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5 Breakfast Meal Preps For Busy Parents

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Text Comments (975)
UFAM PLAY (23 hours ago)
Why 1 month?
Bëth Gämës (1 day ago)
Toast? Cereal?
mark jackson (1 day ago)
Brown eyes (1 day ago)
I wonder how that pancake bake taste
How To do (2 days ago)
What are saying Months or days
Masdaw L (3 days ago)
Wait what... did I miss something? 1 month?
maecey jenkins (3 days ago)
Can we store eggs for a month??
true GPM (3 days ago)
Cereal is the Best choice
kavins kitchen (5 days ago)
Super tasty mouthwatering recipes
Baby Craig (5 days ago)
Why months? Like seriously
Super Saiyajinn (6 days ago)
Freeze up to 1month
yeah, a bowl of cereal will do
Ever Playz (7 days ago)
Freeze up to *1 M O N T H*
Ein werewolf (7 days ago)
Ein werewolf (8 days ago)
Emmarellda1 (8 days ago)
Most of these have barely any nutritional value and have so much carbs and sodium
ryuta karuizawa (8 days ago)
You're all awesome! Thank you so much!!! 😘😘😘
Rebecca Donoghue (8 days ago)
*freeze up to 1 month* ... would it go bad if you do that?
Rebecca Donoghue (8 days ago)
Star Tanuki (8 days ago)
How dear you change the oh yes
jazmine _909 (8 days ago)
Just made the mac and cheese at 4 in the morning highly suggest burning some toast and crumbling it on top which sriracha it's amazing
HitSuGaYa TouShiRo (9 days ago)
Thank you
shsiter shook (9 days ago)
Why do i need to freeze these for months i want them NOW 😂
taha iftikhar (9 days ago)
Great wait for breakfast 6 months
Erez Classi (9 days ago)
It seems like my parents are too busy to even make this:(
That JuicyBoi (9 days ago)
Freeze to 1 month????!!!!
Months daaaaa?????!!!!!! Are u serious how bad taste will it be if we freeze it for months
Alex Jerwin David (9 days ago)
Wait your toast you half to freeze it for 2 monhts?
Zero Check (9 days ago)
months?! 😳😩😩 Not that busy right?
Caleigh Productions (10 days ago)
Nicol Parra (10 days ago)
Wow que rico
Eva joy (10 days ago)
Definitely looking forward to using these recipes .thanks tasty
Bri- Studios (11 days ago)
Nah bish I'm doing this for ME
Vika Vatkovia (11 days ago)
Lol 1nonth u freaking idiot
adiba anjum (11 days ago)
Wowwww. I love it... I love salty snacks but it looks to good
Trickster Tube (11 days ago)
This video is just what I need despite not cooking in the morning because I go to school
thanh lam nguyen (14 days ago)
6 months.... really ?
mummy yummy food (14 days ago)
Tasty you are so nice
Bao Tieu Bao (14 days ago)
Very delicious
seminaz Momdal (14 days ago)
So yummy
Benjamin BOXALL (14 days ago)
That’s the most useful video you’ve ever made I think
Anderson john (14 days ago)
Freeze upto 1 month 😱😱😱
Ora Gakata (14 days ago)
It not really easy
rinclair Miral (15 days ago)
can the fruit smotthie up to 1 day or month
Jessica Trân (15 days ago)
2:09-2.14 so satifing
Shumaila Baqir (15 days ago)
Claudia Palomares (15 days ago)
i would just eat butter and toast or milk and cereal
vjoyyy ismylifeu (16 days ago)
What's with the freezing for months? You say busy parent though
Bright Orange (16 days ago)
it cannot be triple berry because strawberry is not a berry berries grow in a bunch but strawberries dont
Noob (16 days ago)
2:08 all of them are nice smoothies besides the last one....
OHYAOHYA DAY (16 days ago)
do u think that one month is too long for waiting
Kathy Hajjoul (17 days ago)
Actually this makes its worse talk about dem dishes😵
Raphael Marley Alves (17 days ago)
About the pancakes: *JUST BECAUSE YOU PUT CREAMCHEESE DOESN'T MAKE IT A CHEESECAKE UUUUGH* the rest is clean tho thx
Iqbal Arrusyadi (17 days ago)
It would be delicious if i can eat 'em everyday
_*Watermelon Yoongs*_ (18 days ago)
How will parents have time to do this if they're busy
Joli Bibi (18 days ago)
I wouldn’t particularly eat broccoli for breakfast if I’m completely honest ,but maybe it tastes great
Candace Jones (18 days ago)
More pwease!!
Susan (18 days ago)
Some parents make alll of this for their kids?? what t hefuck I'm lucky as shit if we have chocopuffs in my house
Am I The Only One That Doesn’t Like Syrup.
Karle Shimmer (19 days ago)
The only thing I want to try in this whole compilation is the smoothies.
Mayleena Mikaele (19 days ago)
*freeze up to 1 month* ik I might be dumb but do u actually have to do that?!
Axel Jarama (19 days ago)
Tienen delivery?
Shimrbae 482 (21 days ago)
Keeping three different fruits in the same bag? Their smell and taste would mix! Ever tried carrying two different things in same lunch box? like a fruit and bun? then you'll know
Rupinder Kaur (21 days ago)
Try to make veg
get good bruh (21 days ago)
“Freeze up to 6 months” Me: You want me to wait half a year to make 1 cup of a smoothie....... ok then might as well learn some French while I’m waiting
NICSAM GAMING (22 days ago)
Freez up to 1month😂😂
Vanessa 0902 (22 days ago)
I’m watching this... and I’m a kid myself
Charlene Jozefzoon (23 days ago)
I'm not a parent, but the word busy seems redundant 🤔
Sarmila Biswas (23 days ago)
At 0:35... "one month" 😵😵
Mahesh Mahajan (23 days ago)
Its for lazy parents😆
"Freeze upto 1 month "????
Hi it's Patty (24 days ago)
I am a kid, i'll go for cereal milk
Julian Gaeta (26 days ago)
What is this music?
obleyobleu ops (28 days ago)
and why we have to freeze them ? I dont understand ??!
Healthy Foods (28 days ago)
I need it!?
Saheli's Dance (28 days ago)
https://youtu.be/2n_BXPLMBTA do watch and subscribe my channel pls.😊
Syeda Zannatul Ferdaws (29 days ago)
pieces of banana will be black n look ugly
miracle baby (29 days ago)
why am i watching this i’m not even a parent..i’m 15 sksks
Patience Wallace (30 days ago)
they mean for the parents who don't want to buy cereal or jimmy dean breakfast bowls - _-
Get Shanked (1 month ago)
2:07 that's a little disturbing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Andre Parker (1 month ago)
I don't have a oven.... Can i make the Strawberry Cheesecake Pancake in a frying pan??
Nancy Caballero (1 month ago)
Love all the recipes 🍹
Nasir Iqbal (1 month ago)
I dont think that stored cooked food is healthy .....it is not a big deal that while doing job we have to cook ....we have to cooked fresh food n eat fresh food ...
Pia Wurtzbach (1 month ago)
Once i saw the freeze up to 1 month i was like “what???” 😂😂
Ram M (1 month ago)
this will make them more busy
ShakedownDreams (1 month ago)
For busy parents OR mildy depressed stoners that love food
sweety jhaleshwari (1 month ago)
Feeding the children the food stored for months... Good health tip. Congo
Sabrina Mel (1 month ago)
Hello, subs and like!
Bikini Ninja (1 month ago)
0:32 "freeze up to 1 month" ..... HUH?
Aznponie12 (1 month ago)
Shakira Wynne (1 month ago)
Wow what a frozen food u will eat backfest quesadillas freeze it for one fucking month? Wow?😂
__-Ali-__ (1 month ago)
"Busy parents" lmao nibba I'm single I'm just looking for some easy shit to eat
Cristian Sosa (1 month ago)
This du thinks we gonna really wait one freaking month just to eat and imagine you hungry asf and u have to work in one hour you just gonna wait one month to eat that shii
shanena walker (1 month ago)
Why freeze it up to a month
ElginSenpai FanGirl (1 month ago)
Ely Cheikh (1 month ago)
Seriously,wating 6 months for a juice
Smiling Face (1 month ago)
Fun tip: Write on the ziplock bag before you put the fruits in
Samuel Ndubisi (1 month ago)
Its great but it seems funny when I saw FREEZE FOR SIX MONTHS...anyway u are good
Abdelrahman Sayed (1 month ago)
Texas Toast? Not French Toast?
Abdelrahman Sayed (22 days ago)
Bethany Lade oh cuz i've always known french toast but never heard of texas
Bethany Lade (22 days ago)
Abdelrahman Sayed American "French toast" is based on the French "pain perdu". Thick slices (like Texas toast style) are better for doing sticks like that.
Physiology Shark (1 month ago)
It's too complicated
Blaze Knight (1 month ago)
These recipes never seem as easy as the Chinese go to breakfast, Fried Rice

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