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how to prepare fried rice, chinese style

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how to prepare fried rice, filmed in china, rise prepared by chinese chief cook. it is so simple, anybody can do it.
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RIYA GUPTA (4 hours ago)
Chris Lee (2 days ago)
Japanese Fried Rice Canton Recipe.
Chris Lee (2 days ago)
I heard this guy is the greatest fried rice chef on Earth?
Mclean Lawrence (4 days ago)
i bet that rice is do much salt in it
bob oh stephens (5 days ago)
crap video
nicola (7 days ago)
Is that precooked rice?
Candi blue (8 days ago)
Candi blue (8 days ago)
Megadeth (10 days ago)
That's Japanese, if he added dog meat it would have made it Chinese.
sita satyavarapu (11 days ago)
What's the Ingredients he used
raoul duke lll (13 days ago)
what does he pour onto the rice before adding the oil to onions/carrots? Water or oil? Its a different container. 1:35 BTW Is that oil for the onions/carrots?
Malekah Roberts (14 days ago)
This is Tapanyaki which is Japanese style restaurant cooking. Not Chinese.
Dave Barrientos (14 days ago)
Japanese not Chinese
lo lo 90 (16 days ago)
Eyy easy on the salt ya mama luke
Amol Adsul (18 days ago)
waste..no audio no subtitles not even complete
the shuriken (18 days ago)
where's the dog meat???
Vanessa Rivera (19 days ago)
msg included....eiww
The California Review (20 days ago)
John John (20 days ago)
U just want views so u can make money on YouTube
Tan Tan (22 days ago)
real chinese style need a dog meat.
Prophet T (22 days ago)
Garbage food.
Andre Alfansyah (23 days ago)
i can smell it over there
Scotty miller (23 days ago)
Great, now I'm hungry lol
ran stan (23 days ago)
what about the rats when stove off piss shit from rats
Vasu Bansal (23 days ago)
Soy sauce
chi (24 days ago)
This is anything but Chinese. First, you need a wok!
zephaniah Rongngi (24 days ago)
I don't think that kind of food will be serve to the people
Lance Boyle (24 days ago)
He was at Benihana last night
Pralay Aryan (25 days ago)
its neither chinese style nor its a *fried rice*
RDC NEWS (26 days ago)
Omelet rise
Stingy McDuck (29 days ago)
That looks easy, I'm going to try it, I'll be right back. Edit: hi, it's me again. It didn't go too well.
DionysusAlS (29 days ago)
MSG is optional.
JoE KeRr (1 month ago)
how to *watch how to prepare fried rice, chinese style
Ryan Sofyan (1 month ago)
He or she?
Andre Whyte (1 month ago)
mokajones74 (1 month ago)
Those eggs are so overcooked
William Sleight (1 month ago)
So they do use red onion!
WLG WLG (1 month ago)
Meh, decent, but have you ever seen Ned Flanders make a hot chocolate? 😁
Salimatou Kamara (1 month ago)
Not helpful at all. Doesn't show the ingredients and I WANT THE ONES THAT THEY MAKE IN THE CHINESE SHOP😖😣😣😣
Jose Betances (1 month ago)
That was alot of salt
MrVoice42moro (1 month ago)
Nasi goreng ( fried rice) is from Indonesia!!!!!!!! #doneclaim
Dan (1 month ago)
This isn't Chinese style.
I thought they didn't use salt
John Smith (1 month ago)
They make ice cream same way
mtnhayes (1 month ago)
tktru (1 month ago)
Now play Classical Gas
Ming Hung (1 month ago)
This is how they cook fried rice in Japanese Hibachi style restaurants... family ran a Chinese Restaurant for over 16 years, so ummm, no.
Alberto aka Turtleman (1 month ago)
Made in china
Happy Face (1 month ago)
Uhhh... where is the wok?
mE VaEnuku (1 month ago)
All that grease, that's all I ever taste with their fried rice
Josue D. Caycho (1 month ago)
Parece un chaufa normal
MackenDeez (1 month ago)
Was oil or water he used
JesusNoid (1 month ago)
Hola tijeras :0
JesusNoid (1 month ago)
Pues entonces tenemos que dejar los huevos una temporada :( podemos hacer algo con queso :) buenoooooo
El ático de Tijeras (1 month ago)
me lo comunica escalestri, te recibo escalestri :O tenemos que ir aunque ya llevo muchos huevos fritos comidos esta semana :O ayer comi revuelto de calabacin y huevos a la napolitana :O y de merienda me dieron sandwich de huevo :O otia >O< ya no volvere a comer borricamente >O<
JesusNoid (1 month ago)
Retransmitiendo desde lasañalandia :O jiijji tenemos que ir al sitio de la foto >o<
El ático de Tijeras (1 month ago)
JesusNoid hola escalestri :0
Liam Zhang (1 month ago)
For the westerners every Asian are Chinese wtf
paul k (1 month ago)
was hoping to see rice being fried. that rice was already cooked.
Muhammad Abdullah (1 month ago)
Die faster if u eat this. Too much style In tossing. Too much salt soy sauce. N all that spinkling crap will kill u. It is Just fried rice. When u fry food it will taste good..... even if u fry batter coated ice cream...... this fried rice is hazardous. Rubbish video. I will not eat this
John Gault (1 month ago)
Weak af
Hang Yu Zhang (1 month ago)
everyone knows Chinese style now lol and still cooking sht.
This Is Something (1 month ago)
What sauce did they use for the fried rice?
Thang Laka (1 month ago)
Japanese style done by Chinese guy
Rocky Neidhardt (1 month ago)
Cook the fucccck out of those eggs
xJokersWildx (1 month ago)
How about some rice with your salt lol
James Anderson (1 month ago)
this niggas put msg on anything
Pombo3000 (1 month ago)
Why tf does it say “Chinese style” it’s not Chinese style u swine this is just how you make fried rice period. It originated from China so it’s not called “Chinese style” uncultured swine you are
U2WB (1 month ago)
Ingredients ? Shaking mystery powders onto a pile of rice and veggies...
aaubrey Wallace (1 month ago)
Stop Frontin 😎 man one egg per customer.this is for Adds
Mike DEEZ (1 month ago)
This is Chinese? Not Japanese?
The Guy (1 month ago)
why the fuck would you cut it off like that? fried rice shouldn't stay white anyway.
Mark Bozz (1 month ago)
Send me over a plate of that, ASAP.
Ken gilmore (1 month ago)
1. Get some rice. 2. Fry it. Simple.
Shuo Yan (1 month ago)
Since when does hibachi a Chinese thing.
Perception Is reality (1 month ago)
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DeansVideoClips (1 month ago)
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Perception Is reality (1 month ago)
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DeansVideoClips (1 month ago)
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DeansVideoClips (1 month ago)
Why? Did you want Clinton?
kao long hang (1 month ago)
This is light and plain bland, different chinese restaurant has different recipe. You gotta eat the one with darker fried rice like they add soy sauce to it or something. But they dont tell you what they do.
kinith saephan (1 month ago)
i smell a racist uploader
kけい (1 month ago)
Mori Wang (1 month ago)
but it is Japanese style...not Chinese style
Sakti Sarjono (1 month ago)
that was japanese hibachi
Ozzpocket Productions (1 month ago)
Wow...lol...that's a lot of salt....
Kensen Wangkawinata (1 month ago)
Victor PONCE (1 month ago)
ha,ha uh yeah all experts make the comments. ha,ha,ha ur right
FarmYardFlavours (1 month ago)
omg, i love fried rice with shrimp !!
24kt on my wrist (1 month ago)
this shit be bennihanas
Vittorio Victoriño (1 month ago)
Sorprendente quiero comer algo de ese arroz
Mark (1 month ago)
There's nothing wrong with adding salt or oil to food that's where much of the flavor comes from.
Daz Burnside (1 month ago)
I can almost smell it cooking 🤤
SpaceOrbison (1 month ago)
fucking dog eaters
jorge Mendoza (1 month ago)
Wácala pinche batidero.
Mr. Niceguy (1 month ago)
If I go to a place that charges what these places charge, I'm not eating one spoon full of fried rice. Give me the good stuff or watch me walk out
Jms2k PH (1 month ago)
spudmonkey (1 month ago)
those are some bigass eggs!
liverzbbk (1 month ago)
I've still not cracked an egg perfectly with 1 hand yet..
Tube Junky (1 month ago)
Would you please list the ingredients and measurements, love your style and precision of using the cooking utensils. Need your recipe please.
Only thing I'd add would be chopped green chillies 👌
Sue Lee (1 month ago)
Teppanyaki really?
ame buta (1 month ago)
that was great to watch . HUNGRY..
KiLL YaLL (1 month ago)
Where is the msg?
Shanplus3 (1 month ago)
That was a SHIT TON of salt!
Dante Redgrave (1 month ago)
Was the rice already cooked or something?
LittleDragon03 (1 month ago)
It doesn't matter if it's Japanese or Chinese fried rice. Rice is rice.
HERETICIAM 777 (1 month ago)
How to cut down your life span Chinese style🤣

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