax Slime Recipes!!! Slime 7 ways

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1 Ingredient slime Compilation!! Popular No Glue, No Borax Slime Recipes!!! Slime 7 ways.In his slime tutorial, I made cheese slime, candy(Starburst) slime, tapioca starch slime, psyllium husk slime, Metamucil slime, toothpaste slime, and Chewing gum slime. Thank you for watching Boogie Kids. Please Subscribe for more fun : https://goo.gl/A5rGFp FACEBOOK : Friend me -https://www.facebook.com/boogiekids1 INSTAGRAM : Friend me -https://www.instagram.com/boogiekids1 Watch more Playdoh videos : https://goo.gl/DCrXvi Watch more Jell-O videos : https://goo.gl/TweWWP Watch more Slime videos : https://goo.gl/YoYv1k Watch more Popin Cookin Japanese candy : https://goo.gl/iZrpPu Watch more Boogie Kids videos : https://goo.gl/aBd8sh Watch more Popsicles video :https://goo.gl/kb7aPU Watch more Rubber band bracelets videos :https://goo.gl/9p2K4x Thank you for watching Boogie Kids.

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Boogie Kids (10 months ago)
Hey Guys! Please watch our new Bubblegum slime recipe here https://goo.gl/qr9Gw3
Boogie Kids me nether
DR RBT (19 days ago)
Very clever but i wont try it
Boogie Kids do you even know how to count
sumaya Hasan (1 month ago)
So bad nice try hahaha
Lexipastelzz (37 minutes ago)
I have a 1 ingredient slime recipe! Get blue tack and knead it then add water it will start to get stretchier like slime putty and I can use different colours for blue tack u can buy different colour or colour it only one drop of the colour is too weak add another drop until u get the colour u want I tried this one and it works super easy and inexpensive Another recipe I recommend is one ingredient butter slime get ur clay knead it and add water and BOOM Another slime recipe Nail polish remover in. A bowl then add styrofoam and it knead it it melts and breaks apart as u add it in the remover and it will knead it and you might have slime I might not work cuz I found this on yt. It’s worth a try Another recipe Pound land white glue And Tesco eye drops and ur done! Pour glue slowly add eye drops as you mix it in and it will be slime I tested this
hubert playz (18 hours ago)
I am looking for good slime resipies with glue no borax !!
Atreyu ._. (1 day ago)
I started the mozzarella one but I ended up eating it. Oopa
Daniel Vega (1 day ago)
IT DIY SLIME PLEASE LIKE YOU WiII it slime your B@ll With 😇😆😂😃😄😄😯
Soul of Fire (1 day ago)
1 slime is edible 😂😂😂 Cheese and warm water and food coloring
Leela Solanki (2 days ago)
That was farrali chivda
Kaitlin Grace (2 days ago)
1:00 eewww
Kaitlin Grace (2 days ago)
More like 0:011
Sunil Sharma (3 days ago)
Very nice
Isabella H (3 days ago)
This is Leah 🤱🏻=she’s a baby She has a mom 👩🏻=this is Rachel her baby is Leah =like for the baby and mom to get older
Layla_thekid i (4 days ago)
Don't microwave toothpaste because when I did it my micowave almost expolde
journee ogden (4 days ago)
you are good at making slime
Cool girl Dayana (4 days ago)
Who else is looking at the comments if this works because they are to lazy to watch the video
The Littlest Pet Shop (5 days ago)
U r indian
Alishah Anjum (5 days ago)
Alishah Anjum (5 days ago)
Wait the first slime that we saw it would be edible
Hem Kumar Sinha (5 days ago)
anyone is not mad that he or she will use cheese to make a slime
Toothpaste one stinks so bad, I can't do it
The first one, stop calling it slime, it's cheese!
Ayesha Aleem (7 days ago)
i make slime like 5 times and it worked
Carleen Kendricks (8 days ago)
is all of them with water but is ok
Carleen Kendricks (8 days ago)
I love you video your the best keep up
Angelie Gerona (9 days ago)
Most of them are jiggly slime
The Daria Ай (9 days ago)
5 👎👎👎👎
Jose Rosa (10 days ago)
Haley Doucet (10 days ago)
He does not know how to swirl
Connor Scanlon (11 days ago)
The first one can be edible slime!
Tanika Jett (12 days ago)
Number 1 worked thanks!
The Glistening Diamond (13 days ago)
I have a slime recipe for you Step 1: put olive oil in a bowl Step 2: add nail polish Step 3: mix with spoon Step 4: if it gets stuck to the spoon take it of with your hands and mix with your hands And then you have finished Any questions?
shaneilia phillips (13 days ago)
1st one why cheese
Davaja harris (13 days ago)
First one is an edible slime
ImUglyAndImProud235 (15 days ago)
like this comment to see what slime you got! (depending if 100 likes then last number) 1: Basic Slime 2. Fluffy Slime! 3.Crunchy Slime 4. Bubblegum slime... 5. Moldy Slime (Ew..🤢🤢🤮🤮) 6. Jiggly Slime.. 7. Your Choice of slime! 8. Edible Slime! 9. The Most Awesome Slime Ever!! 10. Toothpaste Slime.. Thats my list!
Gaming With JK (15 days ago)
That's what i call a cheesey slime recipe
AmDaMadman (15 days ago)
The first one didn’t fucking work bitch, it all wern’t into a peace of shit! Dont try it he’s a liar!!!👺
Toy Basket (15 days ago)
You do not know
Sadie Cagle (16 days ago)
wut who plays with cheese like wut  that's not slime I'm going to puke now not because I hate cheese because ur supposed to eat not play with it smh
Federico Abete (17 days ago)
I now how to do slime glue stick mix them all
Heydude Productions (18 days ago)
Hello I love slime it’s very good scroll down for a very good water slime scroll to find out Read more
inkyyful (18 days ago)
wouldn't the cheese get moldy and gross...?
Eva Heron (19 days ago)
The 1st one is gonna go so mouldy... 🤮🤮🤮
The mozzarella slime is going to rotten!
Manahil ahmed (20 days ago)
In the toothpaste slime can I put it on the stove
Sixela Time (20 days ago)
I would eat the first one when I finish playing with it Edit: Scratch that all the edible slime in the world Edit 2: Only the yummy ones!
Cheese slime lol
_-Morgan_ DraycottYT-_ (21 days ago)
Wouldn't the first one go moldy?😣😂
Ragingamergirl (21 days ago)
Number 1 i though it was only one ingredient
MJ Vergith (23 days ago)
How to make slime more stretchy 1. Baking soda little bit.
Mikey the Mew (25 days ago)
I want to eat the cheese 🧀
Flor Fitzhugh (25 days ago)
I love how you make it
Debra Poleet (25 days ago)
Does the starburst one work
Debra Poleet (25 days ago)
Dpes thw atarburst one work?
Leanda Henson (25 days ago)
Is the chese one edible
Bini Justin (25 days ago)
I can't believe the first recipe actually worked🤑🤑
Aisha alisha (26 days ago)
stupid idea
perfect sales (26 days ago)
Fake😠😠😠 My mother 👩👩shouted not use cheese 😈😈😈
Isabella Evans (26 days ago)
i love your slime recipes!
Sarah Ashall-smith (26 days ago)
Cheese slime eww 😷 will it smell
Gosia Hooper (27 days ago)
y just y do u have purple hands on one
Oreo Cookie (28 days ago)
Do not microwave toothwast it will make a fire
Felicia Scott (28 days ago)
I love them ingredients
IronCharizard PL (28 days ago)
Lol it's edible
Sally XD (29 days ago)
Hello person who is scrolling down the comments! Please subscribe to me and u will get a free shout out
Manya Aggarwal (30 days ago)
The second slime is eatable
Macmac Adonis (30 days ago)
What is the last its not a slime
Macmac Adonis (30 days ago)
7:00 that not work
Alyssia Ervin (30 days ago)
Your not toking
Anoop Mishra (30 days ago)
i dont like the toothpaste slime
Anoop Mishra (30 days ago)
i will try it
Varshanie Ramroop (1 month ago)
These are like edible slime thankyou so so much
Simply Tanja (1 month ago)
How is this one ingredient when your adding to it plus gum and toothpaste is deadly to animals so keep high up
Jane Lim (1 month ago)
The cheese slime might make a mold
Veaceslav Moisiuc (1 month ago)
Blue cheese get it ? Like if u get it
Devionne Tillery (1 month ago)
I like your microwave
MatthewAnderson200 (1 month ago)
Would I be able to eat it still?
Danita Pina (1 month ago)
if you melt starbursts and then put powder sugar it makes slime
Laysha Bautista (1 month ago)
Here is a thought about the first one what if its mold????????
Zee Slimes (1 month ago)
Me: puts the cheese into a bowl 5 seconds later all the cheese is gone Me: noooo I can't make slime 😤
Tiffany Sumerall (1 month ago)
That mozzarella cheese one would stink
LilMochi BTS (1 month ago)
I've got a recipe get gum and bigger is better, the chew all ur gum then put it into the microwave and put water in ur bowl or whatever poor a Lil bit for 1 minute it we'll well but add cornstarch idk how much but do add it then play with it til it gets hard then microwave it again for 30 seconds then add grape oil i think any types of food oil should be fine then add whip cream then get an egg and try to get rid of the yolk then lil by lil put the clear stuff from the egg and put ur slime with the egg stuff and as I said so it lil buy lil so u it doesn't disintegrate and it should work. P. S. I did this two days ago and forget to write it down so it I might have miss something idr and measurements idr and i think it should be for all differ types of supplies or ingredients but ya that's all if u tried tell me
PsychoticPro (1 month ago)
how to waste food and snacks.....hope everyone enjoyed this video is to be continued on the next episode of dragon ball z
I found all of these disgusting
Raquel Villanueva (1 month ago)
The first ones you can eat
Rosalee Williams (1 month ago)
The second one I call it bubble gum
Rosalee Williams (1 month ago)
The first one was pretty simple
Starch means baking soda?
Dezteni Prado (1 month ago)
Danica me
Hildebrandt Arnol (1 month ago)
I made starburt slime and it worked
Alma Mendez (1 month ago)
I tied it and i failed
yacin kabli (1 month ago)
Alfredo Payumo (1 month ago)
Kiera,Lurraine Waring (1 month ago)
It's funny the video is called 1 ingredient slime but the video shows more than 1 ingredient
Darth Hot dog (1 month ago)
1 is gross
Pink Rain (1 month ago)
That first one was disgusting
James Stone (1 month ago)
The cheese slime was so disgusting 🤮
jurnee Jurnee Reinero (1 month ago)
That first one is 😖😖🤮🤮🤮
kushyys vu (1 month ago)
Edible !!
Slooshie (1 month ago)
Oreo Cookie (1 month ago)
Plz tell me does it work or not and give me a tump up if you like fortnite
Ofelia Hernandez (1 month ago)
Taylor Derrick (1 month ago)
The cheese slime left my hands really greasy!!

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