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6 Boozy Recipes For Your Next Party

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Text Comments (1140)
Sarah Hales (2 hours ago)
Looks like a bit of work, good thing I don't drink
Park ChimMin (9 hours ago)
I’m underage, but I’m pretty sure it’s still possible to recreate any of these without adding alcohol!
Aleeyah Gilani (1 day ago)
Subscribe to me https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCme429GU4UqdryeB6FRYJxw
M M (1 day ago)
Crystal Lin (2 days ago)
Why am I watching this it’s clearly for adults and I’m not a adult 😓😓
Crystal Lin (2 days ago)
Tevon cleveland (2 days ago)
Honestly idc how old i am so you shouldnt neither im 12 if your mad too bad
Leek Boi (2 days ago)
I'm seeing more comments pointing out the young people in the comments than actual young people.
Critical Posts (2 days ago)
I'm pretty sure it's legally an act of high treason in France to microwave wine
Lilinoe Parker (3 days ago)
Ashka Moon (3 days ago)
I love how loads of underage people are complaining they cant drink this. I'm underage but that doesnt stop me lmao
FakeYoutubeProfile (3 days ago)
For all the slavs out here 2:15 recipe is just kompot, but with a property of kvass
Dxddy Sprouse (3 days ago)
Hey I can always make a virgin one
Cr1 Ew (3 days ago)
Well fuck all of you cuz my dads an alcoholic so I can’t have fucking alcohol
Melany Lizalde (3 days ago)
Like si te diste cuenta de que todas son bebidas alcolicas
Exaggerated Reality (3 days ago)
I was gonna say something about how I'm a kid and I was watching this but apparently theres a ton of those so I won't.
No. Just no. (3 days ago)
Some adults are probably using this for advice while some kiddos are getting drunk after making these.
Bobby thegangster (3 days ago)
I don’t really drink
Bobby thegangster (3 days ago)
I’m 23
Somebody Over There (3 days ago)
I love how all of these comments are adults saying "We know, stop commenting you're underage!!"
Marvel_ Memes (3 days ago)
I see so many comments complaining about underaged ppl commenting they’re underaged...yet I don’t see any underaged comments... huh
Marvel_ Memes (3 days ago)
Take a shot every time I say underaged
CrayCrayGamerr (4 days ago)
Aw man! Mom won't let me make this for my birthday party >:(
Zoey Pete (4 days ago)
What is Rosè
Kawaii Potato (4 days ago)
I never wanna drink or taste any kind of alcohol.
Gacha Gamer (4 days ago)
I thought it sayed botty😂
Nina (5 days ago)
Welp im gonna make this as a present for adults now .No more stress for presents.
A Potato (5 days ago)
remember kids don't under she drink :< or you could just do these without the alcohol and wine
príncєѕѕ hαrumí (5 days ago)
Looks 'tasty' get it😏
flowers power (6 days ago)
Why do grown up get the good stuff but ask kids we get nothing they get all the good stuff
Unicorn Pug (6 days ago)
oof i cant drink this stuff
Hannah Trần (6 days ago)
so creative. thank you so much
who else got a beer ad before this
Maria Lopes (7 days ago)
Im 13 and i Would still drink this
Meredith A (7 days ago)
This looks so satisfying I'm going to try it's at home
曾妤婷 (7 days ago)
Kat Smith (7 days ago)
Three dashes of the bitters, add some ice and you pour!
cherry tree (8 days ago)
Don't use straws save turtles....do you know how cute they are..😅😅
HTP Gaming (8 days ago)
First one is disgusting
humble truth (8 days ago)
Threadbanger can you make all of this shit ??? Look delicious.
welcome to hell (9 days ago)
literally all of the comments are of people commenting on how many kids are saying they're underage ._.
Kim Hennig (9 days ago)
I thought it said booty recipes lol
Domini Forelli (9 days ago)
all that pig skin, toenails, bones, cartilage I meant all that gelatin lol
Clawdeen Wolf (10 days ago)
why am I watching this ._.
Tara Shaon (10 days ago)
I feel like I'm the only adult here lol, all these kids.... Why watch the video when you can't even have a beer ?
Fire Volcano (10 days ago)
Why do I think a majority of the people’s who liked and watched this were adults.
Ya girl Viccy (11 days ago)
Lets get boozie and boogie! I'll go home.
puppy pup pup (12 days ago)
I am underage I only wanted the fruits in the thumbnail
Winter Edwards (13 days ago)
This video is Jamaican me happy.
DoodleWarrior (13 days ago)
I don’t drink alcohol.. WHY AM I HERE
Elinor (13 days ago)
Kids stop wishing you could drink alcohol. Any time I've been drinking and I want to go to bed, I can't fall asleep because my bed won't stop moving. It's horrible.
I'm too young to drink dammit >:(
Makoto Niijima (13 days ago)
Jello looking lemon... that's all that matters here.
I could try doing non-alcoholic ones or not do them at all, since I'm below the legal drinking age
Latha Jacob (13 days ago)
I can't help it like the thumbnail is amazing
Latha Jacob (13 days ago)
Seriously, this is like the third time I am watching this
SiraGem VOC (13 days ago)
Why is there so much alcohol lol like you don't always need alcohol to have a party...
I'm_weird_af ok (13 days ago)
"Two shots of vodka"
f a k e (14 days ago)
lmao half of these comments are people commenting about people commenting they are too young
Brendon's Forehead (14 days ago)
GET BOOZY BOOZY BOOZY (anyone know the reference
if you can’t drink just make it with out the alcohol
Uni Kitten (14 days ago)
0:07 bLaCKPinK iN yO aREaAAAAaAAaaaaAa
Hạnh Đoan (14 days ago)
Solar Fam (15 days ago)
I thought it was gummys
Adrionna Clift (15 days ago)
I'd triple the alcohol in all those...
M3m3 Edits (15 days ago)
Looks good but in underaged
I want mochi (16 days ago)
why I'm here ? I'm muslim lol
Golden Potato (16 days ago)
Bassingal (16 days ago)
I watch this video for the music, while I'm doing whiskey shots. I think about making these drinks, but shots are SO much easier!
hi hi (16 days ago)
uh I don't know ok (16 days ago)
Is it suddenly mandatory for kids to say how old they are?
Camille Swayne (17 days ago)
For the one with peaches and strawberries, can’t u add sprite or lemonade instead of alcohol to make it kid friendly
Jadeen M (22 days ago)
Rachel Talbot has a better recipie for the lemon wedges
Domo H. (22 days ago)
Now all the comments are about ~21+ talking about people 12+ who are watching this video and saying they cant drink. What about the people who just don't drink alcohol? xD
GameyMeerkat608 (23 days ago)
Why am i watching this? I'm not even old enough to drink (It's so satisfying to watch tho)
مصعب نور (25 days ago)
مافي اكلات للمدرسة
TheDragonKing (26 days ago)
I'm 13 but my parents let me drink
Lemon Pua (26 days ago)
Erm alcohol evaporates when you boil or heat alcoholic drinks
Rishi Sanyal (27 days ago)
These recipes are a total definition of boujee
NCBB AlexC (28 days ago)
Where can I find a mint
NCBB AlexC (28 days ago)
This looks good, too bad I cant stand alcohol lmao
Polaris 2789 (28 days ago)
Vanicms Vanicms (28 days ago)
Difficult things
son nguyenhong (28 days ago)
I love the first one :D
Hatsune Miku (29 days ago)
Minuman obok obok obok an😂
Quỳnh Đỗ Nguyễn (29 days ago)
I would love to watch Behind tasty of these
Nathan TSP (29 days ago)
I can't drink, so maybe I can just skip the alcohol part right?
Why is the comment section full of underage kids and people complaining about the underage kid? XD
Ken Alexandre Meridi (30 days ago)
Yay I just turned 21!!!
Service Noodles (30 days ago)
Where do u get Gelatin leaves
Rachel Hervey (30 days ago)
Dommage que c'est pas pour les enfants ça à l'air bon
The WolfHowlxs (30 days ago)
Red cabbage=blue water?
Crystal Sonic (1 month ago)
Any Ideas For A Kids Party Perhaps?
J5prime Savina (1 month ago)
What is tonic water means
Kitty Lillis (1 month ago)
This is a disgrace to lemons
marvel Future Fightet (1 month ago)
Vinh Hoàng Công (1 month ago)
that tonic totally gonna glow under black light
These look tasty. But i don't drink and i will never drink. The closest I've gotten to alcohol was taking a sip of beer then vomiting! Gladly recommend to NEVER DRINK.
*SHOOKETH * (1 month ago)
*I dont party ,But i still love to watch these*
Hieu Nguyen (1 month ago)
Guess what? I’m only 8!
HCtechicmusik (1 month ago)
Hieu Nguyen then go watch nursery rhymes lol
The smilling Cat (1 month ago)
Aww man im still a kid but my mom,dad and big bro will love this

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