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1 Ingredient Ice Cream Recipe

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ICE CREAM RECIPE: http://buffdudes.blogspot.com/2014/06/1-ingredient-ice-cream-recipes.html Instagram: http://instagram.com/buffdudes Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/buffdudes Twitter: http://twitter.com/buffdudes Blog: http://www.buff-dudes.com/blog Buff Dudes / Food / One Ingredient Ice Cream Recipes Edited n ' Voice-over: Hudson Pixel Art By João Victor G. Costa - http://www.youtube.com/user/JinnDemonEvil Buff Dudes Logo by: Brandon White Music by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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Text Comments (243)
Jordan Sparte (27 days ago)
Awesome recipe but why the hell are you talking like Patrick Bateman? Lol
StefiX :D (1 month ago)
easy recipe:put bannana and milk and mix it after mixing put in into a freezer for 1 hour
Sevak Kirakosyan (2 months ago)
Wise Fool (8 months ago)
This just completely opened my mind to a whole new world of " icecrram" and it's dairy free. Brilliant idea!
Ryza Huelgas (9 months ago)
David Knight (1 year ago)
banana ice......
Omar Yehya (1 year ago)
hell im making it naaaaawwww
Paolo Mongon (1 year ago)
A lot tougher to do if you're using a nutribullet.... I had to add a bit of milk to soften up the bananas a bit before adding peanut butter and protein powder. I got it to the proper consistency eventually. And its freaking delicious!
Fruug Frog (1 year ago)
Work with strawberries??
Anisha Saravanan (1 year ago)
Cool icecream
Pouya Orandi (1 year ago)
I broke my blender's gears making this. Because they were made out of plastic. Make sure you have a high quality/strong blender for this.
GamonskiFilms (1 year ago)
this channel kicks so much ass. keep up the good work fellas!
Rafy Reyes (1 year ago)
this is awesome
Frida Deguise (1 year ago)
liar doesn't work
Hailey Smith (1 year ago)
In the beginning it creeped me out 😧
Caleb Langley (1 year ago)
Would I be able to put it in a food processor instead of a blender?
Corijuan Reese (1 year ago)
A couple of table spoons of peanut butter and cocoa powder with this is pure awesomeness.
Corijuan Reese I use chocolate protien powder
Agustín Lado (1 year ago)
"Yes! Finally something I can cook!" [Chops up banana. Cuts own banana.] [Puts banana in freezer. Plate breaks.]
Juanicande (1 year ago)
That's awesome
Bilal Sandeela (1 year ago)
I've literally had this every day for a week now.
An American (1 year ago)
Is That Hudson Or Brandon
Rina Venter (1 year ago)
that's not one ingredient
Rina Venter (1 year ago)
just kidding
Marcello Capone (1 year ago)
I've just made it. Tastes delicious, thanks. I'll try adding peanut butter next time, maybe even some hemp protein or something.
Umuahjoku Amadi-Obi (2 years ago)
Has anyone tried making it? If so, tell my how it holds up to regular ice cream
Mohammed Islam (2 years ago)
I've Done this Before Years ago on Accident when makin a Protein Shake Makes a Gelato Type Dessert ... : )
therob39 (2 years ago)
do you really want to eat a 23% carbs food as a late night snack..?!
UnknownXV (5 months ago)
23%? Bananas are 99% carbs.
chris barrett (1 year ago)
therob39 no bad idea
Damon Hargrave (2 years ago)
There's a big difference between complex carbs and simple carbs ...fiberous carbs are completely different...bananas are fructose and fibre ..both are great
David Patterson (2 years ago)
It's fruit
Animated Clothing (2 years ago)
If you don't have a blender you can mash the banana slices up with a potato masher, add whatever you want to that for flavour and then freeze it. I normally add a little almond milk and peanut butter. If you freeze it for too long it will become like ice so let it defrost a bit before eating.
shaihuld (2 years ago)
tried it, it's so awesome ^^
Sharah Yasharahla (2 years ago)
i use only 3 bananas when i want small batch...and food processors because i have a weak blender ,,,very easy to make,,,,delicious,,,
ENKii (2 years ago)
@ a dash of cinnamon (Y)
Agatha S (2 years ago)
You sound like a man version of Miranda sings
Damn, legitimately 1 ingredient.. Not gonna lie im pretty mind blown right now
naifa sacar (2 years ago)
I know its easy but Its not gonna be cold as the other ice cream cause you dont have ice even thought its been for fridge for an hours so thats why its soft 😳😗😙
Scott Carter (2 years ago)
you do realise that ice is as cold as it is because it's been in the freezer, so just put the finished product in the freezer for a few hours :-)
bobstrongbad (2 years ago)
0:34, lil' biiittsss
Sergio Velasquez (8 months ago)
bobstrongbad Eat some fucking shit, you fucking stupid bitch.
MrHump13 (2 years ago)
can I use a regular blender for this?
cyreeldespuk (2 years ago)
I made this and my ice cream is very liquid, it doesn't look like the one in the video... What should I do?
chekel (2 years ago)
When is the best time to add peanut butter/protein powder
Sukhrab Ayupov (2 years ago)
As soon as you finish eating the ice-cream, you can just dumb the protein into your mouth.
Lord Ganja (2 years ago)
+chekel obviously you put it into the blender
Tim Tim (2 years ago)
hello gues i have man boobs help me please !!!!!!!!!!
ali sabah (3 years ago)
David Salas (3 years ago)
Holy... More please
Peyton Gamerr (3 years ago)
That's Genius!
Matt Crawford (3 years ago)
+Buff Dudes , I made this ice cream with a scoop of vanilla whey, but the bananas weren't fully frozen. I put them in the freezer for 2 hours. I will be doing it again in about a week. Thanks for making these videos. I can't wait to make your peanut butter cookies. Stay Buff!
Fennec Besixdouze (3 years ago)
Protein Frosty: Blend up one scoop of chocolate protein powder, one sliced frozen banana (don't bother freezing them for exactly 2-3 hours, just leave them in the freezer overnight or for up to a few weeks), with just enough skim milk for the right consistency (about half a cup works, but it depends on the size of the banana so adjust if it's too thick).
randy goins (3 years ago)
buy a Yonanas. Freeze the bananas and you are good to go.
KASHEL (3 years ago)
what if i leave the bananas in the freezer for longer than 2-3h? more like 7-8?
Lord Ganja (2 years ago)
+KASHEL umm.... i dont know.... nothing?
Ryan 13535 (3 years ago)
+KASHEL it'll melt
Neil Pirelli (3 years ago)
just eat the bananas
nizar kraidie (3 years ago)
Soo clearly my blender isint buff enough.....fucking broke when blending the bananas fuck
Pouya Orandi (1 year ago)
nizar kraidie same lol
Alex Oberuc (3 years ago)
Made this today, it was so good!
Nobody - Hiphop (3 years ago)
guys, I just made this, with crunchy peanut butter and my goodness it was soooooo effin good 
AL K (3 years ago)
Same! YUM!
Dakota Fisher (3 years ago)
Thanks for the awesome recipe, Buff Dudes.
aka semoo (3 years ago)
wawwwwwwwwwwwwww i like it 
Damichal Favors (3 years ago)
Like this recipe a lot I added strawberries and blueberries and natural peanut butter it was really good thanks Buff Dudes
Chuy83 (3 years ago)
An iced smoothie!
The Movie Universe (3 years ago)
You got this from Scooby didn't you?
Sarah Atom (3 years ago)
I make this with chocolate chips. It's freakin fantastic.
CidGuerreiro1234 (3 years ago)
This is genius.
Eddie Xia (3 years ago)
Amazing gotta try it tmr
Dutchie (3 years ago)
This channel has the best likes/dislikes ratio i've ever seen on youtube, totally deserved! You guys should have more subs for sure.
Michael Supernor (8 months ago)
Dutchie and thus they gained more followers
nikolokendo (3 years ago)
what happens if i dont put it in a plastic bag? cos i dont have one haha
Frank Chen (2 years ago)
plastic wrap works. otherwise, freezer burn
Lord Ganja (2 years ago)
+nikolokendo i guess you can use aluminium too
CidGuerreiro1234 (3 years ago)
Probably gonna get soggy.
Ahmed Mouer (3 years ago)
one of the simplest most amazing videos i've ever seen!
SkurrSkurr (3 years ago)
What happens if you dont put the plastic thing on to cover it? And is cling film and tin foil a ok substitue for it?
Storm Drake (3 years ago)
clear saran wrap  at most stores is only 99 cents.... why make it more drama than it has to be ? LOL
Stan Lee (3 years ago)
add  protein powder and  double protein fat free greek yogurt,  ice , blue berries 
Austin Matthews (3 years ago)
Or you could just store lots of frozen bananas in your freezer and cut them up when you wanna do this. That way you don't have to plan ahead 3 hours
Mother Teresa (3 years ago)
They will turn completely black if you do that, if they were green and you wanted them ripe you could put them in the freezer for faster ripening.
Austin Matthews (3 years ago)
well obviously you wait for them to ripen and then peel them and put them in the freezer.
Mother Teresa (3 years ago)
+Adrian leon and speeds up the ripening process by almost 90%.
Adrian leon (3 years ago)
if you leave them whole the skin just sticks to the banana and it gets all messy
Ulquiorra Michaelis (3 years ago)
i got a family of 6, how many bananas should i use
Kyle Robinson (4 years ago)
this was delicious, added some chocolate whey.  awesome recipe Buff Dudes
Sam Kempy (4 years ago)
wow just made this. Thanks alot Buff Dudes! It's good stuff!
thebrackster (4 years ago)
Just tried this recipe with strawberry protein .... absolutely fantastic. .. better than normal ice cream.. excellent. .. a must
Diana Diamond (4 years ago)
YUUUUMMM will try like right now
Scott McCoull (4 years ago)
Just had my first bowl of banana ice cream, would definitely recommend it!
Leo Q (4 years ago)
Add a bit of lemon juice and the banana doesn't go black, plus a little vitamin C won't hurt. Also, a couple of drops of vanilla extract make it taste even better.
вова марваш (4 years ago)
А сходу в блендер невозможно?
nyxxie023 (4 years ago)
I've made this before. It is like ice cream, but thicker and richer. It's a strong banana taste, so you might want to add something to not have it so powerful. 
Taran Warner (3 years ago)
i added some honey and cinnamon.once blended it is very tasty and the banana like flavour is reduced a bit
nyxxie023 (4 years ago)
+Rudy Martinez lol, I just meant it's overwhelming. It's not like taking a bite out of a banana, it's like taking a bite out of 10 bananas in 1 spoonful.
Nathan Poignonnec (4 years ago)
guys i have a better recipe for this it is even more simple then this video: step 1: peel banana step 2:  eat banana would a cavemen blend ? no ! hell forget step 1 and go straight to 2. be a manly maaaaaaaan!!!!!
thewangthatwas (4 years ago)
What kind of old ass blender is that?
Andrew Persaud (4 years ago)
going to try with strawberries and blueberry
Tomas Ferrer (4 years ago)
tried it, not good...
lucecita45 (4 years ago)
I can sure try the banana ice cream!
Sadjina (4 years ago)
I'd add a spoon of peanut butter and one or two spoons of milk, and you got yourself something truly awesome.
stevez1970 (4 years ago)
Baked Banana Chips. 250 degrees for 1 hour. use wax paper on a cookie sheet.
kikkirow (4 years ago)
This is really delicious. Try adding  a little agave nectar and one tbsp of cocoa powder to make it chocolate flavored.
izeizei (4 years ago)
How did they get so friggin' creamy all by themselves??? And I thought I knew bananas...
trolltan1992 (4 years ago)
Chris Lai (4 years ago)
Thanks for sharing. I made this over the weekend and it was amazing how different blended nanas tasted! My 1 year old loves it too!
amanda (4 years ago)
can i do this with strawberries?
wawa fifi (3 years ago)
It won't work i guess 
Taylor Smith (4 years ago)
I am currently freezing bananas. Can't wait to try it
leyshonrr (4 years ago)
Is it possible to eat too many bananas?
DarkNature85 (4 years ago)
thenomadrhodes (4 years ago)
Awesome thanks Buff dudes. I have a question. I want to become a buff dude! But i'm a trucker and have a crazy schedule, I have to get up at a different time every day and the only time I have to go to the gym is at night. Any hints of tips you could give a soft trucker who wants to be come a buffdude? Can I become a Buff dude just by going to the gym at night and weekends? I have to pack my Lunches, but I all ways have breakfast. Thank you very much.
Bobby Brown (4 years ago)
DrFeelgood (4 years ago)
Awesome recipe, just made a small batch. Just one question though, is it possible to freeze this again in the freezer for meal prepping? 
mrdrebin123 (4 years ago)
throwing it back in the freezer it's 100% Same texture as ice cream, brilliant recipe, gonna make those mega muscles grow !
Greg London (4 years ago)
NICE... The healthiest ice cream I've ever seen!!!!!
Lachie Edwards (4 years ago)
simple but so effective! thanks again Buff Dudes, you guys are awesome!
Edvin Gasi (4 years ago)
MYY GOD GIVE THESE BUFF DUDES A MEDAL! This was awesome thanks!
xolosdetj (4 years ago)
You guys fucken rock! Thanks dudes!
guitarstar21484 (4 years ago)
had to add milk to mine in the blender, but it was great!
Robin Fontijne (4 years ago)
Tried this yesterday, amazing!
Julian Rocha (4 years ago)
Collab with chris jones I dare you
logan Ronin (4 years ago)
Wow cooool
highsector (4 years ago)
awesome definitely going to try this, been quite bored of healthy pancake recipe for some time...

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