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Ground EFX MX100 Digital Metal Detector

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See more about Ground EFX MX100 Digital Metal Detector: http://stp.me/y/5945G/

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Aaron Lowe (1 year ago)
took my ground efx swarm into a river about 2 foot deep and did some detecting. after about 3 hours it does nothing but beep all the settings. any ideas?
Lynk Roivas (3 years ago)
I can NOT get my cable to run through that pipe at all please help
STPdeals (3 years ago)
+Chance Bradley When we assembled our unit for testing, the best thing we did to make it slide down the tube easier is gently stretch and hold the wire, then release, and hold the unit upside down when inserting it so gravity does most of the work.
Allen McElhaney (4 years ago)
how are you supposed to get this thing to work
+Allen McElhaney No problem. :) 
Allen McElhaney (4 years ago)
nah i got it thanks for getting back to me though
Allen, were you able to configure your metal detector or do you still need customer support?
STPdeals (4 years ago)
Check out reviews on Sierra Trading Post's website for the Ground EFX MX100. There are at least two reviews there.
Paul Valdes (4 years ago)
Does anyone own one?need some reviews...

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