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The Original Orange Chicken by Panda Express

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Reserve the One Top: http://bit.ly/2v0iast Get the recipe: https://tasty.co/recipe/original-orange-chicken-by-panda-express Buy the Tasty Cookbook Today: http://bit.ly/2zVLRyd  Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/45269 MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/45269 MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network
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Text Comments (1344)
EslvCaro (3 hours ago)
Can you do the chow mien they do??
Yu Liu (2 days ago)
blah unhealthy americanized chinese
Typical (2 days ago)
So there's no fucking orange in it....
Oliver Naquin,3rd (2 days ago)
Tasty always be havin me with these late night cravings
WuzNab (3 days ago)
5 :00 In the middle of the night. Help.
Prasis Pandey (3 days ago)
pawanjot singh (3 days ago)
that was not 2 tbsp of soy sauce it was wayyy more
Whale (3 days ago)
Gotta drive an hour away for the nearest Panda. ;(
ACE7O2 (4 days ago)
The video says 1 1/2 cups of water but the recipe is 2 1/2 cups. This makes a huge difference so I suggest going off the recipe in the link to be safe. You can buy their orange sauce in a bottle at a supermarket too if you're in a hurry.
Daniel Alvarez (5 days ago)
That looks incredible
Nesha Britwood (5 days ago)
I can taste it through the screen. Yum!
I bet all my money in my Korea saving that Taehyung watched this video and attempted to make it
Tyler Larson (6 days ago)
What if you don't have a frier?
pokemon bacon12 (6 days ago)
Tyler Larson put oil on a pot
Luckero (6 days ago)
If you buy the bottle of "Orange Chicken sauce" at the store it tastes nothing like the original. I'll try this recipe at some point
Alexis Giles (7 days ago)
You got us paying white meat prices for dark meat quality! 🤢🤒👊
cboehm24 (7 days ago)
Egg is a leavening agent?
Rosaline Chavez (8 days ago)
This is just amaaaazing! Just did it today and it was awesome!!! I used chicken breast tho but ohhhh soooo good!
Brigitte Avalos (8 days ago)
Omg i am drooling 🤤
Davina J (8 days ago)
Panda Express is *stingy* with their portions.
Tom Badger (8 days ago)
I wish American's would just learn metric like normal people. Having to stop every 3 seconds to convert is annoying.
TonyQuackston (8 days ago)
Why do I always click this shid? Now I’m just hungry again :(
LettuceKiller (9 days ago)
Do I use fresh or concentrated orange juice?
JRfoodie lovefun (9 days ago)
I think dude's having a tough time chewing it down. "Its really good" 😅 peace
JRfoodie lovefun (9 days ago)
Took a big piece, realizes he's on camera, tried to maintain poise, "its realy good" haha hitting replay button for a good laugh. Ok.
Lolcrybaby Plays (10 days ago)
Omg this looks SO good 🤤🤩🤤 Am hungry 🤤🤤🤩🤤🤤
Moon (12 days ago)
True way of asian cooking is a wok, chopsticks, and no measuring tools. This video is fake!!! lol jk
Torianna Brown (13 days ago)
This was delicious!
Yum 😋
Cheina (14 days ago)
Ninaoe Iw (14 days ago)
I’ve ate this before and it tastes so good
justanunknown chelsea (14 days ago)
This is called Sweet and Sour Chicken (Hong Kong Style) in England.
ALEX CIOCCA (14 days ago)
Ok panda orange chicken I tried this method . The battered chicken as described here cook up the way it says was not good texture was not pleasing and taste was lacking. The sauce however was good. So to improve on this I seasoned the chicken nuggets with salt garlic white pepper and tossed the in cornstarch throughly . I pan fried the nuggets in butter and oil tossed them in the sauce and enjoyed them all. It was a little sweet but real good
Richard Wieder (15 days ago)
I made this a few times, and the recipe was amazing. You won't have leftovers when you make it. My only criticism I had was the cornstarch. I had to cut the amount for the chicken batter about 1/3 cup. If you never cooked with cornstarch, it makes batter much heavier. Too much, and your batter has the consistency of play doh.
Guge Yao (15 days ago)
That is not Chinese food...
NOPANTIES (16 days ago)
Holy fick
ShëDêvil * (17 days ago)
I’m making this right now and I can tell you that 1 1/2 cups of water will not do, if anything 2 1/2 cups otherwise you’ll be making a dough 😑 ........ fingers crossed 🤞 hope It turns out ........ well tasty 😋
Ryze (17 days ago)
I hate when these kinds of vids are on my recommended at 3 am lol I’m so hungry and don’t want to wake up my parents lol
Thomas Cheng (18 days ago)
Y u no use wok
HOW TO LANDONI (18 days ago)
Smart Kids (19 days ago)
That chicken aint get no seasoning...No Thanks
Fatimahs Files (19 days ago)
Made this using two cups of flour instead of 3, and two cups of water instead of 1.5. I also seasoned the chicken with seasoning salt and pepper before I dumped it into the batter. Results were soooo great!! Will be making this for my family next time!!!
Justin Loomis (19 days ago)
Came out splendid aside from my rubbery rice...added pineapple as well it was bomb.
So it's not made out of rats
red cherry (20 days ago)
Now that I have the recipe, I don't think I'll ever need to go to Panda Express ever again *goes anyways*
Cristela Marroquin (20 days ago)
This made me so hungry idk why
Rose Hirshorn (20 days ago)
Just made this it was so good. But a little bit to vinegary
Jim Martin (20 days ago)
Tried this recipe yesterday. I cut the dry ingredients in half, and still had more batter than needed. The batter was thicker than it needed to be (yes, I caught the mistake in the video vs. the recipe). I feel that if I had thinned the batter just a little more, it would have been crispier... instead it was too thick and bready. In the end, I'd like to boost the liquid quantities in the sauce... I prefer this dish to have more sauce, and be less like the glaze it is, but the flavors were good. I've modified the recipe to my liking, and it's in my catalog with Asian staples... even though it's an Americanized dish. Just my $.02
Heena Shaikh (20 days ago)
An alternative for brown sugar?
Vidal Cuevas (20 days ago)
too bad their chicken served at their restaurants is frozen
Orange chicken is like American chinese food
Backwxxdsvic Landittoo (21 days ago)
Jimmy 'Chicken' Wang
Anna 3084 (21 days ago)
I wonder if I could cheat this by making the sauce and tossing in pre-made chicken strips
Padei Lo (21 days ago)
I just made this recipe for dinner last night and I think the ratio is off. 2 lbs of chicken was actually A LOT. Yes I measured it out on my scale. The sauce seemed very little to me so I made 1 1/2 recipe just in case and it still wasn't enough. I should have just doubled the sauce recipe. My orange chicken came out really light in color. It wasn't a dark, orangey Amber color like in the video. Over all the flavor was good but not like his and I followed the recipe step my step
Elisia Alexander (21 days ago)
Pig Gymnast (21 days ago)
Yum! Gotta love Panda Express baby🤩
Running Cookie (22 days ago)
Hmm forgotten sesame seed ??..
Diamond Z (22 days ago)
المقادير: صدور دجاج 1 ملعقة شاي ملح 1 ملعقة شاي فلفل ابيض 1 كوب نشا ذرة 3 كوب طحين 1 بيضه 1 ونص كوب ماء 2 ملعقة شاي زيت ..... 1 ملعقة شاي زيت نباتي 1/4 ملعقة شاي فلفل 1/2 ملعقة شاي زنجبيل 1 ملعقة شاي ثوم 1/4 كوب سكر 1/4 كوب سكر بني 1/4 كوب عصير برتقال 1/4 كوب خل 2 ملعقة شاي صلصة صويا 2 ملعقة شاي ماء مع 2 ملعقة شاي نشاء ذرة
Alexis Cortes (23 days ago)
I made it and it was so good
Kim Taehunyg (23 days ago)
I thought of Taehyung throughout the whole video
Aftina. Hn. (23 days ago)
Taehyung should definitely meet him Or ask Jin (eomma) to cook it for him 😏 😂
North Dakota (23 days ago)
Looks great.   I'm too lazy to make this, just go to the Chinese place and get takeout.
Gabriella Marpaung (24 days ago)
I actually tried this ... now im eating the chicken.. wow.. best thing I made in 2018
cosmo_rebeljdal97 (24 days ago)
I've only ever had panda express once in my life when I went to the states and it was yummyyyyy.
lemondrop 888 (24 days ago)
Marissa McClure (24 days ago)
Yeah no. Tried it. Took a LONG time and it did not come out that way at all lmao
MiaBear 7 (24 days ago)
I’ve never tried Panda Express
kay 1 (25 days ago)
I just finished eating orange chicken from panda express
Torah and Hebrew roots (25 days ago)
I swear chinese cooks are so creative when it comes to cooking, its the best and nothing comes close to it
macy lauren (25 days ago)
OmG HiS nAmE iS JIMIN WhAt A StRanGe CoNcIdEnCe 😂
Troupe Member 14 (25 days ago)
Jimmy Wang? I only know Jackson Wang😏
Donghaeanchovy (26 days ago)
Who is here because of Taehyung kim😁😁😂😂😂😂😂me
Dana TCHUISSEU (26 days ago)
Sugar??? No thanks
Ed Jackson (26 days ago)
I don’t really like orange, can I use Lemon?
123WintersAngel123 (26 days ago)
Tried this out. Followed recipe to a T. It tastes nothing like Panda Express and was actually a complete disappointment flavor wise. The fry batter was great, very airy and crispy, but the sauce on top was a complete 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 also took about 3 hours from getting the oil to temp to only doing a few pieces of chicken at a time to not overcrowd the pan as each batch must cook for 5-6 minutes. Too much effort, just go to Panda. I want to note the people I made this for liked the flavor, but agreed it was nothing like Panda Express. It's a no from me, though. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Panda Express.. *whispers* panda panda pANDA EXPRESS (ayy) Panda! Panda! Panda EXPRESS! (And sprait!)
Jakethemase (27 days ago)
MiYemeniBebe (27 days ago)
I never had Panda Express and I found one in Brooklyn. I’ll let this be my first dish? Any other recommendations?
The Loner (27 days ago)
I want!!!!!
Jasmin Banta (28 days ago)
NOOO! He cut the Raw Chicken on a wood cutting board..... :/
Caesar Ho (28 days ago)
We call it sweet and sour chicken, not orange chicken...zzzz.
monica princessa (28 days ago)
The Grilled Chicken teriyaki next plss
Samantha Garcia (28 days ago)
This guy has just saved me several trips to Panda Express.
Lisa Bobo (29 days ago)
I made this. I'm not sure what i did wrong with the batter. But, I had to add extra water because when I went to mix the cornstarch and AP, it got to thick. I just added enough water, to smooth out the recipe.
Bransen Cain (1 month ago)
I've never eaten at panda express.
SilentSky (1 month ago)
I love orange chicken!
CARDI B (1 month ago)
Well I know what I’m making tonight
Vladimir Kozlovski (1 month ago)
Chow mein from Panda Express please
Kiley Suzanne Jensen (1 month ago)
Once again, the measurement provided for the video do not match the measurements provided in the recipe. So you’re left wondering which one to follow. FYI, don’t follow the video...no bueno orange chicken.
VoliKnight354 (1 month ago)
what kind of oil into batter?
winter rose (1 month ago)
Shame on you for not giving right recipe Soo much flour not enough water!I ended up with cement!!!!!
Jack Brian (1 month ago)
I always wanted to taste the orange chicken but couldn't as the meat was not halal .. and i did came across the video and made it, came out amazingly delicious .. thanks a ton for the post .. finger licking good .. 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Manas Choudhary (1 month ago)
Please open up in India! It's great investment! Some 1.3 billion people would love it! ❤️❤️
Manas Choudhary (1 month ago)
I'm hungry now 😭😭😭
Malcolm Thomas (1 month ago)
Watching this while I'm eating orange chicken
Ammie Renee (1 month ago)
Finally made this today, it turned out perfect! 😄 I left the pepper flakes out of the sauce so it wasn't spicy, and holy moly it's just perfectly sweet and delicious with fresh rice and steamed veggies.
GamingGen (1 month ago)
Is there a substitute for egg?
JojoFaith (1 month ago)
Do more of these please! More recipes from Panda Express
AxelSteel32 (1 month ago)
WARNING FOR THOSE MAKING THIS RECIPE: The video says 1 & 1/2 cups of water, but the real recipe is supposed to be 2 & 1/2 CUPS OF WATER. Says on the website that it is 2 & 1/2
JoshuaNY93BX (1 month ago)
Really panda express founder?, I guess my uncle is founder of Cantonese style sweet and sour sauce

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