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Attorney Ad - SNL

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Clients (Aziz Ansari, Sasheer Zamata, Melissa Villaseñor, Pete Davidson) share how they were helped by the law firm of Broderick (Kate McKinnon) & Ganz (Bobby Moynihan). Subscribe to SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM Get more SNL: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-liv... Like SNL: https://www.facebook.com/snl Follow SNL: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl SNL Tumblr: http://nbcsnl.tumblr.com/ SNL Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbcsnl SNL Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nbcsnl/
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Text Comments (561)
zoperxplex (1 day ago)
Aziz Ansari sucks.
willistheminecraft (4 days ago)
“And I... am also a lawyer”
Sidharth Satheesh (5 days ago)
Just love Kate, perhaps the only female comedian who can make me laugh.
Dunderhead (5 days ago)
This is hilarious 😂😂😂
gaurav4eve1 (6 days ago)
Aziz needs to be more in sketches!!!😂
gaurav4eve1 (6 days ago)
Plus amazing writing and Bobby's expressions..
Anthony & Daria Lerro (10 days ago)
Trainlover101 LNER fan (13 days ago)
Who is just scrolling through the comments when there talking
DerekRyanTwo (14 days ago)
Holy shit I haven't laughed that hard since 2013.
bbb (15 days ago)
Nassim pedrag really did a good job as aziz on this one
Ginger Bread (16 days ago)
People always say SNL is not funny anymore.. Well I must be very easily amused because I'm on a marathon and I'm dying
Journey The Crab (16 days ago)
“And I, am also a lawyer.”
Funny! Be careful who you hire.
Zippy (19 days ago)
Knowing my luck. I'd probably end up with a herp lawyer like that.
Abel Torres (22 days ago)
celino and barnes
chamboyette853 (22 days ago)
As if by chance they have the male be the dumb one.
chamboyette853 (21 days ago)
But every time I see a pair in the past 5 years, it's always the guy who's the dumb one. Don't think so? Find me one comedy sketch where it's the reverse.
Steve Smith (21 days ago)
chamboyette853 it is chance, 50% to be exact
120starter (22 days ago)
That hottie Kate
Chris R. (22 days ago)
I wish kate was straight
magicalgold010 (23 days ago)
Indians deserve worse. The justice system in America is kind to Indians
Steve Smith (23 days ago)
magicalgold010 says who?
Isaiah Williams (24 days ago)
That’s racist the white people were paid the most
Isaiah Williams (23 days ago)
Steve Smith ok I love nfl player Steve smith sr
Steve Smith (23 days ago)
Isaiah Williams that wasn't racism, that was having an incompetent lawyer
Isaiah Williams (24 days ago)
No offense but look
Miss Mitzi (25 days ago)
No one ever said they were making fun of the McDonald's lady. You guys are making it about that.
Alison Izzo (28 days ago)
So which one is Cellino and which ones is Barnes
Jani Maansaari (1 month ago)
Why these low life lawyers have jewish names ? hmm... makes you think...
A1sausie (1 month ago)
Leslie D (1 month ago)
Thomas Cremens (1 month ago)
489th comment
Velo1010 (1 month ago)
It’s a shame what they did to Aziz Asari. He had some great roles on SNL.
Ynnnoj V (1 month ago)
the chevy commercial is awesome......every SNL video...................
ILikeWaffles 01 (1 month ago)
yo the intro definitely reminds me of the sileno and barnes injury attorney song? it was a law firm in the bay area but now it’s just the barnes firm
Zachary Harrison (1 month ago)
Enough with the Leslie Odom Jr ads okay
veerchasm1 (1 month ago)
Hey $6k guy, be glad you weren’t charged for rape
Chris Pap (1 month ago)
I think Ganz represented me once, Public Defender's are the worst...
Laraib Aziz (1 month ago)
My last name is Aziz...
fatdudewh33lchair (2 months ago)
Chris DiLapi (2 months ago)
Patrick R. (2 months ago)
which season is this?
Miss Mitzi (25 days ago)
Jove Joved (2 months ago)
The three that got millions should each have a bullet put into their heads.
Cool Pant Cate (1 day ago)
Jove Joved What?
Katie F (2 months ago)
Kate in a suit🤤😍😍
Daniel S (2 months ago)
ATTENTION ... Do depressing commercials cause you do be depressed? If so you may be entitled to class action compensation......
stogucheme (2 months ago)
The McDonald's lady almost died. McDonald's was heating it beyond any normal or reasonable limit.
World Explorer (2 months ago)
very sexy
Ava F (2 months ago)
Jacques Forêt (2 months ago)
The woman who sued McDonalds actually got third degree burns on her legs and now has deformed genitals. She also didn’t want to press charges until she realized she couldn’t pay the insane bills. McDonalds only offered 800 dollars so she had no choice but to take it to court. “Rampant lawsuits” don’t exist. Big companies made them up so that they don’t look bad when they get sued.
William Charron (11 days ago)
Jacques Forêt she died like 14 years ago
xMagic666 (3 months ago)
I laughed but I don’t feel good about it XD
Lindsey Elaine (3 months ago)
Ganz= goose
kene301187 (2 months ago)
Lindsey Elaine gans = goose. Ganz = whole
Halestorm71 9 (3 months ago)
Robert Hininger (3 months ago)
How does kate get work shes awful
David Jones (3 months ago)
I recently heard about a new law that was enacted in Congress about when lawyers die. The law says that when they die they must be buried 20 feet down into the ground instead of 6 feet like everyone else because deep down they’re really good people.
Tuxedo Productions (3 months ago)
But seriously that hot coffee case is such a misconception. Look it up, a grandma was sitting in a parked car when the coffee spilled and gave her 3rd-degree burns.
DJ atomica (3 months ago)
wait his guys walkin around with no kidneys!
Brandon Carter (3 months ago)
hey trump if no other lawyers want you as a client, i know two who will fight all your battles as of today
lamakicker69 (3 months ago)
Squatters rights in a hotel room? Just move into another room and it ain’t your problem
Inhumane Relationz (3 months ago)
Lol when Bobby just drops the book on the floor I died
Angelica Rodriguez (3 months ago)
That pose Ganz makes with his hands awkwardly positioned over his torso is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen lmfao
Ashish Sharma (3 months ago)
Okay, why'd she make him partner, wudnt he have been better as an exec (I used to watch suits btw)
Steve Smith (21 days ago)
Ashish Sharma it's called a joke
Meep! Meep! (3 months ago)
Anyone else get the meditation ad?
K Harris (3 months ago)
Larr experience.. lol
The Monopoly Guy (3 months ago)
Holy fuck when he dropped the book I laughed so hard
Sharrel Wright (4 months ago)
Aziz Ansari is so cute
Sharrel Wright (4 months ago)
I don't care if she's a carpet munching dyke that Kate McKinnon gets my pee pee hard as a cars parking brake (handbrake if you're in the UK)
Youtube Commenter (4 months ago)
The actor that drops the book is disrespecting the words in the book, some of which may contain names that should be respected. It is not right to disrespect the words like that.
Fgtv Mario bros (4 months ago)
Ganz is the stupid one and Lisa is the good a.k.a perfect lawyers
Marc Thomas (4 months ago)
And I am also a lawyer 👉! 😂😂
Lil Dill Jones (4 months ago)
Lmao-he asked to borrow $5 of the $6000.
geo g (4 months ago)
Have you been engine in an accident. Lol
Esmerelda Szak (4 months ago)
0:48 was that a reference to the McDonalds Hot Coffee lawsuit? If so, you should look into the case more.
Katie Doll (4 months ago)
D. San (4 months ago)
This sketch feels like it's killing me. They killed.it and it's not.even my first time seeing it
Michael Norris (4 months ago)
Even playing the straight man, Kate steals the show.
Akhil Djokovic (4 months ago)
Kate is on the brink of a laughter
Donna (4 months ago)
“And I am also a lawyer”
Jahlya Lee (4 months ago)
Aziz is great lol
Camilo Herrera (4 months ago)
Does someone know whats kidney in spanish?
Jay Rasmussen (4 months ago)
Ganz works in Bethany Missouri
Lobo soul (4 months ago)
vlove562 (5 months ago)
As someone who works in the legal field THIS SHIT IS SO FUNNY AND ACCURATE.
xMagic666 (5 months ago)
I laughed but I don’t feel good about it
John Dziubinski (5 months ago)
Is it ironic that i got an attorneys ad before this
Steve Smith (21 days ago)
No its a coincidence
Noah Hurley-Abelew (4 months ago)
John Dziubinski , nope.
Bryn Butler (5 months ago)
Azis is the best person in this
MrHurch (5 months ago)
Aziz did nothing wrong.
DV16 (5 months ago)
nice to see Aziz back
Learn Game (5 months ago)
This is wonderful make the male lawyer look retarded excellent
tyty274 (5 months ago)
Bashir Hassan (5 months ago)
Peter and Lois griffin
Schechter Arts (5 months ago)
Does anyone remember a time when SNL was actually funny?
minaaris (5 months ago)
Anyone wondering how much Grace can get from Broderick & Ganz?
Brandon Solanum (5 months ago)
Anyone who lives in NJ should know the attorney ad they were doing a parody of for the intro. Lol
Mark Alan Effinger (5 months ago)
"This guy's walkin' around with NO KIDNEYS?!?"
kyle olsen (4 months ago)
Mark Alan Effinger That would be correct.
Samuel Cayford (6 months ago)
So this is the new Ace Attorney?
Shallow Harbor (6 months ago)
"One time when he blacked out, I had to present my own evidence. I had a recording of the whole crash, but when I presented it to the court, Ganz recorded over my video with his audition for that TV show Naked and Afraid!"
Shallow Harbor (6 months ago)
"I'm not sure that Ganz did a good job here!"
kyle olsen (4 months ago)
Shallow Harbor Hmm... I can’t see what you mean. I thought he did a great job. If a lawyer is that incompetent but still somehow managed to get his client a little bit of money is impressive. Also how persistent he is to have his client lose money. I’m just thinking there are arguments for both sides.
Hector Arredondo (6 months ago)
maybe jean ralphio hired lisa as his lawyer
WiLdNiGhT HaXaN (6 months ago)
Wait he had to evict him from his hotel room? Lol I think that was a writing error
Seamus O'Sullivan (6 months ago)
Apparently aziz is a rapist now.
Jaffa Orange (6 months ago)
Why does this Aziz Ansari always has to scream? It doesn't make his input any better.
Nathan Godderis (6 months ago)
Looks like Aziz Ansari needs a lawyer right now
Vashti7 (6 months ago)
Live Damn You Live! (6 months ago)
Aziz Ansari It’s so funny with his inflections.
ASMRyouVEGANyet? (6 months ago)
Kate almost broke when he fell over
Jeff's Karma (6 months ago)
Jeff's Karma (6 months ago)

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