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Get Instant Access to my FREE ebook Right Now Just Visit http://simplecookingclub.com Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for cotton candy ice cream. FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Simple-Cooking-Channel/205871066123327?sk=... TWITTER http://twitter.com/#!/SimpleCookingCh Simple Cooking Channel Merchandise!! http://www.cafepress.com.au/thesimplecookingchannelonlinestore Ingredients 600ml of cream 395 Grams of sweetened condensed milk 4ml of cotton candy flavouring Food colouring

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Text Comments (434)
Janie Ramon (11 days ago)
Syazlin Omar (4 months ago)
Sugar Puffs ice cream
stephanie D (4 months ago)
Your babies so cute
Miss Collins (5 months ago)
What else can you use if you dont have food coloring
Tu Pesadilla 13 (6 months ago)
Wow! Yes Delicious
nintendo guy 685 (6 months ago)
Your child came from heaven
Naz Kandy1 (7 months ago)
Vivaswan (8 months ago)
Your daughter is so cute.
Shreya s (10 months ago)
you are living in which state? please tell
JaivenAnimations (1 year ago)
or u can stuff cotton candy in ice cream and mix
Sanjay Patel (1 year ago)
One day l will lie that
Toni Tiny (1 year ago)
I have watched your videos since i was 11 yrs old and no yt account or whatsoever and now I'm 16 yrs old still watching your videos because it's so great. One of my faves
Cupcake Fingerboards (1 year ago)
Who is eating br cotton candy and watching...... me😂😂😂😂
Tagbo Erokwu (1 year ago)
Tagbo Erokwu (1 year ago)
Haukson (1 year ago)
cool aid man
Laura Richards (1 year ago)
Cotton Candy is my fave
Jessy (1 year ago)
the ice cream color at the end looks like mint color
Davina Snow-Nelms (1 year ago)
I knew when I tasted it right now it tastes like cotton candy but vanilla and strawberry together
Siva Subramanian VB (1 year ago)
Why don't you make a cotton candy cheesecake
Roxy Savage (1 year ago)
awwwww she is so cute
Angela Thanasiu (1 year ago)
my daughter lilly loved this recipe...thanks again for a great and simple recipe
Haukson (1 year ago)
whip it good
Haukson (1 year ago)
where do u get cotton candy flavor?
Party Town (1 year ago)
BlackGator34 Walmart
Carolineee DIYS (1 year ago)
The kid is soy cute
Haukson (1 year ago)
2:06 kool aid man!!
繭針子 (1 year ago)
KathNiel BernaDilla (1 year ago)
i like your video! It's awesome
Shamira Foster (1 year ago)
it so nice that he has easy recipes not these complicated recipes
0:48 that is one of the best song references ever. I'm not talking about this new crap. I'm talkin the 80's. Good on you!
Cupkake1000 (2 years ago)
Man I love your Daughter's accident
Koky Said (2 years ago)
this is like ice cearm😨
Ampkid1999 (2 years ago)
just made this, but i switched out the cotton candy flavor for root beer to see how it tastes. will find out in the morning
xXLunaTheCatXx (2 years ago)
ummm does he know there is such thing as blue cotton candy and plz say u have dat in ur area
Nancy Guzman (2 years ago)
Can I use this on my kitchen aid ice cream maker attachment?
Freeya -73 (2 years ago)
how strong are those flavorings
Fareisya Farhana (2 years ago)
can you make ice cream without cream(whipping cream,heavy cream and ...................) please 😃😄
Curiouser1002 (2 years ago)
Wish I had a dad like him
D A T CR4zY Azn (1 year ago)
Curiouser1002 Ikr.
arkan pls (2 years ago)
Cleb (2 years ago)
At like 1:26, in the United States, the main color for cotton candy ice cream is blue.
Gabrielle Gabi (2 years ago)
your daughter is so cute!
Orlando Jaimes (2 years ago)
was that her drawing on the fridge😊
Life Style Chanel (2 years ago)
I'll try it now
Haylie Clockedile (2 years ago)
This looks so good I will eat this every night thx😊
CassiestarMSP (2 years ago)
Does anyone else think that when he says Ayla and I are going to show you how to make Cotton Candy Ice Cream, in the real process, Ayla does not actually help, life if u agree -.-
Sam Greenwald (2 years ago)
Thank you this is my favorite type of ice cream
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Sam Greenwald Welcome :D
Sports Guy (2 years ago)
This guy makes everything look good
watery productions (2 years ago)
thumps up
Nayaka 99 (2 years ago)
i love it
0.g Jayy (2 years ago)
no ice cream maker needed!!!! im totally making thisssss!!
Naiyakin The Seeker (2 years ago)
I have to say, this is fucking dope.
Kyle Mendoza (2 years ago)
Ugh! I want to try this! Damn
Yonedankashi (2 years ago)
where do i get cotton candy flavour?
Ana Salgado (2 years ago)
i ask the same
Austin Duff (2 years ago)
Duff man o ya
Austin Duff (2 years ago)
Who is people⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️
Atif Atif (2 years ago)
is baking soda and meeta soda same ??? plz telll me
Abby Johnson (2 years ago)
That baby 😍😍
xiridescentfilms ;-; (2 years ago)
Can you draw your life
chazzy (2 years ago)
420 comments, now I'm gonna ruin it by letting you know, now 421 comments
Macey Sky (2 years ago)
Thats ending though Hahhahahhahahaha what the girl put in it hahhhahahahahhahah
dancee moms (2 years ago)
2:47 her face omlshes like im gonna be sick
Karlee Craziness (2 years ago)
Do you not have blue Cotton Candy where you are from? We have blue and pink which are the two main colors
ThatDudeNamedJoel 22 (1 year ago)
he doesn't live in usa, at least i dont think
SL1CK (2 years ago)
she is so pretty
Boromey Chantha (2 years ago)
can you make a cotton candy ice craem again using cotton candyp
Boromey Chantha (2 years ago)
you know when i write candyp i ment candy
laquacia Garner (2 years ago)
Looked like you were slow to say that
Ahaha Whsjdjs (2 years ago)
Who else flinched when in the intro video, he flung that stuff at the camera?? Hahah 😅😂
Daniel (2 years ago)
+Davis Whitesides everytime lol
man pizza (2 years ago)
mouth watering food
BluesfireTV (2 years ago)
"I use blue because I like to mess with people" I'm confused, I expect blue when something is cotton candy flavor?
Henry T. (2 years ago)
2:43 his facial expression
SavvySavage (2 years ago)
+Henry Trowbridge (Henry7720) it looked like he busted a nut! LOLOLOLOLOLOL
T-Bone T.V. (2 years ago)
0:46 whip it real good lol xD
It’s sloth (2 years ago)
PaigeTylerStevens (2 years ago)
I never knew it was so easy to make ice cream! I want to make all flavours now
Jelena Bubonja (2 years ago)
Your daughter is so cute. :)
diane in FV (2 years ago)
+SimpleCookingChannel "Whip it...whip it good" I did not miss that reference at all! haha I don't believe you're old enough to be a child of the 80's! :D
Is that how you use flavoring oil? Just dump the whole jar in? I'd like to know so I can use them in recipes.
Jhania Johnson (2 years ago)
that is my favorite ice cream
Fralissa Marlang (2 years ago)
Yummy I want to be a chef/baker when I grow up
Dynika Rouhani (2 years ago)
Pause at 2:44 lol
Dynika Rouhani (2 years ago)
'Now whip it.....Whip it gooood"😂
what's up grace (2 years ago)
i like your cooking
what's up grace (2 years ago)
I am very excited
Rafael mamba (2 years ago)
im first *
Lakrisha Fields (2 years ago)
can u get the stuff from Walmart
MakkeDonken (2 years ago)
Can you use something else instead of consensed milk?
Faith Oyedele (2 years ago)
where do u live
Lil Young twizzzler (2 years ago)
This is nightmare Fred bear but I have a different name and dat pause doe on whip it ........ Whip it good
Osmil Oe (2 years ago)
Cotton candy flavor? Just add 500 kg sugar and you got a homemade one!
Tenshi (2 years ago)
I like that you are adding more personality in your videos ^^
Trickz (2 years ago)
This channel is dying :(
Qwertyleader (2 years ago)
the channel has always gotten around the 10k-50k range in views. occasionally in the 100k-700k range
Larissa Swope (2 years ago)
awwww the baby is soo cute 😍😍
Liuhuayue (2 years ago)
Hmm, it's as if either cotton candy or ice cream alone wasn't indulgent enough. XD
Posey Robinson (2 years ago)
Ayla is so cute! I love your videos, keep it up!
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Posey Robinson Thanks :D
Dmira Haston (2 years ago)
sh was so adorable
Just Gemima (2 years ago)
I've watched this video like 20 times and I still can't believe how adorably cute she is. I want her
Amazing Angus 001 (2 years ago)
Your daughter Ayla's very sweet.
Steve Chavez (2 years ago)
where did you get the flavoring
Mustii Drums (8 months ago)
Harambe The Gorilla Ebay
Steve Chavez (2 years ago)
JudJud (2 years ago)
Dude Im just saying your things are taste and I like your channel and I'm not trying to hate but do you have to make a face cuz when I see you it your making me hungry like dude
Dimi Kirk (2 years ago)
Where do you get the flavouring from??
Soyeon (2 years ago)
What DOES cotton candy taste like? Isn't cotton candy just sugar?
Buhnana (2 years ago)
Angel gamer Xx (2 years ago)
love this video. where can you find the cotten candy/floss bottles?

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