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Great Depression Cooking - The Poorman's Meal

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Buy Clara's book here: https://amzn.to/2I5pYkv 91 year old cook and great grandmother, Clara, recounts her childhood during the Great Depression as she prepares meals from the era. Learn how to make simple yet delicious dishes while listening to stories from the Depression. www.GreatDepressionCooking.com
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Text Comments (8021)
James Shedd (5 hours ago)
Looks good Clara
Dawn Yannie (12 hours ago)
We all need a lesson from Clara.
James K (15 hours ago)
I always say the best meal is one that you can share with friends and family. The smiles on those boys faces says it all.
Jessica Brinkerhoff (20 hours ago)
Literally my recopies to how I eat in college
ann brewer (1 day ago)
Clara look's almost exactly like my grandmother, may she rest in peace. Grandma, i missu so much, i try to be a good girl so i can see u again in heaven.
Carl Eaves (1 day ago)
The way times are changing,we could revisit those days.
Pastor T. D. Hale (1 day ago)
Oh how I miss you dear Clara.
Sandra W (1 day ago)
I was very lucky to have been around two ladies that was around that hard time the great depression they were both Born in 1914 I have so many recipes that they wrote down there kids did not want it so I have all of the recipe and so many real story's God bless you
France Richard (1 day ago)
She’s adorable!!!!!,
sunflowergrl79 (1 day ago)
Clara be my grandma please
Rodrigo Martinez (1 day ago)
I just love this woman Clara, she's a sweetheart
Green Acres (1 day ago)
Awesome video. I am building an off grid log cabin and interested in this sort of stuff so ran into this video. I will be posting my build on my channel and be cooking some poor man's meal. Incredible lady... thanks for sharing.
Dixie Hull (2 days ago)
When I was a kid I would have given anything to have that ‘poor mans meal’. One of the worst experiences I had for food was a school lunch that consisted of flattest tasting pancakes ever spread with shortening, salt, and pepper. That should give you a hint of what other food was like at home. I ate with my mouth over the lunch bag because I didn’t want anyone to see what I was eating. It was bad enough that they could see the clothes I had to wear.
Cheryl Kimble (2 days ago)
Beautiful. 🙂💖
MULU2 (2 days ago)
What about the eggs ?
J'Mac ! (3 days ago)
I'm willing to bet the hot dogs back then were better....less preservatives....
Erin Stone Taylor (3 days ago)
Should I tell my husband I've been making him "Poorman's Meal"? What I do is a little different -- Keilbasa instead of hot dogs and they are cooked separately and served to the side of the potatoes (red potatoes). I don't put water in, either. It's a nice, cheap meal, if not terribly healthy.
Amanda Gale (3 days ago)
Did she say she had to quit high school because she didn't have socks to wear? I'm not trying to be mean when I say that seems like doable fix. For instance, she could make a few pairs out of an old T-shirt or sweater even. If she could only make three pair she could wash them by hand and reuse them each week. My grandmother is the same age and shares similar stories and I know she wouldn't have let not being able to afford socks keep her from going to school. Maybe I am missing understanding something because she doesn't seem like the type to give up easily.
Kevin Howard (4 days ago)
That's a poor mans meal? looks tasty! today a middle class meal is 35 cent Ramen Noodles lol. Potatoes are very good for you. In Ireland its a main stable. Many Irish died during the Potato Famine that wiped out most potato crops to a fungus.
Sakja (4 days ago)
My dad, who was born in 1909, used to cook this for us. He only cooked occasionally, but it seems like everything he cooked was either white potatoes, yams or BBQ ribs. I loved his candied yams so much.
Denise Charles (4 days ago)
Tears. So special.
Tom Clayton (4 days ago)
Why so many thumbs down? She is doing what they did in those days and very pleasantly I might add. If you don't like the recipe, don't diss the messenger!
Steve Logan (5 days ago)
Erica Lewis (5 days ago)
My grandma always cook us grandkids poorman food and it be ummm ummm good to my tummy. Now that grandma pass on miss my her dearly.
Zim Vader0017 (5 days ago)
The story of the neighbor taking Clara's vegetables reminded me of when one of our elderly neighbors opened our gate to take leaves from a medicinal plant we had growing in a flower pot. My dad was so angry because just like Clara said, he wouldn't mind giving her the leaves if she had asked for them, but she didn't. She waited until everyone had gone to work or school and just waltzed in. She did it twice, second time he caught her. To add insult to injury, she unwittingly killed the plant because she removed every last leaf from it in the middle of summer. It couldn't transpire or do photosynthesis, so it died. Now my dad has only decorative plants near the gate, any food and medicinal plant he now keeps in the backyard away from any neighbors including her. He said that he understands necessity, he grew up in the 50s with 10 siblings and a working single mother, he knows how it is to go without food, but all that hospitality goes out the window when people enter our property without permission. Not even because she was elderly she got a pass, he said "She's old enough to know right from wrong, and taking things that don't belong to you without asking is wrong".
Empower Politics (6 days ago)
What was the sauce she put in? Was it spaghetti sauce?
D Diaz (6 days ago)
What a sweet old lady. She reminds me of my grandmother. Anything my grandmother cooked was amazingly delicious. She always had great stories to talk about.
mary lou (6 days ago)
You remind me so much of my own gran she raised 3 children during the Depression not one of them ever knew hunger.
Valory Williams (6 days ago)
What a beautiful soul she was ! It broke my heart when I found out that had passed . Dear Lord bless her family and loved ones. She was a special soul that touched the hearts of many. Why on earth can’t we have love for each other like this ? It’s a shame .
(6 days ago)
when i am stressed or, feeling down i watch these videos. there is something just so comforting in seeing and listening to her. i feel calmer and at ease right away.
Phyllis Budgeon (6 days ago)
Wow looks fantastic bet it tastes good to 😊im gonna try that to thank you lovely lady xx
carol m (7 days ago)
Alessandra Ortega (7 days ago)
Miss you Clara
Ford Waters (7 days ago)
My grandmother passed in 1971. Those old folks sure new there stuff. They new how to survive the hard times not like kids these days who can't live with out a 800.00 cell phone or a 500.00 play station. Shame on us for not learning from our grand parents. God bless them all.
Ford Waters (7 days ago)
My hats off to you.with great respect
Annette Phillips (7 days ago)
My father's parents raised & butchered their own rabbits & sold the meat during the depression. You're a survivor. Make the money stretch for sure.....
Rachel Magowan (7 days ago)
I love that she says "turn on the gas" for her electric stove. My grandma says the same thing (:
Leland Dickie (7 days ago)
How very special. Cute.
Kathy Stradley (8 days ago)
I miss my grandparents
linda meanbean (8 days ago)
omg, I watched this video several times and now she's gone? she left such a lasting impression on me she reminded me of all the hard times my mom went through and we ate like that too some of those same recipes but it was the best tasting every time ... i often watch this video i hope its never taken down ..R. I. P. Clara and thank you for such a wonderful video
Charlie Rothwill (9 days ago)
Fucking thief you should have shot her
Elizabeth Jane (9 days ago)
I would 100% eat this. It looks legit. Like, I'm probably going to make this now. Fried potatoes and onion can be good alone too.
fubukifangirl (9 days ago)
I'm making this for dinner tonight, though I wish I knew how to keep the potatoes from forming a crust on the bottom of my pan.
Linda McClellan (9 days ago)
You definitely are a sweetie pie an Melanie Jo said. I have to say that about 15 years ago, and I'm 67 now, I was on my own and working at a hospital here in San Antonio, TX and paying rent. I was barely getting by and I lived on potatoes with eggs, onions, and bell pepper fried in oil just like yours. I would buy eggs in a 24 pack along with the makings. Sometimes I would buy a big bag of frozen talapia and fry them whole in oil with bacon grease. My Mom lived through the depression era and she would tell me stories about what they went through. I hope to see more of you and I'm praying you make it to over 100.
Jo Ped (10 days ago)
I missed u Clara!!!
Judy Kay Deal (10 days ago)
I watch her over and over she has such wonderful stories and I love her simple meals and I miss her.
Jay Stan (10 days ago)
yall can't confess yall there to get delivered, ok I can see the dead can't be delivered look at yall action talking about this lady having depression. ??? yall got to be crazy and not caring about yourself and others .
Catherine Greene (10 days ago)
Beautiful Clara 💗
James Brown (10 days ago)
RIP granny.  Subscribed anyway.
Paul Tanner (11 days ago)
Great meal!! Yumm
Kevin Petit (11 days ago)
This video is excellent. My heart goes out to her family. She will be missed. Great video. Thank You 😊.
xofancy (11 days ago)
I miss Clara 😭
WashingtonWebFoot (11 days ago)
Somebody sharpen that poor woman's knives!
OMAC (12 days ago)
What a doll. My grandma was just like her. Sit, eat, you look hungry. I might be skinny now because she overfed me so wonderfully as a kid that the gene to be a pig was dead on arrival.
Kalea Wright (12 days ago)
Poorman’s meal 😂 biiiiitch I eat that for breakfast most days 😂
Joanna Mallory (12 days ago)
My grandmother made the best fried potatoes with onion. Can't leave out the onion! Now I'm passing that on to my boys. Good eats and you sure don't feel poor eating them!
Arctic Kat (12 days ago)
shes adorable, "they're not talking" LOLOL . when the food is good, no talkin, my gma used to say that all the time.
Cole Adair (13 days ago)
What a wise person she was. A sack of potatoes goes a long way. Old people know how it works. If you've got potatoes, eggs, cornmeal and some dried beans you can get by with room to spare.
Salobrena Smith (13 days ago)
My mother tells a story of my grandfather during the depression. He had read that there were jobs going, so he ran down to the place and there were already 150 men there ahead of him.
Diana Woods (13 days ago)
President Hoover was president during that time never did anything for people like her than President Roosevelt came in and so much changed like soup kitchens ect. Thank god we live in these days 🤗 Cool Lady 😍
Jennifer Louise (13 days ago)
Who gives this a thumbs down?
Suzanne Burch (13 days ago)
This warmed my soul. My great-grandmother lived through the depression and I remember stories from her and my grandmother, her daughter. They were both the best cooks and could make a delicious dishes with very little and the simplest ingredients. You’re a treasure Ms. Clara ❤️
P. G. (14 days ago)
You're so sweet ma'am. Thank you for sharing. Many of my African American friends made this too or similar. Well for me at least.. I still make this sometimes! ❤
Joyce Hopper (14 days ago)
I really liked this lady! First time l’ve ever seen her and l see she has died.
Carole AL Madani (14 days ago)
Lovely woman .... i always use the same knife too. Is shepherds pie a meal from the great depression..
Kathy Young (15 days ago)
What was the sauce she put in it? Anybody know? Clara reminds me of my much-loved grandmother who reared me and has been in Heaven for 56 years now.
Jason Mutz (15 days ago)
Bless you and your family. Your grandmother was a dear lady.
Cynthia Kline (15 days ago)
So many lessons to learn from this lovely lady even as she’s an angel now.... she made the world s better place!!! 💕❣️🙏🏻😇
Ellen Thomas (15 days ago)
Hi, Thanks so much for sharing this video. I have it on my ipad as a top favourite and still make this wonderful meal that you shared. Big thank you and kisses to your grandmother. Thank you!
Maria Caleb (15 days ago)
Looks good! I'm going to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.
youtubeyouser (15 days ago)
I see this meal in my future. Thank you nana
Karen Siegel (15 days ago)
My mother told us that during the depression how they went out to do chores and all the chickens were gone. All the neighbors' chickens were gone too. The culprits were caught and they were wearing suits and the women wore high heels and a fur coat. They were from Chicago which was a 4 hour drive away at the time.
F Days (15 days ago)
I still eat it .. FUCK India
Ellena Rosalyn (15 days ago)
Sonya Toolooze (15 days ago)
We might need this soon.
Sally Silva (16 days ago)
That's not being touchy... she was a moron to accuse you of that. You were right to teach her you weren't your neighbors maid service. Some people manipulate others constantly to get what they want in the world. Users, they are.
katypsu620 (16 days ago)
God bless you dear
Debra Kirkwood (16 days ago)
my father was born 1930 on a farm, in south GA. He said if they did not grow it they did not have it. He said he took a biscuit cut it open put a fryed egg in it for lunch at school, for chrismas one year he got a orange another time a little car . His mother died when he was 10.It was not a easy life.
catherine rintamaki (16 days ago)
Love you Clara...
TexasRose50 (16 days ago)
OH what a sweet lady. I wish I would have had a grandma like her. Anyway, I have old recipes passed down to me by my mother, and found some really old cookbooks. You can't beat those tried and true recipes!! I really don't care for the updated recipes. I will try to find her cookbooks. I think they would be real treasures. I'm so sorry I didn't find these videos sooner. God rest her soul.
Russell Enos (16 days ago)
Love potatoes, with eggs and onions !
Shirley Jimenez (17 days ago)
wow i didnt know thats what it was called i know how to make it my grandmother thought me
Saram Network (17 days ago)
is that steve from blues clues she just fed :D
Cassandra (17 days ago)
so sweet clara
Andrew Rook (18 days ago)
I'm gonna make this tonight or tomorrow night
evelyn f lindsey (19 days ago)
We can learn so much from our elders. My grandmother came up during the turn of the century and she learned from her father who came up in the last half of the 19th Century. She knew everything!
Dawn Adams (19 days ago)
God bless Clara!!!❤❤❤
Camila Alves (19 days ago)
We're facing a huge crisis in Brazil and I just tried that and it was cheap, filling and delicious. Thank you, Clara. Rest in peace. ♥
Mercy Walschek (19 days ago)
This looks so good. I'm going to make it for dinner tonight.
nvsbl2 (20 days ago)
They had no choice.... right now, in America, we do. Too bad they didn't know to just well scrub the potatoes and leave the nutritious skins on. I wonder if the hot dogs, back then, were as horribly full of chemicals as they are now. I wasn't in the Depression era, but we weren't well off, had to know how to eat frugal. Having a garden is just smart. We always had one. Even if you don't have land, you can grow edibles in flower beds and containers. There are books and youtube videos, and internet to show you how. But people are spoiled, lazy, and clueless now. I always had a garden and I baked my own bread....and I taught my kids.
John Asumaa (20 days ago)
That is one tough, sweet lady. Sadly, we will not see her like again.
Lil Garcia (22 days ago)
She seems like a good slut
Lil Garcia (22 days ago)
Dianna Sanchez (22 days ago)
We eat this too but call it “poor food” the kids love it!
MonkeyspankO (22 days ago)
The irony is that its probably better for you than what most people eat these days
Kara Hamil (22 days ago)
Watched her vids over and over! I’m sure her family misses her and what a blessing these vids are up them. I hope they have a lot of her that was for family..💔♥️
Tamra Sant (23 days ago)
You must know what's coming! Get ready Jesus is Returning!
Mo Rob (23 days ago)
What a treasure. Such appreciation for simplicity.
Maria Mendoza (23 days ago)
God bless you Ms. Clara.🙏😘
MYRA Willams (23 days ago)
Love the video.

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