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Five Beautiful Ways To Decorate Cake

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Get the tips here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/marietelling/cake-decorating-tips?utm_term=.yi0Ogq1oJ#.dfe0npZEj Shop the Tasty kitchenware collection here: http://bit.ly/2IooLS4 Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/45887 MUSIC SFX Provided By AudioBlocks (https://www.audioblocks.com) Licensed via Audio Network
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Text Comments (1185)
Bakery Bling (3 hours ago)
6th way to decorate cakes: with Bakery Bling sprinkles ;)
Hope Guerrero (14 hours ago)
I loved the rose 🌹 cake 🍰 I also loved the last cake 🍰
Wolfblades Alpha (1 day ago)
Does anybody else feel like her voice makes her sound like an egotistical bitch that thinks she's the ultimate shit and she's always right
MrOscarin88 (1 day ago)
I love it 😍 and the cake 🎂
HeyThat'sStella (1 day ago)
Now i want cake😧🍰
Cluissiul (2 days ago)
I fucking love your voice over
CinnamonBlaze (2 days ago)
Wait.. your name is Claire? That’s my name.. SO THATS WHY I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCHHH
Electro Vine (2 days ago)
Claires my favorite Tasty Producer Loke if Agreeed
CallMeLexis (2 days ago)
This was amazing
Asra Haqqi (2 days ago)
This is the same exact thing from bakingwithryan
Desmond Lee (2 days ago)
More Claire
Lela Strika (3 days ago)
Fun but where’s recipes for those mixtures God ! No point just showing it
You've made me think tht i can do this "cake decorating" thing too! I have a good feeling about this😎😍😶
Hoang Nguyen (3 days ago)
I love you cake you made
I am Bleach (3 days ago)
My favorite is Ombré and Drip cake
Chinchin Liego (3 days ago)
Its so sarap niyan
Sssagydog P (4 days ago)
Watching your cake videos make me feel comfortable with how I can make my cakes
Diamond_Forager (4 days ago)
what kind of icing is it. is it butter cream?
Scott Vergara (4 days ago)
Teach us how to do the other stuff!!!
Brit Mcq (4 days ago)
The last one beautiful!
Destiny Vellozzo (4 days ago)
I love how Claire isn’t professional and she’s really funny and helpful and good at what she does 😂
Flamingo Snake (4 days ago)
Hi! Professional cake decorator here! So, if you’re new to using icing bags, I would suggest a twist tie or rubber band on the end of the bag. Take it from me, you will be covered in icing if you don’t. Also, try “palming” the bag a little more. Basically seal the end once the icing is in, then move most of it to the back until you have a much smaller portion in your hand. You’ll have a lot more control and won’t cramp up as much. Just a few tips (pun intended) to make your first couple times piping go a little smoother 💖 It does take a little practice, but don’t get discouraged! It’s really fun and you’ll have something beautiful to show off that you did all on your own.
Fox Puppies aj (4 days ago)
What are there a ingredients
farsana nasri (5 days ago)
her voice is irritating
Seriana Dobyns (5 days ago)
I love her voice! ❤
Kennedy wallen (5 days ago)
Could you do frosting cupcake 101
doorik kip (5 days ago)
How is the icing made though??
extra (4 days ago)
doorik kip https://youtu.be/ZD8v-gW4bjY
sitara thulasidas (5 days ago)
cake decorating is like makeup
Hi it's Patty (5 days ago)
The rose one tho😍
Mark Evan Delos Reyes (6 days ago)
*Shoop!* 8:30
Song at the beginning?
Zorcer (6 days ago)
So where is the recipe for the glaze? am i blind? (7:45 it says in the description, but there's only trash...)
Arun Sooknarine (6 days ago)
Crumb coat and chill...aye how to cake it
NewlyNatural (6 days ago)
The mirror glaze looks extra fancy! I can think of a few occasions to impress using this technique 🙄😉😄
NewlyNatural (6 days ago)
The dripping ganache cake looks great TOO!
NewlyNatural (6 days ago)
Dirpy Squad (7 days ago)
Nishka Surve (7 days ago)
I could literally watch these videos over and over again just to hear her voice some more
Akashi (7 days ago)
I'm hungry again
Patience Wallace (8 days ago)
"easy" nailed it is a thing for a reason
Rashell E.G. (8 days ago)
My only question is what happened to the cakes after the video?!?
Kaju Kajana. (8 days ago)
OogieUK UK (8 days ago)
2:30 to 2:35 😂😂
OogieUK UK (8 days ago)
Why does she sound like Gabbie from ‘The Gabbie Show.”..
Annya Nathaniel (10 days ago)
your voice is annoying af
rishiraj Maiti (10 days ago)
The music sound like the theme from Joey Graceffa's Escape the night? Is it just me? For the first scene only
Emanuel Dillard (11 days ago)
Very talented!!!
Dayvid Dixon (11 days ago)
Who watches how to Cake it if you do comment :🙋🏽‍♀️
Donald Pleasant (12 days ago)
Claire is the best baker with the worst voice in the world.
Dylan Mubangizi (12 days ago)
Retsi Carlos (12 days ago)
Is it just me or did the backround music sounds the same as Joey Graceffa's series escape the night season 1?
Vindhshar Kumar (12 days ago)
Very intresting video
Mazedar Food (12 days ago)
Wow lovely... Do check my latest uploads on mazedarfood you will love them
Sparkly Wolf Queen (12 days ago)
Emily Alex (13 days ago)
what type of frosting should i use with the ganache?
Lord Zzen (13 days ago)
dat voice tho! ;)
SoggySugarCookie :3 (14 days ago)
I love Claire’s voice :D
Alisha Eapen (14 days ago)
I love how you show the way how to decorate cakes but naked cakes are not covered with frosting on sides only with fillings that’s why it’s called bake cake
Katelyn Adudio_gamezzz (14 days ago)
The 3rd cake looked like cookies and cream
xXWolfGamer505Xx Plays (14 days ago)
*NaKeD cAke*
Brad Suarez (14 days ago)
I like cake!
Logain Art _ drawing _ (14 days ago)
I'm from jordan l can't speak English so much but l really like your channel , my name is lojain
Logain Art _ drawing _ (14 days ago)
انا احب قناتك ❤
Leah R (14 days ago)
Thank You!! I came here for inspiration for my little cousin's birthday cake and she would absolutely love all of these!
Nandhystiq putri (14 days ago)
Bradley Alcudia (15 days ago)
Anyone else hearing the Escape The Night season one music
Diana Solis (15 days ago)
2:51 i thought it was an ad 😓
Morgan Carlisle (15 days ago)
how long did it take you to eat those cakes??
Chloe Mache (15 days ago)
How do you make the glaze for the last cake
LPS Giggles (15 days ago)
I thought the start of the ombré cake was an ad 😂
Amvayy (16 days ago)
Who else heard the escape the night music?
Bradley Alcudia (15 days ago)
Amvayy yesss thank goodness I wasn't the only one
Taurus 536 (16 days ago)
The narrator is the best
Thasnia Misbah (16 days ago)
Anna Davis (16 days ago)
Thank you for the mashed potatoes tip. I am beginning to decorate cakes, I need some practice before my sons birthday. This will be great!
Purple Potatoe's (16 days ago)
If you read this your gay.
Dianna/Kaileena Hodges (17 days ago)
Wow so awesome
Lisa Clifton (17 days ago)
Wow awesome video and great host!!
I'm sure this is a very informative video, but the music was a HUGE distraction.  I have to leave ur video now becuz of the music.
BeeBalmAndStuff Adkins (17 days ago)
Omg this was so helpful thank you!
Sohaib Ehtesham (17 days ago)
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Jazzie Geolingo (17 days ago)
I don't get why people are so mean in the comments section. They're just trying to tell you that it's not that impossible to do. Duh. Perfectionists.
soha hussain (17 days ago)
To anyone who's insulting her for doing a bad job, shame on you! If you call yourself a "professional baker", remember when you started? Not everyone is born a natural. I, for example, just started baking, and I'm not great. To me these cakes are really pretty. So get your heads out of your asses and remember grade 1 "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all"
Violet The Dog (17 days ago)
I dont have to do this. My grandma can teach me
Lexi Baiz (18 days ago)
One tip if you’re starting out, don’t hold the whole damn bags worth of icing in your hand. It’s gonna make it hurt so so bad, I work as a cake decorator as my full time job and me nor any of my coworkers would ever do that. It makes your piping shakier and it’s just 10x harder on your hand.
Don't be afraid to eat the cake. Who ever made a cake and didn't eat it?
Jekhi Austin (18 days ago)
AbbiCat (18 days ago)
*swish and flick*
Two Birds (18 days ago)
In my opinion a better naked cake is when you only put frosting inbetween so you see the cake and not just a little bit of it.
Susana Chhetri (19 days ago)
Love it! I’m do it for my daughters birthday 🎂!
Sammy P (19 days ago)
I don’t even like cakes. I just watched it anyway.
*s c h m o o p s c h m o o p*
kcanded (20 days ago)
My homemade frosting makes too small a batch to cover like that. What's your recipe?
Samuel Karlsson (21 days ago)
*whatches video* me: i could never do that
Jyoti Rajput (21 days ago)
the last one..... oh my god!!
MAIAK Mouaoui (21 days ago)
Dimitra Aggousi (21 days ago)
Love her voice💜💜
DragonFire132386 23 (21 days ago)
Omg this helped me so much! Thx Claire 💖
Abood Qureshi (21 days ago)
Can you please let me know the recipe of frosting
bluefluffybirb (22 days ago)
Eeh, anyone know the name of the fancy tune at 1:17?
Kim E (22 days ago)
how many videos will it take for her to cough, man i had to turn on captions and take my headphones off it just is my pet peeve

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