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Beef Rouladen – Beef Stuffed with Bacon, Onions & Pickles - How to Make Rouladen & Gravy

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Learn how to make a Beef Rouladen recipe! Go to http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2015/05/beef-rouladen-german-engineering-you.html for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Beef Rouladen recipe!

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tobias herber (1 day ago)
The Rouladen are right! The Gravy and Sides are not what you eat with it! Redwine porcini Sauce is the key
Stallion Disliker (1 day ago)
What kind of meat you used?
jeremiah jordan (1 day ago)
Noone makes a better food video than you chef
Clarissa Stasinski (5 days ago)
Lumpaphobics 😂😂😂😂
2010Baldy (9 days ago)
Please do not try this with German Musstard, this Stuff is good only for Bratwurst (Sausages) lol and wood be a waste for a very fine Dish like this Dijon Musstard is the best. Best Wishes 😁
Steve Logan (19 days ago)
I think i would like a hot mustard, otherwise this looks delicious
Mary Gilfillan (20 days ago)
I made this today and it turned out wonderful! Thank you!
Gergely Nagy (23 days ago)
My favourite German dish.
peter yeung (25 days ago)
Chef John is evil, tempting us with these delicious food wishes recipes.
Travis Ballard (1 month ago)
Love your vids but thats TOP Round steak not bottom rnd
Christian Kunert (1 month ago)
1-2h seems short. And I highly recommend red cabbage as a side. Further I like the pickles sliced thinner but otherwise that is how it is done.
gitvin (1 month ago)
Rouladen always tasted best to me served with potato dumplings and red cabbage.
IncapableLP (1 month ago)
We here in Germany also know something that is called "Rouladenbraten" which basically is a roast, where you stack these things on top of each other, instead of rolling them up! Also extremely tasty and it has a cross-section to end all cross-sections!
hannah stevenson (1 month ago)
My grandma actually cooks hers in white wine and pickle juice
aakkoin (2 months ago)
One cooking show cliche Chef John is guilty of..... "incredibly simple to make"
peter daigle (2 months ago)
I made this in culinary school years ago. Delicious.
Adventures with Frodo (2 months ago)
Did this in a pressure cooker was great but skip salting as the bacon and pickle add a lot of salt in the graven. But was very good. No need to boil simmer for 1.5 hours.
kurzhaarguy (2 months ago)
Bringing back memories of Oma, Chef John!
AnthonyMazzarella (2 months ago)
so it's a braciole. OK
TheHerrGrau (2 months ago)
Very good. Speaks very much to my German side. Just a tiny detail: "Rouladen" is plural ;-)
uberlisk (2 months ago)
This dish is good enough to get your PoW camp guard saying "I see nothing! I know nothing!"
ViciousSheBear (2 months ago)
I'm making this! Definitely!
snowmachinecrazy (2 months ago)
Traning cayenne 😂
Colin Zoubek (2 months ago)
What hasn’t he made?
TheDefeatest (2 months ago)
it would seem that the amount of salt sprinkled on, plus the salt in the mustard, plus the salt in the pickles....plus the bacon...plus the seasoning on the outside of such thin beef , that this would be very salty!
Mary Beth Leib (2 months ago)
Paprika is cayenne in training! Howling!!
elphbwckd (2 months ago)
Looks great,but the way this guy talks was really starting to get under my skin.
Chelle Weatherspoon (2 months ago)
Tim Doheny (2 months ago)
I would use less salt as the bacon and pickles already have plenty in them . Jus sayin .
Alan Rowe (2 months ago)
I made this on a camping trip and the adult boy scout campers thought I was an incredible genius chef. Such a simple one pot meal. I have also deglazed the pot with red wine and let it braise in that and it turned out great also!
princed47130 (3 months ago)
It looks insanely DELICIOUS!!!!
raedwulf61 (3 months ago)
My mother-in-law was German. She used to make this- it became one of my favorites!
Aaron Turner (2 months ago)
John, The thumbnail of this video matches 6:40 precisely. You sir are a good chef. Let's *KEEP* the enthusiasm in the voice please. *It grew on me!* Sincerely, YouTube Fan.
Robert Pait (3 months ago)
Did I get this meat at a discount? I'd rather not say........rofl!!!
michaelXXLF (3 months ago)
"Lump-o-phobes" made me laugh! There are also recipes with boiled eggs cut in half as a filling, different types of sauce (or gravy) and different side-dishes. Depending which part of the country you come from and how your mom or grandma made it. Which is of course the only "true" recipe. Germany has a number of different mustards ranging from sugary sweet to hot. Generally speaking, the most widely used kind of German mustard (mittelscharf) is less hot than mustard in other countries, especially dijon style mustard. Rouladen traditionally don't have any heat in them, Germans aren't too much into hot (in the sense of spicy) food, this has only slightly changed in the last years. (Hint for Americans: if it says "hot" on a German bottle, expect no more than low-medium heat!) Your gandma most certainly didn't have cayenne on her spice shelf. It never got hotter than white pepper. Of course, all generalization here.
Fjellstorm Bushcraft (3 months ago)
Definitely one of the best german recipes
Patrik Holy Holy (3 months ago)
its almost same as in my country but we put inside quarter of boiled egg and piece of sausage and we call it SpainBirds
John Kapri (4 months ago)
These are traditionally served aside some red cabbage and potato dumplings. Aside from that, they look beautiful! Though, my grandmother would have given you the old tappa-tappa with her wooden spoon if she caught you putting pickles in there. Pickled rouladen are frowned upon in my family.
Cyndi Foore (4 months ago)
Ruined with the pickles, bleaaaak!
Don Hancock (4 months ago)
Wash it down with a good German beer.
dopeymark (4 months ago)
I actually think my moms is better. She used ham Instead of bacon, she put mushrooms in hers, some herbs and used a little dry white wine in the gravy. I
Salty Teemo Main (4 months ago)
I understand that this is the authentic german version but the pickles just killed it for me. You can’t have something like pickles inside such a meaty stuffed roll which not only gets soggy but ruins the entire texture of the dish, let alone having it cooking for 1.5 hours to make it taste like pickle soup. Pickle soup guys...fricken PIckle Soup. When i made this dish i switched the pickles with chitake mushrooms that i cut into parallel strands and finely chopped their remains to add to the stuffing. Also i browned the meat before i assembled the roll, surprisingly it didnt affect its consistency nor did it make it harder to roll, it just gave it a more equal distribution of browning
Arnie_Outdoors (5 months ago)
Thanks! I have to make Beef Rouladen as one of the dishes for my final practical exam with duchesse potatoes.
munnjean (5 months ago)
C'mon Chef ,,,, that is top round ( inside round ) not bottom round !!
Wim M (5 months ago)
Thanks very much Chef for transferring these skills. This dish looks so good and all those ingredients suits me fine. Regards Wim
Diane Jordan (5 months ago)
This looks Yummy Thanks Food Wishes...
D Johnson (5 months ago)
Man, I would throw that meat away before buying it at a discount. I know it doesn't make a difference, but I know what the meat looked like.
bradsky7464 (6 months ago)
I made this for dinner tonight. It's very, very good! Thanks!
marcy devos (6 months ago)
I know all the German grandmas and they no make this....damn.. I do like there cabbage rolls..mmmm
The Blunt And Only (6 months ago)
I've had this made for my birthday for almost 20 years and counting. It is a german thing :)
TheCaptainKim (6 months ago)
Lunch (6 months ago)
Chef, can you par cook the bacon before stuffing? It just seems like wasted opportunity for more flavor, although not traditional. Also, what’s the function of the mustard; to glue the bacon?
MsJavaWolf (6 months ago)
Looks almost ok, but needs knödel and red kraut on the side instead.
6996katmom (6 months ago)
What about the strings? Do they get eaten? I am making this for the 1st time for a church gathering and I need to know if I leave the strings on or cut them off?
Eclectica Eclectica (6 months ago)
Julia Child suggested hot liquid. Why you contradict her theory? It's not about hot or cold but how good you can move it. LOL
dotatough (6 months ago)
If you can find horseradish pickles you have to use those. Incredible.
MissyChiyo (6 months ago)
Here in Austria, we fill our Rouladen with bacon, pickles, carrot, celleriac and sometimes cheese (most likely gouda). We also more often than not use toothpicks to secure our Rouladen. #FYI
Karl Ruehs (6 months ago)
We chopped the bacon & onions and did not use mustard nor paprika. I’m sure this is excellent and fully approved from the old (pre mooslum) Germany style. Now it violates shira law and punishment is, of course, death via beheading with a rusty knife.
Aa Glad (7 months ago)
i like it filled with more onions and a mustard gravy. simply make 10 to 15 more than u did. put in roasting pan and put mustard over them. the baking grease and mustard will make the gravy. old style from Leipzig Germany. serve with red cabbage and boiled potatoes with stick of real butter.
sixpool (7 months ago)
roll one up, homie!
Al Gerbitz (7 months ago)
Mom would make these and always use a grainy mustard. And she used toothpicks. Do a video on a REAL German Struedle please. It's a lost art. I miss my mom.
Aleksandra P. (7 months ago)
We have them in Poland as well.
Monique Quinto (7 months ago)
Does anyone know what part of beef was use in the video? And what could be the substitute for it if pork will be used
Angela Maria Melendez (7 months ago)
great,close to authentic,
Harald Honk (7 months ago)
Ah yes, Hogans Heroes, the only good sitcom on the planet! Also, my mom uses the same kind of mustard ("german mustard" probably is what we call sweet mustard, but I think the dijon one you used is better here) but two needles with a loop at one end to hold it together. Always funny to guess if there`s still one in there or if you got them all... And I'm going to tell her to make rouladen like that chef from San Francisco on YouTube, not the "traditional way" with with her artificial sauce powder because your way seems a lot more healthy, natural and better. By the way: could you make a video about LeBeau's Crepe Suzette? I found a recipe a while ago but the sauce was pretty thin. Had orange juice in it and I always wanted to try what Feldwebel Schulz liked so much
Reilly444 (7 months ago)
I'm not sold on the idea of pickles in this. Do they really go well with beef?
drottercat (7 months ago)
Paprika - training cayenne!
Technicolor (8 months ago)
Also, grocery store had some similar cuts on sale, and I was like “I don’t really want to make fajitas right now “. Well, now I wish I bought the cuts to make this.
Technicolor (8 months ago)
At the end I thought (as Chef John said it),”man oh man this would be great on a bed of mashed potatoes with that gravy spooned over”, and lo and behold the comment section would attest to how delicious that would be.
lusteraliaszero (8 months ago)
in my language, "rouladen" is "the roulade", roulade being the word and the N making it specific
Francois Michaud (8 months ago)
those slices of meat are actually TOP round
Gildedtongue (8 months ago)
Made this a few days ago. After about 2 hours 30 minutes in the gravy cooking, the bacon was still raw and the beef was tough like shoe leather.
Michael Staadt (8 months ago)
Gildedtongue There are basically two ways to get them to be tough as shoeleather: 1. Not putting a lid on the pot while cooking. 2. Adding too much cold liquid at once while cooking. Apart, of course, from picking the wrong kind or quality of meat in the first place. Maybe another factor is, that if you buy the meat at a bucher's who is not familiar with the dish the cuts might be too thick. In Germany we usually flatten the cuts of meat with a kitchen mallet. If they do turn out tough just cover the pot and cook them some more, they'll become tender eventually.
JayEffW (8 months ago)
If you still need a german grandmother friend, mine could certainly use some live english training =p plus, she also makes rouladen!
Deóis Ua Cearnaigh (8 months ago)
"Training chilé"
Carol Docherty (8 months ago)
chef JohnGerman mustard is the best. You should get hold of some. Best one is Löwensenf middle hot
Sean Boyer (8 months ago)
Training cayenne! Boy that made me laugh.
ParanoidPixel (9 months ago)
My oma use to make this... it wasn't as filled as yours, but they were always great.
Larkle (9 months ago)
My German Oma would approve. :D
Andaru Bima sakti (9 months ago)
expecting you're the Bin Laden of your Rouladen
harry viking (9 months ago)
wow! Ill do this this weekend!
MrGoatflakes (9 months ago)
German beef dish with French mustard cooked in an Espagnole. Got it :D
MrGoatflakes (9 months ago)
Wait I forgot it's got Hungarian Paprika and American pickles. Probably spanish onions :P
MrGoatflakes (9 months ago)
OMFG! Meat that isn't bright orange! Quick get the carbon monoxide gas! (Not even joking that's why meat is blood red. It should actually be a darker and less vibrant red).
drownthedays (9 months ago)
German, authentic and pancetta don't go well together. You'd have to go out of your way to get pancetta here. Cured back bacon would be fine I guess.
D- mist (9 months ago)
feels good to rewatch this after making and eating it
dbsill cockney (9 months ago)
Love your videos. I'm amazed how much you know about our food (European)
Felix Marshall (9 months ago)
My German mama and Oma would approve
R BICKERTON (9 months ago)
What an amazing recipe! Thank you chef it's going to be Sunday dinner this week. I can not wait! Keep doing what you do . You're the good side of the Internet
Michael Kohlman (9 months ago)
OK, German mustard... The difference. Usually it is a variety of whole mustard grain, and made rather sweeter then most, usually with honey. Less vinegar as well, but not hot as the seed isn't ground. Great for Pretzels but not to most tastes for cooking. I definitely like the idea of using the Dijon for this, but if you want to go with German Mustard, I would recommend a little Spätlese, which is also required to thin it down a bit. Just another note on recipes like this, as I was told this was a Great Depression dish which my Grandfather on my maternal side liked. Apparently when immigrants came here and they had problems... They resorted to the dishes they were brought up on, which was to make the most out of what they could get. I was told the roots of the Depression Dishes where ethnic in origin, German or Czech, but the food I loved never made it to those cookbooks as they only included the recognized dishes. Ironically I found the recipes I like in the book of Yiddish cookery when I completed my Crown International Cookbook collection. They saw the value of preserving the more practical recipes.
gilligun29 (9 months ago)
#loggish haaaaa
Sarah Moore (9 months ago)
I have roulade clamps from Bavaria.
Rob B (9 months ago)
I loved watching Hogan's Heroes with my Dad. That looks really good. I think my Fiancee will like it.
Eule Federvieh (9 months ago)
actually most people dont season the meat at all and just smear some mustard with diced onions on it and cook it for couple hours in a "sauce" made by little pieces of the meat and sometimes even bones wich they take out before you put the rouladen in.
Astrofrank (10 months ago)
My mother makes Rouladen slightly different: diced bacon fat instead of sliced bacon, diced onions, no pickles, no cayenne pepper, and first frying them until almost black. The gravy is almost stiff. After the Rouladennadeln are pulled out, the Rouladen are served with Salzkartoffeln, red cabbage and, of course, gravy. Now a few people might get jealous: one hour ago, I have eaten *three* Rouladen! A hint: a mixture of hot and medium mustard often works best.
tac nuke (10 months ago)
Osama rouladen
Yung Melvin (10 months ago)
poppykok5 (10 months ago)
YOU, "Chef John,"  are THE rOcKsTaR of ALL Chef's...I NEVER tire of you...My "food wish" would be to spend an afternoon in the kitchen with you to observe your great "Chefness"...  : )
mangachanfan (10 months ago)
"Dangerous, unsightly, and generally annoying" LMAO Sounds like my mother-in-law
Lloran Hope (10 months ago)
Paprika aka "Training Cayenne"!?!?! Ahhh Bahaha yes that's hilarious
Colin Pendlebury (10 months ago)
in my experience, the red is oxidized and the grey is not
Natalie Halsband (11 months ago)
my grandmother would have been proud.... red cabbage would have been the icing to this

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