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Ride Along with NYPD's Real Life A-Team

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Meet the real-life A-team, a brawny special force at the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit. Whether there's a building collapse, plane crash or mass shooting, the ESU takes the call — and the A-team handles their highest-risk calls. They gave The Daily a rare chance to watch them work. — Video by Shalini Sharma, Erik German, Vivek Kemp, Robert Sevilla, Sal Malguarnera, Charlie Macarone Watch the NYPD's elite rescue squad in action: http://bit.ly/NhudX9 Check out our video with the elite K-9 unit: http://bit.ly/PSi9ZD Or ride along with the NYPD's Air-Water Rescue Unit: http://bit.ly/Ohkvjs
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Text Comments (151)
Roscelyn Ramirez (14 days ago)
am 10 I want to be a cop
onyx 3051 (2 months ago)
How r drugs dangerous? But great vid
Paul D (5 months ago)
why would you worry about guns in NYC? They have the strictist gun laws in the country. Gun laws work perfectly.
Kyleigh Seager (6 months ago)
it was a hour and 15 min.
Jared Tavares (6 months ago)
aAaa aAaa (9 months ago)
Great reasons to become an NYPD cop: (1) You can break the law with wanton disregard. Having a badge means you can speed, run red lights, and use a cell phone while driving, and if you are ever stopped, the unwritten "blue line" means another cop will never ticket you for these relatively "minor" offenses that average citizens can't break. Just don't drive drunk...or at least, too drunk. Hell, you can print up a police plaque for your dashboard and voila....park anywhere, never get a parking ticket again! Oh, and you can install unauthorized sirens in your car...too much traffic on the way to the beach? Light 'em up, fly down the shoulder, and...voila. You think regular citizens would ever know you weren't on a call? (2) Easy Job: Contrary to TV and popular opinion, being a cop is actually not that hard or dangerous most of the time. Walking the beat, resolving disputes, traffic tickets, desk duty, suburban traffic stops, car accident reports, endless false break-in alarms...routine stuff. The truth is, most cops have it fairly easy. Just don't tell the public that, or they will stop worshipping you. (3) You get to lie under oath, and no one can disprove you. Your word is final, so if someone was speeding at 56 in a 55, and you say you tailed them at 75, well, sucks for them! Another step closer to your quota. Most citizens are such suckers they won't bother to file a citizen complaint. Hell, you can even arrest someone for nothing....just make sure you yell "quit resisting!!" loud enough for your dashcam to hear it, and charge them with resisting arrest. No better way to teach a punk a lesson. Remember, it's us (cops) vs them (the rest of the universe, i.e. all the perps). (4) Ego trip: This is the job for you if you love to flex your power over other humans. You hold the power of arrest and the power to fine people lots of money. That's like a drug high. To watch otherwise respected and powerful people cower and shake in front of you cause they know you can ruin their day...priceless. And having a bad day? Get to pull people over and yell at them, and they are too scared to do squat. Great way to relieve family stress. You can be a dick to anyone you want and blame it on "the job". If you are an over-testosteroned, military-wannabe-fake tough-guy angry at the world, who thinks he has the right to play with other peoples freedom, NYPD is for you, especially ESU. (5) Get to play with cool toys and pretend to be in the military: Didn't make it to the Army? No problem. Apply for ESU...get to walk around armed to the teeth with heavy weaponry and break down doors and raid people's houses. So what it's because they sold a gram of weed...assaulting houses in doomsday gear is the ultimate adrenaline rush! (6) The public kisses your ass: Let's face it. Stand in the middle of Times Square, and chances are some hot blonde from outside the country will want a picture with you. Maybe even get her number. (7) Free money: Law enforcement discounts. Pensions. Benefits. And if you are lucky enough to rise into the Brass, a nice "boat check" when you retire, especially if you didn't take all 30 paid sick days every year. Gravy train at the taxpayer's expense....what can be better? Show less
The Wolverine (15 days ago)
aAaa aAaa Truest shit ever written.
waifu San (3 months ago)
And if you werent an inbred racist @Parker Nolan. Maybe you could finally lose your virginity. lol
Parker Nolan (5 months ago)
aAaa aAaa Hey bud. I'm sorry that you're low life scum. Maybe if you weren't such a fuck up you wouldn't get arrested.
steve nation (11 months ago)
i want to be SWAT when i grow up and nypd
Conan 1812 (1 year ago)
I know Kenny Beattie. I met him in 2005. Kenny if you read this, get in touch with your mate from N Ireland
Nehemiah Uchiha (1 year ago)
so in other words they are the S.W.A.T
Mitch G (5 months ago)
SWAT teams typically do raids.ESU handles ALL emergencies.
Chocolate Modz (1 year ago)
Thay protected Jews thank you
Jim The Captains Mate (1 year ago)
Wonder what the ethnicity was of the perp?
Keith. C (1 year ago)
Why not train with airsoft guns they are good at training
Addison G (8 months ago)
Keith. C Some to but they still hurt like hell if you got shoot on your chin or cheek or any open skin area and you could lose an eye if you he shot there some use paintballs the swat team does
Keith. C (1 year ago)
But not A-teams
Keith. C (1 year ago)
Well airsoft actually fires and I think some trainings do use airsoft.
Because Simunition® is 1000 times better.
Night Shooter (1 year ago)
Support nypd kill all thugs
Yaegermx (1 year ago)
did anyone notice the spotter at 139
GiveNo Hecks (1 year ago)
What a bunch of racist monsters. -Fucking idiots
Anthony Sanchez (1 year ago)
The accents though😂. Anyways, God bless these guys
Prabhas Limbu (1 year ago)
Marshall Patrick (1 year ago)
"Machine gun". I'd live to see how they do that.
The Sweeting's (1 year ago)
Marshall Patrick p
Marshall Patrick (1 year ago)
+Tyler Yup
T484 (1 year ago)
typical media ignorance
Debbie Allison (1 year ago)
Wop wop that is the sound of the police
Dn 3A (1 year ago)
"If you have a problem, and no one else can help, and if you can find them......."
Geoffrey Mejia (2 years ago)
Ready to make the world a better place?
Leo the lion (2 years ago)
I think i't amazing how these individuals make the selfless decision every day to put on a uniform and protect the public and enforce our laws - I commend you all for your courage. Trust me there are more people who stand with you than against you. Stay strong.
Eli Santiago (2 years ago)
A-Team? Smh. look like a bunch of fat overweight Cops with poor room clearing tactics
Agent 47 (1 year ago)
Eli Santiago You will never be like these guys moron.
Hey, don't insult these guys! You know they are armed with like 30 or more pounds of gear while they work. It takes a big, muscular guy to be able to that.
Leo the lion (2 years ago)
take your medication!
Evan77 (2 years ago)
+Eli Santiago Don't insult these guys, it takes training and more guts than 99% of people have to do their job, and lives are saved (and ended I admit) because of them.
venomT (2 years ago)
these guys are awsome,respect! can't wait to be NYPD I live in NY and I wanna serve my community and catch bad guys!
Billy Bob (3 months ago)
Good luck not as I think it is
Jamary Wilson (11 months ago)
sorta like watch dogs 2 dedsec
Jamary Wilson (11 months ago)
I will never do this or ever be a police officer I want to be a gang leader who helps the people and takes over bad gangs that is my dream
Val Tozer (2 years ago)
Looking for a REAL Life A-team my daughter was kidnaped by NJ State. Its a complex case legal aid CPS the police no one will help what do i do what would you do i have a gofundme page help a father be a father. But no one will help. Help me leagly fight the system
Franky duval (2 years ago)
Good job these men leave there famali and put there life on the line
DazeRacs (2 years ago)
bitch nypd are to scared to kick in the door when it counts and after underestimating a person they get away ....
I love policemen and I'm sick and tired of all the negative bullshit thrown at them by the media and even worse the public. There are good and horrible people in every line of work and to generalize and say things like "FTP" and "All Cops Are Scum" means YOU ARE SCUM! It's not a job for me personally, but most of my best friends are local cops in my hometown of Princeton NJ and I plan on trying to meet some NYPD cops, but where is best to go to? Also, if you serve feel free to get in touch with me I'd love to hear your side of the story for once!
Leelo Haskin (1 year ago)
Marshall Patrick nah I'm going to call you PoSh*t if anything...
FL. Country for life (1 year ago)
I meant to type "believe" not bet.
FL. Country for life (1 year ago)
the Banshee I bet so many cops are assholes because so many people are so against them... but some are indeed just dicks for no apparent reason.
the Banshee (1 year ago)
Don't give me shit defending police you fuck. Fuck the police.
the Banshee (1 year ago)
Shut your fucking mouth buddy. 20% of Cops Are Nice, 50% are pricks. 30% are bad and unlawful.
RAY///M316 (2 years ago)
47films (2 years ago)
im 13 and i want to become NYPD finest in this unit i curently live in new york
NotATroll (7 months ago)
100% awesome how is that creepy? You are not very intelligent.
Zilch71 (1 year ago)
vape god what's wrong with that???
Molten zo Zo (1 year ago)
you wanna be in a special task force in ny?
simon king (1 year ago)
47films same but I'm not 13
Leo the lion (2 years ago)
what an awesome career you have picked for yourself, congratulation on being 13 years old and know what you want in life.Stick with it, I wish you all the best.
Name Withheld business (2 years ago)
any flash bang grenades thrown in the wrong apartment?
Joe LoPiccolo (2 years ago)
Golly gee, I certainly hope these units don't hurt any of Shill deBlabio's worthless constituents !
Kenny (3 years ago)
Machine guns? They use assault rifles such as the M16 and the M4 carbine. Now some SWAT teams have submachine guns, such as the H&K MP5 and H&K UMP, but those fire pistol cartridges.
jbt (8 months ago)
9mm can penetrate dry wall
Fluffyr (1 year ago)
Typical media ignorance.
Efface (2 years ago)
they switched to smgs because they are more versatile for their situations and safer for them. a 5.56 nato round which ar 15s shoot can penetrate a wall and possibly hit your teammate on the other side, a 9mm or .45 cant. plus the smaller barrels give them more freely movements and there is no need for a long rifle m16s, m4s and any other rifle are not assault rifles unless u intend to harm someone with it
Arnold David Fernandez (3 years ago)
It takes balls to become a swat officer, one of the most dangerous jobs out there
Lewis Ortiz (3 years ago)
God bless the NYPD
ssdsa ssdasd (2 years ago)
+Lewis Ortiz me too i like him so much my dad hes a cop in nyc
Saul Lopez (3 years ago)
I love the SWAT team
Nyah Notrealname (3 years ago)
Black anti-semites? Blackzis?
Nyah Notrealname (2 years ago)
Black NAZIs.
Bigword96 (3 years ago)
That would actually be a semi-automatic rifle. Not a machine gun.
Fluffyr (1 year ago)
Typical media ignorance.
Brian Brown (3 years ago)
These guys are awesome!!! Love the NYPD, especially ESU 
Zen The Digger (3 years ago)
Why take them in should shoot these crooks on the spot.
duron bryant (1 year ago)
Slim Thug America is already hardcore
Of course, that's always a risk
Because people will loot and riot. We are living in a pussified nation, lets hope we dont go to war
Adragon Adragon (3 years ago)
It's actually the #Fun house at Roddmens Neck City Island, Bronx.   
BornFree LiveFree (3 years ago)
look like everyone want to join this game so they can kill more people
Chase Luka (3 years ago)
14 officers that died within 8 months, how could move on with that?
Gankageddon (3 years ago)
Pigs being a-hole pigs.
Billy Bob (3 months ago)
Fluffyr (1 year ago)
Remind me how they are pigs?
AT0M (3 years ago)
I just asking and not trying to be funny but I want to know, I want to join the S.W.A.T and can you use a Taurus raging judge as a fire arm.
Mint Crisp (3 years ago)
Hey just so every one knows on my last comment i tried to so i don't know much but i was tiered and didn't see the auto correct.
AT0M (3 years ago)
Shut up you spic I was just asking a question,  not trying to hear you make fun of me.
rommel perez (3 years ago)
+Giannis Kolias The difference is that S.W.A.T stands for SPECIAL WEAPON AND TACTICS and to the progressive libtards this acronym is too aggressive, so many municipalities adopted ESU which stand for Emergency Service Unit....Within SWAT Or if you are a douchebag libtard ESU, you have A-Teams which stands for Apprehension Teams (which are the best of the best within SWAT or ESU.
Mint Crisp (3 years ago)
+Giannis Kolias not much but SWAT are more like home army officers were as these guys are like one team
Giannis Kolias (3 years ago)
What the defrence betwen a team and swat?
moog500 (4 years ago)
Chase Luka (3 years ago)
Think thats funny why don't you deal with a cobra that just escaped from the zoo. Show some respect they give their lives for you!
Shno wah (4 years ago)
I cannot wait.. I'm training now for esu and hrt
AlexIsA Fucking Nigger (7 months ago)
hope you die
rgman2858 (11 months ago)
Shno wah did you make it?
rgman2858 (11 months ago)
Kenny what did you decide?
Kenny (3 years ago)
+Shno wah That's awesome man. I myself will be going into training soon (hopefully) for NYS corrections, possibly as a K9 officer or CERT officer. Great pension and benefits there too. I've also looked into Border Patrol BORTAC. My professor is a retired police officer and teaches at the academy near me as well. His son is FBI SWAT in Vegas. They make bank.
E_deck1 (3 years ago)
A-team is there swat I think A-team is just like a nickname for them.
Ottopsyboy (4 years ago)
It's okay kid. stop crying. Here, Play with my gun.
Will-i-am95 (4 years ago)
man those guys are huge! wouldnt dare mess with them lol
SuperAceMan55 HD (4 years ago)
a lot of the things they do for rescues that need jaws of life or that kind of stuff cant they just call in an fdny rescue co??
Sydney Emergency (3 years ago)
+E_deck24 No they're not trained for this stuff. Just because they have some Jaws doesn't mean that they know how to use them. Where as FDNY have thousands of hours of training and experience and have much more advanced and powerful tools to use. 90% of the time FDNY will be there quicker than ESU anyway and its just annoying when they take over the scene and someone gets hurt/dies because of there bad tactics and strategies when the fire department could have just as easily dealt with the same situation and come out with a good outcome. NYPD are just doing rescue for the pride when they should just stick to Armed Tactical work like in this video.
E_deck1 (3 years ago)
They've gotta be quick about it so why not do it themselves. They are trained for this stuff
frankie122 (4 years ago)
Yeah ride along with patrol to see what the job is really like
Raven Bears (4 years ago)
This is in china town, lower manhattan
duane howard (4 years ago)
ESU use machine guns
StreetchyTV (4 years ago)
Im Joining The Swat After I Graduate College
RAY///M316 (4 years ago)
The best team in the word 1
Jonathan Tilas (4 years ago)
Can news reporters please stop calling assault rifle's machine guns. They are completely different weapons
Robert Marling (4 years ago)
cryptsub (4 years ago)
can't blame 'em for that, but it makes for a dull story.
djs135net (4 years ago)
NYPD A-team... lol Bunch of criminal thugs….
Nichlas Gjeding (4 years ago)
oh isee
IZ FUMBLES (4 years ago)
Well as an ESU officer I can answer that for you if theres drugs in an apartment the suspect may use deadly force to protect it and keep from getting arrested. Usually if theres drugs theres more than one criminal in the house ready to shoot and kill police officers who come through the door and we want to go home at the end of the day so we have to take precautions
Nichlas Gjeding (5 years ago)
like something dangerous like drugs.f how the hell are drugs dangerous that you need SWAT/A-TEAM for it?
Jonathan Szostek (5 years ago)
Eric German. Lol
VillianSyndicate (5 years ago)
Can we just call them SWAT....... I mean lol
Titus (5 years ago)
HASSON454 (5 years ago)
tac house short for tactical....YOU DON'T SAY
romoaf (5 years ago)
And what do you do for a living high speed?
cryptsub (5 years ago)
inorite? isn't a machine gun a big-ass weapon like an m60 which usually has to be mounted to something? unless you're rambo...
RampantFury925 (5 years ago)
And apparently he cant tell the difference between a machine gun and an assault rifle.
kevin moreno (5 years ago)
Jaber Masoud (5 years ago)
I can't wait for the camera to get inside.
Blitz Krieg (5 years ago)
Even if they did get footage from the raid it's unlikely they'd be able to use the footage until the court case has passed. That can take years.
Dustin Jones (5 years ago)
Great post
_VLD (5 years ago)
"the daily got unprecedented access to nypd's real life a-team in action" ....from the sidewalk
mikefan09 (5 years ago)
these SWAT! yes, no!? man i wudn't raid a church bingo game without SWAT!
cryptsub (5 years ago)
wow, reporting from the street while there's a raid inside, how exciting.

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