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Cinnamon Swirl Danish

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Get the recipe: https://tasty.co/recipe/cinnamon-swirl-danish Shop the Tasty kitchenware collection here: http://bit.ly/2IooLS4 Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/53597 MUSIC Breathe In Sunshine_NoVox Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
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Text Comments (387)
TheBestAsian (4 days ago)
Make coffee cake
Tavion Sama (4 days ago)
dam that looks tasty
Viruskat (4 days ago)
I'm from Denmark and this is so wrong. We don't add filling into a cinnamon swirl.
Keilalah Thomas (5 days ago)
I’m so hungry
Yaay! Something Danish!!
Sugakookie7 (4 days ago)
6L Charlotte Jiali Han Pedersen Soeagerskolen oh ok😂😊
Sugakookie7 oh no don't apologise. I completely forgot I changed my profile picture to Suga. I see you are also an army so we are friends! I just thought "how does this person know I'm an army?".
Sugakookie7 (4 days ago)
I’m sorry
Sugakookie7 army? What do you mean? Why all of a sudden army?
Army & Gym (5 days ago)
DENNARK🇩🇰 #danishsquad
kissemis1 (5 days ago)
As a baker apprentice in Denmark. That is not how we do it..
Adarsh Kannan (5 days ago)
Is there any apps of you
Lynn Schelonka (5 days ago)
This looks delicious! I want to eat it off the screen🤤😛😁
TheQuietRebel (6 days ago)
Sooooo why doesn’t Tasty have a dvd that I would GLADLY pay money for???? Or do they?
Icy Heart (6 days ago)
Tasty is an inspiration for me.
Mr. Venom (6 days ago)
I looked like there was sausage inside on the thumbnail
creativmindplay (6 days ago)
i'm not from denmark
ItsTom Elite (6 days ago)
*very cool cake recipe* *Оччччень крутой рецепт тортика* *https://youtu.be/3Rd2ddqWw0I*
Mads Bredsdorff (6 days ago)
Hej alle danskere derude
Sofia Gjerulff (6 days ago)
Lol i am Danish😊i love your vidios
Danish Ali (6 days ago)
To all the people from Denmark... My name is Danish.. you dont see me complaining 😑
Rosengaard (6 days ago)
Did you make a behind the scenes?
Milda Piščikaitė (6 days ago)
Am i the only one that thought that there were sausages in it at first?😂
Hana Melaku (6 days ago)
Who watches the videos and looks at the comments while watching the video ( is it just me!😂)
Irem Demiral (6 days ago)
ffs.. this aint danish for shit
Özgür Rugozark (6 days ago)
Is there an alternative for cream cheese?
B C (6 days ago)
Andrea Samsundar (6 days ago)
David where you at??
Ritho Wundo (6 days ago)
Jeg tænkte nok at jeg ville se danske kommentarer.
Jekhi Austin (6 days ago)
I first thought the insides were hotdogs 😂
Isabella Hauptmann (6 days ago)
Here in Denmark then we call them Cinnamon snales. Just where it is in danish
Roman5740 (6 days ago)
That’s how babies are made.
Jane Lane (6 days ago)
in America, we have always called this a "cinnamon bun" we have a brand or 2 that makes danishes, but they aren't the same. hence, we are here, and this is a cinnamon bun. and so the quest for how to make a Danish continues. hej fra US
silkclay squishys (6 days ago)
i am from denmark
Mr. Cold (6 days ago)
Is donuts basically bread with frosting???? Interesting🤔
Diana Owusu (6 days ago)
Was the person who was making this Alix? 🤔
toypa kat (6 days ago)
I love how many danish people who have commented this 🙂 Its have NOTHING to do with a kanelsnegl
Kali Alexandria (6 days ago)
Omg I can't!!! So yum!
Sudha Murali (6 days ago)
Tasty should do a Homemade vs. Store bought: Puff Pastry video.
Neko Chan (6 days ago)
Christoffer Schøier (6 days ago)
Well Im Danish
Pelle Nielsen (6 days ago)
There is nothing in Denmark like this But it look like somthing We have
Girly Nerd (6 days ago)
Holy fucking hell that shit is too sweet
Amit Bansal (6 days ago)
ely martin (6 days ago)
@Tasty would you do a vid about easy version of dainty finger sandwiches, delicate cakes, scones to match with your fave teas
Alma Møller Andersen (6 days ago)
I'm from Denmark!😻
Benjamin Aasen (6 days ago)
Can you make Norwegian meatballs, it's called kjottkaker in norwigean😀
am232960 (6 days ago)
FoodBros (6 days ago)
Ooh this looks absolutely stunning!😍 and i bet it taste as good as it looks😍✨😌
Jelena I guess (6 days ago)
It looks like pies do in Balkanian countries
Liv Kofod (6 days ago)
Mmh im from Denmark and This isnt a Danish cinnamon swirl, bit it looks lovely
Alex Joseph (6 days ago)
i've eaten like 3 pickles today and i'm starving after this video fuckkk
Suryafara bracke (6 days ago)
Damn..This is like heaven dessert.
sarrah sison (7 days ago)
My mouth is watering!!!! So good
Iljaz Iljazovski (7 days ago)
Tf?! Are you guys trying to make kanelsnegle or what? i'm offended. LOL XD
Anna Holstborg (7 days ago)
That is not how we make it
Anna Holstborg (6 days ago)
okay new info
ItsMeSwirl (6 days ago)
Anna Holstborg this isn't a Danish dish, it's just a name. The danish originated in Austria.
Emma Højen (7 days ago)
Hej gutterne :))) Bare fordi at der står "danish" i titlen betyder det ikke det er dansk, det er bare ordet for en slags "wienerbrød" :)))
Adi Aamand (7 days ago)
We would NEVER make cinnamon Rolls this way here in Denmark...
Darryl Fraser (7 days ago)
Diabetes never looked so fantastic. This is my new hangover breakfast.
Its a teen life (7 days ago)
Hi, hope you have a great day ahead. I am a teen who has recently started a cooking channel. I hope you give my channel a chance. Thank you!!!
Amir Sazali Khalid (7 days ago)
Make another chef makes a childs food
Yummy recipe
Pia er ikke tilfreds.
ItsMeSwirl (6 days ago)
Some Asshole On The Internet Accurate name
Katrine Brockmann (7 days ago)
I'm from Denmark, and Ive never Steen such a "Cinnamon swirl" before?
Sdudy Ho (7 days ago)
Katrine Brockmann who cares?
Mr_Gunz666 (7 days ago)
DackxJaniels (7 days ago)
What is it with Tasty and cream cheese?
Bojo Skibsholt (7 days ago)
that shit aint danish
Rahul ji (7 days ago)
😍now I can die in peace
Kalde Kiks (7 days ago)
Im danish i don,t know what i is but heck year i wanna eat that right know
Cassandra Mills (7 days ago)
Ooh Ooh yeah alix
Lasse Ditlevsen (7 days ago)
wtf is this, definitely not a danish cinnamon swirl
ItsMeSwirl (6 days ago)
Lasse Ditlevsen fair enough, but that's how it is.
Lasse Ditlevsen (6 days ago)
ItsMeSwirl makes no sense to me as a dane lol
ItsMeSwirl (6 days ago)
Lasse Ditlevsen No it's a Cinnamon Swirl Danish, in that order. A danish is a type of pastry
MrHELLATIGHTBRO (7 days ago)
I'm from cinnamon and that's not a Pillsbury toaster strudel 😡
MrHELLATIGHTBRO wait wut? 😂😂
am232960 (6 days ago)
MrHELLATIGHTBRO HAHA😂Like all these ppl saying stuff abt denmark
Jes Si (7 days ago)
Dear tasty, I absolutely LOVE all your videos, however, I’m from India, where cream cheese is a luxury and not added in everything, would b great if u do make some without it or substitute it as well. 👍🏻
Nobody eat's tgis in Denmark -Amanda der kommer fra Danmark
ItsMeSwirl (6 days ago)
Amanda Raaberg Nielsen Grammar and spelling on point.
Cadet Grey (7 days ago)
is this Alex
Nicky Louis (7 days ago)
oooohhhhh yesssssss!!!!! yummy tummy lol
Aksel The Danish (7 days ago)
Yay! A recipe from my home country! :D
Du er også dum.
Khuraim Bajwa (7 days ago)
David Seymour do this!!
Carla Kokholm Flarup (7 days ago)
*don't make
Carla Kokholm Flarup (7 days ago)
I'am from Denmark and we don't that sooo 😂🇩🇰
ItsMeSwirl (6 days ago)
Carla Kokholm Flarup Danish is just a name for certain pastries.
thirsty kirsty (7 days ago)
hehe i'm half danish. I don't care if the recipe isn't authentic I just wanted to let u guys know😂
Du er ikke rigtig dansker. Hold din kæft.
*Wow, this looks so good!*
aaaaaaaaaaaa808 (7 days ago)
My favorite
smileybomb123 (7 days ago)
so many butt hurt danish people who dont even know what a danish is.. smdh
anthony whitehead (7 days ago)
I like this
Yennhi Nguyen (7 days ago)
Richard Spot (7 days ago)
European alternative to cream cheese in Europe/Middle Europe?
D Z (7 days ago)
Human centipede brought me here
Ross- A -Roni (7 days ago)
Now I want a cinnamon roll... ☹️
William Schjørring (7 days ago)
That cream had such a weird texture wtf
SuperBreezy100 (7 days ago)
Aliiiiiiiix 😍
I think this may be my next recipe attempt on my channel of failing in the kitchen! Looks easy enough but I’ve been fooled before! Don’t know how you do it
Renuka Brown (7 days ago)
So this is what I click on when I tell myself I'm going to lose weight and start working out..
Bgh192007 (7 days ago)
I am going to actually make this
jond2614 (7 days ago)
Looks great. Bottom looks a tad overdone/burnt
Awesome Nees (7 days ago)
Not to ruin anyone's appetite but the filling reminded me of raw sausage after it was baked.... I would still it it tho 😁😁
Shabeeba Sheikh (7 days ago)
I seriously want to know what Gordon Ramsay thinks of this show, knowing how picky and concise he is.
Ellen Gregory (7 days ago)
Dear Danish people, Nobody is claiming this is an authentic Danish recipe, or even a non-authentic Danish recipe. "Danish" is a generic name for certain kinds of pastries. It doesn't refer to Denmark. It's just a word for pastries.
PRO 2000 (6 days ago)
Jane Lane (6 days ago)
hej! fra USA med kaerlighed
Stellastar 0752 (6 days ago)
Ellen Gregory i am from Denmark 🇩🇰
Maybe Maybe Not (7 days ago)
Thank you
L. Wilder (7 days ago)
Well, I would use the cinnamon. And butter spread out on the dough. Roll it in slice into regular rolls. Bake them than use cream cheese, powdered sugar and a little orange juice or orange flavoring. Mixed than used for the glaze. No goo for the inside.🍊
Robby Wong (7 days ago)
jackaboi (7 days ago)
_i read this as "cinnamon roll death"_
ItsMeSwirl (6 days ago)
No one actually gives one if you're Danish! A Danish is a type of circly cake not a cinnamon roll/bun. This one just so happens to have cinnamon and stuff in it. No it's not a Danish dish, but Greek yoghurt isn't Greek, and french fries aren't French. It doesn't matter if it's from your fucking country, people like the name.
ItsMeSwirl (6 days ago)
Anna B I am in fact also Danish, but it only required me one look at it to realise, that's something else...
Anna B (6 days ago)
ItsMeSwirl also if something was called an “Amarican” you would kinda think it had something to do with America 😊 not trying to be arrogant just trying to explain from it from a Danes side of view.
Anna B (6 days ago)
ItsMeSwirl i know i might be annoying to hear all the “that’s not danish” comments but I think a lot of Danes are just confused because it’s called a danish. I know that French fries aren’t French and that is pretty much the same thing but I danish language it’s not called French fries so it probably is just kind of confusing for us😉
ItsMeSwirl (7 days ago)
Paris Flowers It's just annoying to see all the arrogant Danes.

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