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Gordon Ramsay's ULTIMATE COOKERY COURSE: How to Cook the Perfect Steak

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You can now pre-order Gordon Ramsay's new book - Ultimate Home Cooking - before it's release 29th August 2013. Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course is out now in all good bookshops. "I want to teach you how to cook good food at home. By stripping away all the hard graft and complexity, anyone can produce mouth-watering recipes. Put simply, I'm going to show you how to cook yourself into a better cook." GORDON RAMSAY Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course is about giving home cooks the desire, confidence and inspiration to hit the stoves and get cooking, with over 120 modern, simple and accessible recipes. The ultimate reference bible, it's a lifetime's worth of expertise from one of the world's finest chefs distilled into a beautiful book. Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course is about giving home cooks the desire, confidence and inspiration to hit the stoves and get cooking, with over 120 modern, simple and accessible recipes. The ultimate reference bible, it's a lifetime's worth of expertise from one of the world's finest chefs distilled into a beautiful book. Hodder & Stoughton is a major publisher within Hachette UK, one of the UK’s biggest publishing groups. We publish a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books. Subscribe to our channel to discover more inspiring videos of our award-winning books and authors: http://bit.ly/ZxCFcv Visit out website at http://bit.ly/ZxBY2Z Follow us on Twitter at http://bit.ly/1zf2yym Find us on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/1rHy6CQ
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Text Comments (3989)
Chupacabra (2 years ago)
Hahaha I think I just got a meat boner!! and my mouth is watering......BRB......
random dude (2 years ago)
did he just crush a garlic with his hand. I think gordon ramsay belongs to the WWE
Official Zone Kyle (2 years ago)
He's just being British
Burger Planet (2 years ago)
i go for the diving elbow drop with my garlic.
FatimaNayRay (2 years ago)
That part made me laugh 😂
Seth Eheart (2 years ago)
i've been making my steaks this way for a while. they are amazing.
FilipeCzech1986 (2 years ago)
what if we're cooking multiple steaks one after the other in the same pan?
Kekederoze (2 years ago)
I paused the video for 2 minutes to do the rare medium well done thing, and I know you did too
navidski (2 years ago)
Fuck off Gordon. You did almost every fuckin thing wrong, u arrogant twat
John Exzequiel Melchor (2 years ago)
Gordon's always in hurry. Idk why?
Max Đỗ (2 years ago)
Andddd we didn't get to see how the steak turns out. Good job.
cookey downunder (2 years ago)
This areshole came to Down Under & did nothing but bitch. YOU are a FUCK*WIT Gordon.
Here's how you cook steak: this recipe is perfect for guests. okay, first shove it up your ass, get it nice and brown. mm, isn't that lovely? Next, shove a whole head of garlic up there, clench to crush it. Now, we're gonna add some sea salt, just, rub that in, make sure it sticks, and finally, some red pepper, really get in. This is going to be divine. Now we tenderize it, just stick the tenderizer in there, give it a few good whacks and leave it to brown for about two to three minutes. Now squat down over a plate and voila!
what is he talking about with the hand?
monawoka97 (2 years ago)
How is youtube getting past my adblocker):
candida maldonado (2 years ago)
Jeremiah Hix (2 years ago)
after watching this its how i cook em now. juicy and delicious as fuck. med rare
Hur Guler (2 years ago)
He doesn't show the steaks at the end because he probably over cooked it. There are a few mistakes here. 1. Always cook on wood fire or on charcoal. 2. If you must cook indoors and can't use a natural grill, then use cast iron pan. I lived in England for nearly 2 years. British people can't cook. It's a joke that Ramsay pretends to be a cook. He's just a good showman. That's all.
Andy Tan (2 years ago)
+Hur Guler Nobody will care about what you say because you are just a nobody. Unless we do hear of your little name in the food industry, then only try criticize a chef who won more Michelin Stars than anybody in this world.
Dave Dejumo (2 years ago)
Sous vide the steak!!!
Eric M (2 years ago)
Pan frying a steak is against the rules.
Gwynne Ford (2 years ago)
A properly butter basted steak is manna from the gods. I do kind of object to using a non stick pan. Cast iron is the way to go, but if the average cook is willing to attempt butter basting a steak, f*ck it. Use what you've got.
Alonso Maldonado (2 years ago)
im over here eating a hard dried up steak as i watch this lol
cx818 (2 years ago)
He did tell me to only turn the steak once
Karti Loco (2 years ago)
He says he uses olive oil here to cook the steak at 1:53 I wonder if it's EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil, though? Because a lot of people say you shouldn't heat it up that much, because it'll break down and burn etc. So what type of olive oil is he using?
אילנה היערי (2 years ago)
dios mio! que le hizo Ramsey a ese pobre steak? no hay que moverlo, no hay que darle vuelta tantas veces!!
Go Vegan (2 years ago)
Disgusting! GO VEGAN!
kray97 (2 years ago)
cook/broil in the oven first then sear.
jhao (2 years ago)
So he place the cooked steak on to the chopping board which he use to season his raw steak? Doesn't that cause contamination?
Hutchy Divine (2 years ago)
People eat raw meat anyway but he probably just changed boards
Taylan Özdemir (2 years ago)
https://youtu.be/AmC9SmCBUj4 what kind of salt is that?
Taylan Özdemir (2 years ago)
+Taylan Özdemir https://youtu.be/AmC9SmCBUj4 and what is that herb
TheGbarton (2 years ago)
Would love to challenge him on how to cook the perfect steak!
TheGbarton (2 years ago)
If people think a good steak is cooked in skillet then they have never had a steak!!!
Roscoe Patterson (2 years ago)
Is he lying to me or something cuz he's refusing to look at me through the camera?
Merchant Ivory (2 years ago)
Sorry if this is located on the page somewhere but i can't seem to find it, What was the seasonings he added before he started cooking? I'll i heard him say was pepper but it looked liked something else as well.
Merchant Ivory (2 years ago)
+fd0198 Great thank you so much! Can't wait to try it!
fd0198 (2 years ago)
+Merchant Ivory (filmstudent) He uses coarse sea salt and coarse ground pepper to season in the beginning. In the pan he uses olive oil, butter (the two together keep the butter from burning. He even mentions it in the video), fresh thyme sprigs and garlic. I tried this method not too long ago. It made a great steak.
Emilie Guerlain (2 years ago)
+Merchant Ivory (filmstudent) i thought it was sea salt
Crystal Alicia (2 years ago)
Tried it! Loved it!
WW2son (2 years ago)
we tried this and it works,  we cooked two N.Y. Strips.........I would suggest laying foil down around the burners.  The popping oil can make a mess....and of course buying good meat helps.
John Grimaldi (2 years ago)
why do you always do the pee pee dance?
MikeCAE (2 years ago)
i did it and it was really delicious although it needed a bit more cook
Potato Wedges (2 years ago)
You should cook it until it's medium or medium well
Lionel messiy (2 years ago)
xMrBossx (2 years ago)
Rare? What are you a stupid monkey? Cook your steak well done morons.
Lautaro Trefilio (2 years ago)
+xMrBossx if you eat your steak well done you don't deserve to eat steak
Matthew Nakhla (2 years ago)
+xMrBossx no, rare and medium rare are the juiciest forms of steak, well done can be pretty dry and chewy
Calvin C (2 years ago)
What brand pan is he using. Looks like cast iron but it looks light as well??
Michael Green (2 years ago)
Except in his other video he says to only turn it once, and after 3-4 minutes? WHICH IS IT?
Killera Charlie (2 years ago)
I use butter and garlic and use the seasoning after still OK on the rare scale I don't like crust :P but like the person I'm cooking for choice that all it matters
Boom K (2 years ago)
Killera Charlie (2 years ago)
+Boom K garlic and pepper maybe the garlic has salt not sure
Boom K (2 years ago)
What did he use for seasoning in the video? Just salt and pepper?
Eliot Grant (2 years ago)
I'm getting confused in another video, he said only flip it once, he used a different part of his hand and now hes using thyme and garlic.
Ryan Miller (2 years ago)
+Eliot Grant I watched that other video too, as for the hands its preference. there are multiple spots you can use. I'm a little more confused about the flipping part.
edward kelly corona (2 years ago)
why are u so hurry up when cooking
Professionally Silly (2 years ago)
i wonder what type of steak that was! this seemed extremely simple :-) excited to try
Professionally Silly (2 years ago)
+Marianne Guieb thanks love! That's the exact streak I tried this on and it was awesome 😍
Marianne Guieb (2 years ago)
that's a new york steak
Jeffrey Basurto (2 years ago)
"let the pan do the work" As opposed to holding the steak over the open flame with your hands.
Anne Hajdu (2 years ago)
Perfectly explained. Concise. Spot-on as he would say. Exactly how to cook a damn steak right.
deepfield23 (2 years ago)
this is one of the best cooking vids on yt.. also one of the most mouth watering.. gj mr ramsay :)
yakob (2 years ago)
Instructions unclear: Got dick stuck in fan
ChopperRead (2 years ago)
a steak in a frying pan is just wrong, by god man put that thing on the grill
Ran Dom (2 years ago)
What type of cut?
Ran Dom (2 years ago)
+P Chan Yeah, I heard it right after I typed the comment. I just couldn't've been bothered to delete it.
P Chan (2 years ago)
+Ran Dom Watch the video again. He says it.
Bassel KH (2 years ago)
I like my steak REH
Tom Stuart (2 years ago)
Really weird when u don't hear "fuck" when Gordon Ramsey is in the kitchen.
Gideon Alvin White (2 years ago)
I tried this myself last night and the steak was immaculate! I see why he is as far as he is in his career.
Gideon Alvin White (2 years ago)
I actually kept it quite simple, sea salt, pepper, and thyme
She Mac (2 years ago)
+Gideon Alvin White What seasoning did you use?
T. Zappa (2 years ago)
If you watch another steak video by Ramsay, he says the steak should be turned only once. But now he says turning every minute. Marco Pierre White makes everything better than Ramsay.
Wicker _ (2 years ago)
Because the best chefs *never* improve their methods=/
Soby Andrews (2 years ago)
man u cook fast slow down a bit
Soby Andrews (2 years ago)
this not a contest can u cook the fastest
beatsandpraise (2 years ago)
Shitty camerawork
badfeminist (2 years ago)
Why doesn't he show the steak inside? :/
John Sandoval (2 years ago)
What kind/brand of pan is that?
Michael Jin (2 years ago)
His other video tells you to only ever turn the steak once. Gordon is damn confused.
qualivia (2 years ago)
how do you make sure the steak is cooked won't be hard?
Daniel Chong (2 years ago)
+qualivia You're pulling the mickey on us aren't you?
qualivia (2 years ago)
+Daniel Chong well whenever I fry a steak it always hard in the inside but black on the surface. how do you make sure is at least chewable
Daniel Chong (2 years ago)
+qualivia You have to press the steak with your finger. The hardness can be felt.
Michael Jin (2 years ago)
+qualivia What do you mean too hard? I think you over cooked your steak.
Hauke G. (2 years ago)
A "perfect steak" is a pretty personal and subjective thing when you love steak! A good steak is like a religion under all the meat. My personal "perfect steak" (Rump-steak / Entrecôte): You need: - fresh Steak(s) - clarified butter, (Wagyū-)beef-fat or vegetable-oil - 1 clove of garlic, stalks of thyme and rosemary - a Herb-brush (stalks of thyme, rosemary and sage / a big wooden-spoon or something similar) Make your herb-brush: Just tie the fresh herbs at the end of the handle of the wooden-spoon (or whatever you're using) until it looks like a big brush, made out of herbs. Better use a bit more herbs instead of too less. Preparation: Just put the steak out of the fridge 40-60 min. before you want to cook it - it needs room-temperature. Then dab it carefully with a paper-towel. When you have a Rump-steak, cut slightly into the fat at the edge in intervals of 1cm, to avoid a ugly bulge during the searing and cooking. A Entrecôte doesn't need this step because of it's natural profile and marbleization. Important: Don't use a pan with any coating or even a teflon-pan! The best choice is a cast-iron pan. Now brush your steak with the clarified butter, beef-fat or vegetable-oil (I prefer one of the first two options). Important: Never use olive-oil because of the possible upcoming bittern during the searing! Standard-butter can't bear too much heat as well. Searing / cooking: Heat up your pan to 180 degrees celsius and then put in the steak. Important: Never put more than 2 steaks at the same time into the pan because of the temperature! For the herb-brush, heat up some clarified butter in a little pot separately. Just sear the steak from both sides (how long depends on your taste and the thickness of the steak - a medium-steak needs 2-3 minutes of searing on each side). During the searing brush the steak with your herb-brush. Just dip the herb-brush into the hot clarified butter and then gently brush the steak - do the same with the other side, when you turn the steak. Now instantly put the squashed clove of garlic and the stalks of thyme and rosemary into the pan. Important: Don't move the steak too much during the searing! After searing it, season it with coarse sea-salt and black-pepper and then put it with the pan and all the herbs, juice and butter into the oven at 90-95 degrees celsius (a medium-steak needs 4 minutes now). You can also measure the core-temperature - 55-58 degrees celsius are perfect for a medium-steak. After cooking it, sleeve your steak in aluminium-foil and let it rest for 1-2 minutes on a pre-heated plate (pre-heat the plate in the microwave or with a modern plate-warmer). You can also use the remaining heat of your oven and put it sleeved into the aluminium-foil on your plate for the 1-2 minutes of resting back in it. Serving: Cut the steak in 2cm slices, drop over the remaining juice-butter-herb-mix out of the pan (not the garlic-clove and the stalks of thyme and rosemary obviously, only the sauce) and serve it with green beans (cooked with small, roasted bacon-cubes) and potato-wedges (with a fresh, selfmade herbal milk-quark / German-quark as a dip). Enjoy! :3
Hauke G. (2 years ago)
+Mad Turtle People who love to cook. I already got 4 very nice feedbacks! I don't care if you are not able to read 5 minutes of text actually... ;-) Have a good day and do something for your mood.
Mad Turtle (2 years ago)
+Hauke G. you think anyone is gonna read that?
Icontrolltheworld (2 years ago)
The best steak is cooked on a camp fire impaled on a stick you found from a tree.
Rogue-Spear (2 years ago)
Olive oil should never be used in high - temperature cooking.
Rogue-Spear (2 years ago)
+charles silvey lol, fair enough.
Charles Silvey (2 years ago)
+Rogue-Spear I will believe the Michelin starred chef over you.
Rogue-Spear (2 years ago)
All that flipping made me really want to see how the steak looks on the inside. Disappointing. Anyway, I usually only flip a steak one time.
badfeminist (2 years ago)
Ditto, but I've tried it both ways now and multiple flipping does the job just as well (some say better) than a single flip. However, it's generally a lot easier just to do it once, but you're not gonna hurt the steak either way
Erick Jimenez (2 years ago)
Rogue-Spear (2 years ago)
+Victor jimenez I do
Fernando Rios (2 years ago)
how do I make the steak in the microwave
Rhett Lewis (2 years ago)
I use a Chef Remi Cooking Thermometer to cook my steak perfectly. It has never let me down.
Jaye Gems (2 years ago)
tried it. the best steak I ever cooked simple fast and easy. I cook all the time prob the best amateur cook ever. fast easy delicious and taste like ordered in a restaurant
James Haslam (2 years ago)
Hey, Gordon. Squirting olive oil onto a hot pan is a big risk of causing a grease fire, especially if you are using cast iron. This is not great advice to be giving the general public. You're going to hurt people.
tazz IS FANGASMIC (2 years ago)
+James Haslam he's Gordon Ramsay, he doesn't give a fuck! :)
Banis Caapi (2 years ago)
i used to use an app that told you exactly when to turn it etc. once i learnt the basic timing i can now cook it perfect everytime. key steps are the high heat smoking pan in the beginning. sear each side 30secs. then turn evry minute with flame turned down to med-medhigh. give it a good 5 mins if its around 2.5cm thick. *then wrap steak in foil and rest for a solid 8mins. nice n pink inside with meat juices dripping.
CGgottaRap YouTube (2 years ago)
favorite chef ever
gideonsward (2 years ago)
Stake in pan? :O he just wasted a perfect grilled stake!
rich lee (2 years ago)
Holy shit, adding butter made a hella difference in the taste!!!!!!!! My steak tasted 100x better!!!
stylejunge (2 years ago)
"beautifully done"
Prince Vegeta (2 years ago)
How high should the temp be?
Andrea A (2 years ago)
How long do you have to wait for the pan to get hot? and at what temp ?
Tone Pursuit (2 years ago)
+Andrea A No problem! If possible I recommend you cook one before that day just to test it out. 
Andrea A (2 years ago)
+Tex Mex Thank you so much for that advice, I will cooking the steak this Saturday for a special someone and want this to come out GR style! I will let you know how it goes!
Tone Pursuit (2 years ago)
+Andrea A To sear, set your stove to HIGH. To continue cooking after the sear, set to Medium and maybe a touch above that. Used this method myself and it works. I recommend using tongs to flip and to touch the steak. If its squishy feeling then its not ready. It needs to be slightly firm to be medium-rare. If its really firm then its well done and maybe a bit over cooked. Good luck!
memadman (2 years ago)
I let them rest on a pillow. For some real rest.
memadman (2 years ago)
Tired of his face. 
Koni (2 years ago)
memadman (2 years ago)
How enough the constant flipping?
Tommy Lewis (2 years ago)
No video shot of the inside of the steak. Since every other steak making video on the planet shows the inside of the steak when finished, you have to assume it didn't turn out good.
Travis Magers (2 years ago)
He must have over cooked it or we would see how it come out when he cut into.
Michael White (2 years ago)
I used this technique now a few times with some good results. However, LOTS of smoke. Is full high heat (electric) the problem?
dbd31463 (2 years ago)
+Michael White Full high is too hot. My range goes from lo to 10, I go about to 6. Any hotter the olive oil and butter will burn.
Tyler Peacock (2 years ago)
He's a fucking prickhead fuckrag.
Karlos Munoz (2 years ago)
I thought you were supposed to let the meat rest 5-10 minutes before cutting into it... Hmmm!
BensBQ (2 years ago)
good steak !!
KosherTV (2 years ago)
I just hate this guy what a fucking poser he's probably the most overrated chef on this planet.
Mad Turtle (2 years ago)
+ROCkicksAss this overrated chef has 14 michelin stars, can't seem to see yours
RAdam (2 years ago)
+ROCkicksAss Actually, HE IS a really good cook!
BirdyUS (2 years ago)
What oils does he use
Oliver Hernandez (2 years ago)
Olive oil
dgmoocher D r (2 years ago)
but hhis other vid says to never turn steak more than once??
Jordan Knoles (2 years ago)
Is that carbon steel?
GTHANG2000 (2 years ago)
I made filet mignon and porterhouse steaks following your every move and my family LOVED THEM!!!! Thank you!!!
Max Jencks (2 years ago)
Did he just put the steak back on the board he used to season them on ?
MrFreeGman (2 years ago)
+Max Jencks It doesn't have the seasoning all over it though. Someone probably cleaned it behind the scenes, or turned it over.
FrankieTheDude (2 years ago)
Im sure
True Story (2 years ago)
just salt and pepper
ThatGuy FromTheMoon (2 years ago)
Just followed his guide with a target steak, yes I know not the best but I just felt like having a steak. First time I've ever cooked a steak (over cooked it and burnt the butter) but I was proud because I made my first steak. Made it a well done instead of medium. But it was good. Only way to go from here, is up.
This Childs Life (2 years ago)
Just followed this guide with a nice top sirloin steak and definitely was not disappointed. Thank you Mr. Ramsay!
treena mcdoodle (2 years ago)
giggle, i'm really impressed on how he cooked, will be doing that shortly. But his frying pan was dirty on the outside, so are mine! Made me feel alot better cuz those outside of frying pans are hard to clean
jerron182 (2 years ago)
how about you give us better info, like how long to cook it for, and show us the end product.
jerron182 (2 years ago)
+Alex Lousignont Ok
Mannava Surya (2 years ago)
Oil oil oil i lost the appetite!
Alex C (2 years ago)
Lol @ everyone saying he must've fucked up the steak because he didn't show it at the end.
Alex C (2 years ago)
I see why people are speculative, but I mean it's Gordon Ramsay. I think he's earned the benefit of the doubt. But I see what you're saying
NoSkillzJustGillz (2 years ago)
+Alex C u only show it if its perfect so yeah it didnt come out is my guess

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