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Cooking with Michael Lomonaco: Cowboy Rib Steak

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Full recipe: http://bit.ly/NpbQN6 Chef Michael Lomonaco of Porter House New York shows us how to make an incredible ribeye steak.

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Tom Smith (1 month ago)
Awww you burned it. There's a crust and there's burnt.
Jason Hull (6 months ago)
Any reason why you only seasoned one side of the steak with salt? Even then you did not use enough for one side. Why doesn't your steakhouse have high end broilers? You serve dry aged prime beef.
His Majesty Yay (11 months ago)
I suppose it's so expensive
Nick Kruse (2 years ago)
Only part I do not like is I prefer to cut my own steak, and I like to knaw on the bone, perhaps not the best restaurant ediquette lol but the rest looked good.
Dallas Van Winkle (2 years ago)
Good GOD do not watch this if you are on a diet.
Dena Ferreira (3 years ago)
What are the spices you use at your restaurant in NYC?
smilz58 (4 years ago)
Such a wonderful person what a pleasure it has been to know chef.
George J (4 years ago)
I though cowboy steaks are much thicker.

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