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Homemade Dutch Oven Bread

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Customize & buy the Tasty Cookbook here: http://bzfd.it/2fpfeu5 Here is what you'll need! Homemade Dutch Oven Bread Makes 1 loaf INGREDIENTS 600 grams all-purpose flour (about 4 cups, lightly packed and leveled off) 2 cups lukewarm water (between 90˚-110˚F) 1½ tablespoons salt 1 envelope dry active yeast PREPARATION Stir yeast packet into water and allow yeast to bloom. (A light foam should appear on top of the water after about 5 minutes. This means the yeast is alive and active.) In a large bowl, mix flour and salt by hand. Once incorporated, create a small well in the middle and pour in the water/yeast mixture. Mix by hand, wetting your working hand before mixing so the dough doesn’t stick to your fingers. The water and flour should come together and a form rough dough that pulls away from the sides of the bowl. If the dough is too sticky, add more flour in small increments, about 1 tablespoon at a time. If the dough is too dry, add more water, 1 tablespoon at a time. Once the dough has come together, cover it and let it rise until it doubles in size (about 1.5 to 2 hours). Uncover the dough and give it a few pokes with your finger. If the dough has risen properly it should indent under the pressure of your fingers and slowly deflate. Using your hand or a rubber spatula fold the dough. Starting from the rim of the bowl, work the dough loose from the sides and fold it up and towards the center of the bowl. Turn the bowl 90 degrees, and repeat until all the dough has been pulled from the sides and folded towards the center. Once finished, cover and allow the dough to continue to rise for another 1.5-2 hours. Once the dough has doubled in size again, gently remove it from the bowl onto a lightly floured surface and sprinkle a small amount of flour on top of the dough. Using your hands, begin to shape the loaf. Fold the dough under itself several times to form a ball, then claps together the seams of dough underneath. Place the dough seam-side down in a clean bowl that has been coated with olive oil and flour. Cover and let rise for 1 hour. Meanwhile, take a 6-quart dutch oven (or heavy cooking pot with oven-safe lid) and place it inside the oven. Preheat the oven to 450˚F/230˚C and allow it to heat up with the pot inside for 45 minutes. Remove the pot from the oven and place it on a trivet or heat-safe surface. (Be careful! It’ll be VERY HOT.) Turn the proofed dough over onto a lightly floured surface and carefully place it inside of the pot. Cover with the lid and return the pot to the oven. Bake at 450˚F/230˚C for 45 minutes,removing the lid for the last 15 minutes. Remove bread from pot and allow to cool for 10 minutes before cutting. Enjoy! Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty MUSIC Sunglass Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/10488

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Text Comments (496)
SOMUCHPHANDOMS !! (7 days ago)
Is it weird that I'm Dutch.. but I've never had it
Bárbara R (15 days ago)
I made it and i love it! But i would say its teaspoon of salt not tablespoon (maybe its the same and my engl does not know that) and i though a cup was 200ml. But clearly here its 150 ml.
Bob Marley (16 days ago)
1:09 Is the oily part of the bread supposed to face upwards? Isn't the point of the oil to prevent the dough sticking to the dutch oven?
hana wa11ak (16 days ago)
When the video quality but the music cringe
Christina Andreev (21 days ago)
It was super good
Gry Phyn (23 days ago)
Supposed to let the bread cool for min 3 hours.
Allison Koester (28 days ago)
I’d recommend adding less yeast and letting the dough rise for much longer, around 12-24 hours. It will create a much more complex flavor.
Bethany Lade (27 days ago)
Allison Koester You're not wrong, but this is a good beginner bread.
Gaye Dyer (30 days ago)
It was all good tell you put margarine on it.
Satisfied Eyes (1 month ago)
i just made my dought and now it is raising.Whish me luck guys...
Luciano Martinez (1 month ago)
Does it have to be baked in a Dutch oven, or can it just be baked on a regular baking pan? Alternatively, does it have to be in a closed container, or can it be inside an open cake pan? (Sorry for all the questions. I don’t have a Dutch oven :P )
Bethany Lade (27 days ago)
Luciano Martinez You can do it in a regular pan. You may need to adjust the time and temperature. 400°F for 30 minutes is a good place to start. It's done when you tap on the bottom and it sounds hollow
xcc19891 (1 month ago)
Seriously it would be a little better if it showed how much 1 envelope of dry yeast weighs or something. It is 2 1/4 teaspoon if anyone is wondering. Gonna try this out!
Adam Mohammed (1 month ago)
I made this today, It turned out great, ANOTHER GREAT RECIPE!
Nourah (1 month ago)
Can I just use a normal oven? cuz I don't have a dutch oven
Mateus Campos (1 month ago)
THIS RECEIPT IS SHIT I've tried for 3 times and the dough is liquid after 4 hours of fermentation
Yay Woohoo (1 month ago)
You are going to discourage people with this recipe who are new to baking. The initial dough is so sticky and I had to add another half cup or so of flour to get it away from the bowl. I have made lots of yeast doughs and this seems to have too much water in the initial steps.
Bethany Lade (27 days ago)
Yay Woohoo Higher hydration doughs are actually more traditional and produce a crispier crust. They do take some getting used to for handling though when you are used to a different style.
S Schoenho (1 month ago)
These I'm Dutch comments are killing me. 😂
Christian Ramirez (1 month ago)
how many grams/ ounces of flour?
Paulina Diaz (1 month ago)
I’m currently making this, but putting a pan in the oven alone for an hour? I’m gonna cut the time is so much and my parents will kill me for wasting too much energy, why do that?
Vaibhav Mali (1 month ago)
Ruba Ahmed (1 month ago)
Ancient Alien (1 month ago)
Always 2% salt to flour weight ratio, no more no less. Yeast and water can be adjusted but never salt
trash (2 months ago)
Remember kids: Yeast is fungu
Eefje (2 months ago)
Im dutch 😄 (my dad always making this yummy bread 😍)
blindhowlingdrunk (2 months ago)
made this today. It was super simple and absolutely delicious, worked like a dream.
N Albertsson (2 months ago)
*Way too much salt... General rule of thumb is 25% more salt than yeast... In this recipe then, 1.5 tsp of yeast would require 2 tsp of salt, yet you're using 1.5 tbs, which is 6 tsp.* *Too much salt to yeast, retards the yeast's rising action, making for a heavier loaf and poorer crumb. Also 500g flour is standard for small loaves... You also should have added dried milk powder (2 tbs) and oil/fat (1 tbs olive oil)... An improving agent should be used if no **_knocking back_** is taking place, as is the case here (usually a couple of tbs, but follow instructions on packet).* *Try these recommendations and you'll thank me*
crazyaboutnature (2 months ago)
I wish I would've read the comments more thoroughly before making. It came out fantastic, except it was too salty. Next time I will bring down the salt to 2 teaspoons. Otherwise, it was great!
Mia Dunlevy (2 months ago)
Can you let the bread rise overnight?
Leoš Gronych (2 months ago)
that music.. i feel chefsteps vibe
John Kugelfischer (3 months ago)
Flock of Seagulls wants their demo tape back! They've been missing it since 1979!
Lucy Bliss (3 months ago)
The bread by itself was a tad too salty, but it was absolutely HEAVENLY fresh out of the oven with butter
Sudarshan G (3 months ago)
How much is one packet of yeast????!?!!!!!
Bluemax (3 months ago)
Is there anyone who can tell me exactly how much yeasts is "1 envelope dry active yeast"? 0.25oz?
Bethany Lade (27 days ago)
Bluemax 2 1/4 teaspoons or (I think) 7 g.
Lotte vk (3 months ago)
This not dutch Bread
Amazigh Studio (3 months ago)
Homemade bread the best
Thijs Landkroon (3 months ago)
I am dutch😎
Andrew and Joan Hart (3 months ago)
Dry packet of yeast - was is it? Please give a MEASUREMENT ?
Wedian Qzamil (3 months ago)
Can I make it with whole wheat flour ?
Lucy Bliss (4 months ago)
Out of curiosity: could I make this recipe without a dutch oven? How would the process be different?
Bethany Lade (27 days ago)
Lucy Bliss You can bake it in a regular pan. You may need to reduce the baking time - 400° F for 30 minutes would be a good place to start. You won't get quite as good a crust, but it will still be yummy.
Thank you very much good idea
Kit Sugar (4 months ago)
1 1/2 tbsp is way too much. I made it and it came out all salty. It's fine if I cover it up with some strong condiments but I can't put butter or eat it by itself. Cut down on the salt if you're making this.
Claire Ambre (4 months ago)
I made this and it turned out really good, but a little too salty
Rhea K.Patil (5 months ago)
How much does one yeast packet weigh?
itchyhole (5 months ago)
Ill dutch oven your loaf when i stick it up my ass and fart on it
Ustes Greenridge (5 months ago)
Leoš Gronych (5 months ago)
made it today, it is easy and delicious! thank you
Buttermilk Pancakes (5 months ago)
My family loved this bread. Hell I enjoyed it. My Fathers a chef and said it was amazing. Maybe my family has weird taste buds because the tbs and a half of salt wasnt that bad. Was absolutely delicious and will make it again. This was a day well spent and I will totally make it again.
Denise Borger (5 months ago)
Why did you only put bitter on the Bread?? I live in the Netherlands and we always put bitter and then something else like jam or sprinkles.
Toon Henkens (5 months ago)
Pan's not hot
rob m (5 months ago)
...If there were a bread making montage in Stranger Things
Sharina Snorlax (5 months ago)
Can u score this bread
latrina smith (5 months ago)
Hey I made this bread and only thing is I won't use a much salt as the recipe calls for. a teaspoon of salt is just fine unless you like your bread salty.
NatureHealsMe (5 months ago)
ITS TEASPOONS NOT TABLESPOONS!! salty ass bread. Thanks ! Tbsp is short for “tablespoons” good god man
Paul Googie (6 months ago)
I do this all the time.... But !!!! ---> I us King Arthur Bread Flour and Cut the Salt in HALF !!! Perfect every time
Manolo Domingo (6 months ago)
Is this stranger things
Boggy Bunny (6 months ago)
I made this a few months ago and I loved it. Sooooo goooodddd
A.R. Tucker (6 months ago)
...just wrote a few moments ago. The typical ratio for salt to flour is 2% or less If the four cups of flour weighs approx. 480-500 gms. than the salt should be approx. 9-10 gms. or approx. 2 teaspoons. Hope this helps!
A.R. Tucker (6 months ago)
Thanks for the great video and recipe...except for one item. You noted 1 1/2 tablespoons of salt. It was way too much. Should be closer to 2 teaspoons or a little less!
Patrick Wulforst (6 months ago)
Use 5 cups of flour I have made this recipe with 4 cups about 10 times now and it rises correctly but never when it cooks using 5 cups makes it easy to handle and look like it does in the video
Bethany Lade (27 days ago)
Patrick Wulforst With a higher hydration recipe, it is easier to work with the weight of the flour. They should've listed oz/g of flour rather than cups.
skyler b (6 months ago)
this bread is so good. i made some three days ago and i'm making another batch now!
Eleiah Tamayo (6 months ago)
Uh.... I think I'll have eugene's drunken 12-spice loaf.
Sami Heffner (6 months ago)
Made this and it turned out SO F**KING GOOD. Had to add almost a whole additional cup of flour to the initial dough, though - 2 cups of water for 4 cups of flour turned out to be sopping wet.
Elizabeth Crawford (6 months ago)
Only add half a tablespoon of salt. It works the same and doesn't taste like you swallowed the Dead Sea
miracle baby (7 months ago)
is this vegan
mrspeigle1 (7 months ago)
Mine came out a little salty, im thinking perhaps 1.5 teaspoons instead of tablespoons?
Andi Pandi (7 months ago)
I just finished making this bread and it's delicious. The only thing I did different was that I had my yeast bloom in less water because that's what the yeast packet instructed and then I added water as needed to the dough after that. I added about a cup of water extra.
Tiny Sara bean (7 months ago)
Just coverd my dough and waiting for 2 hours and praying for it to rise😂 Wish me luck!💙💜💛💚
old rabidus (7 months ago)
Made this outside in my Dutch oven using charcoal as fuel. My first bread attempt. My wife and girls doubted me. This was my first Dutch oven cook as well. Turned out great! Wife and daughters were jumping up and down. PS- Waaaay too much salt. All other bread recipes call for 1-1/2 TEAspoons. Now on my 3rd try, added Italian seasoning into the bread and will sprinkle some seasoning on top before I cook to make some Italian bread to go with my lasagna tonight. Thanks for this recipe! Even my cast iron cooking mother-in-law was impressed. Let’s just say she is hard to please.
Ramjowon Sandhu (8 months ago)
Just by listening to the background music, I thought I was watching "Stranger Things"...
California Foodie (8 months ago)
Why does this music sound like the Goblin King is about to show up and steal his bread baby...
allyxasalyssa (8 months ago)
music sounds like it's straight out from the soundtrack of stranger thingss
So this is what you use to make bread bowls??
anna Houtekamer (8 months ago)
I'm dutch!!!
Shaun Hostetler (8 months ago)
Instructions unclear: my bread smell like fart?!?!
Essem Sween (8 months ago)
Is this the same texture as a Sourdough Bread? It has a similar look. Can you suggest an alternative cooking method for those of us without an Enamelled Cast Iron Deep Casserole Pot like yours? Thank you.
Essem Sween (6 months ago)
Sammy Butts It's a bit (quite a bit) more for one in the UK, but Thanks.
Sammy Butts (6 months ago)
Essem Sween - I’m not sure but I’ve read that you can use a standard dish, preheated, but also put a pan of water in the oven too for steam. Google it, I think this might be a way that could work. Also, I got my Dutch oven for $50 on Amazon
Essem Sween (8 months ago)
Is this the same texture as a Sourdough Bread? It has a similar look. Can you suggest an alternative cooking method for those of us without an Enamelled Cast Iron Deep Casserole Pot like yours? Thank you.
Squishy Coconut (8 months ago)
Does it work without a Dutch oven? Plz answer my friend and I are baking bread.
Annabelle Masse (9 months ago)
awesome now i can make bread thanks
Elezer_ Jefferson (9 months ago)
Dajana Ljekocevic (9 months ago)
I'm a chef and I made this because I just had to see if it was true...... BELIEVE ME all of you skeptics.... I made bread all my life and, I also studied it in culinary school! This is the closest thing you will ever ever get to crusty bakery bread! So go get your Dutch oven and JUST MAKE IT ! You will be shocked! I wish I could post my pics and video really!!!!!!
TomVal (12 days ago)
If you are a chef and tried this recipe and did not find it WAY too salty then there is a problem with your palate sir chef dude lady. Believe me, just make it ;)
lol (1 month ago)
Adam Del Toro no need sugar, the yeast will do its thing, I remember it from the try guys bake bread video, and no oil because that would make a cake
crazyaboutnature (1 month ago)
Except if you do decide to make this. Make sure to cut down the salt to two teaspoons.
crazyaboutnature (1 month ago)
That's all you need to make good bread. It's how it's been done for thousands of years.
Adam Del Toro (1 month ago)
I'm pretty skeptical of the recipe: flour, salt, yeast, water. That's it. No sugar to help the yeast raise? No fats/oils?
Sophia Lim (9 months ago)
array s (9 months ago)
Idk why people keep buying factory made breads when making bread is so easy. I mean you only need some high protein flour, salt, yeast, and water.
CuteMusicAddict (9 months ago)
Way too much salt
Amber Griffith (9 months ago)
no sugar needed for the yeast and water?
Bethany Lade (27 days ago)
Amber Griffith No. Sugar is not necessary unless you specifically want to make a sweet dough.
honey bunny (9 months ago)
Can i use whole grain flour instead?
Bethany Lade (27 days ago)
honey bunny I recommend practice before trying to convert recipes like that. Whole grain flour requires more liquid to be fully hydrated. Enriched recipes (with some kind of fat or dairy or egg) work better for whole grains in my experience.
Sarah Wagner (10 months ago)
I've made this twice already. Making my third one today. I've learned to add 4 1/4 cup flour. Every time I've just done the 4 cups, my mixture always comes out sticky.
Amyra Simmons (3 days ago)
anne frank thank you
anne frank (3 days ago)
Amyra Simmons why would you throw it away? The dough HAS to be wet (if youre making a proper artisan bread), since you wont be touching the dough too much you dont need to add flour (unless your dough is literally batter). To shape it wet or oil your hands and tools
Amyra Simmons (3 days ago)
So if i already made my batter and it's too sticky do I get rid of it or just add a 1/4 cup of flour
anne frank (6 days ago)
Sarah Wagner "add flour in small increments" 4 1/2 cups of flour isnt a little. Adding that much flour ruins the texture and makes the bread dry. Proper no knead doughs are supposed to be sticky
Sarah Wagner (7 days ago)
anne frank It says in the instructions that if the dough is too sticky to add more flour! 😉
Llama 020 (11 months ago)
Now which is it, 1.5 or 2 hours?!?!
muhammad zain (11 months ago)
Crystal Chia (11 months ago)
good taste
NISHAT Ramia (11 months ago)
It's not really 'homemade'
milo kochevar (8 months ago)
? how
anna alexiou (11 months ago)
How many grams are the two cups of water??????????????
Rone Wes (11 months ago)
Can I do it with whole wheat flour?
janet klops (11 months ago)
So I tried this today and let me tell you 1 1/2 tbsp is ALOT of salt (at least to my taste) I'm used to metric measurements so I used a internet converter but it should still be the correct amount of salt right? Anyways the bread was a tiny bit too salty, not to the point where it's gross and you have to throw it away but you notice it ykwim? Otherwise very nice recipe I enjoyed it
Sebastian Badon (11 months ago)
music is dank
Julian Berkhoff (1 year ago)
Lilly Bean (1 year ago)
That looks so good
Cooper (1 year ago)
0:07 Self stirring water. :|
DAT BOI (1 year ago)
what kinda format is that :D
Kevin Appleton (1 year ago)
There are a lot of hateful people on a bread making video.
Taylor Barnes (1 year ago)
THIS, was not what I expected when i saw "Dutch oven bread."
Umi de Vries (1 year ago)
i just love tasty and thank god for your existence 😚😚😚 your recipes are always save my day and makes my life so much easier... 😙😙 thank you!!!
Magic11 (1 year ago)
I don't have an envelope of yeast. How many grams of yeast should I use?
Kris (5 months ago)
Magic11 2 and 1/4 teaspoons

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