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Puff Pastry 4 Ways

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Here is what you'll need! RECIPE: Cream Cheese Filling INGREDIENTS 1 8-ounce block cream cheese ¼ cup granulated sugar ½ teaspoon vanilla extract PREPARATION In a medium bowl, mix cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla until smooth. Strawberry Pastry Diamond Makes 9 pastries INGREDIENTS 1 sheet thawed puff pastry 5 strawberries, halved with stems removed 9 tablespoons Cream Cheese Filling, recipe above powdered sugar PREPARATION Preheat oven to 400°F. Cut the puff pastry into 9 equal squares. Taking one of the squares, fold one of the edges to the opposite edge. Leaving a ½ centimeter border, cut about ¾ of the way from the bottom of the triangle to the tip on both sides, making sure the cuts do not touch. Unfold the square. Taking the top flap, fold it towards the 2 cuts near the bottom. Take the bottom flap and fold it towards the top edge. Place about a tablespoon of the cream cheese filling in the middle, then place a strawberry half on top. Repeat with the remaining pastry squares. Bake for 15-20 minutes until pastry is golden brown and puffed. Serve with a sprinkle of powdered sugar! Raspberry Pastry Flower Makes 4 pastries INGREDIENTS 1 sheet thawed puff pastry 20 raspberries 4 tablespoons Cream Cheese Filling, recipe above Powdered sugar PREPARATION Preheat oven to 400°F. Cut the puff pastry into 4 equal squares. Leaving a ½ centimeter border, make 8 total cuts along the edges of the square, with each cut going about ⅓ of the way through the length of the edge. Make sure the cuts do not touch. Place a tablespoon of the cream cheese filling in the middle of the square, then top with 4 raspberries. Take one of the edge flaps and fold it towards the center, looping over the raspberry. Repeat with the other flaps. Place a raspberry in the center, on top of where all the flaps overlap. Repeat with the remaining pastry squares. Bake for 15-20 minutes until pastry is golden brown and puffed. Serve with a sprinkle of powdered sugar! Blueberry Pastry Pinwheel Makes 9 pastries INGREDIENTS 1 sheet thawed puff pastry 36 blueberries 9 tablespoons Cream Cheese Filling, recipe above Powdered sugar PREPARATION Preheat oven to 400°F. Cut the puff pastry into 9 equal squares. Make 4 cuts on each square, with each cut starting from the outside corners of the square and stopping just short of the center. Take one of the flaps and fold it towards the center. Fold every other flap towards the center until you have created a pinwheel shape. Place about a tablespoon of the cream cheese filling in the middle, then place 4 blueberries on top. Repeat with the remaining pastry squares. Bake for 15-20 minutes until pastry is golden brown and puffed. Serve with a sprinkle of powdered sugar! Music provided by Warner Chappell Inc. Used with permission
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Taija Bartrop (3 days ago)
2018 anyone?
Sariah Smith (15 days ago)
*I just made all four of these and they look and taste unreal. **_Highly recommend these--they're incredible._*
Samantha Godard (15 days ago)
I just made the last one with cream cheese and blueberry pie filling.
Saeed Ahmed (17 days ago)
5-minute crafts stole this recipe and alot more from your channel...
Vinson (21 days ago)
I want to do this!.. or have a cup of coffee while I watch someone else do this.
Persona Fan de tøp (25 days ago)
Lalani Faure (1 month ago)
So fast and neat
Snap Reem (1 month ago)
Margo Torzsa (1 month ago)
Mine do not look as pretty so far. They'll potable still taste good
Dylan Cassara (1 month ago)
I actually tried this IT TASTES DELICIOUS 🤤!!!
Fati Jad (1 month ago)
pastry tutorial abonney vous s il vous plait.
H恵美子 (1 month ago)
Damnit, now I'm hungry.
Sarah Maleque (2 months ago)
You followed 5 minute crafts😈😈😈😈😈😈
ابراهيم عيد (2 months ago)
simon steff (2 months ago)
Made this. Yum
Hiba Kacha (2 months ago)
No same here
chichale XD (2 months ago)
Enough with the cream cheese (s)😑
BlueIra 150 (2 months ago)
Just wait for your diabetes
MaMa Sues (2 months ago)
No egg wash?
Sha Shanuka (3 months ago)
Made them for my family and everyone loved them. My favorite was strawberry
kayla rosy (3 months ago)
How do they film inside the oven?
Aden Maulana (3 months ago)
mine turned to cookies..... good tho but... cookies
Isabella Redblut (3 months ago)
All of these you stollen from so yummy
Marie (3 months ago)
Can u use pillsbury pie crust for this?
iceCandyxx (3 months ago)
Did the strawberry recipe just now, they were perfect!! Thank you (:
Alguien vino por la yuya de los pobres? (Maire bebe) ❤
Lourdes Bobadilla (4 months ago)
Where can i get the dough? Help!
Lola Light (4 months ago)
How about brushing them with melted butter before putting them in the oven? It will give them a nice glossy look
Joanne Urmelda (4 months ago)
You make it look so easy 😮
Angela Garcia (4 months ago)
alguien que haya venido por Maire Wink??? jojojo si ella pudo yo tambien
Krisrtin Koss (4 months ago)
What size are your squares before cutting into your design. How much filling did you put in the middle before add your fruit. Thanks
Liz Serrick (4 months ago)
I used the 2nd design to make a savoury pastry, filled with pesto and mozzarella, topped with cherry tomatoes, drizzled with a balsamic glaze. Absolutely delicious!
thea psychoo muelleroa (4 months ago)
request:make some bread with sweet flavor😍😹
Bhavya Bharath (4 months ago)
Mine never had that color looked like an anemic pastry :(
Oscar leto yu (4 months ago)
how do you make the dough? please
Yéssica Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Just finished making them, waiting for them to rise a little bit more... too bad is a hot day and the cutting was not so easy to do.. Tell you how they turned out later :)
OpGamer (5 months ago)
Is it just me or does the fourth one look like a hot Pocket
Hola a Todos (5 months ago)
Vengo de Maire Wink y q
Catalina De la Torre (5 months ago)
Maire guinc su patrona.
ITzRawaan M (5 months ago)
I watch every video  ̄ 3 ̄
Shilpy Rahman (5 months ago)
Instead of choc chips, I would rather put NUTELLA
Zoey Kamara (5 months ago)
The third one looks like the star I played with in elementary
Moumi Basu (5 months ago)
What are 'the flower' ,'the diamond ' and all?
Rinku's Cooking Channel (5 months ago)
Very tasty. Please have a look at my channel and subscribe
Reagan Huslig (5 months ago)
Literally just came back from the store with the pastry sheets only to realize I not only forgot everything else, but don't even have flour cuz I ran out making a Tasty Cookie Dough recipe.
S.A. Livingston (5 months ago)
I'm going to make the pinwheels today with blueberries.
Chynna Cruz (6 months ago)
Why is this music so good tho
Shayna Pilc (6 months ago)
Can I do these with nutella and bananas?
Hee (6 months ago)
Dhaana Ugail (6 months ago)
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Tamara Fitri (6 months ago)
So yummy
Ng Ronald (6 months ago)
Beautiful and delicious
Zahra bhangar (6 months ago)
I tried this and it came out reeeeelllyyyyy good... IT TASTES AMAZING!!! I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE!!!! EVEN MY WORST ENEMY
Abdiaziz Ibrahim (6 months ago)
cloclo Sous le ciel (6 months ago)
So cuuuuute!!!
Manyia Austin-Sims (6 months ago)
Demet (6 months ago)
i made the first and second one, they taste pretty good and they're easy to make. (i replaced the strawberries with raisins and the sugar in cream cheese with honey)
palm tree (6 months ago)
can u make these ahead of time/night before?
Aishwarya Mhatre (7 months ago)
your recipe sooooo nice🍰
Alec Raptos (7 months ago)
tanna bandy (7 months ago)
Please...I want the recipe how to make the pastry dough????
panduka DeSilva (7 months ago)
this is how a chef does it in a restraunt
Randall (7 months ago)
What is the best way to preserve the cream cheese filling? @tasty
Apple Girl (7 months ago)
Looks like an Instagram video
Turquoise Muffin 10 (7 months ago)
I find it entertaining to watch those puff pastries do their thing in the oven.
_Its_ _Maria_ (8 months ago)
I have made this before, literally the easiest and tastiest treat I have ever made. It's also the best pastry I have ever tried. Suggestion: you should try adding small apple slices on the last kind of pastry in the video right on top of the cream cheese mixture, to make it better add some brown sugar mixed with cinnamon or something like that right on top. SO GOOOOD
Michelle Greene (8 months ago)
my mouth is watering
Aliya Ilyas khan (8 months ago)
Now I am making it
Broanaaa (8 months ago)
they fail to tell you that you need to add egg wash to the ends before putting them in the oven or they will not golden.
zello ilhan (8 months ago)
do you need to take granulated sugar or can I also take normal sugar (sorry for my english I'm from germany 😊)
tanya kapoor (9 months ago)
1Taladra33 (9 months ago)
Can this be made using filo dough?
I made a chocolate bar braid on my channel
katy kat (9 months ago)
can anyone plz say me where do i fine the recipe for the dough
Guillermo Ramon Forsyth (9 months ago)
Me gusto mucho gracias por la receta okey
Aliya Ilyas khan (9 months ago)
We can use any fruit
Princess Alize (9 months ago)
I love the flower puff pastry
Ulysses Garcia (9 months ago)
Holy fucking shit.
Riéna Artanti (9 months ago)
The song kinda reminds me to the sims
Lavanya Jones (10 months ago)
this is my favourite o myyyyy goooodddd
Sayra Toranzo (10 months ago)
how do you handle the puff pastry so easily? when I did the folds the puff pastry just stuck together
Somebodylost (10 months ago)
This transformations in the oven is wow.
Mauricio Estrella (10 months ago)
Brb opening a bakery.
William B. Francis (10 months ago)
Can someone please tell me the size of each square. This look interesting. Thank you.
... i like pinwheels
Lily Pfaff (10 months ago)
I think I just put on 1000 calories watching this video
Janell Pina (11 months ago)
wheres the last recipe??? i wanna make it
Daniel Modarres (11 months ago)
화이트tv (11 months ago)
Louisa Rahman (11 months ago)
Do I have to use cream chesee can't I just use other stuff like chocolate, peanut butter,nutella,caramel,or even toffee!😁
Jay B (11 months ago)
BuzzFeed sucks
mari vic (11 months ago)
all I can say is wow amazing! Thanks,keep it up,more power and Godbless
Joan L (11 months ago)
wow.m wonderful, simple ways to make puff pastry delights!!!! Love TASTY!!!
Joel Alexander (11 months ago)
squad squad animations (11 months ago)
i love puff pastry so fruity and that chocolate
Staying Alive (1 year ago)
I think it's Tasty's goal to incorporate cream cheese into as many things as humanly possible just to troll us all
TimeToMakeStool (1 year ago)
And how do I make this flour?
Irrigation Jobs (1 year ago)
Loving this
Ian Viator (1 year ago)
how do you make the puff pastry dough
Corey Strickland (1 year ago)
What brands of puff pastry do you use because I can't find any
Annaliese Grace (1 year ago)
Corey Strickland Pepperidge Farm

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