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2 INGREDIENT SLIME TESTED! No Glue, No Borax, No Detergent Recipes

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Cloey Windom (3 hours ago)
U should try that clear hair gel and let it sit for 2 days
Jelly pig (4 hours ago)
You need more ingredients! You can't just pop something in the fridge and expect something that wonderful. (Sorry if that sounded rude.)
chiba (5 hours ago)
0:03 anyone knows that's sound?(from sml)
Favour Ugorji (8 hours ago)
same i don't like reading too, but I have too.
Jadyn S (8 hours ago)
The one with shampoo and salt never worked for me
Nick YT (9 hours ago)
i have a 2 ingredient slime add fluffy paint and nail polish
Madipay M (17 hours ago)
Egypt Joseph (1 day ago)
Brooklyn Hardwick (1 day ago)
Karina here's a 2 ingredeant slime tip use bodywash & flour! It's simple & easy!
jagruti sharma (1 day ago)
U talk too much
xolos manuel (2 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue The video starts at 2:22 ( it probably started a little bit earlier but I wants it to rhyme, please don’t say “ violets are violet not blue” I don’t really care) Edit: I don’t mean to copy anyone, I didn’t really read the comment
ItsBigMaxx 210 (2 days ago)
The queen of sime
lina carper - (2 days ago)
LETS PLAY A GAME who r u? The last number of ur like is ur KIND! I am a unicorn 🦄 Bcz I like my own comment ahahahah im sad 😔 kk let’s get goin’ 1, UNICORN SLIME 🦄 2, RAINBOW glitter slimeeee ✨ 3, white fluffy slime 4 jiggleyyyyyy slimeeeee 5, crunchyyy slimeee 0-0 6 buttteer slime 7 fish bowl slime 🐠 8 Ice slime 9 clear slime! 0 anything u want!!!!! Whatever slime u got read its meaning⬇️⬇️ 1. Your colourful your amazing you always have a smile on ur face and you make the world a brighter place you talk ALOT and you like to express ur feelings!! 2. your a cheerful person your always in a good mood and you always make people smile 😃 3 your fun to cuddle and your just an ordinary human being ! You like things that are plane and your not that PAZZAZ your a *chill* person 4. Your a couch potato 🥔 your sometime very lazy you LUV food and you don’t like going out that much but your very happy and you basically know ALL the songs and ALL the movies 5. Your very stubborn. You like exploring new things ! You get exited when you find something fun to do! You like going out and you spend good times with good ppl 6. Your a very *outgoing person* meaning your okay with every thing you don’t get into a lot of fights and sometimes very shy ☺️ no one hates you bcz there’s nothing to hate bout you! 7. You are a very nature person you love animals and you love SPORTS you like to go camping and you always explore the woods! 8. You looovvveee WINTER! And all the ice you like to build snow men ⛄️ ❄️ you love chrismas and your always playing in snow! 9. Your the best every one loves you! Your very nice and you don’t have any trouble with communication your very talkative and you love yourself!! 0. YOUR UNIQUE and your SPPPEEECIIIALL no one can top u your the “talented/ gifted person” that EVERY ONES TALKING ABOUT This took me a while to Wright hope u enjoy 😉
Donna Franklin (2 days ago)
i love you
Shawna Wong (2 days ago)
Use the coconut water shampoo
Emma Ryan (2 days ago)
I have tried all of them the slime doesn't work 😪
Anika Harris (3 days ago)
Same it is crazy it never works out
Valerie Napoles (3 days ago)
I love all of your videos
Numnuts33054 B (3 days ago)
I came here for slime...what are u talking about books for omg u talk too much yo.🙄
Blue Moon (3 days ago)
I would eat the yogurt
Madeline Aughe (3 days ago)
I want more challenges Thanks❤️❤️🦄
Lillian Beals (3 days ago)
I tried so many times with the shampoo and salt slime thing and it NEVER worked for me
Sweet Peas (4 days ago)
I totally agree that something is not adding up!
Bryle Almero (4 days ago)
You can use pure asitone and styrofoam
Monika Thakur (4 days ago)
Yes you use the wrong gail
rodney joseph trs (4 days ago)
Bella Cappello (4 days ago)
You have to add corn starch to the hair gel slime for it to work
Neetu Prasad (4 days ago)
Hi I am watching u because my friend suggested u she says u are the slime queen
Jorge Osorio (4 days ago)
I SO AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think they show this but really are making the original slime behind the scenes.....................
Jesse Valdez (5 days ago)
Added to much contact soltion
Hannah. Yancey (5 days ago)
You need paint in the last one
Ashlyn Mcavoy (5 days ago)
You have too put it i the freezer
Emma Kirkeby (5 days ago)
I know why the hair jell didn’t work, if there is alcohol it won’t work
it took her 2 minutes to start the fricking video :p
MintyPotato (6 days ago)
I tried doing the shampoo+soap method, it turned out like yours before I put it in the freezer, it was sorta thick. After I took it out it was like jelly and you couldn't play with it at all. I might've used the wrong shampoo too...
Amanda Weaver (6 days ago)
I toyed to slimes it didn’t WORK LEAVE A BIG FAT LIKE NOT
Claudia Rulz (6 days ago)
I LOVE your nails
Gabby Stewart (6 days ago)
if you want to do salt and shampoo slime use anti dandruff shampoo it works the best
Hailey Soto (6 days ago)
It has alcohol in it and u have to have one that has no alcohol last one it does not freeze
Kat Dig (6 days ago)
try adding baking soda
Carnaby’s Life (6 days ago)
khloee Wall (7 days ago)
When I make my slime the exact same thing happens
Elena Mendoza (7 days ago)
same with me gurl
Foxeyunicorn16 (7 days ago)
Sharmistha Paul (8 days ago)
I could not find your snapchat.W H Y
cazet gamez (8 days ago)
Slime is stupid
Avalon Kummer (8 days ago)
You need to use iodized salt
Carol McGhee (8 days ago)
robloxlover yay (8 days ago)
you aee the best i love u
praveenya crafter (8 days ago)
2:24 is exactly where it starts
Isabell Le (8 days ago)
this video is so good
Rick Cox (9 days ago)
Is the first slime u made With cornstarch and yogurt is it edible because I’m a make it and I want to see if it’s edible so you know what I mean
Harper Hitch (9 days ago)
i feel ya girl i would be the same way!!
Deanna Baker (9 days ago)
try Pantene shampoo and salt i tried it and i loved it
Summer Sinanan (9 days ago)
I have that exact shampoo!!!!!
Alessandra Lee (9 days ago)
to skip intro 2:20
Abby-May Robinson (9 days ago)
The salt and shampoo doesn't work
Alyssa Mann (9 days ago)
2:20 you can start the video without advertisement
TacoVlogs (9 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I came here cause I had no glue
Jaime Pena (10 days ago)
slime spin the wheel challenge
Jaime Pena (10 days ago)
new slime
Nancy Dalisay (10 days ago)
who likes clear slime
Penguin Time (10 days ago)
H o w m a n y l I k e s m e a n s h o w o l d I a m!!
You can also go to will it slime
Alexa Aguillon (10 days ago)
The first one did work
Your the only one I trust
Sweet Sakura (10 days ago)
For the hansanitizer SLIME, I put it in the freezer for like 1-2 or 3 hours and it sorta worked. It had a very jiggly texture.✨
Or water slime like the jiggly ones
Dish detergent slime
Hannah kubik (10 days ago)
Hair gel can’t because it deactivates slime so people use it for clear slime
Adryan Mach (10 days ago)
Get gel with no alcahol
SnappleApple Snapple (10 days ago)
I only trust u and wengie with slime
Poke Pug (10 days ago)
glue and some hair gels has pva
Masterk55 (10 days ago)
I think you yours your rong salt
Abbie Hester (11 days ago)
Tiana Daley (11 days ago)
Yes it wait for me
Tasnim Adhree (10 days ago)
Pop the hand sanitizer for one or two hours in the fridge, not fifteen minutes It should work you did everything right but you did not freeze it long enough
Samantha Lykke (11 days ago)
The jells you yousd had elkahall you need jell With no elkahalv
Samantha Lykke (11 days ago)
I ment 🍷
Edward Irwin (11 days ago)
I watched in 2018
Betty Bartok (11 days ago)
try corn starch and conditioner
Keith Jones (11 days ago)
Zoey& Joey (12 days ago)
I read about 17 books the salt and shampoo didn't work with me too
Sherlyn Cortes (12 days ago)
I think I have one try to go buy playdough and put lotian in the play dough and i hope it works😉
#Keke Nation 1210 (12 days ago)
man get to the video how do you talk for a whole 2 min in those to minutes i could have made my own slime by then
ItsKitty Canoe (12 days ago)
I tried the shampoo and salt recipe and it never even worked also I used the jhosons shampoo
Cheyenne Knapp (12 days ago)
Mya's land 4ever (12 days ago)
Ellie Marston (12 days ago)
Sulamit Ghebreab (12 days ago)
Chirel Raper (13 days ago)
lets play a game (.3.) this is tina a like=her birthday lets see how old tinna can get!
3 gymnastics Angels (13 days ago)
I’m pointing this out...No hate btw...She kind of looks like MessYourself...That’s a good thing tho!love you Karina😂😂😂😂
Morganhawkes10 5371 (13 days ago)
Can you lose a little bit of weight
The fnaf crew (12 days ago)
Morgan Hawkes, shes not fat!
xxBohemianBlondexx (13 days ago)
Hair gel melts slime
spoonlord 0 (13 days ago)
stop wasting xtreme hairgel
Natasha Punter Punter (14 days ago)
Crazy Cakes (14 days ago)
This video was uploaded on my birthday!!!
Laura Kerns (14 days ago)
Lick bait all y’all ar brat 5 th graders
Terri Beauchamp (14 days ago)
Did not work for me either
ANGELESS ANGEL (14 days ago)
at 8:18 you were using extreme gell it was all wrong this how you have to make slime with extreme gell buy a air tight container and put the extreme gell inside and then add water leave it for three days and you must check on it
ANGELESS ANGEL (14 days ago)
i have a recipie

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