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Can This Chef Create a Kid's Imaginary Meal?

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Text Comments (7340)
Tasha Ng (16 hours ago)
These kids are in paradise right now i wish i was them
Zemfira Melnicenko (20 hours ago)
Saesha Mehrotra (1 day ago)
7:13 SHOOK
Stiches Hutton (1 day ago)
My real name is Liberty
SwiftFox (1 day ago)
This kid is so weird and confusing. He wanted spicy chicken and peppers then he said it was too spicy.
Jubayda Ganie (2 days ago)
She looks like marina from hiho kids
RAGE snake (3 days ago)
There's a dragon inside of this chicken... I would of said. that's a dragon... DAS FRICKIN AWESOME
Reetaj Hosam (3 days ago)
I would asked a simple plane shawarma and brownie with lots of ice cream 🍨
Craig Lamotte (3 days ago)
A chickizza
Craig Lamotte (3 days ago)
Its chicken with pizza with hot sauce and pepper on the chicken duuh
Lizzy P (3 days ago)
That looks good af
Flamingo Snake (3 days ago)
This kid wanted dragon flame flavored chicken and ya’ll are mad cause it doesn’t really know how to deal with spice. Lmao he’s literally 6.
terence tirona (3 days ago)
I think the kid was thinking about a chicken pizza shaped like a dragon blowing fire. And maybe what he meant with the 'spicy' is the fire that comes out from the dragon. The chef's creation looks delish though.
Marcus Peterson (3 days ago)
the world's okest son
Rachel Elliott (3 days ago)
Oo UniPlays (4 days ago)
For the pepperoni she should’ve cut it into a shape of a fire flame 🔥 and make it as the dragon’s breathe
lelxa xcv (4 days ago)
3:45 *my parents and me be like*
GoddessU (4 days ago)
3:45 lmao<3
GoddessU (4 days ago)
she's so gorgeous
Nia’s ROBLOX Life (4 days ago)
Honestly looks good.
chris boss (5 days ago)
6:47 Little boy: what the fuck is the Chef:everything's in it Little boy:oh
Jlo Zone (5 days ago)
I eat dragon fire chicken everyday
Jlo Zone (5 days ago)
7:46 Lmao his face watching her eat it
hola Vale (5 days ago)
Is this wine mom's son??
Adriana Esparza (5 days ago)
SUPER TLR (5 days ago)
7:10 just keep watching his face
David Akin (5 days ago)
Little ass bitch she didn't get the food right
Kaelynn 128 (6 days ago)
id ask for a chocolate chocolate bar. like a recreation of a chocolate bar made out of different colors of chocolate. but the chocolate is inside the wrapper, so none of the stuff inside is showing. I want it filled, not hollow. And I'd like the wrapper to be a crunch bar, and, it will be 5x Bigger :D
Elisha Wright (6 days ago)
Awww.....I would love to be on this show some much
dAnGeR FiLe (6 days ago)
OOF 0:01
Joel Hilkes (6 days ago)
damn the womem is cute af
Himabindu Vadlamani (6 days ago)
When she tasted it... He's like which one 😂😂😂😂
Suga Kookies (6 days ago)
Hannah is probably like "Alexis...come to my home and cook the boys dinner please" Jk
Loke Ryan (7 days ago)
0/10 no dragon inside
Maya Shady (7 days ago)
He literally said to make it spicy a a lot. Next thing you know it’s to spicy.🤣🤣🤣
Alexis: If you could have whatever food you want, what would it be? Jackson: It would be..... Dragon fire chicken wing stuffed with pizza🙃🙃🙂🙂🙃☺️☺️ Alexis: What the...
BTSpop Stan (7 days ago)
Ummh, I just though I would let people know that "peperoni"(pepperoni) means peppers in Italian
Ray (7 days ago)
Larica da madrugada
Giselle Cardenas (7 days ago)
That actually looks good
Joshua Lim (7 days ago)
i like all of these (why am i missing this series), they're so heartwarming.
Mohammed Hussain (7 days ago)
Can you even make my dream cake
Mohammed Hussain (7 days ago)
Can you even make my dream cake
simi yt (7 days ago)
Luigi Cat (8 days ago)
Should've made the bone a pretzel.
Kai (8 days ago)
It's so sad that she took the time to make all that mess and he hated it because it was too spicy for a kid :(
Ibraheem Junaid (8 days ago)
Boiii u ducked up
Ibraheem Junaid (8 days ago)
MortalWolfKiD (8 days ago)
if i was that kid i would of ate the Whole thing mhm
PugzForLife33 3 (8 days ago)
I love olive stuff she used (i dunno how to spell it
Christine Wang (8 days ago)
The kids voice is so cute 🧒🏻☺️
Billie Styles (8 days ago)
Alexis is so beautiful omg
Mel Reis (8 days ago)
7:25... Idiot... Go back to Asia 😑
Harveer Sandhu (8 days ago)
And I thought i was the only one who forgets to put baking powder in the batter of cake😂lol. (referring to 4:36)
Emesha Charles (8 days ago)
He's the one said he loved spicy food
Sweet Sprinkles (8 days ago)
I think that the kid didn't like the dish because he draw a a food which was a really bad one obviously because he is a small kid he would have liked dragons and pizza so he thought that the dish will be good but I think that if the chef made it spicy there was nothing to do with it 😊
Lena Shokravi (9 days ago)
7:14 that head nod
Phúc Gia Lê (9 days ago)
wait, the kid want the bread to be inside... nah it still good ^-^
Phúc Gia Lê (9 days ago)
this kid XD
Romeo Gallimore (9 days ago)
That was his fault. He said he want it spicy lol
Fries Lover (9 days ago)
Wow my 4 year old brother would of just asked for peanut cookies...
Hive Experiments (9 days ago)
He on crack
Yasiaya Alexander (9 days ago)
When y’all was cussing l was laughing crying 🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅
gaming fun (9 days ago)
i would have a thanks giving feast
Anthony (9 days ago)
Faded Be4st (9 days ago)
3:06 is what I did after watching this video
blue flowery umbrella (10 days ago)
i actually want to eat this
Daniel Santamaria (10 days ago)
This like Buzzfeed making food
Tyana C (10 days ago)
This looks so good.
CentrePiano (10 days ago)
She basically made beef Wellington but with chicken and pizza
Jolette Avila (10 days ago)
"Oh no, I'm just talking to myself" HA THAT CRACKED ME UP
KoalinRandom (10 days ago)
1:58 omg you're drugging a kid smh 😤😤😤
Paul Richey (10 days ago)
Oh my gosh she’s so cute
Ab Tract (10 days ago)
Tbh that actually looked good to me
faze red (10 days ago)
That kid is a dumbass he wanted peppers
maryam shaheed (10 days ago)
The poor boys bags though, there like completely red down there. I mean , how stressed can a 6 year old get
Madison Pomales (11 days ago)
Taste like awlives💀
henryk martinez (11 days ago)
Alexis is funny and does good cooking
Top Ramen Boi (11 days ago)
Kids these days think ketchup is spicy 😂
Gabrielle Gabelman (11 days ago)
Omg it’s hannnahs son!!!!! Jackson!!!
Danielle Lawrence (11 days ago)
This kids savage
Josie Barnwell (11 days ago)
3:04 - 3:08 asmr .. lol btw i love thisss
elliot humphrey (11 days ago)
It annoys me because he said he wanted spicy and she was extra careful with the spice.
{Kia is} P0iNtLeSs (11 days ago)
Really cute!!
Oonacorn Unicorn (11 days ago)
Do moreeeee
EpicD0m (11 days ago)
Oh no, I’m just talking to myself. I love her omg
דור גפן (11 days ago)
lovely reyes (11 days ago)
Jejjje I love this jejjjeje
Christian Craig (11 days ago)
Why am I going to make this tomorrow 😂
1254 Hero (11 days ago)
how do you join the tasty team?
Sophie Theis (11 days ago)
‚I love spicy food‘ *gets spicy food *throws it up JO ALWAYS THESE DUMB KIDDIES I think she did that really good
Kana 15 (11 days ago)
Cant describe how much I hate kids. Like for fuk sake stop watching how to train your dragon and get to a fucking real life
Plasma Core (12 days ago)
Grilled cheese sandwitch with fries on the inside as well and slight amounts of ketchup cooked into it with the fries is a dream meal of mine.
LaurevBright (12 days ago)
I would so eat that
Fernanda Garcia (12 days ago)
I saw this and i started to get hungry i want to taste that but i cant so i told my mom i saw this hoping she can take me out to eat she told me there are hot pockets in the freezer 😩 im watching your videos eating a hot pocket now
Micky MickyD (12 days ago)
This kid 🧒🏻 is a Bitch
VioletRobloxian 147 (12 days ago)
That kid was so funny lol!#
Panday43 aj (12 days ago)
Thats Hannahs son Jackson! I wish Wyatt was there
Lily Falconer (12 days ago)
Alexis is Hufflepuff alert! Yay! 💛🖤💛🖤💛 Hufflepuff puff pride (btw I’m Ravenclaw but I used to be Hufflepuff so yay)
Dino Gamer (12 days ago)
That kid is funny xD
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